100 thoughts on “Tucker: Steve Kerr moonlights as a political pundit

  1. Tucker I’m sure you shop at Walmart. Walmart is the biggest Chinese customer. Don’t preach you live in a glass house


  3. Tucker debunks the hysteria over Russia, Iran, and Trump, but buys in to the same sort of hysteria over China. Referring to those who disagree that China is "the biggest threat to our freedoms" as "accomplices" is on the same order as calling those who don't buy into Russia-hysteria as "Putin puppets." China has an authoritarian government, but not one that stands out so on the world scale or in China's own history.

  4. Watch his eye lids twitch at around 2:05. That my friends is what they call a tell…often uncontrollable when trying to deceive people while under pressure. Absolutely pathetic SJW!

  5. Steve Kerr has won 8 NBA Championships. All of them were because he was carried. With the Bulls it was Jordan and Pippen, with the Spurs it was Duncan, and with the Warriors it was Curry and Thompson. He's not good. He constantly needs his team to carry him

  6. The people who bow down to China and speak out against our own government are frauds. If you don’t like the President here fine, but you can’t bow down to the most oppressive regime in the world and pretend it’s better than our own.

  7. Kerr likes you to think he’s the smartest guy in the room on all things politics. But Kerr shows he’s a complete coward and farce when the dollars might affect him and actual dictators are involved.
    What a weak wimp.

  8. This this is real news this is what every American needs to hear and take in yet Tucker Carlson is the only one saying it get it together people

  9. Kerr invoked his assassinated Dad as someone who has values. Shame he didn't live long enough to instill those values in his son.

  10. I've been done with the NBA for years as these protected class multi millionaires are pretending to be victims as they lecture us the vulnerable working class . This included their central celebrity bs artist and full diatribe race hate talker lebron turn the country into flames

  11. Good for you, Tucker, for standing up against China. Now, let's talk about the Nuclear Secrets that China walked out of our Nuclear arsenal with during the Bill Clinton era in the '90's. And don't forget the Nuclear Missile that they stole out of one of our Nuclear Warehouses and was barely recovered before it left the U.S. shores, also under the Clinton watch.

  12. The Chinese Communists Killed 40+ Million Chinese people. This guy has their blood on his hands too now for being an apologist for the mass murderer's. Democrats are communists too, they just don't have the body count, yet.

  13. Less than half of all Americans have $1,000 to their names, so I couldn't care less about either China or the NBA. Is this really the kind of "priority" we should be focusing on?

  14. To be fair I don’t politics in the NBA as much as I don’t before the start of a NFL game. Now what they do outside the game and pressers is there business.

  15. The leftist trash in the streets are waving the hammer and cicle so what do you expect from their overlords. Their celeb heroes are commies.

  16. I grown up loving what the NBA was. Once it got political and thuggery was gong on within. I decided i no longer care. I'll still enjoy playing the game with friends and locals. While not tuning in. Just shut it off people.

  17. I have never watched the nba…..Popovitch and Kerr are politicians??? We dont care what you think, just play your overpaid game.

  18. Kerr is a coward. A pandering, anti-America, pro-Communist weak coward. GROW A SPINE and call out China for the 1 million people they have in political concentration camps.

    THIS is why we have the first and second amendments.


  19. I thought the NBA players were all about exercising their rights to free speech when it came to their fandom to Black Lives Matter? No solidarity with Hong Kong?

    Why, it's almost as if they're just hypocrites, but that can't be the case. After all, they're better than the rest of us. They go out of their way to remind us how enlightened & woke they are.

  20. Most of you trump supporters are commies , especially you tucker I see that yellow Russian star . You and Donny are nothing but commie assholes who kiss up to Putin

  21. FOX turned off the commnets on "Shepard Smith says goodbye to Fox News:!! LOL FOX doesn't want people talking about their totalitarian purge of people with integrity.

  22. Why do you hate China so much? Just because they don’t want to do business with you now they become a threat to you. Is that how it is?

  23. Went into a shoe store named finish line here in California to buy some new shoes and the cheapest Nike's were $110 dollars. Knowing how they exploit their workers and how it only costs them about 75 cents to produce those shoes I couldn't go through with the purchase. They did look cool though.

  24. This report is an example of free speech using truth with clarity. Thank you Tucker Carlson! I am so sick of pampered athletes trashing our country while hiding behind money and power!

  25. As a 90s kid and huge Bulls fan Kerr's decent into leftist madness this is painful to watch . Thats why I love MJ "Republicans buy sneakers too" all time best political quote by a pro athlete

  26. Steve Kerr, Popovich, LeBron James, they are all spineless cowards. Kowtowing to China is an absolute disgrace and they should feel ashamed of themselves.

  27. Isn't what Kerr said nearly identical to what Trump said to Bill O'Reiley about Russia? "We got a lotta killers. What, you think our country's so innocent?"

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