36 thoughts on “Tucker: US came within minutes of war with Iran

  1. "Cataclysm Tucker?" Iran doesn't have pinpoint accurate cruise missiles. Iran doesn't have an overwhelming air force. Iran doesn't have, doesn't have, doesn't have….! At most, an airstrike against Iran would have given us a fairly large "PR black eye," but that's about it! President Trump was right about holding back a military response, a move that surely his military advisers apprised him well! We clearly have a CONSIDERATE President at the helm!

  2. The United States is using lies to pressure Iran, is looking for pretexts to attack, they are only defending themselves from an imperialist country that does not respect the human rights of the other countries.

  3. If he would have allowed the attack the "left" would have said he was wrong. Now he decided against it and the "left" says he was wrong for not doing it. You can never win when it comes to the "left" because they are only focused on destroying the president and nothing else.

  4. John Bolt deserves to be fired, its obsessive with wars all around world , violent behavior , and public threat , encouragement wars, never peace and disrespectful for countries , enemy people # 1

  5. If you want to go to war with Iran, ensure you or your children are enlisted. Every single politician should have their children (age permitting) enlisted, front line. Regardless of side. I detest Carlson, but he is absolutely right here. Bolton has to go…

  6. why  does everyone forget the memo that was circulated where neo conservative group with huge players, stating we will/should institute regime changes in   Afganistan, Iraq, Syria, Libia, and Iran….   this was just a matter of time.   Nobody knows what is really happening over there.  After all we have witnessed we must ask, how do they intend for us to declare war on Iran.

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