100 thoughts on “Trump rally protests take a violent turn in Minneapolis, Minnesota

  1. really think that Americans need to go to DC, with video camera and microphone, and they need to engage Congress members, in chambers, to stop the impeachment non-sense. I don't think people understand the gravity of the vote coming out of the Senate. There is a lot of threats and arm-twisting happening right now, to have Trump gone. Take this moment in history seriously. Go to DC if you can. Call and write your Congress and Senate members. We pay them!!

  2. trump promotes violence,he thrives on it.and they should be a shamed voting for trump they are part of destroying our constitution.

  3. news casters just talk shik in reality at the event was many people trying to figure out where things are at . Considering all the BS we hear on a daily basis it getting hard to know for sure

  4. Please police suppose to stand neutral and the mayor not getting involved soliciting

    Bias from president Trump not the people stop using Americans as political excuse and as a Republican congressman saying hoodlums you
    Are saying need to report you for being a stereo type racist bigot

    Trump has divide this country so he can be protected from harms way Wow using himself as a falling victim being picked on this is a joke !

    So Republicans are u ready to stand up for a conman president Trump who has no remorse but to put you in his way and use his rage of hate and let you solve his remorse this is crazy you will find out his true colors when it all done

    God bless America voice of the people and we need guidance
    Let this happen your support is great but his way is suicide money greed and power is personal not for America or Americans

  5. bought and paid for protesters/ domestic terrorists are everywhere the so called protesters become terrorists as soon as anyone who is not a protester is in fear for their life….And you can thank people like soros for this sh!t,,, he paid for most of black lives matter and the immigrant caravans from south americia

  6. The best way to deal with Dim-Socialist traitors is with flamethrowers and AUTOMATIC WEAPONS FIRE. This is where we need a mass-sniper job to get rid of the traitorous Dim-Socialists.

  7. it's only a little crowd,the left know that they are going to loose the election,and they are acting out.the Trump supporters are not going to be intimidated.🤘😎🤘🖕🤡🖕.the clowns can go home.

  8. God wake these young kids up to the truth! They are antiffa children, mainly indoctrinated and hypnotized! Pray for them!

  9. I may never make it to a Donald Trump rally be honest with you I'm kind of afraid of the violence there black lives matter antifa is too many people Crusher skeleton look I'll vote for Donald Trump and I support him 100% but these rallies because of the people who are causing problems and bringing violence I'm just never going to one the God bless President Donald J Trump and blue lives

  10. for sure payed scumbag Trump is loved by his people's they can bit him at 2020 trying to stop him is not going to happen damm democratici.good for nothing they are all series up mentally unstable

  11. It's so evident. I dont know why people fall for stupid signs and hateful remarks as if they were true because that would be a direct hypocracy of what they're fighting against; "oh, let me show how corrupt things are by being exactly like what i say im fighting against." Its hypocracy and confusion that these agendas create to make stricter laws, herd us into mega cities to feed the "greed" and "power" engines they control even more; to feed us more of their bs and control EVERY single aspect of our lives, to the point of how slavery was in Egypt thousands of years ago. It's all evil and occultish, hence pyramid signs, all seeing eye signs, skulls and bones signs; pointing in one direction, world domination. They are all part of the same group, only the names change to confuse us further. Look up agenda 21, 30, and 50 people, dont just take my word for it.

  12. Some people need to get their clocks cleaned . Betcha that if Soros and all his money including what his son has at his disposal this would all go away.

  13. The fact that mobs roam the streets shows that law enforcement is too weak. It will eventually become very difficult to recruit police officers, when politicians demand that these mobs that curse the police are protected above and beyond the rest of the community

  14. it's obvious each time you see these democratic protestors it's so evident looking at them, how they act, how they dress and how they carry themselves. Nothing but trash and really not people who offer anything good for America or any country. I would let them gather and hit the crowd with a rogue missile.

  15. F*ck Trump. F*ck anyone who likes him. Not sorry anymore. Hes a puke. Hes a pathological LIAR and if you honestly cannot see that, I feel horrible for you!

  16. Democrats are losers, simply put. Soy boys, femmes, brainwashed college students, the alphabet people, black lives matter, baby killers….real winners right?😂😂

  17. Just like the Brownshirts.  They would try to shut down free speech events and attack people… just like modern Liberals.

  18. You Fox viewers afaid of violence? 100 IS warriors just escaped after trumps new friend Erdogan bombed your christian allies : the kurds. Violence might be coming your way! Idiots

  19. This is the type of thing that created the silent majority in the first place and the reason that the "POLES" don't show what the American people really feel. If the Dems really wanted to know how to win an election they wouldn't push this type of actions.

  20. Soros backed, bought and paid for thugs/ randoms to manipulate anti Trump sentiment, Georgy Porjy criminal vile, come out to play on our streets yourself you old goat instead of paying unatic left randoms to do your dirty work with your filthy corrupt dollars. Satan itself !

  21. When your reasoning isn't logical the only thing you have left is relentless repetition of meaningless blabber that accomplishes absolutely nothing paired with violence fueled by emotion. I swear it almost seems like the Dem elites have them drugged or something

  22. Make no mistake. That is NOT just an unruly crowd outside of the rally. Those are violent thugs hired and paid for by George Soros funded groups in the United States who are the ones who created Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Globalist funded anti-American groups who also instigate, lie to and fund the caravans of people from the southern countries to come to America to invade and collapse this country's infrastructure.

    The people outside of the rally are the unwitting "useful idiots" who have been propagandized & indoctrinated into believing lies about the President, the Republicans, the Trump Supporters, and at the same time many are mercenaries getting paid to infiltrate and help foment anger and hatred among the rabble. The Arrest of George Soros and the greedy treasonous groups who are causing the division and possibly inciting civil war in America can't come soon enough in my opinion. Those people will soon see karma staring them right in the face. Possibly as soon as Oct 18th..

  23. These protesters, Amy Klobashar, and I han Omar are such a massive embarrassment to Minnesotan!!!!! What happened to MN. Nice??? I NEVER thought I would ever be anything but proud to be a Minnesotan!!! You folks are a WW disgrace to the great state of MN. We must turn red!!!!! TRUMP 2020! WWG1WGA.

  24. This is so shameful and disgusting. were they paid to protest and who paid them, Soros, Pelosi Schiff? Cant believe the Dems would stoop so low as to create disruption at a campaign rally. never hear Republicans do this at Dems' rallies. wat are they protesting ? They want the US to be a socialist country? NEVER!!!!! TRUMP 2020 EVEN MORE THAN EVER.

  25. When did all the dumb aces move to Minnesota? D/A and communists, now there’s a combo for ya. This is common core education and liberal professors at college = idiots in the streets. Another parting gift from Barrie, wish he was available for a genuine thank you, not!

  26. I see footage of people milling around. I don’t see violence. Two guys talking about how violent it is in an Orwellian manner.

  27. Trump is aware of Deadly info and MORE ! SO Dem criminals are terrified of him- and are trying to take him down or increase their negotiating position! MANY MUST be made aware of Massive Fraud by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obams, Eric Holder,etal see Brad Birkenfeld !

  28. YES YOU ARE a racist, you ate on tape telling people to go back to where they are from ON TAPE! Repeating lies over and over DOES NOT make them true. You are trumps enabler and a TRAITOR to your country.

  29. There should be a statute that holds the Mayor accountable. I really don't believe that there isn't. Also, a warrant sweep would cut that Antifadoofus crowd by at least 50 percent.

  30. The mayor HAD to ask for more MONEY because he knew the insane asylums would be letting patients out that night on their yearly release program.

  31. This is some weak footage Fox News. Where is the footage of the Trump supporter being attacked by a gang of people. Do your fricken job and show what really happened.

  32. You're exactly right the Trump supporters don't act like a bunch of idiots we have better sense than that I mean of course we have better sense than that we didn't vote Democrat

  33. You idiots getting out there raising hell at us Trump supporters you better remember one thing we have the right to protect ourselves and we will

  34. Very simple if you are a trump supporter and go to a rally and someone attacks you carry a gun with you and shoot them you didn't know what they were going to do you thought you life was in danger shoot them in the head

  35. the black with the black lives matter crap sign was holding his hand behind his back like he`s probably done plenty of times before. fuk black lives. just give them guns so they can thin out their own population. mask should not be allowed. period. they hide behind them because they are cowards.

  36. More and more Americans are realizing if trump is willing to let our allies be murdered after over 11000 of them died fighting next to our soldiers it should open our eyes to who he is .If he will do this to them ,he will, do it to us just like all before have been used up then tossed aside by him.

  37. Vote by MAIL ONLY – ALL Red or America is Dead!!!!! $oros bought voting booths for BO (You Tube). This is our CIVIL WAR against being a TAX $LAVE$ to the Demonrats!!!!! BO = 1% growth, Inflation = 3% growth, DT = 4% growth – which bank YOU want your $ in??? 1 Corinthians ​@ In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, & the dead shall be raised incorruptible, & we shall be changed. Fight fire with FIRE!!! MAGA TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!!

  38. So many triggered fascist Trump cultists in these comments 😂😂😂. You're the saddest, sickest bunch of sub-human filth on this planet.


  40. How stupid one geo. Soros black lives matter making a big show of himself. Joke. Black lives matter and Antifa are all Geo. Soros gangs. They are nasty mean and won't win against the real America.

  41. Wow! The extreme right discourse here is mindnumbing! You are draping fascism in stars and stripes and call it patriotism. Wake up America – get that criminal president out of the WH – start listening to actual journalism.

  42. Everybody in Europe thinks Amerika is nuts.. We just cant believe how hypocritical, racist, anti semitical you people are.. unbelievable!!!

  43. Does anybody know out there if the white house or the taxpayers or our president is paying for Rudy Giuliani to fly to Russia over 25 times I'm just so curious I'm kind of hoping that the president's paying for it out of his own pocket cuz that would be pretty Patriot of him but if the taxpayers are paying for this I don't think it's fair for him to fly first class and stay in the best hotels I don't know I hope the president knows what he's doing

  44. The Media gives more attn to the few protestors outside than the 20,000plus that were inside.What does that tell you about the media. sickothisshit

  45. Are those Christian black people, protesting to make sure there are Black people preserving our federal Constitution rights as born American citizens? I stand with Minneapolis Americans.

  46. Dont give up. Keep faith and truth. Great speech people. Please help these very brave smart people that fight for their freedom.

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