Trump Threatens Reporter with Prison Over a Photograph

Trump Threatens Reporter with Prison Over a Photograph

Okay. You might remember that Donald Trump, uh,
once had this letter that Kim Jong Un sent him, I think he might've called it a beautiful
letter or something like that. Donald Trump had reporters in the room at
that time and he may have asked to go off the record in terms of the contents or maybe
not. And he held up the letter. And from what we have learned so far, a reporter
from Time magazine held up his camera to take a picture and Donald Trump said, and it's
sort of confusing and muddled and erratic, like a lot of what Donald Trump says. But what Trump said according to the transcript
is, uh, excuse me, under section two. Well, you can go to prison instead because
if you use, if you use the photograph you took of the letter that I gave you and time
tries to continue talking about the topic of the interview, do you believe that people
should be and Trump interims interrupts confidentially. I didn't give it to you to take photographs
of it, so don't play that game with me. Let me just tell you something. You take a look. Time says, I'm sorry Mr President, were you
threatening me with prison time? And Trump says, well, I told you the following,
I told you you can look at this off the record. That doesn't mean you take out your camera
and start taking pictures of it. Okay? So I hope you don't have a picture of it. I know you were very quick to pull it out
even you were surprised to see that you can't do that stuff. So go have fun with your story because I'm
sure it will be the 28th horrible story I have in Time magazine because I never, I mean,
it's incredible. With all I've done and the success I've had,
the way that Time magazine writes is absolutely incredible. Fascinatingly, this riled him up so much that
he then went into a huge rant about no collusion, no obstruction as a result of a photographer
taking a picture. It is just so incredible to read a transcript
of Donald Trump's scolding or report or for taking a picture of something that Trump gave
confidentially, which he doesn't even understand the meaning of while he has given up secrets
from allies to Russians in the Oval Office. I mean, it's a jarring juxtaposition of what
Trump says and what Trump does. And it's really important to understand here
when Trump says he gave something confidentially. Confidential is a classification of documents. You can't just yell out this is confidential
or you know, this pen is top secret and make it so, and it's also really important to understand
that it's Trump who shouldn't be showing things to people who don't have the correct clearances. And more importantly, Trump and his aides
remember, have bragged endlessly about how Trump can declassify anything he wants by
showing it to whoever he wants. If Trump shows someone the picture, then he
has decided that it's okay for them to see it. It's also really funny that Trump mentioned
section two and then he seemed to realize he didn't know what he was talking about. Let's put the transcript back up on the screen
for a moment. Trump started to say, excuse me, under section
two. And then he kind of went away from that and
said, well, you can go to prison instead. I guess he means article two of the constitution
or maybe section two of article two during the same confused interview. He seemed to be using the term section two
an article to uh, kind of interchangeably. Like maybe they're the same thing and he doesn't
know what he's talking about. Article two has two sections of the constitution. Section one establishes basically how the
president and vice president are to be elected and served four year terms. Section two of article two talks about the
president being the head of the executive branch of government and the commander in
chief of the armed forces who on earth knows what Donald Trump was talking about when he
mentioned section two and then article too, but at least at some point he seemed to have
the presence of mind to realize he doesn't actually know what the hell he's talking about. This is Trump though. Okay. When he was in private business, he would
threaten to sue anyone in business that he didn't like. That was his strategy and based on what we
know from Michael Cohen is former personal attorney, that was a pretty effective strategy. Sicking Michael Cohen, the attack dog on people
with threats of lawsuits was a pretty effective way to get compliance from the people he wanted
to get compliance from. Now he's threatening people with prison because
he's president of the United States. It is truly chilling to see him wave prison
time around to reporters in this way. And I know that there will be Trumpess who
see this and say, David, it was a vague threat. He's generally talking about prison. Freedom of the press is one of the most important,
uh, uh, speech freedoms that we have in this country. And a president threatening or even mentioning
prison to a reporter in this way is unheard of except in extremely authoritarian dictatorial
circles. And that is exactly what Donald Trump aspires
to. And that's why this is so chilling in dangerous. Let me know what you think. Makes sure you're following me on Instagram
at [inaudible] dot. Pacman. Make sure while you're there, you follow the
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40 thoughts on “Trump Threatens Reporter with Prison Over a Photograph

  1. Why on earth would trump show a confidential document to a reporter??? Only a crazy person would do that! Oh wait – he IS crazy!

  2. People from the "tea party" used to call Obama an authoritarian for doing normal things. I'm sure they are condemning trump as I type this, loudly and publicly. No? 🤔
    Hrmm… weird.

  3. Why not have him taken out the back Donny boy and have one of your heavies put one between his eyes. That's what your North Korean buddy would have done.

  4. I am embarrassed for the whole of America. America has never really been thought of well by the rest of the world but now you’re a laughing stock with this massive ignoramus at the helm…………it’s just……….embarrassing!!

  5. We know he doesn't like a Free Press, they will insist on maliciously reporting what he actually says, what he actually does and when he lies (which is all the times) and to cap it all they refuse to believe what he says without checking the actual facts!

  6. He has Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  7. I want to see that letter! Maybe it was a fake or maybe we shouldn’t see it due to international fragility. In either case, he probably knows that he shouldn’t have been holding it up to show the people. He protests too much for me not to be intrigued about the letter’s content.

  8. Thats a monster created by the people who does clap all his stupidity, is so sad to see all that people cheering this bozo.

  9. Trump has a habit of taking murderous dictators at their word, because he aspires to be one of them. No one with human decency supports Mohamed bin Salman or Donald Trump, since they are in cahoots.

  10. If the Russian meddling into our elections doesn't scare the republicans? why would this?  Dictator, Dictator, Dictator!

  11. He's confused about what he's confused about because he's never taken time to learn what his job and duties are.

  12. Wish I was a reporter asking him a question I’d tell him to go fuck his self the worthless piece of shit threaten people with prison he’s a clown yeh he goes in private with his love letter friend and talks to Putin with no one around treasonous bastard

  13. Strating around @2:00 hilariously in a hissy-fit, Donny tRUMPski McBonespurs rails about 'Time Magazine' and their writings, BUT what did he just do? That's right, he posed for a cover of said magazine. True huckster, ignorant knuckle-dragging imbecile.

  14. Trump told the reporter he could look at it off-the-record, and the reporter agreed, and then took pictures of the document. That is just dishonest. Period. I would get angry about that too.

  15. Other world leaders believe they cannot trust Trump/USA because he's such an incompetent person.
    Trump has become a joke in other countries. Economic deals are being made all the time while Donald thinks tariffs is a new word for taxes, The jokes on him

  16. Saying "off the record" does not create a binding contract. Saying "off the record" in front of a crowded room, where nobody even agrees to your terms before you whip out classified material is still basically treason.

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