49 thoughts on “Trump Tells Putin: Don't Meddle in the Election

  1. TRUMP got it done in under 10 seconds, now the left-wing fake news can tell the Democrats not to meddle in phony Russian dossier’s and phony investigations…

  2. TRUMP OH TRUMP he is something..we love you another 4 years..be ready for 2020 we will never put this man down..againts all odds..liberal media, radical empty group of people, gay lesbian people, pro choice people, socialist stupid people, green crazy group of people, Hollywood wild animal morons, free rider opportunist lazy people, illegals who enjoy the benefits of american tax money …. …go go go TRUMP 2020

  3. Trump rants on twitter a lot,
    but the comedy material really comes to life,
    when Trump speaks in person.

  4. So are republicans admitting that Russia helped Trump win in 2016? Why tell Putin not to interfere again if it never happened?

  5. Putin's thoughts: "this guy is so stupid. 2020 is more fun for me. Especially if he loses"

  6. Haha! This was so cool to watch… " 👉Don't meddle in the election, 👉 don't meddle in the election!"

  7. LMAO epic triggering of the delusional demoKKKrats. Tell Hillary,Obama and google not to meddle next.

  8. Wow, weak little mushroom man with Putin. Obama was a real man he said up to Putin !! Trump "Plays girly games with Putin" I see Trump dresses for the occasion a sissy tie., Giddy smiles! Yes, Putin has Trump by the balls, Compromised or evil agenda at America's expense, no wonder GOP keeps quite! As Paul Ryan said , Putin Paying Trump!

  9. Whispering doesn't count. Be a tough guy and stand up to Putin the dictator or be true to yourself and ask him to help your campaign again. A traitor would treat interference as a joke.

  10. He never sounds or appears to be serious. "Don't meddle in the election, president." Sir, you're our fucking Commander- in-Chief, long past the time you started acting like it

  11. Do any of you Trump haters even realize how hard Trump is working to have peace with the likes of Russia and China and NOT a war? If you want a war, then vote for the Demorats, those warmongers will find a reason to help out the Industrial Military Complex and invade someone.

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