25 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard makes pitch for unconventional foreign policy

  1. "Her position on LGBT rights" (From literally 15 years ago when she was barely into her twenties)

    God, what a sham. Hillary lobbied against LGBT rights for the vast majority of her long career. She only "changed her mind" when it was election time and public opinion had clearly turned that way. What's her excuse? Tulsi was a military kid from a conservative family. She entered serious politics when she was 21 within two years her opinions changed. In 2004. Do you remember LGBT rights and public perception in 2004?! I do. I'm LGBT. Hillary was still hesitant to support gay marriage up through 2008.

    The DNC is afraid of Tulsi. She's not willing to play ball. They're grasping at straws. The fact that she organically broke away from the bias of her upbringing only makes me like her more.

  2. Her willingness to call out Saudi Arabia is the bravest move of either debate. Protecting Saudia
    Arabia and Israel had been the hugest cause of American military deaths since the first Gulf War. What has this Trillion Dollar investment gained our Nation?

    Tulsi would receive Dr. King's endorsement hands down. In Dr. King's later years he was advocating the same policies against the Vietnam War.

    NONE of the National policies can be delt with if we continue to waste money and our precious serviceman lives in pointless Wars for Saudi Arabia and Israel.

    Brave stance Congresswoman Gabbard!

    Tulsi 2020

    PS: Still waiting for her position on Reparations for ADOS. If no candidate will support this issue, I'll simple stay home on election day.

  3. Tulsi Gabbard is on the council of foreign policies -their goal is to "HAVE A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT THROUGH CONSENT OR BY FORCE" I DO NOT TRUST HER.

  4. They keep bringing up this Assad BS and trying to call her homophobic. Tulsi was 19 when she held those views and at that same time Hillary, Biden and Obama to name a few key democrats were also openly against Gay Marriage. And Tulsi has an A+ rating from the Human Rights Campaign.

  5. Gabbard is and should be the one to beat in the primary. It’ll depend on whether or not the media decides she’s worthy.

  6. Tulsi is by far head and shoulders above the rest. I don't get how reporters get away with lies – saying she does not support LGBTQ rights – because she has a 100% track voting record on this! Yes, she had a different view when she was younger but who was NOT influenced by her family .. but she has risen above this and her response to that SMEAR was solid. She is now one of the BIGGEST and MOST PROVEN advocates for LGBTQ and anyone that identifies as LGBTQ would benefit from her in power. As for her meeting with Assad, why is that so evil? What is the substance of that concern. I want our leaders meeting with anyone to avoid war! Such a shallow point of view that the corporate media keeps propping up.

  7. Hey, did Gabbard still serve in the military? B/c it's been about 5 minutes since she reminded everyone of this and a lot can happen in 5 minutes. Meanwhile, typical chick did NOT see combat, but rather did administrative work in a hospital, albeit in a war zone. Next war that changes: chicks get drafted. We'll see how long feminism lasts after that.

  8. Please kindly donate to Tulsi and help her to get to the 3rd debate stage. We need her to deliver the anti-war messages out. The world needs peace.

  9. Tulsi Gabbard is a wacko cult member who merely appears somewhat normal. Just check out her husband and marriage. They're both NUTS!

  10. Your panel is bias. Gabbard is in the front for LGBT progressive on military complex flexing and if you believe Syria is Assad set gas you need to become real reporters and recognize as in Venezuela the false flag narrative she has Balls of steel to tell all corporate news like you you are Not on page with the truth. Yet you state she's not in the mainstream..lol just sit there in your suits and lie some more..eventually America will see you weak and off the mainstream news.hehehe definitely hypocrisy. If ya think about it..Tulsi is the only one including Bernie that mentioned Assanges criminal take down from a gov't thats embarrassed for its crimes she called them out on that as well Venezuela and as well Syria. Wake up you FN pansies.

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