29 thoughts on “Trump speaks to reporters as he departs White House for Japan

  1. Visiting Japan on Memorial Day, instead of honoring our troops, does he really just try and do the wrong thing?

  2. All news is agenda driven and biased,, it depends on your politics as to wether you agree with the reporting.

  3. cnn, abc, cbs, msnbc, nbc, washington post, new york times are all fake news. FOX NEWS is the best media !!!!

  4. When I saw the title of this video I got excited. Iโ€™ve been dreaming of the day when Trump will depart the White House since January 20, 2017.

    Sadly, itโ€™s just for a trip.

  5. Did he just say something about Pelosi's hands waving all over when she talks??? Are her hands bigger than his, BTW? !?

  6. Japanese mafia loans are a little trickier than the last few you defaulted on. Be careful you stable genius. While your at it, see about imposing Tax/tariff on citizens of another foreign country. Seemed to work for England and their Royal family.

  7. But he won't declassify his taxes or the full Mueller report, and he won't allow any of his people to testify before Congress.
    Trump is the most transparent criminal in American history.

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