Trump Threatened To JAIL Reporter For Photo Of Kim Jong Un Letter

Trump Threatened To JAIL Reporter For Photo Of Kim Jong Un Letter

Donald Trump is a very secretive guy. We don't get to take a look at his financial
statements. We don't get to see his W2's. We don't get to know about his high school
and college grades. His transcript is medical records or really
anything in this man's life and as it turns out, even the love letter that he got from
Kim Jong Un is also totally off limits to anyone here in the United States. And unfortunately a reporter for Time magazine
recently found that out the hard way. See, Time magazine went into the Oval Office
to interview Donald Trump. They had a reporter, they had a photographer. Everything was going great until a reporter
tried to snap a photo of the letter that Kim Jong Un's sent to Donald Trump because Donald
Trump pulled it out once again like he typically does. I got this really nice letter here, all we're
such good friends and the photographer thought, oh, that's a good to take a picture of it
for, you know, for the article. Trump freaked out on him, freaked out on him
because according to Donald Trump, this part was off the record. He said it was off the record and here you
are, mister crazy photograph, man, trying to take a picture of my letter. In fact, according to the transcript, this
is exactly what Donald Trump had to say. Excuse me, under section two. Well, you can go to prison instead because
if you use, if you use the photograph you took of the letter that I gave you confidentially,
I didn't give it to you to take photographs of it. So don't play that game with me, man. The sass coming off that guy, right? I didn't show you that letter so that you
could take a picture of it. I don't want you to know what's in it. I don't want the public to know what's in
it, which really only begs the question of what the Hell is Donald Trump trying to hide
what is in that letter? I honestly had no interest in knowing what
was in that letter until now and now. I desperately want to know what is in that
letter. Is it? Oh yeah, we're going to totally make the best
agreement ever. XOXO, Kim Jong Un. No. My bet is that Trump's been talking to Kim
Jong on about stuff he ought not be talking about, and it has nothing to do with politics
or you know, nuclear codes or state secrets, whatever. I think Donald Trump has been trying to work
out real estate deals with this man over in North Korea because that's the only thing
Donald Trump tends to talk about when he starts talking about North Korea, the beautiful real
estate, the waterfront property, the investment opportunities. And I think that's the kind of crap that was
contained in that letter. Unfortunately, we may never know, and certainly
that photographer and now knows better than to attempt to do their job because he got
threatened with jail time for trying to take a picture during an interview with the president.

46 thoughts on “Trump Threatened To JAIL Reporter For Photo Of Kim Jong Un Letter

  1. tRump is a ranting, raving lying lunatic and the WORST THING that ever happened to the United States of America.

  2. I hope tRump sinks all his money into North Korean Real-estate. No one in their right mind would vacation there. And the North K people are so poor they couldn't buy it.

  3. Yes Trump is shit, and he will get reelected because people here are now cell phone addicted morons. They play war games while desperate poor people, and the misguides patriots fight the real ones. They live in the overpriced houses in gated , and tech communities, while homeless people shit in the bushes and eat from their trash cans. Where someone who needs and asks for healthcare is called a evil socialist. . Enjoy the high stock market wanna be big shots. Your trash can awaits soon. Eat hearty then, you all deserve the meal ! Give the 1% ers a good laugh from their window balcony.

  4. If he didn't want anybody to see the letter he should not have flagged it around hes a public figure hes in front of the camera. Smile

  5. I'll be glad to see this ass hole in handcuffs and dragged off with the rest of those stupid bastards around him!!!

  6. Real estate deals in NK, probably. While Trump and Putin talk, it could also be coordination between the three of them.

  7. I swear the Donald doesn't understand politics, and he doesn't understand life. Don't show people anything you have that's personal.

  8. How can anything the president says or does be "Off the record"??? Trump didn't feel that way about Obama's birth certificate… 🤔

  9. I think all these reporters should be jailed journalist news anchors all apart of the bloodless coup to destroy this president..
    American knows who you are, game over and you don't even know it🇺🇸

  10. What is happening in the detention camps at the southern border is crimes against humanity, the international community needs to put Donald Trump on trial like they did at the Nuremberg in 1945. When Donald Trump is convicted of crimes against humanity he should be hanged by the neck until he is dead.

  11. I agree with all you say about the dictator wanta be but let's hear talk about the nightmare along the border. Now they're adopting those kids out because they can't find their parents? Really. When is somebody anybody going to do something about that prick?

  12. I thought the Orange Baboon was going to be so transparent…bullshit. The only thing transparent about him is what a liar he is.

  13. You fuckin nail it. That's exactly what he's doing for free land. Probably giving away sensitive information that will compromise American security. This guy need to be put in jail. Your country has been sold out to a fkg con & no one not even Dems are doing shit to stop this clown. Only time will tell.

  14. trUMp is afraid that Putin his one friend will become JEALOUS that Kim is now trump's pen pal. ( I have too think about this for a minute ) trump writing a letter to Kim. Now that would be a story of interest on what that letter looked like as to how well it was written coming from trump without any help from his speech writers.

  15. "and now I really want to know what is in that letter" oh boy, that is quite reactive of you, easy to manipulate, bummer.

  16. Did Kim paint something like a orange one inch dick with arms, hands with tiny fingers, fat legs with bone spur feets and a strange butt ugly hair ontop of two microscopic tiny balls signed Kim?????

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