100 thoughts on “Trump vows not to change the name of Thanksgiving

  1. LOL the orange snowflake and his blind following supporters like to play victim so much they just had to invent a new reason huh. Nobody is at war with Thanksgiving.

  2. we live i n country where we can celebrate our beliefs lol ha ha ha not for long, if dems get there way we are doomed…

  3. The leftist crap 💩 is out of control. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas 🎄 everyone. This is what we’d always say in our country.

  4. Remember when Moses and Jesus were born…(the same spirit, at different times)
    THEY killed boys 2 and under.
    When the USSR fell, it was a spirit as well..
    Russia isn't as communust, as many colleges in 2019..
    It came here…parents need to beware

  5. I have heard a low rumble about Thanksgiving, and that is just the way causes start. Trump just nipped it in the bud.!! So stop complaining and do something useful.

  6. Trump supporters? Question; If 11 people said Hilary committed a crime, would you believe it?
    And not only did they say she did, but 6 to 8 went to jail.
    Then, the investigator said she tried 10 times to obstruct those investigations.
    And my only reply was reply was; "Well, they were all Never-Clintoners (aka they didn't like her)…"
    What names would you call me? hint hint

  7. The Left has been openly attacking Thanksgiving calling it indian genocide for years. Yes they are attacking everything American. They want a Communist pervy society. Go to China with your comrades Democrats Commies.

  8. Isn't there ANYONE working for Trump who can tell him the truth and stop him from embarrassing himself like this? It's like "The Emperors New Clothes".

  9. Trump is selling out American democracy to the Russians but thanksgiving is safe. Shows you the priorities of the Trump voting idiots

  10. So what? The Left wants to change the name to “We flipping Hate our Country Day!!” No thanks numb nuts

  11. How do extreme Democrats celebrate Thanksgiving? Complaining and trying to change everything to their liking. Bunch of brats

  12. No one had an issue with thanksgiving…. he's a massive liar. Ha. Even fox pundits are laughing at his lame accusation.

  13. Literally no one was trying to change the name of Thanksgiving, so I'm not sure we should be cheering someone who was solving a made up problem

  14. Who ever this "they" person is that he keep referring to need to be put out. Whenever he lie he never give a name he always say, "they said." I have never heard anyone say they want to change the name of Thanksgiving but it seems yhat trump is the only person who can keep this imaginary crisis and assault on American values from happening.

  15. I love Thanksgiving and I love my President!
    TRUMP 2020🥂

  16. My God! He`s making the case, that he`s too nuts, to be prosecuted. Next, he`ll be shuffling, around, the White House, in an old, smelly robe, and muttering, "No collusion" "No obstruction" "No quid pro quo" "Melania, change my diaper, I crapped, myself, again"

  17. Attack a holiday worth attacking like halloween which is known for the devil's holiday witches and child sacrifices are celebrated. Doesn't that make more sense


  19. It's fine. Nearly everything can be politicized. I would argue that if anything, family is supposed to be the one place people should be able to be themselves with no filters. Go wreck a few boomers' and uneducated members' happiness and sense of well-being. And be thankful for for the opportunity.

  20. If you dimwits get your heads out of the State TV FOX for a minute or two, you will hear the truth. The economy is not good, wages are not up, Trump is a criminal, the world is laughing at us, the stupid wall is not built and FOX is lying to you. Dumb Americans.

  21. Thanksgiving was first mentioned by President Washington for the purpose of thanking God for helping the colonies during the war with Britain. The Democrats and atheists are okay with substituting Thanksgiving with "Turkey Day," (in honor of the turkey), etc. but it's not OK for President Trump to insist on defending the traditional Thanksgiving Day name? Years ago, God was the biggest part of Thanksgiving for the American people but, maybe you have not noticed: God is seldom mentioned in the Media at Thanksgiving and is practically taken out of Thanksgiving's celebration today. There's also been actions attempted to substitute another name for Columbus Day in honor of Native Americans (who originally came from Asia). The basic goal of these activist people is to change traditional American history so it's confusing to our youth and upcoming generations. Our history is being incrementally recreated and restructured to comply with what is ultimately socialists and communists versions of American history and their end goals. Take it seriously; this is no joke. Don't let these scenarios even get a foothold.

  22. Why is news media so concerned about what and how people communicate amongst themselves, amongst their own families even, at the Thanksgiving dinner table? Where does this assumption come from, that every Thanksgiving dinner is this politically explosive crisis? It seems to me, and granted this is merely my own experience, that this never happens and that news media, including Fox News here, makes out of this issue a tempest in a teapot in order to drive views and clicks. Shameful!

  23. Who cares what the politically incorrect and insane Left thinks, wants, says? Happy ""Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas. Obama's gone; we can go back to normal family values and faith if we want to.

  24. You have to agree that Trumps confidence sometimes is a bit funny 🙂 Like the way he said " everybody is saying Christmas again".

  25. I don't think about colonialism when I think about Thanksgiving. Not minimizing at all our history, but for me, It serves as a yearly reminder that I have a lot to give thanks for.

  26. In Hong Kong they sing our national anthem and fly our flag. Many here dont know the words and would kneel if they did, and rather burn our flag. I aint happy with everything that is and was, but put it in context. Be thankful. Thats why folk from everywhere flock here and succede while natural borns complain and burn the flag w/ revisionist furvor and call ech other socialists or nazis. If they only knew.

  27. Liar! They are attacking Thanksgiving and every other American tradition. We have to stand with our president and fight the leftist-socialist takeover of our great country! TRUMP2020! Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy Easter TOO!

  28. Lmao wth is Trump on ? Not ONE person on the left or at all is trying to change Thanksgiving. He just rants about anything

  29. President Lincoln instituted the first national Thanksgiving celebration in order to unite the country after the emancipation proclamation and after the civil war. He modeled it after the original 3-day Thanksgiving celebration in 1621 between native Americans and pilgrims celebrating God's blessings and old and new worlds coming together

  30. Thanksgiving is a crock of crap 💩 why are we celebrating the horrible start to this country besides these holiday wars are so stupid and anyone who believes this crap s so incredibly ignorant that I think there should be a required IQ test trump voters have to take before they can vote 90% would fail just look at the comments on this page has made me slightly stupider in conclusion F Thanksgiving and happy festivis

  31. Perfect example of Fox News is always covering the important things other networks won’t cover. Is santa real? Did we really land in the moon?

  32. The regressive progressive idiots want to change America so it looks like a socialist/communist state. Socialism and communism has killed over 100 million innocent people. You better be really into that belief because if you question anything they push you are added to the dead list. As in really dead!

  33. Next Trump will start promising to keep the names of the seasons the same and the days of the week. He'll claim liberals want to force America to speak French and eat goat cheese.

  34. We are not the British,thanksgiving was actually invented by Americas first enemy ! why keep it remember you ask ? Because of Metocomet= King Philip , Its actually a holiday a celebration of not honoring Contracts , and spreading Plagues in the name of Jesus i say keep it if the shoe fits wear it ..What could be more American than that !

  35. Actually, it's not possible for leftists to celebrate Thanksgiving because for that, they'd have to be THANKFUL for something. Now change the name to Demandgiving and maybe they'd get on board with that, because as we all know they are great at DEMANDING they get free stuff, even stuffing.

  36. This is for the commentator who believed that in my quotation about the genius, I was referring to Obama. No, I was referring to President Trump. Obama was the darling of the Fake Media and also, the darling of all of the swamp’s creatures; because of this, he had an easy ride as President. His partner was also well treated. Mrs Trump isn’t.

  37. Millennials have started calling it Friendsgiving, just to avoid saying thanks to the people they owe for everything they’ve been given this past year. There is a war on thanksgiving, one word at a time. It needs to stop.

  38. No, I didn’t have in mind people and cases I know nothing about. But thanks for sharing your knowledge on past geniuses.

  39. This is hilarious. I'm gonna make thanks giving great again! This is just a distraction from trumps failing policies and impeachment coming soon.

  40. They have been saying it shouldn’t be a holiday. That’s what he was referring to. Geez ppl give the stupid attacks on the prez a rest already.

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