Tucker: Media try to get you to care about impeachment

Tucker: Media try to get you to care about impeachment

100 thoughts on “Tucker: Media try to get you to care about impeachment

  1. Never thought I would consider Tucker a know nothing host. I suppose He has just forgot the pledge of alleg, to the flag:::. What did you say we should swear allegeance to? I pledge to the socialist nation, no i pledge tothe communist, no what kind of government do we HAVE????????????????????.

  2. yea well the left better check themselves or they might end up on the wrong end of a good old fashioned civil war and they will lose that I guarantee you!!!!

  3. It's going to be interesting when billionaire and WAPO owner Jeff Bezos succumbs to mortality like Steve Jobs, because none of these Globalist bastards are going to live forever, and some like minded right wing progressives might purchase the Washington post, and burn it to the ground.

  4. I recently got into an argument with a relative.
    I tried to explain to her that almost everything she knows is what the media told her Trump said, NOT what he actually said.

    You see, most people who hate him have never listen to him speak they have only heard what CNN or MSNBC told them to.think and how they should feel!

    That's the true problem, I absolutely could not stand him when he was doing TV, and most liked him. Now although I don't hate him I also don't love him, I just prefer Trump over going bankrupt giving everything away!

  5. Matt Taibbi, liberal investigative journalist, wrote an article published by Rolling Stone, saying this is a CIA coup. Mind you Taibbi, Greenwald and Chris Hedges all called the Russia gate collusion story as well as being fake!

  6. What happened to the wall ? And the coal jobs? And to the deals? And to bringing the troops home? And to draining the swamp?

  7. HIllary clinton seriously just suggested shredding the constitution?!?! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! WHAT KING OF WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN?

  8. Smelly Smullett needs 10 years in Prison,no good time for his Traitorous Un American Socialist Femocrat lies and crimes.🚛😎👎🧟

  9. When the candidate of your choice loses in a democratic election 🗳 per vote:

    Conservatives: This sucks but we’ll beat ‘em at the ballot box next time.

    Liberals: Impeach him!!

  10. This is such a dirty tactic… instead of fairly beating him at the polls, they seek to tar his reputation and name further by throwing unsubstantiated allegations that they have no intent of proving. They know they don't have the evidence to prove their claims, but the media will cover this in a way that portrays this probable hoax as a fact.

  11. The Democrats know that this will go nowhere and that's why they won't even hold a vote to begin actual impeachment proceedings. They know too that their stupid and gullible base think they're impeaching the president now. This is all bad community theater to distract attention from the fact that their economic policies are all dismal failures and that their party has been hijacked by anti-American, Marxist, anti-Semitic baby murderers.

  12. It’s good to have a news anchorman like Tucker that doesn’t care what people think and gives us the facts. Thanks Tucker, Florida loves ya.

  13. Tucker, you should know this, The United States isn't a democracy, it's a constitutional republic.
    The whole point of the Electoral College and the Constitution is to AVOID a democracy by equally spreading voting powers between all 50 states.

  14. They had Russia now they have Ukraine.
    They are moving more western. Whats next Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia which is Melania's birth country?
    Who knows?

  15. DEMOCRATS are weakening the system, we most ask what are they getting ready to do, they act in a way they brain wash first they have something up their sleeves. Maybe communism. Guaranty salary? that will make people absolutely relaying on government hand outs. They hanger for China ruling the world, they are not passing the USMCA that will create jobs and a better economy, So, What are they doing for the people? NOTHING….

  16. Republicans were spineless until Trump came along. Trumps not afraid to call a liar , a liar..like all fake journalist.

  17. Heres what the fuss is about: Donald Trump withheld $390M in security aid to our ally in Ukraine in order to secure a personal political favor in the form of dirt on Joe Biden. When pressed on it, Trump's WH released a so called "transcript" that was so damning that it led to an impeachment inquiry. The money was only released after career diplomat, Bill Taylor, started putting the whole plot into text. This is very simple and very illegal despite what Carlson tells you. Fox is working in lockstep with Trump's White House in order to change the public narrative.

  18. There is zero evidence of any wrongdoing by anyone in the Biden family. Hunter Biden is an attorney and as such took a position on the board of a company. If you think that boardmembers are required to have expertise in the field, you dont know what youre talking about. He took the job in late 2014 and Joe Biden was out of the White House in 2016. When Joe announced his candidacy for president, Hunter Biden resigned his position. Carlson knows this but hes betting that no only do you not but that you are too lazy and disinterested to check for yourself. Grow up and do your own thinking.

  19. I literally laughed in Chuck Todd's furry face. And I'm not a Trump supporter. I'm not anywhere even close to being a Trump supporter. What does that say about the state of the media?

  20. They didn't scrap the constitution when Hillary committed ESPIONAGE AND HIGH TREASON bleaching emails and shearing classified information with the foreign governments and put America's security at risk EVEN now. LOCK HER UP!

  21. "A paper shredder! A paper shredder! My country for a paper shredder!" And this woman wanted to take an oath in January 2017 to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."

  22. "The founding fathers would've considered it a national emergency."

    …how about no? The founding fathers would've started executing the Democrats years ago.

  23. They don’t realize how fake they are. Nancy Pelosi praying? Lol! Does she seriously think anyone buys that except the most gullible?

  24. dems have been talking about impeaching trump since he got elected. they failed at the start and they will fail now

  25. Amazing to watch the mainstream trying to pass themselves as legitimate when in fact they’re nothing more than pure propagandists! 😡🤬

  26. The Steele Dossier was not paid for with tax dollars. It was opposition research, which is fine. But Trump extorted a country with money that was meant for aid… TAX payer money. Then he gave billions 💰 of additional TAX dollars when they agreed. That’s an abuse of the Office. I’m just sayin

  27. You’re a commentator, not an intellect – nothing you report is substance, it’s total frustration and literally any conservative can get on mainstream media and perpetuate that frustration better than you

  28. "To achieve world government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, National patriotism and religious dogmas."

    Brock Chisholm, Director of UN World Health Organization 1948 to 1953

  29. President Trump Doing a great job.I can't wait for the arrest so the american people can live in peace.Trump 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. To be fair, part of the issue that Tucker didn't mention was that the information appears to have been solicited in exchange for financial gain. That's a big difference to just receiving information by doing an investigation. Now, maybe the Dossier report was obtained that way, too, I don't know. If so, they're both wrong.

  31. You guys do know he isn't a journalist right? that's the reason him and Hannity do so well, they don't have to uphold journalistic standards and use facts because they are simply talk show hosts offering their opinion. THey just align their opinion to whatever will get the network the most views, which happens to be saying whatever you Trump loyalists want to hear. Wake up, think for yourselves.

  32. Here in Canada Tucker gives us hope- we have ZERO media personalities that drop red pill truth (although we do have Jordan Peterson kicking regressive leftists in the nuts/twats – luckily) KEEP THAT TRUTH ROLLIN IN TUCKER!! SALUTE!

  33. If you haven't figured-it out; Socialists are running a Vietnam era propaganda campaign. Did you notice that Hanoi Jane is back in the news today?

  34. Reasons for impeachment push: 1. The Democrats have realized they have no hope if beating Trump in 2020. 2. When he wins in 2020 he will for sure get at least one more Supreme Court appointment. 3. The "intelligence community and their globalist/corporate maters can't have the Ukrainian morass really investigated because their absolute corruption would be exposed

  35. 6:47 who is disrupting the amazing TUCKER CARLSON show by waving their arm in front of the camera on the right side of the screen?!

  36. Democrats are crazy and suffer from an extended bout of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and our country suffers as a result.
    In my own family, when I mention Trump’s name, 2 sisters go into a full hysterical meltdown…

  37. It's ironic that the Dems are trying to impeach the president and have accuse the president of exactly what they have done which is conspire with foreign powers to interfere in our elections. But the spirit of the American people overcame and Hopefully it will again in 2020.


  39. Yeah, but Tucker.
    America doesn't care.
    Who needs freedom or basic human rights when America has a "we care about immigrants" and "queers are people too" and "we're not racist, see, look at this armband I'm wearing that says that."
    America chose the abject insanity of queer marriage over basic freedom. Nobody cares about an actual bona fide coup.
    Get with the times, Tucker.

  40. Rashida talib is really riding this "you cant touch me because im a woman of color" thing as hard as humanly possible. They things she says and the way she acts are so far from how a politician should its absurd. The fact that she is still in office speaks volumes about what our society is willing to compromise for fear of being falsely accused of bigotry. For shame.

  41. I can see America imploding right before my eye's , after the lying has done it's job on the crazy's they will start to get violent , as an outsider watching on , it's like a really bad Hollywood movie , only difference is I can turn a movie off , crazy people left unchecked do dangerous thing's and that Democrat party deserve to be removed completely from politic's , any Republican that agree's with them is dirty so you might want to take a look at their background Epstein didn't discriminate , they all have dirt on each other, what do you do when it's your own Intel that's behind it ? you need new laws holding media accountable for anything they say or the lie's will never stop.

  42. Impeachment means nothing: were the first party ever to not have to blame the last administration for the economy! This is all us! Nothing going forward can get worse unless a democuck gets in power. Deep state has nothing on us we've proven that!

  43. Why has that Clinton tweet not received any attention other than here? That is something she needs to apologize for or defend publicly.

  44. Clinton’s tweet was chilling. That woman was so close to being our president and she wants to scrap the constitution. That’s the document our armed service members pledge to protect. If her supporters are ok with scrapping our most critical document, If sectors of the left are ok with taxing churches, schools and charities… I’m a little freaked out at how effective leftist news and democrats are at getting their message out.

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