100 thoughts on “Tucker: Trump refused to bow to intelligence agencies

  1. Trump threatens everyone daily on twitter and interviews, you dont take them seriously, saying its just "a way saying" or "just joking", why take chuck schumer seriously now?

  2. Phil Mudd, your name is MUD and you and your swamp Ilk, will soon go DOWN, scum , pure scum, infests our government ……

  3. Ron Paul constantly warns about the corruption of the CIA and promised to dismantle the organization. Its very positive thing to hear that Trump is also against them. It just seems more and more comes out revealing how he is more on the people's side than the old school government. I think he may be a prime target for assassination if he wins another term. Another fake Kennedy gunman would be so easy to setup.

  4. (3:57) tell me Phil Mudd doesn't sound like a crooked cop throwing out veiled threats to anyone w/ the audacity to question whether or not their actions were just or by the book!

  5. Potus may have to activate military forces to clean up all intelligence Agencies that have become so uncontrollable corrupt! He needs to fire dismantled these rougue agencies and taxpayers are behind him to drain the swamp!

  6. Sean Brennan is a domestic enemy and must be treated as such perhaps the best thing to do is take him out extra judiciously

  7. Thank you tucker, so well put. President Truman said he was sorry he started the CIA. And I Believe President Kennedy said, the FBI needed to be brought back under control. They metastasized and think they run the country, rather than being investigators for the country. I believe many politicians are afraid of them, that is just my own opinion.

  8. They smuggled drugs in to Menea Arkansas, helped get the drug smuggling routes established, see they accomplished something….

  9. Take all the department heads progressively investigate all, the guilty should have their heads removed and stake them a km apart across the USA.

  10. That Phil Mudd definitely looks like a snippy and arrogant prick that THINKS he's a toughguy because he was in the CIA.

  11. Tucker is the best news guy on TV. He comes from privilege, but you wouldn't know it.. His mom and dad did a good job.

  12. Right on Tucker. The citizens of this nation are seeing the whole establishment showing their true, ugly colors. President Trump is taking on these dirtbags, and sussing them all out.

  13. Yep. Deep state has had it out for Trump for a long time and this entire Ukraine impeachment fiasco is their best attempt at fighting back at him.

  14. Moral of the story is the DC Swamp badly needs cleaned and MUST be done, otherwise there will never be a true Democracy for the US or the world for that matter.
    God Bless Trump!

  15. Build suspense for something we already know should help pursuade people to vote Democrat. I can't imagine being stuck with any of those clowns.

  16. Tucker Carlson — “Yes, older drivers are more likely to injure themselves and others when they get behind the wheel. But if you take that away, that is really the last lifeline a lot of elderly people have.”

  17. Tucker is right to call them out. The cia needs to be dissolved. We have like 15? different intelligence agencies and that is too much.

  18. Sounded like cia is really another enemy of patriot Americans, such treasonous evil rats colluding with equally treasonous demonrats!

  19. Why would TRUMP bow to any agency, they've all been proven to be contaminated & untrustworthy. They have no jurisdiction anymore, they are just government employees with No Charter…

  20. They are such a brotherhood… all I’ve ever seen is fierce competition between intelligence agencies that refuse to share vital information with each other, but now they are all brothers and sisters SURE…

  21. Tucker highlights how our president is Anti-Intel, Anti-establishment, &Anti-American!the president is at war with his own government & basic Logic trump doesn't know the constitution, even immigrants take a test to gain citizenship. Hypocrisy

  22. Yeah, Chucky! They can blackmail you, with a picture of a politician in compromising situations with a minor! Phil mud is just a little dirty; it's time for these alternate state "intelligence" agencies to be run through the dish washer!!😝

  23. Yes, Trump stated before us all, at Helsinki with Putin at his side, that he trusts Putin over our American intelligence service. Us Chumps for Trump shouldn't be surprised that he's clearly doing Putin's will!!

  24. Awesome job, Tucker. You are a man of the American people. If you would consider running, you'd have my vote for the presidency.

  25. First it cant be a CIA Whistleblower! It's a CIA leaker. This was set up by insider Intel to try to frame our President. A whistleblower is a private citizen. Not a CIA leaker. This is a total false attempt to politicize and weaponize interpretation of a common phone call. I'm sure they would like our President not to speak or do anything. But if he does, be sure the biased media and leftist Democrats will be there to twist whatever he says or does to fabricate something evil. I want our President to fight back with all the legal power he has to bring ALL the treasonist people responsible for this gross undertaking to a harsh and just punishment. We the people WANT them out! Enough is enough! Trump has done no crime and has done everything he can to make this country a better place with less than zero help from the opposite aisle or the fake news mogul. Enough!

  26. SHUT DOWN THE CIA, NSA, DNI, FBI NOW!!! Bomb the NSA's data warehouses. Shut down Amazon's AWS Cloud Services. Seize control of the government and declare independence from the elites.

  27. They're too powerful as it is all of these unelected officials and offices need to be cut back dramatically or eliminated. Congress also needs to do their jobs and stop these BS investigations. They are to make laws not investigate and prosecute the president and people.

  28. From 5:30 i start to smile and then laught harder and harder. The irony and his smurky smile mix so good i cant stop laughing. Thanks for the laught from Switzerland

  29. Yep, punished for not knowing his place, just like when we forget we're their "human resources" and actually think we have rights.

  30. So many former intelligence people are employed by the Leftist media it should come as no surprise why they've lost all objectivity.

  31. The people in the CIA and FBI should be in prison for bragging about undermining the constitution in this sick and evil and treasonous way

  32. It's easy to criticize the CIA's mistakes because they are public messes. What's NOT easy is to credit them for the catastrophies they've prevented.

  33. Why should he. They've gotten such important things wrong. 17 or more years now the us is in Iraq based on bad intelligence.

  34. Cia fbi. Etc. Dumb fucks. Give. Usa folks our money $$$$$$$$$ back. U dumb. Fucks !!!!!!! Retarts !!! Who hirered da. Dumb. Fucks ????????????????

  35. Spot on and brilliant! Thank goodness for paper trails. Brennan laughs and others giggle in the background with the thought of him being questioned by the AG. How absurd, yeah, as laughable and as absurd as Trump being elected President. The truth is on its way.

  36. "you take on the intelligence community they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you" so says the creep with his eye glasses just hanging off his disgusting hook nose to the other creep. The US and Europe would be so much better off without their kind causing chaos everywhere.

  37. So Phil Mudd admitted to a collusion to sabotage candidates that don't follow their mafioso narrative. I wouldn't be surprised if they are also taking money from cartel.

  38. Now I'm understanding just why or how some people can go up in public places and shot I'm up…….. Civil rights and our constitution don't matter with these dems!!!!! My civil rights and my rights as parents have been violated multiple times and I've reached out to 100s of government workers supposed committees whom keep our rights protected and have done nothing to charge these government workers with the crimes they commit everyday against loving caring nurturing families. And they ask why our world is the way it is so sad

  39. We will see that JUSTICE is carried out. God is watching and God is still in control. The lies and deception will be uncovered. There needs to be a shakedown of these Government agencies that have gone rouge. God help us and God Bless the U.S.A. Jesus is God. Allah is Satan

  40. doesn't look like all of the crooks are going to be flushed out of OUR governrnent in the year 'Trump has left….so of course we have to keep him so he can finish the job.

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