47 thoughts on “Tucker: Democrats have officially gone insane

  1. DemoCRAPS to illegal immigrants :Bienvenidos a los estados unidos of America, tu casa es mi casa, we want you to vote in 2020, we need tu voto, tu eres Americano too!

  2. Remember when Democrats and Republicans were two sides of the same coin?

    Now if you believe in literally ANYTHING but you hold America first your a Republican.

    But the Democrats are now just plainly anti-American. Just amazing.

  3. I'm a Democrat but they are giving away their common sense to stick to being PC. Only guy I'm interested in voting is Yang.

  4. Why can't the media be unbiased? Fox slams the Dems and the others slam the Republicans. The media is supposed to be transparent.

  5. The one who spoke sense, isn't another tired career political, with an idea shared by Thomas Paine, MLK and Milton Friedman, they muted his mic… so…

  6. Stop and think for a moment that these people have had a hand in our Govt. Now they have exposed themselves for what they are, We The People, need to VOTE THEM OUT!
    Can't have these kind of people running anything.

  7. Chuck Todd can't even come to grips with his own baldness.
    How can we expect him to tell the truth about anything?

  8. Again I ask this almost everyday, why exactly do we have or need the demonratic party in this great country of ours? Still waiting for evidence of the party doing anything good that the Republicans haven’t already done first or better.

  9. I don’t think he is saying the trans people have a right to choose an abortion but rather to choose that they want to be seen as a woman

  10. Im neither Republican or democrat but doesn't this seem like a bit of a reach? Isn't it possible that he meant a Male who use to be female but got the term incorrect?

    Everyone needs to wake up. Both sides are using each other as a scapegoat to point all of you in the wrong direction so they don't have to actually fix any of the issues in this country.

  11. I am beginning to believe that LSD-25 affected the DNA and chromosomes of the last two generations….there is no way that this group of humans could have devolved mentally that quickly without chemical assistance….LSD never breaks down, it is still in the water, still being passed through the generations…so be careful who you mate with, check out their family history before you do the horizontal mombo…..or you could create another democrat….LOL

  12. Ask these morons. Would they help the people on skid row first before helpping illegal immigrants. The people on skidrow are Americans they should come first.

  13. If any of these motherfucking Democrats gets elected. I will leave this country and never look back. Maybe I will take a peek back just to watch it burn to the ground.

  14. I usually like your commentary, but you really felt slow and confused on this one. Like you were spouting the opposition line instead of smart, reasoned arguments.

  15. This is funny, but strange and scary. These people are running for PRESIDENT. And they are crazy!!! While we are laughing at their nonsensical behavior, don’t forget that liberals all laughed while President Trump was on his way to securing victory in 2016. REMEMBER TO VOTE

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