31 thoughts on “Trump's response to reporter elicits gasps

  1. Democrats lets illegal burn 3 year old alive and does nothing

  2. he was referring to fake news cnn oh by the way are your ratings still above the friskies commercial?

  3. I gasped too. Finally a president that tells it like it is. She is just another thoughtless reporter who drank the cool-aid and just totes the standard biased reporting as the rest of the liberal media does.

  4. Trump is right to rough up the 'press'. The MSM 'reports'  over 90% negative  on Trump. Actual reporters could not go 90% negative on Stalin. An inordinate number of these pieces are lies or wrong. CNN has a boat load of fired producers and suspended reporters for lying about Trump. Lying or incorrect charts, maps, predictions, unnamed sources and polls abound.Their retractions and corrections are endless. Trump has guts so you can expect this to continue and its about time.

  5. What s piece of shit that he is. When you are a moron with no real education like his supporters. He thinks it is funny well you know one day his day will come. I am surprised his idiot wife puts up with it put I guess when marry for money that’s what you get. His little rats could all turner on him but they don’t have the balls to do anything to the draft dagger. They day will come too then he is going to cry like a little baby that he is. Hey Trump what two plus two? His normal response is I don’t have my glasses on.🤣

  6. She should have immediately shot back by responding, "I'm not going to try to be what you obviously are, Mr. President " That is one seriously unbelievable retarded excuse for a President! 😂

  7. She should have refused to go on and have him repeat it and call his sorry ass out, what a role model..all we need is more American assholes like this. Leader of the free world??? No wonder the citizens are ashamed to be American.

  8. These are the same people that cheered for Madonna talking about blowing up the White House. Snowflakes gunna Flake I guess.

  9. This guy is the worst President in history. Crazy part is ppl are actually defending his behavior. Can you imagine is Obama talked like this. Total different standard.

  10. Once again, it’s ok to mess with him but it’s never ok for him to stick up for himself or fight fire with fire 🔥.
    Go get those dirt bags Donald J Trump. If they can do it so can we

  11. Mr. " pussy grabber " P.resident respects all women, underaged excluded . Especially true, except for ones introduced to him by his " fun – filled " friend Jeffery Epstein or on his Lolita Express ! Any self- respecting woman who votes for Trump this election after what was revealed to be happening on Little St. Thomas Island in the Caribbean is a vote to approving of what was being done to under-aged girls there & at Jeffery Epstein's home in Palm Beach FL a short 5 minute walk from Donald Trump's own home there. A vote for him from any adult female is to condone that behavior and thank Trump for doing so ! If his leering face was over me while l was losing my virginity l think l might commit suicide instead of live with that vile memory. Maybe some women find that to be stimulating, l would think they need to seek proffesional help from a non – Partisan psychologist.
    P.S. They shaved the heads of female collaborators who sold out their own country and it only sounds appropriate for when this sick individual leaves Office. After all, knowing intimately ( New York magazine interview, dated 2002 )with tRump " Yeah, Jeffery Epstein likes ' women ' ( almost all the underaged GIRLS victims were 15 years old and younger and he didn't feel the need to call the FBI then either…. even after repeated visits ) a little on the younger side "
    ( A clear admission that tRump knew and was fully aware of what ' his fun – loving ' buddy was doing —- if there ever was one !!!! )
    And Nancy Pelosi says she doesn't think there's enough evidence to impeach Donald Trump ?!?!?! No wonder God is going to turn his back on America , a once " God – Fearing " Nation. The shame of it all………the utter shame of it all……will be clearly revealed on Judgement Day but the Beast and the False Prophet " will be thown alive into the Lake of Fire……bypassing Judgement Day altogether……..now you Evangelicals….." Why Is That, Do You Think why would all other human beings have to answer to God..but not those two ????" The shame of not knowing God's word and expecting some man to save you….maybe one that calls fire down from heaven ? "

  12. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING…MOCRATS. MOC-RATS will run a sham-e form of government called a " MOCRACY", OR AS UNHINGED " MO-CRAZY "means there are no rules or common decency. Raid the government for all the cash you can get. Can you really believe anything they say. They have done no work for months and If they were paid for what they did they would not even make minimum wage.They have given up truth for political power, all of them. Truth will now run from them if they ever return they must face their sins, do not lie to yourself and believe they will turn around and be people with the best of intentions.
    They are not democrats anymore for they have forsaken the constitution for power they are now, " Moc-rats" and they believe in a form of Government called, " Mocracy" and they will abandon you as they sail by in their own life boats. They have abandoned common rule to protect a corrupt secretary of state. They will shove money in their pockets while they crash the economy. They do not have your interests at heart. The faster they crash your car the more power they have.
    Trump as President is the office and he has several legal titles, Commander in Chief of the Armed forces, I believe he is also the Chief legal officer of the Justice department and duty bound to hear and understand any serious allegations that impact the operation of this country. And to pass along to responsible offices any serious allegations for recusal or investigation by those offices. The reporter doesn't even know to whom he is speaking. Since a real justice department will not consider an investigation that has no merit for prosecution what do they really have to fear. ONLY THE GUILTY NEED OBJECT SO MUCH… WHAT ARE YOU HIDING.
    Small crowds with a loud few…

  13. Loved that he pushes back… You're doing a Great job, President Trump. How frustrated it is when his words are twisted by all these reporters. I would be mumbling under my breath too when he realized he called on a news reporter station that always reports made up lines to stick a knife in him.

  14. Omg what a piece of shit womanizing scumbag loser . He is not ever gonna be remembered as a president or a good human being

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