100 thoughts on “Turkey, Russia advance in Northeast Syria

  1. We should have never let this happen…we are the strongest country in the world….and our allies are being slaughtered…this is pathetic. My children and their children will have a hell of a time trying to deal with allies in the future. NO ONE IS GONNA WANT TO BE OUR ALLY AFTER THIS, absolutely need trump out

  2. Rubin gives the obvious neocon take on this. He starts out by identifying Russia and Turkey as the bad guys, then goes on to assume US is the source for all that is good and stabilizing in the region, then blithely ignores that the concept of 'stability' that is supposedly due to said American presence is something more than what it actually is: a cork in a bottle of soda that is ready to explode. Perpetual American occupation of the region is not possible or desirable. Trump knows that; neocons, Hillary interventionists, and generals in the Pentagon, because of their own self-serving interests, will not. They want US troops acting as tripwires all over the planet. Trump is saying, enough already … enough of the insanity. Trump may be the only relatively sane person in Washington. I say relatively because he still wants American forces in Germany, the RoK, and has recently supported the extending of American power into the Baltics and Poland to counter the Russian 'threat'. Trump needs to be consistent in his policy and stop trying to police the world. Poland is not under any conceivable threat from Russia, and Putin has indicated no desire whatsoever to the attack the Baltic countries. This is all just Pentagon madness.

  3. They literally signed up to go to war I’m done😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️now y’all want them to come back but they don’t wanna leave, again THEY SIGNED UP FOR THIS

  4. Exhibit A that NOBODY in the media knows what the phuck is going on ANYWHERE, and continue to LIE to our faces every minute of the day. Anyone who believes ANYTHING put out by the media deserves to be shocked and reeling when the REAL shite goes down. And soon.

  5. Russia would not have made such a profit if the United States had not insisted on the YPG. But that's better now. returns to the owners of Syria

  6. fox is getting more biased against trump…stop worrying to much dammit!!!!!!…TRUMP IS A GOOD CHESS PLAYER… dam war mongerers

  7. Does this guy have an unstated political affiliation? Sounds it. Example, he could have said, "If the President's goal is to reduce US presence in the area, he has achieved that goal." Instead, we got a seemingly endless litany of 'bad bad incompetent' Trump stuff that presumes "having influence" was possible and mattered. He also seems to not know that traffic cops don't control the traffic lights. When the lights begin to work again, the traffic cop gets out of the way of unstoppable traffic.

  8. Fox news is media arm of Enemy of USA…feeding fake information to public…. Whats the proof of so called Ethnic cleansing…. Its time america stop shedding its own blood for someone else cause.

  9. The only terrorists we need to be worried about are the ones in the deep state democratic party tearing the country apart.

  10. Keep in mind that Mr Joel Rubin had a hand in the creation of ISIS in the first place. They were warned over and over again and completely ignored it and did nothing. How dare he try to distract without an apology. ISIS was the JV team… what a disgrace. Shameful. Nearly every SINGLE drop of blood in that part of the world is on the hands of the former Obastard administration and all the nitwits who supported them… make no mistake.

  11. Slaughtering Kurds? Anyone who says this about current events lost hisher credibility. Does it mean that every time Fox News tells us about crimes against humanity its a lie? How cynical a person must be just to use these words for a propaganda purpose?

  12. Imagen being tralior trash and now you worship a silver spoon elitest from New York City 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Turks genocide the Armenians in 1915-23 with the help of Kurds now Kurds getting the same treatment from former masters. Kurds need to make their own decisions and stop being pawns.Turkey should be expelled from NATO they have ZERO role in NATO.After buying S400 missiles from Russia potential US European plane targets ignoring US objections Turkey violated NATO rules.They must be expelled!!!

  14. Who cares about human life. As long as Trump gets his Tower in Moscow and keeps making money with his Tower in Turkey. That's what our founding fathers designed the Presidential office for right?

  15. Removing Syrian president Al Assad and destroying the country was the goal. Their aim was to balkanize the country so that it would be easy to accomplish the greater Israeli goals for the region. They also want to deny the resources the fields would create for Assad who would use it for the rebuilding of his country. The US is an invader and thief destroying yet another country for its military, strategic and financial goals.

  16. Fox News has become military propaganda news with lies 24/7. Russia is not going to let America steal the oil and take the country over.

  17. ISIS? The west is funding ISIS. The US is 7,000 miles away from its borders, no one is doing anything to us. Get out of the country and let the Syrians keep your ISIS fighters out.

  18. So many arm chair generals in the comment section who need to stfu and listen for once and stop saying bring the troops home because thats not happening they are being sent to other places like the oil fields you think its right to turn tail and run our troops were humiliated they wont come home as heroes now and your ok with that go ask your child if they are ok with being tarnished after all that hard work they put in.

  19. What? No "Thank You Trump!!!" banners on the Russian/Turkish vehicles???? Oh. That's right. Trump, Rudy and the rest of the cowards get paid in cash.

  20. Fake news!!! Fake propaganda! Baghdadi is dead- we now will Take the oil and make a deal with Russia and Turkey.
    Follow the money!

  21. This is exactly what EVERY other news outlet predicted would happen immediately after Trump gave the green light to Turkey. If you only watch Fox News, you are doing yourself a disservice, because you are being lied to and shaped into an unwitting tool. Also, Republicans are in the room for Every single interview during this impeachment inquiry and have equal time to cross examine. You won’t hear this from your Fox News channel, or from your Republican congressman. You should be asking why you have been lied to.

  22. Russian influence is bad for America. Period. The Kurds are our allies, and what Trump did is dispicable. I dont care about anything he did as much as that betrayal of our allies.

  23. fox news is joining the ranks of dictators and censoring their comment
    section….move your operations to china with all the msm losers where
    you belong.

  24. Lies and lies and lies… Do not make up. No ethnic cleansing. Kurds are our brothers. What you refer as allies are not Kurds. They are PKK/YPG terrorists.

  25. Trump is your choice, so it's your responsibility: President Trump has frequently expressed scepticism about whether global warming is a result of human activity and has stood by his 2017 decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord signed by almost 200 governments in 2015. That has put him at odds with campaigners and many other countries.

  26. This guy is so disingenous. Trump sent a couple of hundred troops to "guard" the oil fields, which I disagree with, because ISRAEL asked him to. The troops who were sent to Iraq were presumably sent there because that's were one of our nearest bases is outside Syria. It's not like they're goong to redeploy and operations in Iraq.

  27. Former deputy asst to whom and under whom? This guy's assumption is wrong. All of his conclusions are wrong. Why are you selling this crap? This isn't ethnic cleansing and you know it.

  28. How stupid these two must feel today after us special forces dropped the hammer on al baghdadi – Trump is 24 steps ahead of all these pundits.

  29. What a bunch of idiots! Ooooh he’s not protecting us! He just launched an operation taking out the leader of ISIS so suck on that! USA USA USA

  30. Trump gave Putin Syria as pay back for getting him elected president. It's a geopolitical win for Putin. He's now leading the world and America is not in the leadership role anymore.

  31. Just one day latter, and we already know that this anti-Trump, so-called expert is not really so expert. These people are frantic.

  32. I am disappointed . Do you guys have any idea that because of PYD/PKK we have 350.000 kurds living in Turkey. You have to obey their agenda which is leninist communism . I thought you were capitalist ?

  33. You expect us to believe Russia, Turkey, the Kurds & Syria will just send all those captured ISIS fighters to Disneyland? They dropped planes with Russian tourists, they pissed off Putin so much he sent the Russian northern fleet and airforce. They butchered hundreds of Russians, hundreds of Turks, thousands of Kurds and tens of thousands of Syrians. There's no need for the USA to be a prison guard there. You think the Russian army can't guard naked jihadis in chains?

  34. What kind of cleansing , no UN reports say any civilian casualties. Also ethnic Kurds are returning to their lands. Those people who thinks they are journalists do their news with twitter speeches no real reports in region , are you journalists or propaganda management office. Tell the reality to people. Turkey is not force people to go or flee. Also they will not force people to live in North Syria , they will open the EU borders if those Syrian' s people are not going to live in that region. Turkey is not responsible the entire region civilians and can't look after them. If really Eu and West likes them , i know they surely accept to look after those people and they must share those people as Turkey. Have fun now. West does those propaganda not to accept those people , it is good to see entire population of Syria lives in Turkey.Also West only wants the status quo. West and EU don't even think those people they want them all to stay in Turkey but those people are not Turkish nor their country is Turkey. Nearly all of them wants to go wealth EU countries , it is not problem of Turkey.Turkey is not barn of EU too. You will see what ethnic cleansing really is when 3-4 millions of Syrians go in EU.

  35. Thxs Trump the traitor and the joke of the century.
    Trump = devil in flesh
    Trump supporters are blind sheep.
    Trump = make Russia great again.

  36. americans and ue  wanted to implement  "democracy" in Syria and  remove existing government and they do this by stealing syrian oil .that's banditry

  37. Why say he's lying, doing report myself and don't forget Turkey turned down f-35 because they already have TAI, a Turkish corporation that was a subdivision of Lockheed. They make the fuselage of f-35. Turkey is in NATO.

  38. "Ethnic cleansing"… is this your last resort? As the amount of dislikes too suggest, not even your feeble people are falling for your mindnumbing, ridiculously stupid lies anymore. Admit it; you LOST this war of fake propoganda and you are now sucking big time, making clowns out of yourselves further and further. I can sense you are having sweaty nightmares but here is a suggestion for you: concede defeat and back off from our backyard.

  39. Other Nations needs to help the Good Kurdish people man Middle East Nations needs to time in Middle East is No Man's Land

  40. The Turks were our allies and Trump just gave them to Russia and Turkey….Chickenshit Conman Trump. ISIS is coming for American blood, you better believe it!!

  41. tramp sold-out the kurds to russia . tramp is a sell-out , just look into his unpaid loans from overseas deutsche bank. republicanism has always been a threat to whats right and honest.

  42. OMG! Even I can see what this is all about
    & I'm just a lil ol lady in Colorado. Our President sold out to Turkey for Russia's expansion goal. President Trump's a Traitor to our country for allowing his self, actually our nation to be used in such a way with governments known to be enemies of US. This is not normal but does have a name.. TREASON!

  43. I keep reading "Fake News" in the comments like it is the ultimate rhetorical jujitsu that ends any grown up conversation on this subject. What exactly is fake? What is being reported worldwide that is not happening that is fake? Educate me. What knowledge do you possess that no one else seems to know? Spare me any mindless insults that only undermine your credibility as an adult…stick to the facts.

  44. Let's stick to actual news instead of bring on idiots to give us opinions that don't match up with facts. Getting as bad as CNN.

  45. Show any Un report says any civilian killed … f liars former Bs reporter on behalf they master propaganda… bs…………….

  46. I m surprise fox getting false accusations propagandist reporter to news … if this keep happens you will part of fake news too … don’t let reporter with f out fact , accusations for ethnic cleansing… if you wanna see ethnic cleansing look Bosnia .. ruanda moroco nijeria what French did …

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