Trump Showing Desperation In Defying Impeachment Inquiry | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Trump Showing Desperation In Defying Impeachment Inquiry | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Trump Showing Desperation In Defying Impeachment Inquiry | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. "I can save you a lot of time. They’re all perfect. Nothing was mentioned of any import other than congratulations. But the word is that they’re going to ask for the first phone conversation. *You can have it anytime you need it.* And also Mike Pence’s conversations, which were, I think, one or two of them. They were perfect. They were all perfect."
    Word for word out of Trump's crooked mouth. Why stonewall cooperation, block testimony, hide evidence on secret servers if it's so perfect? You hide what you're ashamed of, what you know will convict you.

  2. Criminal act? 🤔What law? 🎯❤️🇺🇸❤️🙏🏻 President Trump went to Ukraine with Don Jr. who was put on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian Co. with Jordan’s and Collins’ kids!! 😱 … oh wait, that’s Biden, Kerry, and Pelosi! Broke REAL US and Ukrainian laws 🤭🤔

  3. Where the Congress & Senate??? They need to ALL be fired, if they wont impeach this incompetent president!!!

  4. When during the elections the Repugnant party lost congress majority…..The puppet said….WE have the Senate… (We) as in Putin and his paid (R) enablers

  5. The only people "showing desperation" these days are House Democrats who are afraid to call for an official vote of impeachment, because to do that, they need evidence, which they don't have, despite Liddle Adam Schitt saying for the last two years that he does but can never share it with everyone. Other players who are "showing desperation" include Brennan , Clapper, and Barry Satero, because they're unable to learn what Barr & Co. are learning when they show up unannounced and get face time with European heads of security as they get to the bottom of the collusion the Obama administration had with these agencies to dig up dirt and spy on Trump before the 2016 election.  And imagine the desperation of Rachel Maddow and Schitt, both of whom were convinced that POTUS would never release the transcripts of the phone conversation he had with the Ukrainian president.  She announced it on the air, and Schitt went ahead and read into the Congressional Record a contrived and inaccurate parody of the actual call.  And someone who is REALLY showing desperation is Creepy Joe Biden as he tries to explain why his cocaine-addled son who was kicked out of the Navy and has absolutely no understanding of or expertise in a Russian energy company was being paid over $50,000 per MONTH for sitting on its board of directors.  As if that isn't damning enough for Biden, he's actually seen on tape at a meeting of the Council for Foreign Relations, bragging that he told the Ukrainians if the prosecutor who was investigating his coked-up kid's involvement with nefarious business dealing in their country wasn't removed from office, he, with the approval of Obama himself, would cancel $1.7 billion in U.S. loan guarantees.  Now THAT, ladies and germs is what you call a "quid pro-quo."  For graduates of the American public school system, that means, "You do something for me, and I'll do something for you."  But you'll never hear Maddow, Anderson Vanderbilt or Don Lemonade ever mention these inconvenient truths.  Why?  Because they are all are (ahem) showing THEIR desperation.  Like "Q" has posted many times, "They never thought she would lose."  "These people are stupid."  Thanks for playing.

  6. Good riddance to a thug organization started by old white plantation owners that enforced slavery for 85 years….

  7. It's OK to vent but on the 'other' side there is still ignorance. Many people know nothing of the Constitution and how our government works. Fox News is NOT explaining it to them either. FOX viewers are in deep denial! This is alarming, and we need to educate our fellow Americans regardless of their party. And, for God's sake VOTE in 2020.

  8. 7:20 – denying that Watergate and Nixon should ever have happened was the inevitable next step for Barr to take. If he wants to defend Trump, he’s got to say that the Nixon impeachment should never have happened. I’ve been wondering how long it would take to get to this point. Turns out it happened sooner than I thought.
    And once he, and Trump, and Fox News pick up and run with that angle, watch Trump’s base rewrite history and declare that Nixon did nothing wrong and this HIS removal from office was also a baseless witch hunt….

  9. So, the president can just refuse to cooperate and then, that's it? If I commit a crime, can I refuse to be arrested or investigated for it? Just wondering if the president doesn't have to abide by the law, why should I, or you, or anyone have to? I'm sincerely asking because this is pretty disturbing stuff.

  10. Rachel please investigate Trump’s White House Lawyer’s , 25 people in the White House, right now do not have proper security clearances, does Putin have assets , in the White House. ? Was Trump coordinating with Turkey and Russia going around the whole American military, to attack Syria ? He waited to do it while the senators where away ? Did he know the Turks and the Russians, where ready to attack ? TRUMP IS DISGUSTING,

  11. If you read through the transcripts ..i'm curious to some feedback, i didn't see anything crossing the line into impeachment…?? am i missing something??,, feed back…plz

  12. Hardly the gist of the piece, but in these dark days it gladdened my heart to hear "Attorneys General" vs "Attorney Generals."

  13. Down with Trump. Down with his cronies and lackies. Down with everything Trump and his supporters stand for. America deserves better. We are better than this.

  14. What happens while checks and balances hide behind the couch, and dumb Donnie plays with matches trying to burn the Constitution of the USA… Time for hard ball, people.

  15. Rachel maddow is hooked another witch hunt. She completely ruined her career on the Russian investigation. She spent all her air time on this issue . Guess what liberal lunatics they found nothing on the President Trump. When this impeachment witch hunt is over Trump will be president another four years

  16. when are we going to see the full vulker transcript. Please Maddow get to the bottom of this. you believe in democracy. for the people right. The whole truth please???

  17. These personal memos that intelligence agency members are trained to write down immediately after conversations are believed to be so reliable that they are allowed into evidence in trials.

  18. Trump thinks he is untouchable and can do as he pleases and does not have to answer to anyone ? He laughs at subpoenas as he throws them in the garbage .

  19. Trump is not desperate, however I see many in Congress that are desperate to get Trump. Even if they do, if they try replace him with a democrat could lead to massive civil unrest even Civil War. Seeing how divided the Country is it could be a disaster. The mayhem that could take place in the streets maybe be uncontrollable by police.

    FOX NEWS Hannity: (Mueller investigated the man who passed him up for a job)
    -Oct 8, 2019 START  AT 14:34

  21. Thank you, Rachel for being a light and a guide through all of the insane mess this administration has created. Seriously not sure I'd make it through these exasperating times without your show.

  22. Is anyone investigating the President’s conversation with Turkey to see what was promised to them for taking Troupes out of Syria??

  23. All the Trump cronies need to be cuffed before they know they are breaking the law. Absolute no regards for the rule of law.

  24. I wish I was a Democrat politician so I can go to work shout out impeachment 10 times go home and get paid for it… 😁lol

  25. Floods& heavy rain &disasters happen when your offcials with other🌏leadersg7, g20, ,celebs royals,billionares,etc,invited by Trump&Obama,destroy people's lives,stalking,watching on WiFi,suffer,abused,attacked by Russian drug dealers&terrorist gov offcls4yrs!support?!People pay4 offcials'wrongdoings! Iranian offcls & UN knew as well!! .. blackmail trap from Russia?
    Trudeau works 4 Russia & others.. accepts Iranian outcasts, high rank screw ups in Canada.. helping them escape from justice & punishment.. do does USA.. this whole Israel, Iran, USA, Arabs, stuff is just a fake show.. ALL here stalking us! lying about helping us.. pathetic perverts.. all this climate, impeachment, whistle blower crap 4 distraction? too hard 2 admit they were stalking worthless civilians in Iran? big deal was Iranian highest ranks, fm, etc knew all the crimes happening for years but didn't bother.2 give safe place,we're still here..Tehran,Elahiyeh, end dasthi str building A, 4f/a1. then yapping about Palestine,etc,cooperating with Russia,killing innocent civilians in Syria?! supporting attacks against us.. stealing from us etc.. too much 2 absorb? suspended my Twitter accounts 2 hide crimes.. Trump & Obama BOTH in control of Twitter.. lying about paying damage.. a total MESS!

  26. This is extortion on an international scale and Sondland, Perry and Barr along with Pompeo should be waiting for a court date while in prison. If trump is trying to claim privilege perhaps he should wait until he walks away from the White House next and then arrested and wait while the lawyers fight it out. Then see if he is above the law. Its obvious where he doesn't belong.

  27. If Trumps lawyers order a witness to ignore the subpoena can the witness walk around that “order” and show up anyway? Congress could and should use fines. Barr and Trump will drag this into 2020 and beyond at this rate.

  28. Barre is absolutely nuts! The tangled web is so sick with crappie worms eating away at the very Fabric and fiber of the constitutional principles on which this country was founded although equality of all people living on this land was getting very short shrift because really only the landed white male Gentry was entitled to constitutional protection in the beginning and women are still do not have protection even though we should under the 14th Amendment but it was never upheld and interpreted to give women equal rights so we're still fighting for the Equal Rights Amendment and it will happen believe me it will happen spite all this jockeying and the male dominated legislatures and the uninformed that ignorant women who enable the inequality to persist will soon be a thing of the past. All that being said what is there in the Constitution must be honored and upheld as far as truth and what the house is required to do under these circumstances which is to take action to protect this country and draw up articles of impeachment. And Barr must be held accountable to the American people and the Supreme Court better start doing its job- Kavanaugh notwithstanding!

  29. Rachel… I'm 40yo… My education consist of two BS's and an MA in clinical psychology… I need help in a pretty odd way… I'd like to be adopted! I keep flying the coup only to get sucked back in due to poor health. You seem so reasonable, fun, and I adore the areas you live in. Please consider, thank you Melissa Lane

  30. Rachel Maddow is a disgrace! The Democrats have done nothing for three years except try to ask this president, just because they don’t like him. I got news for you I’m a registered Democrat ,and what’s happening on the left is utterly ridiculous!!

  31. Thank you SO much Rachel for saying "Attorneys General" and not "Attorney Generals." English grammar is alive and well, unlike over at Fox News….

  32. If we keep him in the presidency we will shoot ourselves in the foot financially and strategically in the long run. Keep defending this fool and more countries will stop giving us intelligence information, will block our military from certain regions, will pigeon hold U.S. companies abroad, we will not get any U.N. support for any future military actions, they will stop accepting our imports, they will stop their exports, they will attack us with tariffs, they will attack us with cyberattacks, they will ignore anti-US terrorist cells, they will stop information sharing for advancements in technology. Don't you guys get that more then 90% of what US citizens buy or use has parts made in other countries. The oil used in fuels is from other countries. A lot of U.S. companies are co-owned by foreign organizations. Now if you don't get the hint then you are just a lost cause of ignorance and stupidity.

  33. Don't tell me that the AMERICAN people are going to have to RAID our white house in order to get it back from the SQUATTERS! TRUMP IS PLAYING HIS GAME INFRONT OF HIS REALITY THAT HE'S REALLY STEALING FROM AMERICA. Causing chaos to occupy us.

  34. His shear volume of contribution to divisiveness portrays just how inept he is.
    These days? The traditional staff of this office mostly keeps their heads low (to the point of being forgotten about?).
    Trump is building walls alright….around Himself, and him hiring professionals “to connect”, in these people’s stead, is very telling….and it’s frickin’ lawyers.

  35. one by one the fools do fall

    amidst the chaos of government brawls,

    from abusive stains so long imbued

    within earth's soils of reddened hues.

    and in this sadness has Gaia labored

    to bring a sense of hope and favor

    from those who's minds and hearts are sparked

    by arrogant corruption from their dark arts

    but wipe away all tears from pain

    brought about from abusive gain

    for ancient spirits from near and far

    have gathered round who've heard our call

    to help us choose a new earth song –

    one of healing and love so wronged

    for all to dance and loudly sing
    until at last our freedom rings

    as creation's format is washed anew

    with honor, equality and compassion true

    rest assured this very night

    that Arae's warriors have taken flight!

  36. I've been saying from the get go, now we got two of his minions arrested tied to corruption let alone obstruction of evidence by not letting Sondland testify. Just sit, wait and see.

  37. I know this is a but of a silly comment but – that signature looks to me like it was done with a black sharpie … I guess my brain is protecting itself by noticing little "funny" things as a break from the non-stop horror show which the Trump WH has become.

  38. This administration throws every subpoena in the garbage. It seems like nobody has any authority to put a stop to this madness.

  39. Roswell Rachel, are you going to inform your viewers that the Justice Department directly contradicts your BS lies on this matter, and did so days ago?

  40. I remember how entranced I was during the watergate from began beginning to end. The Washington post was illegal with news, the list of characters intriguing, interesting sometimes crooked as all get out, but interesting none the less. While law breakers, they were at least not stupid, thus group of witless morons are so dumb, they are BORING, especially potus, he never changes his output, no variation the same old attacks. God potus, if you are a brilliant as you claim at least upgrade vacabulary, stevedores have better command of the language. Give us something new I will still dispises you but at least not bored to distraction with your same old venom, how does your family put up with it, I am certain you do not become an interesting conversationlist after five o clock

  41. How very Putinesque of Trump to give a medal to McNeese on the day his lawyers tell Congress they don't get squat for their Constitutional inquiries. My, my. That takes care of Congressional oversight and every other similar power, thank you very much.

    Putin arranged for some of the crime family members that stole the hundreds of billions of rubles (hundreds of millions in American dollars – which the culprits were careful to ask for instead of rubles when they cashed in the tax refund vouchers) in the Magnitsky case.

    Remember Magnitsky? Exposed the heist of Russian tax dollars by a crime family that included police, was arrested, incarcerated in jail, beaten, died and later was convicted as a dead man? The same dead Magnitsky who was one of the reasons Congress passed sanction laws, which oddly enough, is a prime thorn in the butt's of a number of wealthy Russian oligarchs, who seem also to be friendly with a certain Russian lawyer lady named Veselnitskya who is indicted by the Special Counsel's investigation for making up phony proof about Magnitsky, with the help of a Highly Placed Russian Official and gleefully presenting the faked evidence in a US Court in New York…right about the time she attended a meeting with a certain Don Jr, Paul Manafort and some kid named Jared in Trump Tower.

    Putin had some of the people who claimed to have proof against Magnitsky given awards and used those awards as proof Magnitsky was not mistreated, was really the one who stole all that money, never was beaten and died of natural causes on the floor of an unheated cell.

    Follow how it's done yet?

  42. hahahahaha thats some FUNNY! just more DeepFriedState MSM Garbage! hahahaha It's like a bad hollywood movie script! Never again will I vote democratic thats a FACT! Trump has done everything I hoped Obama would do and more. PRISON REFORM!!!!!!!!!!! Best Pres EVER!!!!!! Right to Try Absoulutely amazing!!!! Go TRUMP 2020 the new republican party the same people that voted Obama in twice, yes thats us!

  43. If Trump is so keen to go after corruption, maybe he could explain how Sondland got a high powered ambassadorship when he has ZERO experience at being a diplomat but he did donate a million dollars to the Trump campaign. A person with no experience in the role, gives Trump a million dollars and then he gets the job that he is totally unqualified for. Seems pretty corrupt to me.

  44. Is it wrong for me to say, so what. I have gone back and reviewed old segments of Rachel Maddow that were so disturbing and everyone is still standing. My hope has been vanquished.

  45. To the Republicans, presidents shouldn't be investigated or indicted or impeached, unless it is a Democrat President, which the Republicans are determined there won't be any more Democrats in the WH.

  46. How does she not know Trump is trolling her and the rest of the media? Fox news was the first to report? LOL gimme a break!

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