Trump’s Republican Enablers Break With Him On Syria | The Last Word | MSNBC

Trump’s Republican Enablers Break With Him On Syria | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Trump’s Republican Enablers Break With Him On Syria | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Trump would get fired from mopping the floors at an off-brand burger chain – and that only after being demoted due to substandard burger flipping skills.

  2. I don't have time to listen to Lindsey Graham or any of these Republicans being upset right now. By ignoring all the abnormal, amoral things Trump has done to this point and giving vocal support to him while sneering at those who protested, they have played a big part in allowing this president to get this far and bring this about. They don't get to act shocked. If they're upset they need to (finally) do something about the stink under their nose they've been pretending is roses.

  3. watch the stenographer behind trump when he says syria is a lot of sand. or maybe thats a reporter. i dunno. the blonde chick behind trumps right shoulder at 5:44 or so.
    she's like… 'what the… was that… ok. yeah. sand. write it down. thats what he said. dont think about it. just write it down."
    its friggin hilarious.

  4. Remember when "Moscow Mitch" blocked THREE House bills designed to protect our election systems from foreign interference? I wonder why he would do that >cough< Russian aluminum factory in KY.

  5. The US shouldn't exactly take the moral highground when it comes to meddling with elections etc… One word.. Pinochet. Well a name for just one brutal dictator propped up by the US..

  6. Klobuchar needs to check out that Netflix documentary, "Wormwood".. Yes, America's dealings globally CAN be compared to Russia… Know your history… However, your current POTUS is a "Private Dancer".. He's dancing for money.. He'll do what the other monied bullies want him to do…

  7. Mr. Yang was right; USA has tampered with elections all over the world, why should we lie to ourselves today?
    Mr. Yang is not a politician, he is on the side of the truth even if it does sound wrong


  9. All the MAGA hats need to finally take notice and realize that Trump is playing you for fools.. He relies on the fact that his base will believe everything he says even though it's proven over and over again to be lies. Stop being so bloody stupid!!!!!

  10. The Turkish Offensive in Syria has just become a wake up call for the Republicans. McConnell is still struggling in the middle and only 60 Republicans in the House Committee refuse to betray Trump.

  11. She's right. Putin is manipulating Trump into tearing our country apart which is why we must go after PUTIN after we get rid of the DOTARD.

  12. .And now President Pig Face is saying how rude Pelosi was to walk out of the meeting. REALLY?? What was she suppose to do , you IGNORANT PIG?? Stand there and take your ignorant abusive diatribe when you are the one that caused this crisis. This man is MAD and the GOP continues to allow this man to lead the party. Keep it up McConnell, there won't be a party if you allow this to go on.

  13. at 0:54 Graham starts to show signs of his old self – a TRUMP HATER. So decide enablers, are you going to go down with trump?
    or come to your senses?

  14. Trump just made a fatal mistake. You don't go against the American empire. It's a vile, evil empire (6 trillion in tax dollars and 500,000 dead in just the Middle East since 9/11) but you don't go against it.

  15. I would like to hear how letting Rudi in on American secrets helps American security and letting him loose with Russians and others around the world who are not our allies.

  16. Please Democrats!!!! To ensure your vote go to your local town office and vote Absentee ballot!!! I urge you because ultimately voting machines will be hacked again by some foreign country,so sad😩

  17. you notice? msnbc does not put bernie on much?shows again its bias! to pay any attention or waste time on Amy bless her soul… she is not important in this race!and she is no bernie!


  19. Here’s an article that comes to about US meddling with other elections because it does seems true lol –

  20. "We have not been shooting down planes of innocent people"

    Iran would like a word with you
    seriously the US has interfered in more elections than any other country, what exactly does she think the CIA has been doing for the last 70 years?

  21. The Kurds revolted against Saddam Hussein in the aftermath of the first Gulf War at our pretty clear encouragement. We left them to die. The Kurds were our only reliable allies during the Iraq occupation. When we pulled out we left them to the whims of the Shia, IOW they died some more. Now we abandon them yet again. Can anyone think of a more likely way to create terrorists that strike at the US than giving a people multiple generations of stories about their betrayal at our hands?

  22. 4:27 Amy, America shot down IRAN AIR FLIGHT 655, It had 66 children

    Plus tampering is tampering and America has done plenty of that. Andrew didn't say that what Russia did is equivalent to what US has done, he just said that both have tampered and it's got to stop and if it doesn't then it'll be taken as an act of hostility towards the American people. Stop spinning this to fit your narrative so that you can stay relevant.

  23. my such short memories. Reagan and Nixon and Bush all had secret policies that had thousands of people killed in south America and central america. Mostly done for american business gains. I think cannot think of another country that screwed over more people the us.

  24. never seen her comments before but she sure hit the nail on the head in this interviews… a very astute and smart politician … she could be a good VP to bernie or warren

  25. We can be in the jailing business in other countries. Why is it taking so long for our military to train them to fight for themselves???

  26. Way to go, Amy! Way to stick Trump, well done. Trump is the enemy of America, he is using us all, he is treasonous.

  27. Twisting Yangs words the wrong way to fit her narrative, U.S. has interfered with foreign elections 81 times, just like russia, and here is the end of the equivalency, no plane shooting and poisoning, if you want to go in that direction then russia can say they never nuked 400 000 people out of existence. Simply stupid denial of the past, they play the game to get influence, USA and Russia alike.

  28. Lawrence, why are you surprised that America has interfered with other countries’ elections? It’s well known that’s it’s happened!

  29. Where have you been Amy? America has been meddling in others elections for many many years. Regime change is America’s thing. Yang made a very valid point.

  30. It’s in college textbook: 1950s CIA overthrew Communist Iranian Government and put the Pro-American Shah there which lead to Islamic republic in 1979.
    Klobuchar WTH..

  31. YES you can absolutely compare the US meddling in world affairs with what any other nation has ever done. You hide behind "national security" and "patriotism". The US is responsible for tons of election meddling in many countries and an incredible body count throughout the world and it continues even today through drone strikes and more. As if a fastfood eating American life is somehow more important than anyone else's. Give me a break, you make me sick. Your self image has always been false.

  32. The GOP needs to go in another direction and NOT support Trump any longer. Do it NOW!! Pence should be held accountable as well and be implicated along with Trump.

  33. This is why Klobuchar is a longstanding favorite of mine – both generally and in the context of the presidential primary: she is tough, pragmatic, clear-thinking, and effective. We'd be lucky to have her as president and I hope more people will start paying her some attention. As she says, she is not 'the loudest voice in the room'. That's what we have now and I, for one, don't much care for it.

  34. Do these Republicans really care? Wanna bet they will just watch as Trump lets Putin have his way with the country's intelligence operation..

  35. Yang did not imply that the US has done what Russia has done. he simply acknowledge the fact that in the past the US intervened in other countries affairs, but that we would no longer tolerate what Russian is doing to us. and his main point is that if Russia continues to intervene with our elections that it would be taken as a sign of hostility.

  36. I have been an anybody-but-Trumper since 2016. I like all the Dem contenders, but today I may have been won over with this video. Senator Klobuchar is not a frontrunner, and to me even in the debates she looked good but so did the rest to me . . . . since again, anybody or their dog would be better than the pumpkin impersonator in the white house now . . . . Not sure, but I am posting to suggest we all might do well taking a closer look at her as a candidate . . . . if the country can last another year under Trump.

  37. Why are the Republicans surprised? Seriously, like leaving a drunk to roam free in a liquor store and tell him to drink orange juice. YOU KNOW IT AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN.

  38. MSNBC lacks real stories real investigation into their stories America is waiting for the truth and real investigation stories. The stories you will not find on NBC . Where Rachel maddow has a plat form of lies . Murder Joe and side kick mika with personal opinions. MSNBC lacks the truth and investigates stories

  39. I gotta give Klobuchar props. Look at where has gotten in life despite being so unlikeable and annoying. She was wrong about US interference, though, and she totally mischaracterized what Yang said. The same goes for Lawrence.

  40. Trump owes Putin alot obviously… AMERICA doesn't…he's opened us back up to lsls … abandoning the Kurds to Russia…"wrong"…💯,%

  41. Maybe if they had not only been living in corporatist circles, Yang's comment wouldn't have "thrown them" so much. Obviously the US gov. and Russian gov. are not moral equals. However, we must acknowledge that the US has literally helped to overthrow foreign governments and onstall5 their own more 'friendly' leaders…

  42. Why are there no senators flipping independent. To reclaim their status as Americans and reject the attempt at ending democracy???

  43. I'm a bernie bro who voted for jill stein last time. I swear i am tired of people on the left bashing donald trump. For god sakes he is an inept clown only thinking of hiself, but i shudder to think, and my blood turns cold when I think of what would be if Hillary had won the white house. She is a blood thirsty vampire. If the dems try to shove anyone but tulsi or bernie on us. i will plaster my car with trump stickers and buy a MAGA Hat for each day of the week. Also anyone ever ever seena apositive comment for ms klobuchar on any youtube video,. I never seen one yet.

  44. Klobuchar is not on the level of fanatical patriotism of Republicans but here she comes closer: denying US historically manipulated coups and elections, specially in Latin America is just ridiculous.

  45. Every decision CON-ARTIST Trump makes leads to Putin AND also leads to protect and increase Trump's Personal Financial Wealth.

  46. oh shut up Amy the US is medeling in elections more than any other country. don*t cry wolve when it comes around to bite you. you are not better just because you say it… you have to prove it. i don't think the kurds think now that you are better then russia 😉

  47. Serious business. I'm seeing Putin differently now, the real Putin. Donald Trump is something special. A team of psychiatrists and psychologists would be an interesting thing to have Trump interviewed over a period of time.

  48. What's bothering me is that we have done a lot of those things and some that are worse… Even recently, though the worst ones were a while back. Just ask the Native Americans. The few surviving Native Americans. Everyone thinks their own intentions are honorable, eh?

  49. We tampered in Iran in the 50's when we backed the Shah, so yes. yes we have. and Andrew Yang is right. We need to go forward and stop the interference on a global level. All countries! but first GET RID OF DOTARD!!

  50. Horrible Lawrence one of your worst shows.
    I could barely watch.
    What propaganda for Klobuchar.
    Why don't you have Bernie on??

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