100 thoughts on “Trump Says His Doral Resort Will No Longer Host G7 Summit After Criticism | NBC Nightly News

  1. He did not say anything about Joe Biden. That is a lie! Stop with the lying to the American people. This is why he calls you fake news. Wow, that is so blatantly false if you actually go and listen to what he said.. man this makes me mad… stop lying to us. Some Americans actually believe what you say and are leaving with incorrect information… so unfortunate

  2. He has been traveling back and forth between the White House and his properties for almost 3 years now. Hard to believe the White House is not infested with bed bugs also. And Air Force One.
    All we need to cause us more embarrassment is foreign dignitaries visiting the White House to be chomped on by Trump’s wandering bed bugs.

  3. He doesn’t make money on people staying there….he makes money on building resorts…morons…good stick it to the taxpayers at some NewYork hotel owned by Fuckyou Chuck S…..and greasy Nancy……or fill in the blank____________ idiots..

  4. President Trump was going to do it for free, but some people were not happy with that either. Some people only make decisions with their emotions. I'm not one of those. Thank God!

  5. Fake news for the weak minded masses who can't think for themselves. NBC your a POS new station. Anyone who buys into your story is brain dead.

  6. He thought he was doing something very special for himself Not the country! And he still manages to get a plug-in for it! How disgusting.

  7. Tides are starting to change with the 129 republican senators turning against Trump in the Syria issues and now again, senators on both sides against G7 including in his own party all while he blames Democrats and the news. Why does he not blame his own party who agreed with be the Dems?

  8. The news has been controlled for a long time…CBS.NBC.ABC.and CNN. For a while….The brain washing of the masses….Even fox to a certain extent.

  9. NBC , histerical , protecting men who sexually abuse women and actually have evidence and women come out and name every time place have photos but nbc covers it up , ohh because they work for you or invest in you , so your morals are all gone ohh the investigation you did on yourself was nice too didn’t find anything so surprising , when the nfl and fox did an investigation they hired an outside firm ,,, so just 1 goal for nbc get Trump , what a joke

  10. Nope we're not going to have the summit at my resort, these people are still smart enough to see how I was trying to use my political position for personal gain.
    Well Mr Trump if you want to prove that wrong, announce that your going to have that summit at your resort, and your going to flip the bill yourself, and we won't think that.

  11. Still “ winning”, Delusional Donnie? Ever hear of “ checks and balances”? You need a good poli sci course!

  12. Right, it was about “doing something great for the country”! The liar is all about himself and really could not care less about the country. Only was he can get out of it.
    How could holding the G7 at a bed bug infested, tacky golf course help this country?

  13. Fat Don…trying to fleece the world to prop up one of his failing properties. Just like Atlantic City all over again. You’re a loser, Fat Don.

  14. a good oportunity to stay in a good hotel and the lefties whined about it pfffft have the media sleep in a 76 motel that will teach the suckers

  15. The level of crybaby antics from the democrat party mean you can' t even be a respectable adult around them if everyone doesn't get their own chocolate chip cookie. I'm sure the resort is 3 times as luxurious as anything the government was gonna put up and now the tax payers will have to pay more for less. Thanks for trying to save us money again Mr. President. Don't worry these sore losers are gonna have tears until 2024.

  16. Here ye here ye!!! sheeple! Zombies, abcxyz's, helicopters, and pandering supporters alike! TRUMP will WIN 2020 in a historical landslide thanks to ya'll in the name sake of humanity! The world of humanity is waking up to this mockingbird media, government corruption, propaganda conspiring, sick pedo pushing, drug smuggling, EMOTION PANDERING, moral sellout, blood sucking, etc. party known as the Demoncrats and its world affiliates that keep trying to project these lies to dumb us normal people down but they CANT!! Not any more, no matter what. The truth has been brought to light. THE TRUMPETS WILL TRUMP and IT WILL BE BIBLICAL. World majority of civilians are PRO TRUMP! FACT!THE U.S. MILITARY is MAJORITY PRO TRUMP!! FACT!! and AMERICANS i.e. the WORLDS LARGEST ARMY, is MAJORITY PRO TRUMP!!! FACT!!! Go ahead and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY impeach my president! I really think we all want this one way or another anyway! But either way, in the end, THE TRUMPETS WILL TRUMP!!! like I said thanks to all the sheeple, zombies, abcxyz's, and not to exclude the helicopters with all their indoctrinated, EMOTIONS and FEELINGS that supersede all math, science, proof, and evidence and frankly all cognitive logic!!! So it's NO CONTEST lol!!! So get on with the impeachment already!!! Stupid is as stupid does fools!!!!!!!

  17. lots of bed bugs at his resort anyway! That place is run by illegals and who knows what the russians have planted there anyway. It could all have been a plan to spy on all those leaders, Putin is doing his best to get the upper hand anyway he can.

  18. Should have let the G7 get bed bugs! Corruption on display for the world. Republican Party is afraid of Bully Twitter Troll tRump!

  19. President has right to choose place to host G7 summits. But he respected some complaints. It is so sorry for the country. God bless USA and our great president Trump!

  20. "At the end of the day he still believes himself to be in the hospitality business"
    Ya, that's the f'ing problem. He was supposed to put his businesses in a blind trust but instead he's granting himself no bid government contracts while his moron sons run his crappy hotels into the ground. The Doral resorts business is down 70% since 2016. Trump is a horrible business man. His entire existence is a lie.

  21. Step 1 – Let's violate the Emoluments Clause by suggesting a POTUS' hotel amid an international meeting…DONE.
    Step 2 – Make a shady election with just 12 potential locations with not even 1 hotel from each State yet 1 from the POTUS…DONE.
    Step 3 – Against all odds try to approve the President's hotel…DONE.
    Step 4 – Make an official announcement to put the DORAL at the GLOBAL headlines…DONE.
    Step 5 – Officially from the US Government picture the DORAL as the best location in the US…DONE.
    Step 6 – Just pull off the deal because of the imminent backslash…DONE.
    Step 7 – Nothing did happen…Apparently DONE.
    Step 8 – Get over it!

  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0LclqzJFoA Like and subscribe! trump fans only…democrats not allowed!!!

  23. "America will never be destroyed from the outside.
    If we falter, and lose our freedoms, it will be from within…".
    Abraham Lincoln

  24. He offered it at cost but all the certified crooks in the democrats would not get to screw the us government. Why not have it in another country. I know God is sick of this country and will destroy it for the sick and sinful government that lingers from the past. Trump seems to be our last hope to rebuild it. No leader in any other country would have to tolerate the mess that president Trump has had to tolerate. We could very well have a revolution in this country if this continues. Satan's control is strong and Trump is fighting hard.

  25. Trump has clearly been swapped with an impostor. Real Trump would never give in to criticism this easily, especially on a matter as unimportant as this!

  26. Ahh come on orange criminal. Host the G7 Summit at your resort! You know you want to, or did you make enough money from the stock market yet!

  27. Trump shouldn't be hosting the G7 full stop. Everything he stands for is the exact antithesis of the core values of the G7.

  28. Don't lie to yourself. This wasn't about doing anything for the country. This was about YOU lining your pockets off taxpayers' money. You would have gotten money from these world leaders, and any that your resort put up to prepare for it would have been on us. Take your ratty family and leave the white house, dude!

  29. How are all of those tens of rural jobs created by this idiotic administration working for you? Come to think of it, where is the wall? Amazes me how stupid these faux news viewers are. It's bad enough they pray to a black messiah from the middle east. It's so easy to brainwash idiots.

  30. Have you watched how a bully will target an innocent person and victimize them with physical and mental harm? And when you see those bullies, they have about 4 to 6 followers? How do the followers acts around the bully? That's trump and his team. So pathetic! And exact!

  31. There you go! Pure pressure. That's the only thing that'll stop that kid. Now let's pressure him into resigning. Think he'll do it? If only he had some common sense. But he doesnt. Hes stupid enough to put up a fight in a losing battle. How sad!

  32. *45 is a narcissist and a sociopath. He doesn't care about anyone but himself. Sad that so many people supporting him are being mislead down this path.

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