100 thoughts on “Tucker: 2020 Democrats turn on Warren

  1. Warren is an authoritarian. She was a professor, and most likely in her life always felt like she was the smartest person in the room full of students. during that debate, she looked like a professor whom her students are calling her out on her BS, and she is genuinely pissed about it and it shows. That may be fine in front of students, but that's not a good look as a politician. She would be a terrible choice for them, but the Dems are going with her anyways.

  2. Remember how one of the big attacks in '16 against Sanders was that his proposals weren't feasible and couldn't be paid for? I remember.

  3. I wouldn't put any weight on what the Democrats say, pay attention and remember what they say when you vote, ask yourself is any of what they say have any common sense, subjects are – they want to TAX YOU AND I MORE, and then give it all away to non paying illegal immigrants that have not earned a dime of the money they could receive and do. Medicare for all is taking away our ability to oversee our lives and just raises taxes, the politicians want to take 90% of ALL income not just from the 1% wealthy .

  4. The fake news media raised warrens poll numbers to provide cover for gropen joe if not the other dems would have brought up ukraine and he would have folded like a cheap suit.

  5. Warren just makes it ALL TO EASY!!! Just imagine our GREAT POTUS mopping the floor with her during a debate. The only thing better would be watching TRUMP drive Hillary into the ground which would be an early Christmas present.

  6. TUCKER FOXNEWSMONGER…. you are spewing gossips again… you cant bring out the footage of the low attendance trumps propaganda rallies, can you? its always like that, even worse than his inauguration,.. its pathetic like your fake news … fox is the very definition of fake news..

  7. IF you think that healthcare is an American right. Elizabeth Warren is correct when she says about cost. She wants healthcare to be a public utility like a company that provides electricity, water, etc. However, the real challenge is getting there. You have to understand that healthcare is opaque and not really a free market partly due to government intervention and lack of transparency. Trump tried to get some practical solutions about drug pricing and forcing hospitals to display pricing. This is just the feature free markets vs big government. When you think you are morally right you usually turn to government and it has not been an efficient way of doing things in the past.

  8. I can't believe that nobody is talking about the moment that Joe Biden admitted that the entire Democrat agenda is IMPOSSIBLE to implement…
    He straight up told everyone that if you completely wiped out the Defense Budget [military, Pentagon, generals, DoD, etc.], you'd have enough money to run the federal government for 3 MONTHS! The entire room fell silent, and it was freaking amazing.

  9. #1 desire of Americans: Reduce the Cost of Healthcare by at least 50%!!
    The debate question to ask is: "how will you reduce healthcare COST, by HOW MUCH, and WHEN!!"
    Nobody cares about the meaningless buzz words: "single payer", "healthcare for all", etc…. Everything wrong with our healthcare system gets fixed by Reducing the Cost of Healthcare by 50-60% .. without a political commitment for that reduction, that can actually be implemented .. nothing will get fixed.

  10. LIE-A_Watha Warren is going to be TROUNCED in an election against Trump. Trump is giving ACTUAL Positive Results in the American CITIZEN'S Lives.

  11. Elizabeth Warren is the Mistress of Verbal Flatulence!!! She makes uproarious sounds that cause us to think something solid and of real substance is all but guaranteed to happen, but in the end we are just left with nothing but obnoxious hot air and something that is offensive to everyone in the immediate area. Saying something that sounds like it MIGHT be good does not give us something that really IS good. We want real programs that can make a real and positive difference for all Americans (or at least most Americans). Enough verbal flatulence, Liz. Take your offensive hot air somewhere else.

  12. Tucker you have pull at FOX news so rid the network of Juan Williams, Chris Wallace and thank God Shepard Smith is gone, he was a real loser but lets make FOX news the best and DUMP Juan Williams and Chris Wallace.

  13. I don't understand why people Warren is the frontrunner. Even if you agree with her policies, she is just such a question dodger and will get clapped by Trump.

  14. Elizabeth, go get your beer, get comfortable and figure out that you are not POTUS material. Please retire, you have already embarrassed yourself enough.

  15. Get the Congress and special interests out of President Trump's way and I'll bet he could figure a way to lower medical costs. A solution that would actually work.

  16. Debates like this are bad for structure, I can't believe it's 2019 and we're still doing debates like this, there's really gotta be a better way.

  17. costs will go up for the wealthy,and down for middle class Americans,at least until her plan blows up in her face,and she taxes the livin he77 out of us all-liawatha just doing what comes naturally-lying

  18. as nutty as Pocahontas Warren and Crazy Bernie are, at least they are not dangerous psychopaths like Beto is. wow, he scares me in a Charles Mason sort of way

  19. They are evil people any way you look at them !!! The Democrats don't have a chance against our president and this is wonderful news just plan wonderful !!!!!!!

  20. If taxes go up but costs go down for everyone except for the tiniest, richest little sliver of our country, and by doing so people stop filing bankruptcy, skipping meds, or dying because they have no care or inadequate care, what the heck is wrong with that?

  21. "As everyone knows, it's not for us to know how her plan will work! You just have to elect her and then read it later!"

    -Nancy Pelosi, AKA The Grim Reaper-

  22. I still don't understand how a news reporter can twist facts and call himselfe a christian… Lying is a shame to GOD. And they should go to hell for lying…

  23. Health care should be the people’s problem and THEN it will have to come down when only what the market will bare! Costs HAVE TO COME DOWN!

  24. BIDEN said he was the only one on that stage who got something really big done.

    Referring to the crap he took in the john before the clown performance.

  25. Andrew Yang is the only reasonable person, Probably because he isn’t a politician but simply an entrepreneur like the current president

  26. Like him or hate him, Tucker is amazing at what he does. So much more entertaining than OReilly or Hannity or the blonde girl that used to be on Fox.

  27. I'll admit, I was never a fan of fox news. But if you actually want legitimate news in 2019 you have to watch them.

  28. The deplorable Christians will again appear at polls in 2020 in greater numbers than 2016 to reelect Trump. We will also get rid of do nothing corrupt politicians who have a stronghold on our nation.

  29. This will never happen. The democrats are slowly cutting their own throat. If you vote Democrat, I'll see you on the street when we cant afford to live.

  30. Reality check to all the dem's "ideas"…none of you have a plan for all your pandering-freebie-socialistic plans.

  31. I thought Warrens pronouns were Squaw, Pocahontus and Papoose. Shes definitely no Chieftess. More like a Yahtahey (Navajo for like the devil) Lol I wonder if she had to play peek-a-boo to figure out "her" pronouns? We already know the mirror and DNA testing has failed her ethnicity claims. Js 😂

  32. So let me get this straight. A WOman who lies about her ethnicity to get free schooling that could have been given to a real POC and who continues to lie about is a cadidate for POTUS? Yeah makes sense in a alt-reality. Ohhh i get it now. 😂

  33. Politics change on the drop of a dime these days, and who’s favored today isn’t favorable tomorrow and so on.
    One this that I have noticed is that the Democratic Party has to many battles within. Now this may not be to popular, but as it stands now Trump would win simply because the democrats did it to themselves.

  34. Stormy.. oh Stormy… I love you..
    Donald.. Donald… Put on the cond***
    Stormy.. My dear.. Mine is mushroom sized.. cond*** won’t fit..

  35. Oh how revealing! Thank you Tucker for this revelation…really telling..thanks again…. gets to the heart of the matter!

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