Trump’s Former Russia Aide Fiona Hill Testifies To Hill Lawmakers | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump’s Former Russia Aide Fiona Hill Testifies To Hill Lawmakers | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Trump’s Former Russia Aide Fiona Hill Testifies To Hill Lawmakers | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. Has Trump done any work this year? If you take away the TV watching, the tweeting, and the golfing. Not to mention, the burger eating, lieing to the press, and his KKK rallies, WHAT DOES HE DO?

  2. Finding out who are the true patriots. This is about protecting the office of the President not its occupant, the constitution, democratic norms and rule of law. That's why the founding fathers knew and that's why we have an Impeachment process.

  3. Dumbo Donald Troublemaker Trump is always proving his guilt Live on TV or and on Twitter. Whats theres to investigate!!? Hes admitting guilt in a daily basis!! This is an easy case!

  4. I guess if you can't be the smartest president Trump decided to be the DUMBEST instead hahahaha!!! Historical Hysterical

  5. Shifty Schiff. 45 really taxed his brain thinking up that one. Facts are given and trump replies with name calling. How childish.

  6. It is so ironic that among the most conservative of all hawks, the one I had such contempt for during his "service" of getting us into Iraq, is the one who is so squeaky clean in terms of his self acquittal during the time spent with the Pig. Bolton, like most true, real conservatives, does not see self – serving as in any way definitive of conservatism. We on the left need a loyal opposition. It may well turn out that Bolton's departure from the inner circles of the administration is what defines him as the kind of conservative whom, on the grounds of corruption, is the kind we prefer to have in service, opposing us. Charitably, maybe the record is still out on Pompeo, but clearly , all the others associated with the Pig are slimy, and many as well in the Senate in varying degrees, the slimiest there being Moscow Mitch and his dirty filthy corrupt wife, both of whom, don''t forget, are on the take.

  7. Now that this fake Ukrainian crap is falling apart what's next what's the new fake crime i guess you morons can pray for an nother shooting or something if Trump couldn't have won before he will now in a landslide

  8. Trump is such a juvenile, disrespectful occupant of the people’s White House. Impeachment and removal from office urgently required

  9. Is Our Constitution worth any thing if Trump can continually do what ever he wants no matter who or what it hurts.

  10. As a scholarly remark one more time to end the confusion. No, Trump does not break the law by resisting but by obstructing. What is impeachable the house can lay down and bring to the floor. There is no need for a vote on an inquiry but on the case itself. The senate then decides (speaker) to bring to trial. Convicted he will be removed from office, merely impeached will do him no harm.

    Trump uses the constitution for his advantage. Testing the boundaries laid out only by policies. He'll go as far as the founding fathers gave rights to the senate, the electoral college and the supreme court he now owns and to him as the president himself. Rightfully so as the head of the executive.

    Just because no President before him has used those powers does not mean he can not follow down the path of executing them. The founding fathers were afraid of the common people much more than of one of their own. The constitution is a republican doctrine not a democratic design.

    The founding fathers intended for you to be a republic, not a democracy. Aimed at landowners primarily they felt the need to protect the states from the will of the commons. This can be understood in their setup of the senate and the electoral college.

    Democratic was the system to vote not the vote itself. Those ideas came much later mainly in the last century and were adhered to in form of policies not in form of amendments which you need to keep in mind with everything Trump does! That's why it always works for him…

    Here you have it as a simple summery. Now this is as much as I remember and I hope it suffices. Keep in mind, I"m just a German living on the other side of the big pond slowly getting concerned with too much ignorance pared with fake news….

  11. The whistleblower is like the neighbor who hears gunshots and reports it to the police. The first guy who called 911 usually does not end up testifying at trial when there is much more compelling evidence.

  12. Trump is showing the World our American democracy is a sham and its people are stupid. If Trump is not impeached history will record this. The White House is a criminal syndicate and if the Dems don’t impeach they will show the World they are no different than the GOP doing what is politically expedient rather than what is right. Trump even has his own State TV propaganda channel – Fox

  13. Only Socrates questioned Athens' laws and when he disagreed with them, he nobly went along with a trail and execution. That ain't gonna happen here.

  14. I think Mr Katyal is wildly optimistic about the non-involvement of the Supreme Court. Gorsuch and Kavanaugh are utter trash and there's no predicting how low they'll go.

  15. People quickly forget. All Republican Presidents have ushered in periods of illegality, from funding terrorism to racism, through corruption and ultimately to genocide against the Kurdish democratic forces.

  16. Trump will not be removed from office as long as he has the support of the GOP, and the GOP will continue to enable him if that is what it takes to save their own re-election.

  17. Anyone: "Mr. Orange Peel, do you know anything about the Constitution of the United States?"
    Mr Orange Peel: "No, but I did stay at Trump hotel last night."

  18. It seems that he believes if it's not on TV it doesn't exist?🤦‍♂️ just because the 2nd whistleblower isn't doing interviews and hosting dancing with the stars doesn't mean that they just disappeared or are nonexistent, granted yes we haven't heard much about the 2nd recently but still😂😂

  19. Neal Katyal is brilliant. With specialities in constitutional law, national security, criminal defense, Katyal makes for an ideal candidate for the next president's cabinet, AG, or some high post in his/her administration. There's always hope the terrible ills of the current administration can be reversed.

  20. Republicans have been twisted by hatred and fear, they are willing to destroy America if it means they have a chance at defeating their political opponants. Their only loyalty is to the worst instincts of a coward.

  21. Why are the democrats hiding everything ? Because there is nothing …..Release all the transcripts and take the VOTE or shut up …..

  22. This all sounds like music to my ears. Trump doesn’t want to be impeached because he knows you’ll be going to jail, and hopefully accompanied by the rest of his family.

  23. Very happy about all the great candidates. Forget name recognition, go Tulsi. Why? She owns the middle votes, taking out the conservative media while dems shut her out. She is a superior debater and her policies are crystal clear, sorry Warren. She is also a minority woman with blistering intelligence who does not call her card. She is young and smart and ready, open your eyes to her policies which are beast, especially on taking out the military industrial complex. But certainly on the right side of many issues while also tactful and predictable.

  24. Will you be reporting on Joe Biden's threat to Ukraine to fire their Prosecutor or get their multi-billiin dollars financing cut off, a few years ago, so that Hunter "crackhead)"Biden(his son) can get out of being investigated for criminal busn trade?
    By the way, where is Hunter nowadays?

  25. Dementia 45's plane is going down. He's going to auger in. The explosion will be spectacular. Or should I use his word HUGE to describe what is coming. Carnage that will make Watergate look tame.
    I'll go with a sinking ship analogy because we've all seen the movie Titanic. It;s a slower process too. Rats and enablers better start getting off real fast. The draft can take you down with him. 🙂 Just a few lifeboats left now. Water will be cold. The truth will set you free. Well, make your prison sentence less at least.

  26. Here's where we are right now:
    Subpoenas and Requests for Evidence
    in the Trump Impeachment Inquiry

  27. I don’t expect that Fiona Hill will be given that much face time on the cable news networks, she doesn’t strike me as ‘that kind of woman’ they are used to displaying, I mean with that clownish painted lipped party faced look, that is so very much all one can see whenever a woman’s image is called into play…

  28. Red state, blue state, its doesn't matter. They divide, they win! We lose. Wake up. The seeker of truth is the not governments, it's the eveyday people.

  29. The criminal and immoral Donald J Trump, who refuses to read and to listen, explains how difficult for him to comprehend the constitutional laws. He runs the executive branch of government as if a gang of drug lords.

  30. You can see that the analyst was away from TV for two weeks (as he says), because he thinks facts matter… well, welcome back to reality

  31. “ItM-F” and all his cronies NOW for High Treason. Subject all miscreants (who are being discovered through continuing investigations, elected or otherwise, to highest penalty for High Treason to deter future officials elected or otherwise from harming this nation.

  32. We don't need a whistleblower because all of Trump's staff is coming forward to spill the beans on ALL OF HIS SHADY DEALINGS. So too bad, so sad, Trumpy. You're screwed!

  33. OMG! I am not a lawyer and this guy just basically said EVERYTHING that I have been saying…Trump's own words are gonna be his downfall. He's like a little kid who can't keep his mouth shut. He did admit to doing this and then said China should investigate the Bidens too. He also said on camera that his favorite word is RECIPROCITY…America isn't gonna keep doing for other countries unless they are doing something for us, in this case, he is heard on the phone asking the Ukraine President to do him a favor! So, right around the time you are withholding Aid from this country, you are asking that country's President to do you a favor? REALLY? That is not a good look! And to make matters worse, he keeps referring to Nancy Pelosi as CRAZY NANCY…he keeps referring to Adam Schiff as SHIFTY SCHIFF…these are Americans who have spend most of their lives in service of this country by being a part of our government. I get that you are on different sides of the political line, but, President Trump's continuous DISRESPECTFUL tone towards these people is VERY troubling. No President should be referring to members or Congress in this way…he should be able to disagree with them without being so blatantly DISRESPECTFUL to them…ESPECIALLY in a public format! The fact that he is the President of the Unites State of America and he chooses to be so disrespectful to members of a branch of government that has the power to keep him in check…shows that this man has low character and he is DANGEROUS! I think if most of us were to go on TWITTER and attack ANYONE we work with in any way and call them names on social media, we would be terminated by whatever company we work for!

  34. Great finally that incompetent orange baboon is being impeached..the man is so incompetent he wrote today:
    "IMPEACH THE PRES." much would it cost to pay a copyright to do it? obviously too much for a man who hates to pay bills.

  35. Actually, the whistleblower's complaint matches the transcript – but our dumb$$s president won't admit it. That is why the whistleblower isn't needed anymore. That person exposed the facts, and now they will lead where they lead (impeachment). Nothing to do with the whistleblower anymore.

  36. Trump most be really stupid, if he hasent had realised the transcript he would probably got away with it.. Worse criminal ever, lol

  37. Question: Does the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court have the right to offer an opinion or publicly declare his vote in a Senate impeachment process?

  38. The whistle blower isn't needed anymore because Trump himself provided evidence that he is guilty of extorting a foreign government into interfering in the US election.

  39. the sad truth, that this man, was evil and not presidential was clear simple and overwhelming in 2016, yet here we are trying to ensure our elected leaders serve the people and not the trump cartel.

  40. LOL…. watch, hillbilly moron Trump will fold and quite, his loophole to all these masses.  He's going to ask Pence for a Pardon, his last card in his hand; hopefully, Pence will also be impeached too, for his involvement.  And then let him ask Nancy P. for the pardon…LOL.  That would be a movie McCabe and I want to see.

  41. I wish I could thank these whistleblowers personally. It was Difficult. I cannot imagine. Thank you very much.

  42. Are we talking about the secret meeting the Dems are leaking information about? Of course we are. Nothing new here , just like Russian Collusion and the Muller report. Schiff the scoundrel from California….., He had all the information on Russian Collusion and said he knew for a fact that Trump colluded with the Russians. This is now a new and no so improved attempt to again lie and submit the country to it's bitter animosity toward the President of the United States , Donald Trump.

  43. There aint no Whistleblower ! There never was. But you can bet that there was some Blowing going on ! Between Schiff and Nadler ! ! !

  44. Snowflakes have gone into full delusional mode. In the real world Trump is strongest as ever and he will coast to re-election in 2020. Furthermore if the rest of the world had any voice in this election he would get over 90% of the popular vote. Because he is the fisrt US president in ages that after one term in office hasn't started any war, is not a war criminal and a mass murderer. Watch and learn, Clinton, Obama, the Bushes.

    BTW: Trump only needs to ask voters where they, and the world, would be by now had Hillary "I came, I saw, He died" Clinton won in 2016 instead of him.

  45. Can y’all imagine what’s going on with his kids Oh and lest we forget his son in law lol they cant even challenge him as he will just shoot them oh how the mighty fall. This man rode on the backs of the good, ordinary hardworking American people who don’t have the time for all this as they are working many jobs at a time AND paying vast amounts of taxes whilst he hides the fact that he has managed to cheat the American people by not paying his taxes.

  46. trump is the only person that can repeat a lie over and over even though the lie was proven to a big white lie. repeating thing over and over is a form of brainwashing

  47. Why does the ORANGE IMBECILE continue to disobey the rules of our Constitution?? If he knows he's innocent, go to court and settle it once and for all! It's as easy as that! What are you hiding????

  48. This is a prime example of why Trump is President here's this guy on the news talking about he thinks Trump is going to be impeached. Buddy, Trump is being impeached right now. Impeachment is not removal. Impeachment is a process at which we evaluate the presidents performance what the intention of establishing his Fitness. You can impeach a president and not remove them.

  49. 1 she wasn't on the call
    2 she worked for soros for 6 years

    Lazy stupid Democrats never had a plan and they are failing hard at every try

  50. oh bless.. he thinks the trump appointees to the supreme courts will act in keeping with the laws and not trump as per judges of history have .. how sweet.. how stupid but how sweet

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