Turkey threatens action against US-backed Syrian opposition forces

Turkey threatens action against US-backed Syrian opposition forces

100 thoughts on “Turkey threatens action against US-backed Syrian opposition forces

  1. Turks believe Usa is Arming and training terörist (pkk,Ypg, also Isis is by Turks seen as Usa backed terör. ) to attack Turkey.

    Turkish trust towards Usa is zero.

  2. Under NATO nuclear weapons sharing, the United States has provided nuclear weapons for Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey to deploy and store.

  3. Turkey only fights terrorists,and they pick their battles very carefully. How many U.S-backed "opposition" forces are ISIS fighters? That's the only reason Turkey would want to wipe them out.Obama called his pet terrorists "moderate rebels".When did you replace "moderate rebels" with "opposition forces",and why did you think we wouldn't notice?

  4. The US backed Syrian is the Kurdish freedom fighters and they have helped the US the fight the Isis in the past. Now, Turkey wants to eliminate them and it shows that Turkey's Erdogan have no respect for the Americans, since US backed and trained them. The Kurdish fighters are not easy to eliminate and they fight like the lions in the desert. Turkey will pay a heavy price and the Kurdish will win eventually.

  5. Hehe, USA are running away. Kurds fought the war against ISIS insted of you (it was your mess, don't forget) and you now throwing them under the bus. USA are leaving its superpower position officialy. Corrupted state with chicken army. You are running away from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine. Kim is showing you his rocket middlefinger constantly. You are done, losers.

  6. Wow, another hell in middle east is being started, yet again the us betrays the kurds, biggest betrayal in history. This will probably lead to total war between kurds and turks. This is just crazy!

  7. the kurds scared the crap out of the greeks and romans in the BC years of history and if they are armed up they will fix turkey

  8. Now Turkey is entering a sovereign country wasn't that the reason why we went to war with Germany when they invaded neighboring countries during WW2 whats the difference?

  9. Good desicion by USA. We Turks dont want to harm American soldiers. If they didnt move we would have hit them mistakenly.

  10. This is extremely confusing. The Kurds are allies of USA against ISIS. If USA decides to step aside and let Turkey butcher the Kurds. It's gonna be a massacre. And what about the thousands of ISIS fighters still in prison with the Kurds that they captured in the last 2 years. On the other hand Kurdish fighters how ever righteous they might be in terms of the more evil ISIS. They are still an armed militia who can be a menace in the future. So it is very difficult situation in the coming weeks and months as this offensive begins.

  11. Turns out the US done what it always does Use the Kurds then abandon them to the mad man of Turkey Turkey are not NATO allies any longer Can't believe Trump as folded straight away What a prat Ou4 real ally the Kurds left to be destroyed again No one 5rusts US any more

  12. ممكن دعموني واشتراكو بقناتي فضلاً وليس أمراً 👍🔔

  13. But that's the thing he's not acting like a NATO ally he's acting like he's making new friends with Russia and Iran and he's always attacking Israel verbally so what kind of a ally act's like that?

  14. Well the Kurds are a floating nation without land and living in between the domestic laws of at least 3 other nations which actually impose their own legislations and priviledges on the Kurds.

    The UN on the other hand after the WW stablished as a core resolution to all democratic countries (a mandate that is shared by NATO as well) to ensure global human rights , freedom and equality to all people and the Kurds is one of the remaining cases after the reorganization of the world that took place during the WW. So ithe US and NATO are not the only ones involved but the UN as well.

  15. That's to show these fox host have no idea about ,Turkey have the second largest military force in NATO ,and if you dont know that then you have no idea about the Cuban crisis, and why Turkey is a NATO member and why Russia invad Afghanistan and why the u.s support the mujahedeen fighters, as a journalist one would think they have some clue as to why is Turkey a NATO allies

  16. What would have the US done if they were in Erdogans shoes?! Living in such a tense region?! Let me answer: Bomb the whole region, right?! Erdogan does what must be done, secure his borders from any outside threats without bombing the region!!!

  17. my heart breaks for my Kurdish brothers and sisters as I write this. America played a cruel and sinister trick on them by forcing them to take down their defences in the promise of defending them against Turkey. they are now defenceless and will be wiped out.

  18. The US and the EU have allowed Turkey to enter Syria. This means that ISIS will wake up and growing again. When ISIS wakes up again, people from the EU will join their caliphate. It also means that there will be new bombs in Europe and USA. And millions of people will conquer Europe from Syria. I wish Europeans to succeed with new bombs from ISIS terrorists. The EU will punish itself in the end.
    Congratulations EU and USA.

  19. These countries complain about U.S. presence and action or inaction but when we pull out they all start pissing their pants. Time to bring our money and troops back.

  20. Withdraw with a massive air operation. Withdraw indefinitely however. Transfer the prisoners to the European Union. They're their prisoners anyway…

  21. Did you taste this turkey before sending it out? Everyone come here, just taste that. What does it need?
    It needs more MOAB chef❗️

  22. The Kurds were instrumental in winning the war against ISIS, and now they are abandoned. This basically means that allies cannot trust the US anymore.

  23. Remeber folks WE (THE USA) Have nukes there with est 2000 Service men& women. That Needs to be protected & watch close 😀🇺🇸

  24. ME is ready for a major war like Europe's WWs, the West and Russia should prepare for it to prevent propagation and colaterals.


  26. The truth of the matter is TRUMP HAS DONE A PRIVATE DEAL WITH THE TURKISH LEADER………I bet you any amount of money………The Turkish leader has put $100 million – $200 Million in some private offshore bank account for THE SCUMBAG IN CHIEF!!!

  27. turkey just attacked lmao what a great deal maker. every country is exploiting this moron. Trump as ruined every relationship with most major nation. Trump killed american leadership.

  28. According to agreements after WW1, if the Iraq divided Turkey will have right to get into North Iraq,before ww1 Iraq was part of Turkey.

  29. Sorry, everybody is assuming that Trump means what he says over withdrawing troops from Syria. Perhaps, like when asking China to investigate Biden he is only joking. We had better ask Jordan as he always seems to know when the President is joking and when he isn't. It would be a funny joke on the Kurds if he didn't really mean it. Perhaps when he threatens to obliterate the Turkish economy Trump doesn't mean that either. Gee, no one knew foreign policy was difficult.

  30. Turkey has not been very cooperative with the US in the past decade its time we taught them some manners in cooperation. Send support to the Kurds to fight against Turkey

  31. The withdrawal of the US-troops from Syria is one more major victory for Putin. I can see him pulling the strings of his puppet.

  32. America is not friendly with any country …Animals eat at night Mourn During the day in a country like amerika…

    Turk has no friends other than Turks🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🐺🐺…
    War is like a wedding for us🇹🇷…

  33. Sitrep – Oct – 08 -2019
    Afghanistan : We cannot leave, or it will implode
    Iraq: We cannot leave, or it will implode
    Syria: We cannot leave – or it will implode
    Sorry Pentagon….Sorry Gen Keane…. I'm going with Trump on this one.

  34. Bomb Turkey now it's an Islamic State that needs to be cleansed! No boots on the ground, not necessary, make them eat their threat!
    Say hello Daisy Cutter!

  35. If I had any doubts before whether Putin had anything on Trump – those doubts have gone completely now!
    Trump is weak .. being outplayed , out manoeuvred, left out . Hes got re-election on his mind and is not willing to stand up to anyone. Ships are being snatched by a brutal regime, people are being snatched off the streets in Tehran , the western world's interests are being obliterated, North Korea threatens the world etc etc etc and no one can do a thing. Iran , Russian and Turkey now rule.

  36. Great decision Mr. President, more over Common sense, after all Turk's and Syrian's can exercise some Humanism and accept the Kurds own gains, The U.S. don't need to be Cough in the Middle, No more!

  37. Wow now those Brave Kurds have to fight Turkey, 4th most powerful Army in the world , whilst simultaneously fighting ISIS with more beheadings online. Way to go Donald..

  38. Trump did this for Putin. Turkey would not have striked if we still had troops there. Now kids are going to be killed. How would you little kool aid drinking freaks like it if this happened to your kids?

  39. Turkey is not our Ally anymore we tried to overthrow the Turkish government thru a coup and armed isis to top it all off…

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