Turkey: Istanbul votes in 'historic' rerun of mayoral vote

Turkey: Istanbul votes in 'historic' rerun of mayoral vote

Istanbul seen by many as the bridge between east and west straddling the Bosphorus Strait connecting Asia with Europe it served as the capital of the Ottomans Byzantines and the Romans in the past concurring and controlling this city has always mattered and now two main contenders will go head-to-head in a do-over election for the mayoral post Akram a mamola the candidate of the main opposition party CHP narrowly won the election in March against the ruling of parties Benaglio trim the candidates spent half of their last debate discussing why voters had to go back to the polls strange things happen when your votes were counted there were irregularities a higher Election Board assess the situation as the organizer of this election decided to rerun it but we would have preferred not to we make great efforts for this but the Republican People's Party did not help us in this matter nobody would believe this the mayoral election Istanbul held on March 31st was crystal clear there are no doubts they say votes were stolen by whom you can't say I don't know this is a big slander a big accusation the Istanbul mayoral post is seen as a coveted position in Turkish politics Turkey's population is nearly 80 million at least 16 million live in Istanbul among them 10.5 million are eligible to vote with the highest GDP per capita the city has a highly educated workforce one third of the country's economic activity takes place here it provides half of turkey's overall exports and taxes 1/2 of transportation and media Istanbul is seen turkey's door to the world s turkey's economic powerhouse the city municipalities consolidated budget exceeded the budgets of 18 ministries last year so running for istanbul is in a way running for Turkey's economy turkish President Recep Tayyip Rajan launched his political career in Istanbul a journey that led him to the presidency the rolling of party doesn't want to end its 25-year control of the city many ruling up party supporters say that if they lose Istanbul they lose Turkey cynalco solo al Jazeera Istanbul

26 thoughts on “Turkey: Istanbul votes in 'historic' rerun of mayoral vote

  1. Erdogan is and will be the president and akp will ALWAYS remain the biggest party in Turkey because thats what the people want. The messagr has been loud and clear.

  2. This is a clear defeat to Muslim morons . We Jews , Christians and Hindus should force to defeat the president erdogan . He is now leader in Muslim world. Other leaders we have all purchased.

  3. Thanks GOD,The Creator,Islam will rule despite the disbelievers ,terrorists ,criminals, like Israelis and theirs puppets hate it.

  4. The mayor of Constantinople should have a Kurdish mayor since the majority comes from displaced people's from KURDISTAN..😁😁☝️

  5. Everyone who says "the reason of elections because erdogan lost" is antidemocratic. If there are evidences that elections was rigged. Then no matter what you want or what you say. Law will work as always. So stfu morons.

  6. Turkey is turning into "Islamic Republic of Turkey", like Iran… Sigh….. An another country is going backwards….

  7. Erdogan is good for your country see the economy is booming he stands up to the enemy of your country.
    I belief that any one who doesn't see that is narrow minded and also is slave to America and it' allied provocation

  8. No one else sees this for what it is, Erdogan wants this in Istambul because he lost and needs it to continue is plans to become the next sultan, it's corruption to its core,

  9. if you dont win at first in a fair election then rerun again and again until you rig the result in your favour

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