Turkey launches military operation against Northeast Syria – TV7 Israel News 10.10.19

Turkey launches military operation against Northeast Syria – TV7 Israel News 10.10.19

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
News broadcasting to you from Jerusalem; And in today’s top stories;
Turkey intensified artillery and aerial strikes against Syrian border’ towns and villages,
shortly after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the official launch of a cross-border
operation, with the aim of establishing a long-aspired safe-zone. U.S. President Donald Trump reiterated his
threat “to wipe out” Ankara’s economy, if it would act to massacre the Syrian Kurdish
population – while revealing that the United States continues to support the Kurds with
both finance and weaponry. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserts
that while the state of Israel greatly appreciates the important support it receives from the
united States; it must remain vigilant by implementing a basic rule: The Jewish State
must defend itself, by itself, against any threat. Turkey intensified artillery and aerial strikes
against Syrian border’ towns and villages, shortly after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
announced the official launch of a cross-border operation, with the aim of establishing a
long-aspired safe-zone. In a televised phone conversation with Turkey’s
Defense Minister, President Erdogan wished success to the Turkish Armed forces, while
reiterating that the military campaign, dubbed: “Operation Peace Spring” will aim to eradicate
Kurdish and Islamic State militants that are situated in a ‘territorial corridor’ that
is perceived by Ankara as vital for the security of Turkey. “I wish success to our heroes that take part
in Operation Peace Spring and I kiss each of them on their forehead. I believe that, together with the Syrian National
Army, Turkish Armed Forces will achieve a big success against PKK, YPG and Daesh in
northern Syria. We are proud of them. Our mission is obvious, it’s clear. We will bring down the terror corridor. God willing, we will build a peace corridor. This is our aim for a safe zone.” Shortly thereafter, the Defense Ministry in
Ankara announced that the Turkish armed forces and their Syrian paramilitary allies entered
into northeast Syria last night, marking the start of the anticipated land offensive against
the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces. In response, the SDF alliance called on the
United Nations, European Union and all democratic countries to oppose the Turkish incursion,
insisting that “Anyone who is not moving against the Turkish attack” will be considered
as its supporter. Furthermore, the SDF spokesperson emphasized
that while the Kurdish-led alliance will seek to avoid a military confrontation with Turkey
– it is ready to defend itself against any kind of attack. Despite the Kurdish threat of confronting
any Turkish aggression, the Ankara-based Anadolu News Agency released footage of Turkish armored
vehicles crossing the border into northeast Syria late last night, in what was said to
be ‘the direction of SDF-held territories’. The sight of Turkish tanks early this morning
prompted local Syrian civilians to flee their towns and villages, leaving behind only “some
young men” to try and oppose an imminent Turkish advance. “We saw two tanks in front of our village
so we left, fearing that our children might get hurt following the shelling of the village. Most residents of the village left, but some
young men stayed.” Meanwhile in Washington;
U.S. President Donald Trump reiterated his threat “to wipe out” Ankara’s economy,
if it would act to massacre the Syrian Kurdish population. That said, President Trump noted that it is
important to remember that the animosity between Turkey and the Kurds is centuries old. “I will wipe out his economy if that happens. I’ve already done it once with Pastor Brunson. I’m sure that he, I hope that he will act
rationally. You do have to understand they’ve been fighting
each other for many many decades.” President Trump further underscored that while
Washington will continue to communicate with both sides, it will not become involved in
battles of others – especially when it is not in the interest of the United States. “We are speaking to both sides and we’re
seeing what can be made out of a situation. But we have no soldiers in the area, you know,
we’re getting out of the endless wars. Have to do it, and eventually somebody is
going to have to make the decision.” Prior to these remarks, the American leader
revealed on his twitter account, that the United States continues to assist the Kurds,
by means of Finance and Weapons. Trump underscored that while the United States
“may be in the process of leaving Syria…” “…in no way (has it) Abandoned the Kurds,
who are special people and wonderful fighters.” That said, Trump insisted that “Likewise
(the United States) relationship with Turkey, a NATO and Trading partner, has been very
good.” Furthermore, Trump responded to criticism
levelled against him for his decision to withdraw the U.S. forces from northeast Syria, saying:
that while “The Kurds fought with the United States,” they “were paid massive amounts
of money and equipment to do so.” Trump further explained that while he held
off the Turkish cross-border offensive for “almost 3 years,” “it is time for (the
United States) to get out of these ridiculous Endless Wars, many of them tribal, and bring
(the American) soldiers home.” Meanwhile in Paris;
French Junior Minister for European Affairs announced that France, Germany and Britain
are finalizing a joint statement with the aim of condemning Turkey’s military offensive
in Syria. “France, Germany and Britain are finalizing
a joint statement that will be extremely clear about the fact that we condemn very strongly
and firmly what has been reported (Turkish offensive in northeast Syria). We are taking it to the United Nations Security
Council and seeking the biggest possible coalition to bring the subject to discussion as quickly
as possible.” In addition to the joint statement by the
three major European powers; the French official further revealed that while a separate European
declaration is also in the making – not all EU member states are keen on signing a
proposed condemnation of Turkey. In light of a growing number of condemnations,
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced that Ankara will inform all relevant
actors, including Damascus, about the progress of the Turkish offensive. Speaking alongside his Algerian counterpart
Sabri Boukadoum; the Turkish top diplomat insisted that Ankara’s in within its right,
under international law, to assure that its southern border is secure. “First of all, this is our right that stems
from U.N. agreements, U.N. Security council resolutions and international laws.” / “We will launch our operation within this
framework.” / “Within the framework of international laws,
both our military and foreign ministry will inform the United Nations and necessary countries,
including Syria.” Now to Jerusalem, where;
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted, during a state memorial ceremony for the fallen
of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, that while the state of Israel greatly appreciates the important
support it receives from the united States; it must remain vigilant by implementing a
basic rule: The Jewish State must defend itself, by itself, against any threat. “We do not aspire to be ‘a people that
dwells alone’ but thus we were forced to stand at the start of the Yom Kippur War;
only towards the end did the American aid arrive. Like in 1973, today we very much appreciate
the important support of the US, which has greatly increased in recent years, as well
as the major economic pressure that the US is using on Iran. Even so, we will always remember and implement
the basic rule that has guided us; Israel will defend itself, by itself, against any
threat.” Netanyahu declared that the IDF is prepared
to pre-empt any threat, defensively and offensively, with crushing strength of both spirit and
weaponry. And while the enemies of the past are no longer
eager to confront the Jewish State; Netanyahu underscored that the greatest threat to Israel’s
existence remains the Islamic Republic of Iran. For more information on Israel and its region
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  1. Am confused, if the US is supporting the kurds and Turkey bombing them ,what's the relationship between US the kurds and Turky?

  2. I love you. Secretly launch strikes by the U.S.Military to back off Turkish troops from wiping out the (peace loving Kurds). The Kurds deserve our help. Turkey DOES NOT. I love you. Shalom

  3. Israel is always first in my daily prayers, now, the Kurds must come second and America third. Many of us in America are ashamed of what a Jew-hating, back stabbing country we are becoming. Viva Israel and God Help the Kurds, in Jesus' Name/


  5. Boy are we cutting it close to His return for the Bride,and No country can stop "that", ! Get Ready,Get Ready…….,Return to you"re First Love….!

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    Believe in Christ and trust in Him and His Righteousness for forgiveness of all sins and the free Gift of eternal life.
    Saved by Grace by faith alone In Christ.
    Jesus Loves You and died for you so that you could have Eternal life through Faith in Him.

  9. My main concern in the middle east is of the Peace and salvation of Israel, so I'm praying daily.! Shalom/Peace and blessings from India.

  10. Yeshua is the Messiah ❤️ “But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah,
    though you are small among the clans of Judah,
    out of you will come for me
    one who will be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from of old,
    from ancient times.”Micah 5:2

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  12. President Trump is weak. He just talking, he needs to learn from history. Mr. Obama withdrew the U.S from Iraq, we all saw what happened, it was ISIS, then Iran and Hezbollah ocuppying Iraq as we speak. This is the same mistake we are seeing again. Mr. Erdogan is a ponk, he knows right now the Syrian government is disabled and helpless, secondly the U.S has pulled out of Syria, so he is taking advantage of the situation right now. However, where is Iran in all this? Is not Syria their allied? I told your Iran is just talking because she wants to be heard. Iran is scary. More power to the Jewish State. Sit and watch the game play

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  15. Information I have got is that , this is just temporary violation to capture the remaining ISIS fighters. Turkey is really weak in militarily so it cannot prolong the operation so much longer.

  16. Turkey has a history of comiting atrocities. They slaughtered many Armenian and Kurdish people in the past. Shame on them.

  17. We could wrap up the iranian fighters if Netanjahu would me more proactive. No body is going to help Iran, Israel could demolish whole Iran in a single day militarily operations!

  18. Sultan wants to build a 'Peace Corridor', straight to Jerusalem! I will pray extra for the peace of Israel & Jerusalem tonight.

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  21. This is the first time President Trump has disappointed me, the Kurds are heroes, they deserve a Homeland and our support and protection, turkey is no friend of the West at all, especially Israel.

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  23. the turks are going to commit another genocide , and netanyahu talking about aid is not enough. maybe trump caused it, that does not take away also israeli morality for preventing a ethnic cleansing.. turkey must pull back their invasion of a neighbor country . if they do not, we must be prepared to help the kurds military against turkey. never again is never again


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  29. I think my favorite President got hood winked on this one. I'm so sad for the Kurdish people. Of course not being muslim its every countries goal over there to kill them. After Turkey commits genocide on theKurds, the muslims can go back to attacking Israel and the muslims they dont like.

  30. Turkey launches military operation against Northeast Syria – TV7 Is…

    TV7 Israel News

    Mr. President Trump, remember the Kurds, they will be slaughtered by Turks if you forget them.

    let's not forget human history, 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered by the Turks.

    Erdogan is not your friend, he is an Islamist.

    The Ottoman Empire has twice been at war with Nazi Germany in World War I World War II.

    Be the President Who the Living God wants you to be, the one who trusts God but not men, then God will always be with you.

    God bless the American people in Jesus name AMEN.

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  32. Turkey doesn't know what a small country such as Israel can do. If Turkey wants to fight with Israel, by all means, COME AND GET IT. I can promise you that it will be no more Turkey.
    Another thing. As long as Turkey doesn't fight with the Israelis, it is fine with me.

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  36. Shalom, I stand with Israel. I'm sorry Trump has walked away. Yehovah bless all Israel with a true love for His Word Yeshua, so He will return and suffering and heartache may be finished forever

  37. Trump is a massively lying and evil man for stepping aside to allow Turkey to have its way against our supposed allies the Kurds. One way to know Trump's evil heart on this matter of abandoning the Kurds is in his statement saying that the Kurds didn't help the US in WWII. That shows a vindictive spirit towards them. This is not about opening up a safe zone. It is about political blundering and critical weakness by Trump. No wonder General Mattis had enough of this moron and left the administration.

  38. The soon as the Europeans criticizes Turkey, I bet Erdogan will open the border to flood Europe with migrants as a form of retaliations. Migrations is fabricated by Turkey in order to punish Europe when Erdogan deems it fit. Erdogan behaves precisely like a dictator, his record speaks 4 itself.

  39. These are the terrorists who kill soldiers every day in Turkey… child killers who receive extortion that supply drugs to Europe pyd pkk is the same organization

  40. As stated, United States has and is given weapon aid to the Kurds. This is Their fight not ours, it's not in our interest. Tump promise to bring our troops back in the campaign of 2016. I hope the Kurds understood this.
    The Turks, never trust a Turk, have been planning this for months. What the Kurds need to do is to make north Syria the Vietnam/Afghanistan [soviets] of the Turks. Destroy their tank crews.. they will run out of gas and food. destroy their Petor supplies/Depots. Turkey troops have none, but a few months, battle field experience. Stand your ground and defeat the Turks like you did ISIL, Kurds!!!!!!!!! Pray for the Kurds, in Jesus name!

  41. In life be careful what you say, cuz you don't know tomorrow. Mr. Erdogan is one of Israel biggest criticizer when it comes to Israel and so call Palestinian conflict, is not the same thing he is doing in Syria, bombing and killing civilians, killing innocent kids? I said in my past writing, that Mr. Erdogan needs to be quiet. He has no moral to speak. He has innocent blood on his hands.

  42. I am a kurdish. Turkey is not attacking us. They are trying to keep in safe arabic and kurdish people. They are attacking pyd and pkk which supporting by EU USA and Saudi Arabia.

  43. THANK YOU, Jonathan for the updating of the current news from Israel in particular and the Middle East in general!! I watch TV7 every single day👍👍👍!!!


  45. Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.

    Hebrews 12:14 NIV

  46. Turkey must be kick out of Nato because Turkey acts unilaterally against Kurdistan which is best friend of American in fighting against ISIS.

  47. Turkey is guilty of the Armenian Holocaust in the 1920s during which the Turkish Muslims murdered Millions of Armenian Christians. I don't trust turkey. I don't trust Islam. I don't trust Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Long Live Israel the apple of God's eye. Zechariah 2:8. I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and a stable government.

  48. Lol, the closed captioning read "forehead". I don't speak Turkish, but am sure he was referring to either the foreskin, or possibly the glans (head) of the penis, depending on the translation.

  49. When are Iilan Omar and Rashida Tlab in this matter? Where they now? Mr. Erdogan is committing all these atrocities, why are they not condemning him? Why are they not calling on the ICC to do a human right abuse? Because it is not Israel. Miss Omar and Miss Tlab, are not fighting against Israel, they are fighting against the God of Israel that made a Covenant with Israel by the election of GRACE. God made a seed and land Covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob he said your descendants will inherit the land. And God made another Covenant with David, the Davidic Covenant, that is the Messianic Covenant, God said Messiach will be of the house of David. Miss Omar and Miss Tlab can't win the God of Israel, so they need to sit down somewhere

  50. There may be things Trump knows that we don't. Seems like Trump isn't going to leave the Kurds hanging on a noose. Jesus please help us all!

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