100 thoughts on “Tucker: Media proclaims FBI is innocent

  1. She's afraid that the FBI will investigate her… and make a dozen mistakes… none in her favor… all against her continued freedom.

  2. The fact that that wingnut could draw a conclusion about the report BEFORE it was released is a clear demonstration of her blind adherence to Democrat orthodoxy: Donald Trump is bad. Big government and the bureaucrats who run it from the shadows are good. If we're not careful, these people will tear our country apart at the seams. Perhaps that's what they want. But they should be aware that the Left isn't prepared to go toe-to-toe with the Right. And before we let them cast this nation asunder they'll run headlong into true defenders of God and country.

  3. well of course the media would proclaim that the fbi is innocent…………….they are owned by those who control the corrupt fbi as well…………. corruption is their national policy ….so is lying

  4. It should be obvious to any true American. The Republicans have set themselves up as the enemy of the FBI. If you consider the FBI your enemy, you're an enemy of America.

  5. Why WON'T Jim Comey ever be punished?? He committed serious crimes! Most of the country would breathe a sigh of relief if these arrogant people in high places actually have to pay for their crimes. And there are a LOT of the — a WHOLE LOT of them! We'll see.

  6. The FBI & the FBI (Fuller Brush Incorporated) have a lot in common. They are fully capable of cleaning up a situation, but if the cleaning agent is a moron or lazy or not willing to get the mess cleaned up, the messy situation will never be resolved. Our supposed great institution (FBI) has become elite criminals. Our Law & Order leadership has been forever compromised.

  7. All of these corrupt people should be hung for treason but we all know nothing will happen because we have a two-tiered justice system

  8. No more rumors, no more bar talk. Let's see only the Proof on both sides,
    And get this out of Political arena's and into the real courts of law.
    Does not matter who says what, on either side.
    There is clearly lots of criminal activity that went on.
    Let's now let real judges, in real court rooms, prosecute these people, whoever they may be.

  9. Fox News has its viewers so brainwashed they have been convinced the news is fake and the FBI is suddenly the enemy now. Isn't it interesting how Fox News and other conservative media outlets spend so much time and energy attacking all other news outlets and try so hard to convince you not to believe what they are reporting…and yet those other news media outlets just report the news and don't spend anytime trying to undermine Fox News/ Rush Limbaugh etc? It's almost as if Fox News has an agenda outside of simply reporting the news.

  10. I have two questions…please all who can answer…1. What do you deem unconstitutional? 2. If a Democratic president had done any of these things, what would your response be?

  11. The left hated Hoover for spying & trying to discredit MLK but they're on board with a politicized & corrupt FBI trying to assassinate Donald Trumps character.

  12. Tucker, you are also the media. Tucker, you are also jumping the gun at every turn. Tucker, you'd better find a way to encourage redress of mistakes at the FBI rather than tear it down for your viewers. Bad journalism is lacing every show with your extreme political bias, which also happens on CNN, depending on the host.

  13. Yeah, the fbi, who brought us the likes of James Comey and Peter Strzok. They’re “innocent” because the msm, who brought us three years of the tinfoil hat “Russian collusion,” say so. Right

  14. Left wing media and others will continue to come up with ridiculous allegations because there is no accountability for making false allegations. You can’t scream fire in a crowded theater but you can make false impeachment charges all day long with no ramifications. It needs to stop. People need to be held accountable for the last 3 yrs.

  15. Can Fox News website change its format style to look like the filthy Yahoo!’s?
    Honestly Fox’s is so unappealing and unattractive!!!

  16. 1. No one claimed he was a Russian agent.
    2. The mueller report concludes Russia did influence the election.
    3. The IG report does conclude there is no evidence the FBI has bias in the origins of the investigation.

  17. This report says much, what it does not do is in anyway exonerate the relevant parties within the FBI, quite the contrary in fact. It is as condemning as its remit allows.

  18. Then citizens must take justice & the punishment of Comey into their own hands. Vigilantism, guerrilla tactics & militias are the only way these people will get the justice they deserve.


  20. All of this damning Evidence of Wrong Doing on the Left . And yet , day after day No Indictments or Arrests ? And day after day even more Americans are losing their Faith & Trust in Government . The FBI , CIA , DOJ & State Department are all filled with Crooks and Liars . Much like Congress .

  21. This is ridiculous. All these bureaucrats are supposed to be working for us rather than spying on each other and covertly breaking all our government's rules. And the media ignoring these things and publicly spouting the opposite of what the evidence states makes it even worse.

  22. so the FBI is jerking off the media and the media is jerking off the FBI, and the dems are giving wrap arounds. What a circle jerk

  23. And now let´s expose the climate emergency hoax. This is the next step to stop the globalists from achieving their wet dream of a one world government, one world bank, one world religion etc. Let´s stop them to enslave us in a one world dictatorship.
    Be aware that 5G is also a part of the agenda! It´s dangerous for health and environment.

  24. Aren't you the same people who get mad at footballers kneeling because of their questioning of the "man". You guys can't see straight sometimes.

  25. trump: find out if there was some conspiracy against me by the FBI & non existent "Deep State"
    barr: ok
    inspector General: No conspiracy. It was a legitimate investigation. Your people are criminals.
    barr: are you sure…? trump's gonna be upset.
    trump: find SOMENE THAT IS ON OUR SIDE to look into the matter.
    barr: ok

  26. Remember kids, only believe things that match your pre-formed world views and if something official is released that says anything contrary it's clearly a conspiracy.

  27. Isn't slander a crime in America any more? Can't you revoke a broadcasting license for false , fake, fabricated and perpetually wrong journalism?

  28. The mainstream media is the real enemy of our America through all the Washington Democrat's efforts to undermine our President Trump.

  29. James Comey signed the renewal for the fake dossier three times , Rosenstein once. Under oath John Brennan said he did not know who commissioned it .

  30. No surprises here, its the I.G. Wait for John Durham. Hopefully we'll start seeing something soon. Don't expect a report from Durham. We'll know how he is doing when they announce the indictments.

  31. “He knows he will never be punished.” Sad but probably true. Dozens were evidently involved in this conspiracy against Trump and ultimately against us conservatives, perhaps including the FISA judges themselves. Even Chief Justice Roberts has been a disappointment. Who actually believes Epstein killed himself? This corruption is truly disheartening. It appears many in the Judicial Branch were also involved in this attempted coup d’état. Why have none of the FISA judges spoken up to decry these abuses and violations of the Constitution? They are the ones who need to be impeached. Never once did they question the unsubstantiated request to authorize spying. I pray for the President’s safety.

  32. Some people say they do it all the time “ standard procedure “ it’s just trump and his administration that realized it was true and had the means to fight back and bring it to light , I mean just imagine and regular guy or even a rich guy trying to fight for his freedom and reputation, chances are they never make it past a plea deal , , , GUILTY OR NOT ! ! ?? Some say it’s been happening for some time now , “standard procedure “ .

  33. Now I am dumber and more ignorant after Watching Tucker making an "argument" in an attempt to defend Trump at all costs. FOX viewers are doomed to take in all this stupidity unless they stop putting Trump before country.

  34. Why does everyone keep praising Horowitz as some honorable investigator? He's clearly and inexplicably blind to liberal faults.

  35. Hey Tucker I wanted to comment on the marijuana issue you talked about tonight, I'll keep it simple don't need to worry about all the other drugs not marijuana.

  36. I belong to the Truth Party. We don't have one. Both parties are corrupt to the core and the media is the enemy of the People of the United States ~ Donald Trump. Get this: The FBI went to a totally unconstitutional FISA judge and got warrants based on Lies. It's that simple. What's the penalty for lying to a FISA judge.? All laws are out the window. Right now, you might have made a comment on YouTube and there is a secret FISA warrant on you. There are 486,000 Americans with secret warrants on them for SPEECH alone. The number one thing you can do to get a warrant on you is to oppose o4 question the military. Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid Michale Steele , a spy from outside America, to try to dig up dirt on Trump. Wait ! I thought Hillary said That it was the other way around. Last week, a bipartisan congress send unlimited surveillance powers and more to the office of the president. They are building an authoritative regime with absolute power, and Americans are sitting on their hands allowing it. If you have ever said online something about The Constitution, your name was raised one level in surveillance, there are five levels. I am at level 1. I oppose the wars openly. I complain that the NDAA is 100% unconstitutional, and we have found two electronic bugs inside our home and a lowjacjk device on the car. We left the lowjack because guess what. If you remove It, you can and will be arrested. The Steele thing was filled with lies. That stuff about Trump having prostitutes peeing on Trump or some bed? Total lies. My God, have mercy on America. Good is called evil and evil, good. The Bible talks about the age of deceit. It's here. If you believe what everybody else believes, consider yourself deceived

  37. All these journalists that go on the nightly news and say that Trump lied and hes a Russian agent are the same one project veritas gets on camera when they are on their drunken liquid lunches blathering about their masters talking points they have to parrot in order to keep their slimy jobs.

  38. “Source #1” the prime contributor claimed his info was “here say”, “bar talk”, “not reliable”
    Yet the FBI vouched for the “dossier” in applications to the FISA Court.
    As Senator Lindsey Graham described it “a criminal conspiracy”.

  39. All the Fox news viewers seemed to forget Comey is a registered Republican, and for someone that supposedly hated Trump so much and loved Clinton he sure gave Trump a big boost right before the election when he circumvented Obama and made a big announcement saying they were reopening the Clinton investigation because they found more emails, which 100% made Hillary lose votes and probably cost her the election.

  40. Thankfully, no conservatives in my family buy Fox News garbage. They are entitled to be wrong but I do not embarrass them with facts.

    It is a national tragedy so many people get their 'facts' from a 'news' outlet that spews demonstrable lies on a daily basis.

    Do you folks realize Tucker Carlson knows he is talking nonsense? Rush Limbaugh rakes in the money as he laughs at you. Stupid white people. Spoken by a white guy.

    Don't be an historical joke.

    Are you a birther? A flat earther? A creationist? A climate change denier?

    These shills know they are spewing ball shot. They know they have nothing truthful to say but get working class Americans angry.

    Hopefully, a few of you can see.

  41. It all started with Obama taking brennan comey and possibly clapper to the NSA to force them to open files on everyone involved with trump and trumps family.
    Obama was pushed by Soros and Soros money. Clinton was involved also and uses the Clinton foundation money as a personal bank account, the foundation needs to be taken over to view where the money comes from and where it disappears.


  43. Almost 3,000 comments. You gotta love it. We are waking up there may be hope for us afterall. Ok, that's a bit optimistic, and most comments are the deep state sux and has to go. That's encouraging by any measure. Peace, love and appreciation.

  44. Just the beginning! Can’t wait to see what comes up on the near future. We are smart enough to know that the FBI is was pressured from the elite left. Why else would they have made SO MANY MISTAKES. Can’t wait to see who Will Burn.

  45. The FBI was vindicated and a minor official who failed to follow protocols was referred for possible prosecution, that's the upshot of the IG report and however Trump and his gang of racists and conmen spin it, they themselves are soon going to face justice when Trump and this disgusting GOP is rejected by America

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