‘Trump’s Nightmare’: See The New Bribery Receipts Fueling Impeachment | MSNBC

‘Trump’s Nightmare’: See The New Bribery Receipts Fueling Impeachment | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “‘Trump’s Nightmare’: See The New Bribery Receipts Fueling Impeachment | MSNBC

  1. That’s a good point. Why doesn’t Trump fire these people that confessed to the crime? If they lied and you haven’t done anything wrong, fire them on the spot. The President is one move away from checkmate

  2. The average American dosen't care about evidence, fact or truth. They care about which tribe they are in, in the first place. Its obvious Trump is a fake, conman and a fraud on the American people.

  3. How many of the witnesses said explicitly that there was no quid pro quo? No bribery? No abuse of power? Every one of them except Mr. Sondland. He too said that he had not heard such directly from the President. This is Mr. Sondland's opinion, and that's fine, but he was the only one of the witnesses to reach that conclusion. I agree with the overwhelming conclusion of the diplomats.

  4. As I stated earlier in my testimony with regards to the White House meeting and the Ukraine call, yes… there was a quid pro quo. – Gordon Sondland 2019

  5. Ari Melbourne; I saw this last night and was highly impressed with your commentary here!!! You are quickly becoming my second favorite at MSNBC!! Keep up the good work..

    to you and your team! Foreign sauce!! and, “Rarely do you see evidence stacked up like this” ~ Ari Melbourne

  6. As long as trump is the potus the usa has nothing. No clout, no respect, no credibility. The usa does have the world laughing at them tho.

  7. I have lived in dictatorships in South America. Now I totally understand what motivates military coups. When officials who have been elected through the democratic process become so corrupt that the systems in place to be a check and balance to their power fails to bring them to justice we are in total trouble.

  8. Trump is being protected by Satan! Trump is pure evil. The demonised Republicans , having control of the Senate, will definitely defend their master from being IMPEACHED and REMOVED from presidency. Sadly, they will prevail despite of numerous hard evidences against the POTUS committing abuse of power and bribery

  9. I believe that next week the dems should continue with public hearings, first and foremost detailing the contents of the Mueller report and its findings before they draft the initial articles of impeachment. https://www.justice.gov/storage/report.pdf

    Then I think they should concurrently be bringing specific articles to the floor, while continuing public hearings into other obstructions, as well as emoluments, and establishing a production line approach to provide plenty of items for Mitch and Trump (juror and defendant, respectively) to strategize about, continuing right up to the 2020 elections.

    The notion that a few simple concepts are going to sway anyone does not appear to be playing out.

    One thing that is apparent is that repetition, and volume DO seem to affect public opinion.

    There have been so many legitimate concerns, that frankly, it would take years of public testimony to present them, and, in fact, in the interim, additional impeachable offenses will most likely come to light, not just from the multiple lawsuits awaiting resolution, and the eventual disclosure of trumps financial information, but because trump is literally incapable of making a correct moral or ethical decision, and he will invariably commit additional offenses before the election.

    The ultimate goal, to the degree that republican senators continue to ignore the evidence and instead work with trump to continually spin, deflect, or deny the facts,should be to bring the president, under oath, before the public to testify.

    Clinton was one vote from being removed from office for lying about a consensual sexual relationship. What Trump has done is so much worse, it is mind blowing, but in all cases, I would also continue to followup on, and makw public his reprehensible moral character and drill down to that same level with Trump, who has not only hired prostitutes, but paid them money to lie, by omission, about their contacts with him.

    There is no way that Trump will be able to sustain against such an onslaught of facts that he will literally meltdown, and it will force republican senators to time and time again show the american public where THEIR morals, ethics, and character lie.

    If, after that, republicans still don't want to convict him, and somehow, the minority of voters again manage to pull off an electoral win, congress, as its express constitutional duty, must continue to highlight and expose the corruption and incompetence of this, the worst President in the history of the United States of America.

  10. what has this man been listening to? I heard every witness say they had no for sure proof. They all just assumed that is what happened.

  11. songland doesn't want to go to prison don't y'all get it he's saving his own chicken but he's also rating and snitching on Trump cabinet

  12. This impeachment will amount to nothing just like the Mueller investigation, its simply drawing attention away from the actual story of what Israel are doing.

  13. That Is Where Melber Is Way Off…Cant Believe News Stations Can Be This Stupid…It Hurt The Democrats Way More Than Trump…Trumps Support Grew…It Has Been Proven.

  14. Unfortunately, the good old USA, is heading down the internal self destruction. It is mind boggling, that any caring, decent person, would still support the unhinged corrupted Trump, and his destructive corrupted party. 🤔

  15. What do we learn by Trump "winning" the Presidency ? That any Clown Republican Bullyer, Woman Abuser, Crook, Compulsive Liar, Cheater, Racist, Narcissist, Ignorant, Arrogant Individual , can be President of the United States .

  16. This only shows the american people that our entire goverment consist of a bunch of grease balls sleeze bags who cant be trusted. No wonder why the world hates us!

  17. Yes!!! Ari Melber, your reporting stands out from the rest. I love the way you utilize THE ISLEY BROTHERS (and others) as a musical allegory to construct and connect the dots to this Impeachment saga. I am a fan.

  18. Nothing better than shooting a shotgun, all those little metal ball's just explode hitting everything in it's path. So maybe Songland is trying to get as many names out there he can. Hitting as many as He can while it was on Record.

  19. now that Rudy's in deepwater Rudy's going to turn the trumpet boy and say orange chicken to defend me and trumpet boys going to say I don't know Rudy I never knew the guy I never seen them what a joke

  20. My God don't these Reoublicans have national pride and/or conscience. You mean they are all "push over", all Trump''s puppets. V.P. cannot replace Trump, because he swallowed all Trump's garbage, and had no "gumpta", to exercise the right to honor the constitution. Lady Hillary Clinton ought to be atomically replace the President. The "conscience-less" Republican''s really sit in real time, and still remain saturated in a pool of multifold corruption. The Republicans ought to re-examine themselves to determine if the road to permanent destruction, is better than defrauding such surmountable, treacherous, "low-line" actions. What a clan, to have upheld such "dangerous stench". Oh how disgraceful, for us to hear, and believe. From that perspective, our tax payers $ is worth it, to catch, the mess. Not doing so means we would all be betrayers. Credence to Chairman Adam Schiff, a man of class, real competence. Please protect all these people testifying! Please!Please! God bless America. All should pay back every dollar of the tax payers money. How did our politics get to so cheap as Zimbabwee and the rest of corrupt less developed leaders.Please take back our pride and leadership! How hurtful, just seeing the unbelievable treachery!

  21. The Republicans STILL will NOT acknowledge the truth. The witnesses have said it plain and clear, the Republicans sit there and then their response to those statements are, "So this is a sham." "Hearsay". Sondland spelled it out step by step, and they STILL SAY NOTHING HAPPENED. How stupid do they think the American people are? The people hear the testimony and then they say, "You didn't hear that, this is a sham."

  22. Not one of those heard had any evidence. It was all based on what they though and believed was happening and in an echo chamber kept telling each other what they believed. Just like here in this bubble. It won't make any difference. Like it or not, Trump will be reelected. I don't like him either, but am not afraid to look outside this "safe space" here and face reality.

  23. I just don't understand after seeing the testimony, not only why he hasn't already been impeached, but why he is not been put in front of a firing squad, given a cigarette and blindfold, and shot for being a traitor.

  24. It never seizes to amaze me just how pathetically stupid/unintelligent Trump actually is…

    He does not understand that ATTEMPTING to do something illegal, is actually still illegal, just because you did not manage to get the illegal thing you wanted (Ore because you are just to stupid to manage it), does not make it less legal…

    "Attempted murder" is still a crime, "attempted bribery" is still illegal, and yess, if you get caught attempting to brake in to someones home, you will still get arrested!

    And the most obvious thing here about Trump is that he actually thinks that he is very clever, even in his endless stupidity and ignorance, he still thinks that he is always the smartest person in the room (Witch is not even true when he is the only person in the room) so while asking people to do something illegal for him, he actually said, "This is not a quid pro quo", but then he continues to ask for a quid pro quo….

    That is how stupid Trump actually is….

    Trump: "Listen, this is not a quid pro quo, but if they want to get the meeting with me (The "quid"), they first need to go public to announce investigations on Biden (Pro quo")"…..

    It`s like he thinks just saying out loud that "This is not blackmail", gives him a free pass to blackmail them. He even does it in the same sentence! In the same sentence!!

    Let me repeat that… IN THE SAME SENTENCE!!


    "This is not quid pro quo, now make sure they give me the quid pro quo I asked for"!!

  25. Let’s see how long it takes the RepublicKKKlans to resurrect the term “lynching of a president” again…
    Wait … maybe after Thanksgiving… Texan Congressmen will in a couple moments…
    Oh wait, it’s still a sham …
    AND a witch hunt…
    I have a question for Our Lord LittleHands… is Ghoulliani a witch, or a ghoul, mr “President”?
    And secondly… will the prison system allow you to keep that hamster you place on top of your head?… and one follow up, sir, are you still smuggling and trafficking European Sudafed for yourself?
    How are you feeling today?
    Have you heard Hillary braying lately, mr “President”?

  26. Trump and his team were operating from a political agenda, the Ambassadors were operating from a National agenda. 2 completely different things, I wish Hill had said it more directly.

  27. MSNBC knows their viewers are morons and do not need to tell the truth. Hilarious. To think Ari's fans don't know Sondland is the source for the other witnesses and he admitted to making a 'presumption'.
    Nice impeachment you have there; shame if something bad happened to it.

  28. More like MSNBC having a wet dream that something, anything, that will save them from total disgrace as a DNC propaganda stooge. LMAO at how stupid they are.

  29. I think Sundland has something on tRump, and of course Putin has something on tRump. And through all this illegal, criminal mess, the sad thing is, the Republicans will not turn to remove him from office. Why are they ignoring the facts? Why don't they care about what tRump is doing to destroy us all? Something is deadly wrong. We should all be very worried.

  30. Do American's really believe The P*ssy Grabber in Chief and Putin over all these ambassadors and Lt Vindman (a purple heart recipient and American hero)? Why?

  31. This is thoroughly disgusting. Our flag should be hanging at" half mast" for the pain, we feel grieving for the righteousness of these political hijackers of our democracy, and the constitution!

  32. Though i understand someone needs to say what his bosses want, but to go on National TV and spread this total bull… and outright lies just for a next check? How low is low? What a piece of sh….!!! I feel sorry for his kids if he has any.

  33. Gosh those creepy notes remind me of the shining- the notes might as well say “ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A GOOD BOY”

  34. "They must announce PUBLICLY." And the Republicans deny it. How much clearer must it be? What a massive disappointment in these so-called "Republicans." Shame on them. They give the Republican Party a bad name.

  35. Trump's defence is that, "I want nothing! I want nothing! No quid pro quo", which he said two days after the whistleblower report came out in public. Trump did not even know the meaning of 'quid pro quo', before he was accused of it. Trump, like all habitual liars, will deny everything right to the bitter end. He will use every underhand tactic and all the resources his position can utilise, to obstruct, lie, cheat, bribe, threaten, bully, until he achieves his goal. Seriously, if God, him/herself came down and declared Trump, guilty, he would deny it and accuse God of being a neverTrumper. What bothers me more than the Biden investigation stuff, which I really don't care about, it that Trump is following a Putin agenda when it comes to Ukraine, and that is scary. The only ones to win out of Trump telling Ukraine they had to announce that they're investigating 'THEMSELVES" for being involved in the 2016 elections. This is a Russian instigated false narrative to weaken Ukraine's position so Putin can invade them. Whereas Trump benefits from the Biden probe coming out, only Putin benefits from the Ukraine involvement lie. SO why would Trump do that?

  36. I hope the people of our USA see through all this. This is truly a sad time in our nation. Every president in our nation has been transparent except Trump. This should tell everyone. Facts matter it is truly sad

  37. What a sad state of affairs our, once proud, good and respected country is now in! Who and why people still support that effing ahole trump amazes me.

  38. We see Sondland as working for Trump. If you stop for a minute that is an extraordinary way to describe someone who gave a lot of money to a campaign would ordinarily be treated by a politician with deference. I can't think of another situation where a politician would set up a long-time donor to the party to take the fall. With every aspect of Trump's business and political life under investigation by state and federal prosecutors how many other donors will be called in to explain a questionable contribution. They see Trump walk away from the donor, and others on the committee ready to take him down if he loses a threat to Trump With one-way loyalty on display for the world the only question is whether other donors think they will be the exception the one person he will be loyal to e should look at the list of convicted felons who felt the same way

  39. Omg I finally figured out who the guy at 3:21 reminds me of…. Stephen Tobolowsky! The guy from Groundhog Day!.. Ned Ryerson! “Watch that first step, it’s a doooozy”! (Bill Murray steps in the pothole puddle)

  40. The most shameless poor excuse of a man actually became the president of the United States no less, oh how we have fallen.

  41. I love the reporting on this as though none of them are guilty of some scandal or another.
    “ He whom is free of Sin cast the first stone “
    You can’t touch GODS’ Plan.
    Ever wonder why Trump always comes out unscathed?
    It is Prophecy.
    I don’t think you will tell GOD he is wrong!

  42. Trump is so stupid. He is not able to write Zelinsky but writes Zellinsky. This is not the first time that he can’t write a name properly!

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