Tulsi Gabbard rips CNN, NY Times for ‘smearing’ her reputation

Tulsi Gabbard rips CNN, NY Times for ‘smearing’ her reputation

100 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard rips CNN, NY Times for ‘smearing’ her reputation

  1. She is a successful attractive woman and I think Fox News/ conservatives is afraid of her. She won’t get anywhere but she was sticking to her ideas at least.

  2. Fox on their pro war rant again… FFS will they never learn. If I hear one more person say thanks for your service and then promote war, I am going to vomit

  3. She simply knows the situation and all its intricacies better than anyone, she was deployed there twice. She is no Puppet, yes she has many solutions. Just zip it and listen and follow. Tulsi 2020!

  4. Obama did pursuit regime change in Syria? Wow, the ignorance is strong with this one… So what was "Timber Sycamore" opperation?

  5. Good call out ! It should be that you must serve in the military to have such government positions ! There needs
    to be term limits, like the military 20 years in and out Retire !!!!     GO ARMY

  6. She is 100% correct. 2011 Obama decided to remove the legitimate elected President of Syria Assad creating a "civil war".
    "Regime Change War"…and 7 years later 400,500 human beings killed the media didn't say NOTHING.

  7. Well ,a Democrat now knows how it feels to have the MSNM attack!! I hope she keeps blasting the media . she's right to do so !!!

  8. Why is Gabbard a Democrat? She should be in GOP! And why is Trump a Republican. He's a freakin' Democrat! This place is out of order!

  9. She needs to tone down a bit on that regime change war regime change war regime change war regime change war regime change war.

  10. Assad needs to go is what ive heard from the Obama administration how the heck was it off the table if i heard Obama administration say this? heck i can search this on youtube from six years ago!

  11. Thank you President Trump for getting our 50 brave troops out of harms way. The NATO partner Turkey (where many of our US troops are stationed) would have invaded Syria anyway. I am sure the families, friends, and fellow Service personnel of the 50 troops say Thank you also President Trump.

  12. FFS Gabbard is a veteran an actively serves in National Guard. Mainstream media sinks to the bottom of the swamp.

  13. Didn't she fight in a war for the Democratic party's ideas? Overthrowing governments, causing wars! Surly she knows Trump isn't the bad guy here.

  14. Biden Warren Bernie Yang Kamala Butigeg booker and Steyer are the only candidates left so why are we even talking about this lady that nobody knows what her policies are?

  15. I would rather just die of e-bola than suffer through a presidency under any of these democrats, with the exception of Tulsi. I would just suffer through life with her as president. Having said that, serving 12 months in the National Guard does not automatically qualify you as a military expert. Just saying. And on the opposite side of that coin, entrenched, career military professionals serving as pundits on cable news are certainly NOT unbiased contributors.

  16. Now Tulsi is starting to get her logic out of hand. We weren't supposed to be there in the first place. Whether if it's the worst timing or not, we need to bring them home

  17. STOP RIGHT THERE AT THE START. Don't use other veteran's for sympathy. You CHOSE this arena and now you're bitchin about it. You are conservative and you do not know it. But your fellow Dems do. Grow up!

  18. I donated to Tulsi, no more! She talks bringing our soldiers home and stopping regime change which is what Trump is doing in Syria and she talks bad about him…what’s up with that! Trump moves 50 soldiers so no harm comes to them and it’s terrible…really. Of course a lot of those war mongers are going to be upset even though we have NO right to be in Syria. OUR GOVERNMENT SUCKS!

  19. Yesterday really scared me. I have never seen someone so well intended, sharp, and knowledgeable; a woman, a 16-year veteran, and lover of freedom and this country, be treated the way Tulsi has been. I knew propaganda and character assassinations existed, but they wen't after her like she was an enemy of the state, even cut her off before she could ask Warren questions. It's disgusting. They deserve to lose. She was the best person to beat Trump. Scary.

  20. Perino is a Neocon. Take her comments with a grain of salt. Heinrich also. They want to send your children to war for reasons which aren't clear or convincing. People like this assume their own superiority to the class of Americans who join the military: "We have to stay behind and do the brainwork!" They hate Tulsi because she calls attention to their revolting hypocrisy and cowardice.

  21. Tulsi is best candidate.
    Trump is going to be in trouble if she is managed to win against DNC and get nomination.
    Otherwise Trum win is like a picnic.

  22. There isn’t a good choice in the Turkish invasion of Syria. Just a choice of the bad options.
    Not having American soldiers die, is a better choice than sacrificing them for a justification to bomb Turkey.

  23. It’s funny Tulsi said this last night and today the HOuSe and Congress is taking action on overthrowing the withdraw of troops from Syria

  24. Pres Trump tries to pull out of war; Tulsi " you got blood on your hands"! She supports baby killing, is against the 2nd, in a desperate attempt to appease Yang goes for "money for everybody"! Didn't the Jack Nicolson Joker use that one?

  25. I would like her more if she wasn't slamming President Trump. She really is one of a few Democrats that seem to trustworthy. Still she believes the fake news on President Trump which says "No" for me.

  26. Tulsi is correct when saying regime change war! Just because its not spoken publicly by the president doesn't mean its not the goal.

  27. No, Rebeccah. Our young men and woman don't need to risk not coming back alive. We don't automatically take responsibility for spilled blood, even if we could have prevented it by being a presence there. We needn't police the globe any longer. We have the top-notch state of the art weapons systems. We don't need to feel fearful of any other country… anywhere. Let our youngsters rest easy…

  28. Respect to US nation and must pressure his government to bring back troops to US bz for nothing stay there and costly for US nation.

  29. We should be thankful. Tulsi is the only candidate with a chance in hell of beating Trump…. Thank god the Left is blind and ignorant.

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