100 thoughts on “Tucker: There’s a real collusion story, it doesn’t involve Trump

  1. Am i the only person to have noticed that we asked for universal health care and instead we got a REQUIREMENT for healthcare with a threat of a fine at the end of the year if we didnt?

  2. Yeah, let’s just forget, complete amnesia, two years of absolute hysteria of collusion
    with no apologies or wonder why.

  3. CNN, CBS, NBC, but mostly just plain BS on, Television the drug of the nation, feeding ignorance and breeding segregation!

  4. Why are all major airports in Germany (mainly owned by Lufthansa btw) featuring only CNN on the TV screens? In the lounges, everywhere. Why?

  5. The ACA was anything but affordable. It was so expensive for the end user, they couldn't use it. BTW, try starting an insurance agency and insure pre-existing conditions. People just wait to get sick and sign up for insurance then get treatment that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, how long will you remain in business?

  6. Mr Tucker
    You want to get the attention of what ever democrat that you are trying to make your point to ? The secret now days after all other avenues have been exhausted ,Stop.
    Ask who ever just what is their favorite color is?
    After you get their answer reach into your pocket and pull out the Crayola crayons and select there favorite color and a piece of paper and start drawing/illustrations like a comic section of the newspaper! Because now days everything that is said to a democratic supporter just goes in one ear and out the other with out ever absorbing anything said.
    You know that would be funny and effective.

  7. Why are the Democrats not being held accountable for their actions. Every Dollar that was spent on these fake accusations should come from the Pockets of the Democrats. People should be accountable for their actions,,all….

  8. If Trump comes forward with medi-care for all and ignores the donor class and implements it with a nation wide standard for cost of health care. The Republican party will win the next election.

  9. Dems asking republicans for a replacement for Obamacare is the most idiotic thing I've heard. its like:
    me: "I'm not hungry"
    you: "Okay eat this soggy bread"
    me: "wtf? I said I'm not hungry"
    you: "okay well then what will you eat? If you dont have another meal planned then you might as well eat this."

  10. Where do they get this idea that, if Congress repeals Obamacare, they have to replace it with something? Why can't we just have fewer regulations?

    Imagine if the fed removed the bump-stock ban, and all the Dems were snorting, "well, what are you going to replace it with?" Um, how about nothing? How about we try small government for once?

    And another thing, where do these """news""" programs get off telling Americans what their policy positions should be? Report the FACTS: the administration was talking about removing Obamacare. "They have no plan to replace it" is not a fact — I'm sure Trump has no plans for an expedition to Venus either. Rather, it is an insinuation that there has to be some kind of national healthcare law, and the administration/Republicans are fools for not proposing one. That's an opinion and not news.

  11. Does anyone have Obamacare because i do and its crap noone accepts it and the places that do charge a arm and a leg

  12. and then there is DON { "I want to get my nipples pierced cause i'm shitfaced on a live new years CNN broadcast" } LEMON selling even more bullschiff !! CNN what a joke.

  13. Sucker Carlclown thinks he knows what he's talking about — even though he hasn't read a word of Mueller's report. The folks who prepared it say it isn't helpful to Orange Sphincter.

  14. Thank you, Tucker, for blasting open the real conspiracy in America….the Democratic party has been running and using the media for over two years now, in order to manipulate people into believing in their hoax. That kind of collusion in our country is treasonous! The news media once stood on value, but now they are the court prosecutors and political strongarm men.

  15. Getting rid of Obama care would cut severely into big pharmas profits and insurance companies would pretty much collapse

  16. I have lived all over the world. Americans live in a bubble and are brainwashed when it comes to health care. Most never leave their country and talk to real people in Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and dozens of other countries that all have free basic health care for all their citizens. While not perfect, absolutely no one in these countries would ever exchange it for the expensive, American, privatized, profit making American system. No one ever goes bankrupt in those countries if they get sick. Instead many Americans listen to the propaganda of their politicians who receive  money from the insurance companies and lobbyist. Wake up and force the GOP to promote universal health care for all like the rest of the industrialized world.

  17. How about all of the networks started reporting EVERY day about ALL current wars fought by the US or that the US collaborates on together with Saudi Arabia, actually showing before/after of bombed cities, injured people, people mourning their loved ones, influence of ISIS rising in the region instead of going down, and asking WHY these are all not just good wars, but worth sacrificing free college education, good infrastructure and the end of poverty in America for? With the money spent on regime change wars (now planned and pushed relentlessly by the media: Iran and Venzuela), pretty much ALL those internal problems could easily be solved because suddenly, miraculously, the funds would be there! BUT: sadly ALL news media are in the pocket of the military-industrial complex, sponsored by them, and cannot say anything that would reduce their profits. And so more useless wars will be fought without even a single voice speaking out against them, and Americans are suffering as a result.

  18. Really? That's Funny cause trump and the Republicans are trying to Cut the Funding of Medicare & Medicaid…

    Tucker, it's True…the Republicans have no Healthcare Bill. How do you even explain that? trumps Administration is literally trying to End ObamaCare and take away the Healthcare of Millions…what then?

  19. Weren’t the same Dem mouthpieces revealed in John Podesta’s e-mails (WikiLeaks) to be closely coordinating with the Hillary campaign?

  20. I never understood how obamacare could take out tax dollars to support obamacare and turn around and penalize you if you dont have healthcare? Over reach much?

  21. CNN will not be around in its present form in 10 years. Why? They’re propagandists from the cable era in the internet age. Tucker, on the other hand, tells it as he sees it.
    He’s saving cable news almost single handedly. He criticises ideas, not people, of both parties, but admits his mistakes and doesn’t hide his bias. He admits he’s an elite upper middle class guy not trying to deceive pretending to be something he’s not. Therefore, he knows these people and knows how they operate and how unimpressive they are, or are becoming.

  22. Boy that Nancy Pelosi is sure starting to show signs, of the dark force taking it's tole. Pretty soon she'll have to toss on a hooded black robe.

  23. Democrat media received the Pelosi's order to cover health care development today. What did they put on the table? Nearly nothing. They have discovered that republicans do not have a plan of their own. Terrible! Needless to say that democrats didn't have their plan neither. But it is because the republicans didn't share
    with them their ideas. Shame on Trump! Actually, democrats are missing any practical commercial experience. They miss it, none of them ever worked in the
    privet enterprise. It is extremely hard to expect from them any conceivable project because they all are lawyers, not the engineers. Their last best achievement:
    collecting all available resources and distribute it for free to everyone. Party of Lawyers from Kindergarten. Stop playing politics. Go home and collect retirement

  24. CNN Compost News Network. I ve never experience so much garbage. Thank you CNN, I cancelled my cable bill, I am saving over $2000 a year….HAHA

  25. Trump didn't colluded with Russia and the now T.V. personalities Obama's and Clinton's are no longer politicians. Now let's talk Health care. Let's talk unity in solutions to problems in our country.

  26. Healthcare is Not Even Important It's Just a Way for Pharmaceutical Companies to Make Money Off Of Prescriptions 👎👎👎CNN Sucks👎👎👎

  27. All the major liberal city's in America have the lowest quality's of life in the country. Parts of San Francisco look worse than some 3rd world countries.

  28. Fact: Obamacare raised the price of healthcare dramatically.
    Fact: the price of healthcare will drop if there is no government involvement.

  29. Great piece Tucker.  What I worry about is the viewers of such left nonsense?  I assume most are of voting age.  How can they be lead so easily by the left?  Where has critical thinking gone?

  30. When in history has warrants on a fake dossier ( known fake Steele dossier) been upheld in court as being legal to investigate anyone.
    Be afraid Americans, the are setting up presidence to rid the fourth amendment.

  31. Dog Tucker 🤪🖕 why,do,U, follow,a, Childràpeist, childmurdera, president,🤪🖕 seighell repablicans voters seighell 🤪🖕

  32. Just the propaganda machine for the marxist controlled DNC and deep state. Great job Tucker. Trump 2020

  33. Obummercare ROBBED me…I am a hard-working single woman of 60 years that for the first time in my adult life can't afford healthcare because of Obamacare!!!! It's fraud…simple as that!!

  34. When you continually lie, people don't value what you say, you loose all credibility.
    A bad Choice if you're a News agency.
    They lost half their viewers overnight …?
    I wonder why?

  35. I'd like for all these Democrats that make 100,000 dollars a year come to my state work min wage 7.25 an hour and try and afford this affordable Care act that the last I checked when I was laid off from Obama's stop coal business and go from 800 a week to nothing and try to afford $5-600 dollars a month for a single person and eat pay their bills and hell just keep a car on the road to drive 30 min to a job that only pays min wage they work temps for years so they do not have to give insurance that people can afford

  36. The benchmark for media reveals going forward. (With the possible exception of “he lacks gravitas” from the W years)

  37. The taqueria I like to eat at plays Fox News when there isn’t a soccer game. He suffered under the Obama administration. That changed the owners mind. He came to this country a Democrat but after Obama and governor moonbeam he switched sides.

  38. You I think we all can agree humans are infinite that being said WHY!!!! are women being put in a position of authority in our government over men !? I'm a female…such a beautiful pronoun.🤗

  39. WHOAH!
    Tucker…! Tucker, are you…suggesting that…America is…ALREADY SOCIALIST…??!

  40. I don't know which disgusts me worse, this constant barrage of dirt on Trump or the way they used to constantly swoon over Odrama.

  41. Tucker is Now eating his Words, about NO Spies in the White House.
    Not they find out in September there is Spies in the White House.
    It is Obvious that these People do not know Anything.

  42. I tried banning CNN, TYT and MSNBC, but You-Tube will not allow it. They are spamming the channels with multiple posts, all of which are negative. What works instead, is adding "Fox" or "Fox News" to a search string. Example "trump fox news", then filter by upload date.

  43. Any one ever notice there are almost always no opposition in these comments? Liberals really don’t like to hear the other part of the story…there is so much opposition on the other media’s YouTube channels , goes to show anti DNC watch both

  44. Obama care, is a f,ing joke! Pre existing conditions? My wife's provider dropped her before the obama care started, because they knew they would have to pick up all kinds of other peoples pre existing conditions. And in California, if you dont buy health care, you are fined for not doing so. … how in the hell does that help anybody?

  45. What is the GOP Healthcare plan?They've had control over the Senate and house the first two years and never passed one.

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