19 thoughts on “Turkey: A Prison for Journalists

  1. The first thing dictators do is to finish off a free presto establish censorship.There is no doubt that a free press is the first enemy of a dictator-Fidel Castro

  2. What about the Armenian Genocide of 1915? President Erdogan in April 2017 wrote a letter of condolences to the Armenian Patriarch for the loss of Armenian souls during WW1 but he did not mention who was responsible for same?! Some comments herein below express the view that these were not journalists but terrorists! Well, during the Ottoman rule, all the Armenians were also regarded as terrorists!!!

  3. To some commentators: not that I care, but do you honestly can't understand, how brainwashed you are? Just curious

  4. You just see what you want to see, not the real facts. The journalists who are arrested are not journalists they are just terrorists.And you just make comments that you want to make. You are not seeing the things that are behind of the events. And I want to add this the CIA apologised from Turkey about the new that Can Dündar has written in Cumhuriyet… You won't able to divide our country.

  5. Yes you were the ones who made that blow. Those who want to divide TURKEY. You have failed. You will not succeed.

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