100 thoughts on “Trump trashes Graham over criticism of Syria policy

  1. When has Donald J Trump ever been Measured Factual and/or Decisive about anything ever We've seen him say one thing then the opposite in the same sentence This is a man who thinks article 2 of the constitution gives him the 'Absolute Right' to do what ever he wants And has referred to himself as the 'Chosen One' I have only ever seen him Calm and Decisive when he is reading from a teleprompter and even he isn't ever completely Factual or Truthful SMDH

  2. tRUMP is nothing but a corrupt wimp with a wish to be a dictator. Sadly he's been enabled by Republicans in the Senate who are every bit as crooked as he is!

  3. But the tRUMP sends our soldiers to fight Arabian wars because they are "paying for it." So now we have nothing more than a mercenary army in a mercenary country. The monster-in-chief needs to GO NOW. STRAIGHT TO JAIL FOR LIFE!

  4. i swear. i can't believe my ears. did Moscow Mitch actually almost sound sincere when he actually apologized? and just listen to the tragic ignorance that spews from donald trump our commander and chief's mouth? and what doe he know about anything concerning a "tough guy? he is a hypocritical draft dodger……how did it ever come to be that this nancy boy has the power of life and death over real men and women?????

  5. Ethnic cleansing of Kurdish families is happening right now, and it happens with Trump's blessing.
    The 120 hour cease-fire is just an extremely cynical gesture of false "mercy".  A quick pause in the bloodbath.
    All it does is give Kurdish civilians enough time to flee from the the land that has been their ancestral home for thousands of years. 
    The complete betrayal of the Kurdish people, our bravest allies in the fight against ISIS, will be a stain on America's honor forever.

  6. Look up Project Veritas …CNN is faker than you thought ! what will these clowns say after cease fire and peaceful solution with Turkey ? Don't worry Jeff Zucker will give them some lines to COUGH COUGH …to read to the public !!

  7. It’s been a tough week for you CNN. The Project Veritas videos were fantastic.

    How are your ratings?


  8. Lindsey part of the one party war congress. Even they had enough of war last time and voted against it in Syria, wishing for the back door illegal regime change war which had zero focus on ISIS and all focus on arming Jihadis to try and remove the legitimate leader of Syria.

  9. Well . Politics isn't for everyone. Trump clearly sucks at it. You either sink or swim and he's sinking. You have to play well with others to get things done. Trumps lack of sandbox experience is showing.

  10. Trump has never publicly been measured, factual and decisive. And how can something be baffling but not surprising?
    Which idiot dictated this ridiculous statement? Oh yeah…

  11. tRump is readings our comments and racist people comments then he use it against Pelosi and the Democrats.
    Ain't that a bitch?!

  12. I am even troubled to utter this thought but If anyone sees the Syria issue the right way, it's President Trump. If you have come across my comments elsewhere for days where I have said it all along that YPG and PKK are two sides of the same coin: a Marxist-Leninist Communist organization. PKK is listed as a designated terrorist organization by the government of Turkey, USA, EU, and many other countries. It was a grave mistake for the Obama administration to ally the U.S. military with a terrorist organization even though they knew very well that Turkey, our NATO ally for 70 years and the NATO's second most powerful army, vehemently objected it. Turks have made an offer to work with the U.S. and/or NATO nations to fight ISIS without YPG's involvement but the Obama rejected the offer because he wanted to help his Socialist comrades. We're where we are today because of Obama.

    You do not ally with a terrorist organization to fight another one particularly if it's happening by the borders of your long time ally, and a trade and military partner. Let's assume Al-Qaida and ISIS were operating by the U.S. southern border trying to create a Khilafah state in and outside of the U.S., and either Russia or Iran came and told us "Hey, Listen America, we are going to provide weapons to them to fight the Mexican drug cartel operating inside and outside of the U.S. And, you are also going to support Al-Qaida and ISIS because the most important thing is to eliminate the Mexican drug cartel and not Al-Qaida or ISIS." How would we feel? This was the offer made to Turks. That is why Turks said "No, that ain't going to happen. When you and your terrorists are done with ISIS, we will destroy them."

    Yep, that is exactly where we are today! Thankfully, Trump, as much as he is not the smartest guy around, he knows this particular reality better than anyone else.

    I have even comments from some years back regarding what was going to happen in the future because of the foreign policy Obama decided to implement in Syria. When the Kurdish town Kobani was sieged by ISIS, and everyone was yelling at Turks "why are you not helping 'the Kurds'? You must be with ISIS." I said "Turks will sit on the sideline and watch these two terrorist organizations to put as much damage on each other as possible. After that, whoever still stays alive, Turks will pummel them till they are gone completely." Although it was late but two thumps up to Trump making the right ballsy decision.

  13. The Senate has surrrendered their power to a Russian puppet. – I actually lived to see this happen after all the Joe McCarthy RED SCARE and blacklisting in the 50s and 60s it is the Republicans who betrayed America.

  14. CNN what a joke this lieing News Faulse at that, Thanks to your lies CNN President Trump will win by a larger Margin, Trump is Correct she is a third rate politician

  15. Scores of Kurdish lives have already been lost, thousands of people have fled their homes, a swarm of Islamic State followers escaped from internment camps, and the Kurds themselves turned for help to the mass murderer Bashar al-Assad. How Trump can call this a victory is beyond me.

  16. Trump pulled troops out of Syria to drive away the attention of the impeachment and the Ukraine investigation. Trump instead sent troops to Saudi Arabia, renting out our military instead of focusing on fighting terrorism and ISIS.

  17. Imagine…. Skeleton Conway getting a taste of such treatment??? That has the potential to give anyone an orgasm….and…. Graham should just shut the fuck up…he's a maggot like his reptilian leader…orange turd!!

  18. The president needs to resign and the senators stop him to continue doing more harm to foreign countries as well as this country in everything. The republicans senators should look the president dictatorship actions, that he wants to rule everything under his way and not listening what is right to do. They should consider to vote against him and remove him from office now.

  19. The bs that comes out of the WH is the worse I have seen in my life. The orange orangutan has such loyal followers even though he has committed inhumane atrocities against this country. Why do they fear him so much? He has no actual power over anyone but money has power and you can see who worships money in this WH. Do NOT re-elect this damn moron and then we can see justice when he is out of office.

  20. Republicans are sorry? What? Already? Ain't that a little bit fast? Jumping the conclusions (we all made at the inauguration or even before)??

  21. "Unfortunately the speaker tries to make everything political."

    Well yeah you fucking idiot, you work in politics.

  22. YOU SAID IT – "If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…….and we will deserve it." -Lindsey Graham, May 03, 2016.

  23. Can you imagine having gone to school with trump, he must have been nothintg but a Bully and a total asshole, I bet he had no friends, well only those that were just like him or that hung with him because of daddy's money. It's hard to believe that 30% of the population are his followers, why??? do we have that many people that are a Bully? or just complete assholes.

  24. Did he just say "I am not gonna get involved with Syria and turkey". I thought it was "we" since he's representing the whole country. I'm telling you this man does everything for himself. He's an idiot. A dunce! I'm convinced that it wasn't the people who elected this man. Maybe a group of elite people elected him.

  25. The primary problem with Trump is, he's ignorant, irresponsible, and impulsive; he doesn't have a grasp of history, foreign policy, or governmental affairs, and he's bigoted, self-serving and greedy. He’s a completely flawed individual, from his toenails to the top of his sewed-on wig. Yet, he's desperately trying to validate a personal delusion – that he's a greater president than Barack Obama, this man, not even qualified to be Obama’s valet. So our country is in the hands of the "great and unmatched wisdom" of a buffoon and the delusional equivalent of a petulant and irate 8-year-old, as bigots and Evangelicals cheer him on. Thus, anyone who supports him is either ignorant, greedy and un-American, as flawed as he is, or a bigot. This is what happens every time we allow conservatives to gain the reins of power. Those are the facts.

  26. interesting… isn't turkey a member of nato and one of our allies?? well they WERE one of our allies i guess.. oh well, just another ally that trumpy trump has thrown under the bus for mr putin… we sure live in interesting times. age old chines curse is coming true.. lol

  27. trump and putin had a bet. putin told trump – if I help put you in the Whitehouse I bet you can destroy the U. S. in 4 years. trump said – Vladimir my friend, I bet I can do it in 3! I think trump won the cookie. trump's giving YET ANOTHER campaign, propganda rally right this second. no one in washington will believe his BS anymore so he runs to his cult for comfort and cover. trump's new campaign slogan = TRAITORS FOR TRUMP! IMPEACH TRUMP! demand the GOP follow the law and enforce the constitution and REMOVE TRUMP!

  28. It seems a ridiculous place to leave 50 nuclear weapons in Turkey if you don't have a good working relationship. I imagine trump doesn't know about them anymore than he knew the Kurds were allies. But trump wouldn't care anyway.

  29. Republicans are leaderless. Bunch of spineless tools who send thoughts and prayers and sit on their hands. Get a f*cking backbone Mitch. You too Lindsay. Smh America.

  30. Bravo Nancy , a women of respect ,finally this moron was put in his place ,and soon in jail , this demented consider narcissistic think he’s a king can do anything he wants lock he up

  31. IDK why, but I'm not feeling good about anyone from America flying to Syria right now.
    Total chaos and I pray I'm wrong.

  32. Wow, pull your nose out of Trump's ass and he gets pissed off. Poor Lindsey. He gonna need a nose job to get rid of the stink.

  33. LINDSEY GRAHAM #GreasyGraham talking:
    "Trump is a racist idiot"
    Oh sorry… "I meant Trump is a wonderful guy"
    Oh sorry…"I meant Trump is a racist idiot"

  34. CEASE-FIRE? Nice Work Again CNN! Pelosi IS a third rate politiction, hey Schummer, hold my purse! I need to look like a fool, won't take long

  35. Man, Trump is in trouble! He has had Lindsey Graham by the short and curlies for years on a threat to expose Lindsey's sexual preference to those incredibly tolerant voters in South Carolina. Graham has clearly decided, probably in direct discussion with Moscow Mitch, that Trump has to go. They are going to find find him guilty of impeachable offences and convict him and "POOF" – he's no longer their problem. No argument. His oath of office is annulled. Off to prison for Trump!

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