Tulsi Gabbard slams Hillary’s Russian asset claim in new ad

Tulsi Gabbard slams Hillary’s Russian asset claim in new ad

100 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard slams Hillary’s Russian asset claim in new ad

  1. Tulsi, yet to show what is so great of she is President elect. But she shows anger and attack towards other candidates to draw attention towards her. Fishy at best.

  2. Tulsi is an active member of the untied state military, the former Secretary of state has accused her publicly of treason and of being a foreign asset without any proof whats so ever, forget making a political add about it, tulsi needs to acquire legal representation and fight back legally against Hillary, Hillary's lies and madness has got to stop

  3. They’re not elite they’re illegal.

    There is no more a bitter and jealous corrupt individual than the two time loser Hillary Clinton.

  4. She (Hillary Clinton) is Russia’s biggest asset, with the failed reset and the yellow cake so badly needed here in the USA 🇺🇸. Hillary, STFU already 🤫🤐😶


  6. Hillary gave Russia a "Fire Sale Deal" on Our Uranium… that makes Hillary an asset to Russia. Typical Democrat Projection.

  7. At 2:43 am Tulsi's private aircraft loses communications near a remote island off the coast of Hawaii. Coast Guard reports a distress call shortly before the event that could not be verified.

  8. Russia Russia Russia gate strikes again courtesy of HRC- again! Doesn't change the fact that Gabbard is a liberal leftist Democrat who supports socialist policies by her own statement.

  9. until very very recently, this woman was the literal dnc and every bit of their institutional expertise with all the ford flopped authority they could ever intimidate or impress with. but what would be golden statues erected across the nation in her honor and in remembrance of her just a few years ago being the champion of fairness and democracy and standing up to bullies and racists, is now the shamed dirty dossier serving scams polluted pay for play partnerships and vast libyan liberation strategies which dont need questions as much as distractions. i guess when we examine what our disgraced dnc media circus wants now, verse what they demanded as ultimatums earlier, its apparently a symbol of the confidence america has in democrat leadership integrity direction and pledged honesty. isnt it.

  10. Who's the Russian asset?
    a)The major active in the Army National Guard for 16 years, with 2 tours to the Middle East including a year in the Iraq war zone in 2005. The Army officer who has been vetted for secret clearances numerous times? The Congresswoman who has been on the Foreign Relations, Homeland Security, and Armed Services Committees. OR…

    b) The Secretary of State who sold off 20% of the US nuclear stockpile to the Russians in return for $100 million 'donated' to her personal foundation. Whose husband was paid $500,000 for a one hour speech to a Russian bank. Whose husband has had numerous personal meetings with Vladimir Putin in Russia?

    This is not a trick question.

  11. Will ANYONE in America
    Who can and WILL DEFEND Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden WILL BE MY HEROES.
    DEFEND the little guy.
    (What's "else" you ask?)
    ☠ 322
    Pay the price!

  12. Hillary Clinton proven liar traitor criminal and democrats still let her speak on their behalf. Clinton has no conscious and the look of pure evil yet universities and special interest groups pay her to speak a phony discredited human being.

  13. Truth being, they are both democrats and both politicians. You can't trust a politician, much less a democratic politician.

  14. If anyone knows anything about being a Russian asset… Hillary wrote the book… then sold it to the Russians for billions!

  15. One can't really slam Hillary because she's already at the bottom of a bottomless pit of corruption and lies, right next to Trump 🙂

  16. Lmao! Tulsi is smart pretty patriot is there any question why Cunton an ugly lazy crooked dried up cow would hate her

  17. Don’t trust her. She’s just another socialist who supported Bernie for president in 2016. She also voted against Kate’s law… Conservatives, she’s not your friend. She just wants the publicity and money to stay in the race as long as possible….

  18. Somebody finally stood up and punched Hillary the mouth she didn't like it huh go figure I don't much care for all of Tulsa gabbers globalist associations but she is a much better candidate than Hillary or any of the Democrats

  19. The democrats have lost their frickin' minds. Everyone who doesn't fall in line is a Russian, not that is surprises anyone.
    If this doesn't work, they will try the "racist" angle.


  21. Tulsi Gabbard was a community liaison officer during her tour of duty in Iraq. She is under the spell of a weird guy named Chris Butler.

  22. Why do people keep falling for this Hillary is a troll trying to distract you from a popular candidate who threatens their chance to win

  23. “Saudi Arabia is paying for 100 percent of the cost, including the cost of our soldiers. The negotiation took a very short time — like, maybe, about 35 seconds.”

    The Truth:
    What caught our attention is that the president claims that Saudi Arabia will pay all of the costs — “100 percent” — of the deployment, including “the cost of our soldiers.” Some critics have charged that Trump is turning U.S. troops into mercenaries, available to the highest bidder. Since the president has a long history of inflating what he has supposedly negotiated, we thought we would investigate.

Notice that Trump claims he negotiated this deal in a “very short time — like, maybe, about 35 seconds.” In previous White Houses we have covered, such a stunning act of negotiation would be accompanied by readouts by presidential aides, eager to explain how such a coup came about.

But, in this case, just crickets from the White House, except for the bragging by the president himself. White House officials would not explain what Trump meant.
So, we checked with the Pentagon for more details on the supposed payment arrangement. Officials at the Defense Department deflected our inquiry, telling us to contact the State Department.
Hmmm, experience has taught us that this is a sign that any such deal is still under negotiation. Otherwise, the Pentagon would have been happy to discuss it.
Sure enough, we ended up with a carefully crafted statement from State that certainly reinforced that impression.
The core of the statement, attributed to a State Department spokesman, said: “While we will not comment on specific bilateral defense agreements, more broadly the United States encourages burden-sharing among partners in support of shared security interests, to include defense of the Arabian Gulf.”
Notice the “encourages burden-sharing” language. That certainly sounds like an aspiration, not a negotiated outcome. And the State Department won’t comment on a “specific bilateral defense agreement” even though the president is talking about it? That doesn’t make much sense.
We checked with the relevant committees in the House and the Senate — Defense, Foreign Affairs and Appropriations — and none could report an understanding of the president’s claim. The Saudi Embassy did not respond with an explanation, either.
When NBC News reported in July that U.S. troops were being dispatched to Prince Sultan Air Base, it quoted unnamed U.S. officials as saying that “Saudi Arabia has already agreed to pay some of the costs associated with having U.S. personnel and assets there.”
“Some” is clearly much less than 100 percent.
Neither the Pentagon nor the State Department would comment on that language, each telling The Fact Checker to discuss it with the other agency.

  24. H Clinton is damaged goods… I'm not sure there was ever much good there. Maybe just damaged is a better description.

  25. Hillary talks all this garbage then backs out like a coward? Shes a loud mouth only when she thinks she can get away with it. Just slither off and leave America alone, nobody wants you here.

  26. Didn't the Clinton Foundation get a pledge of $100 Million from Russian business people connected to the uranium one deal. i am sure they pledged that money because liked the good work that the foundation did around the world. I think I read somewhere that less than 15 percent of money donated to the foundation is actually used for the aid that it was intended for, the Clinton's essentially use the majority of the money to live tax free and jet set around and pretend that they are so humble doing good work for the poor of the world. Its amazing the Democratic party would still support this deranged, crazy, delusional and warped sense of reality individual who is poison to the party and country. The Democratic party has gone so far left that Tulsi Gabbard sounds more like a Republican who is articulate with poise and a dose of common sense.

  27. “Regime change wars” “Regime change wars” “Regime change wars”
    … what about wars in general???
    Your record player is skipping! What about corruption in the senate? What about taxes? Time to step up your game or get out

  28. NEVER FORGET. Gabbard is still a Democrat….and it is just as possible both Clinton and Gabbard are putting on an act.

  29. The DirtBag Clintons are So low that they gotta Reach up to touch Bottom. Where is Harvey lee Oswald When Needed. F U Ya Ignorant Old Gross Prune Face

  30. Ya youre all missing THE POINT. The point is Hillary exposed herself when she made that comment and her part in the PHONY Russia Collusion hoax and SHE made the credibility of the RUSSIAN COLLUSION HOAX equal to HER OWN which is ZERO. You ALL missed what happened when Clinton made that stupid comment

  31. And there will be a civil war and the first Target will be the Democrats trust me don't push your f**** luck with us because we the Patriots were watching everything do not cross that line

  32. Hillary and her "Russian Delusion". ….. what's new? It's kind of fitting really. After all, she is mentally reverting to an earlier time in her life, due to her dementia, and she lived through the "Red Scare".

  33. Hillary is a traitor and a criminal.She worked for Russia and China by allowing her emails to be open to them,illegally.

  34. The traffic is a nightmare, complete gridlock. I wish those Russians would stop causing traffic jams, they just love to meddle in everything. I know because Hillary said so.

  35. Tulsi, come on over to the Red side. You're almost there anyway.
    Hellary (No typo) is a self-important freak with a steep learning curve.

  36. Let's see there are Russian Assets everywhere in Washington
    Look up in the sky – it's a bird – no
    it's a plane -no
    it's a Russian Asset

    That's the life Hillary lives in
    and I just love it

  37. This is all scripted….Tulsi is STILL a socialist and a DEMOCRAT……What else do you need to say…? Hillary is clearly guilty,..she has 42 associates…that have committed "suicide"…but she will NEVER be prosecuted.

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