Trump Privately Feels The Sting Of The House Vote | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Trump Privately Feels The Sting Of The House Vote | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Trump Privately Feels The Sting Of The House Vote | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Republican senators are greedy, corrupt cowards! I hope they lose all of their seats next year – would serve them right!!

  2. only way chump will be impeached is with real people physically stand in front of him COWARDS ALWAYS RUN

    DIVIDE & CONQUER UNITE & PROSPER with out CALIFORNIA usa is dead russia WIN's

  3. Nadler did the right thing…the repubs have tried to make a mockery of this whole process from the start..It is a very serious issue, if they had legitimate arguments to defend trump that would be different so instead turn it into a joke…What happened to upholding the constitution??

  4. The Republicans have raised more money.

  5. Spanky Tweetie Twump is the worst president in the history of America. Even if he weren’t a corrupt lying cheating traitor… how can anyone do their job? Even as a bus boy ? And tweet 100 + times in a day? He is the moron in Chief

  6. Media: “Trump is the third president to be impeached “

    Trump: “Fake news! Honestly, I’m always the first! The media has never been fair.”

  7. Always backlash.

  8. Dictator Trumpie feels bad? Image how all the thousands of CAGED CHILDREN feel locked up and abused by his dictator's authority. $1,500 profit per child per day they are locked up. That's why they are locked up. They aren't being locked up FOR YOUR SAFETY. IT'S FOR MONETARY GAIN BY TRUMPIE AND COMPANY

  9. Talk about bush league moves, if you are going to loose an embarrassing vote you want it to happen after everyone else in the world has gone to sleep. It is disgusting how republicans get so righteous when they get called on their BullSh8t

  10. We tried to frog them over like that state Senate that voted while the Dems were at a 9/11 ceremony. Nadler and the Dems figured out what they were trying to accomplish and spoiled the end game.

  11. I just want to say thanks for all the info you offer. I really love you guys. You're much much appreciated😌😊 You know Mika have you shopped etsy? I check addresses before I buy and there's a lot of Ukraine and like Latvia, and one can email and talk one on one with no bs politics inbetween. It's not like Nam on black and white in 60s. I've experienced foreign students and people buy into a lot of crap. Like if there were no whites there'd still be racists. I dont think there were any colored people in europe during 100 and 30 yrs wars. Not sure. But point is people have a choice to separate or join. Divide and conquer could also be division is conquering backlashed cus if you divide in essence you can end up destroying yourself. Now I have acacia wood lawn chairs from? Made in? Nam. My 1st grade enemy was my friend in 8th. Etsy brings reality right in to my home that these people are real like Ukraine. And obviously since I was interested in her items we have common ground. I tell ya Mr Get over it, he'd be a lousy diplomat, a terrible judge, and an even worse lol spy. What a lousy liar. Lol. My great great grandfather was a spy for the north. If I have a secret or confidence my genes know how to keep it. He sucks, same with Mr if you dont respect officers we just may not help you. Most blacks and long hairs and dark skinned people would probably say, good. With help like that who …I mean really. If there's a disaster EVERYONE needs to be helped and treated fairly, the same. That just really gauled me. And is my experience when a company for example or department is chaos and has employees acting like spoiled children, it's mismanagement. Period. Maybe etsy should do foreign politics. Lol😂🐒😄😜😒🧐🦉Seriously. We could have a call center with customer service lines, like what do you hate about or like about America, take our 10 minute survey and receive our free tote bag with our flag. We might as well pledge allegiance to the gun and run them up the pole. They keep quoting the constitution but it's the declaration of independence Kennedy quoted lest we forget. They keep talking about whistleblower so mad at the tattletail when it's moot. Discrediting falsely obviously is just a kid's stall to not work waiting for the bell to ring. Well ding ding ding. Teacher says not get over it but get out, and get to it, get with it, all will be moot if there's no world to be able to breathe in. Mama Nature is was and always will have the last phrase. And she says, quid pro quo. Who's your bully now? Lol Love you guys!!❤

  12. Just think, this piece of filth has a use by date no matter how much he thinks otherwise. I would say he has about 10 years max left and then the world will no longer need to smell his stench of lies and corruption. Hopefully, he won't completely fvck up the USA and even the planet, but he will be gone soon…. hopefully sooner than later. Here Donnie, have another BigMac. USA has lost the China soy bean contract to South America and why would China simply return to the USA knowing that this type of slime became president, it is losing the China (2nd largest consumer only behind ha ha USA, this oozes irony) natural gas contract to Russia (second largest producer second only behind ha ha USA this again oozes irony) ……. (a new 3000KM pipeline from Siberia to China). I wonder what will win/ The destruction of America or the destruction of President Bonespurs. Here Donnie, have TWO more BigMacs


  14. The story’s ending is already written – it’s over after it goes to the senate. I do however, hope that they don’t just dismiss it and vote- I hope there’s a trial and they call Schiff, Biden and his son

  15. A president who tweets over one hundred tweets?? The man is insane. Oh, the illness of Americans to still support this goon is really showing the world how stupid America has become to allow this type of man into our oval office.

  16. Trump violated the Constitution when he asked Russia for help and also received it.
    Trump committed campaign finance fraud with the Stormy pay off and is "Individual 1" in that SDNY case that sent Cohen to jail.
    Trump Pays Court-Ordered $2 Million For Illegally Using Trump Foundation Funds. Where he stole money from kids, elderly, African Americans, Army Soldiers and Jews.
    Trump and Rudy's good friend Lev Parnas was paid $1 million U.S. Dollars from a Russian account.
    Trump now has pretty much eliminated everyone listen to calls with world leaders. Makes crime spree easier.

    I would say that Trump defenders are selling their soul. But to be a Trump defender you had to have lost your soul a long time ago.

  17. So proud to be a Democrat today. The House did the right thing in impeaching trump for his abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. He attempted to tamper with our elections by extorting Ukraine for dirt on a political opponent.

  18. Sadly you'll have Trump and the GOP in power post 2020 because apathy stops people from getting of their keysters and voting this trash out.

  19. Pres. Trump did not abuse his power in asking Pres. Zelensky to help POTUS investigate corruption here and in Ukraine under the Treaty Agreement, signed by former Pres. Bill Clinton, between the two countries to cooperate in investigating crimes (which includes corruption) committed in the US or in Ukraine. POTUS is the Top Enforcer of our laws in this country. As such, he can order the investigation of any crime committed or possibly committed especially by powerful people in this country. When a reported $40 billion in aid to Ukraine could not be totally accounted for and when the EU has been hesitant to prop up their financial aid to Ukraine, it was prudent for Pres. Trump to have thought very carefully and required that the newly elected government in Ukraine was properly vetted in terms of their firm commitment on implementing transparency in government, and investigating and rooting out corruption which they ran on during the election. Any delay in releasing the $400 million of taxpayers’ money in military and other aid to Ukraine, until this vetting procedure was completed, was just warranted and justified. Remember, Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The abuse of power that I can see here is the Democrats in Congress OVER-REACHING into the functions of the Executive Branch of our government in trying to question every move that Pres. Trump has been making: be it in building a border wall, setting up policies to contain the influx of caravans of illegal immigrants coming in from Central America, banning immigration of Muslims from countries where terrorism is rampant, dealing with foreign leaders like Kim Jong Un, Pres. Erdogan, Pres. Putin, etc. The Democrats, in continuing this political Clown Show, that was started by shifty Adam Schiff, via the House Judiciary Committee, failed again miserably in gaining the support of the American people in impeaching POTUS.

  20. Whatever they do … and it will be nothing ….
    The fact still remains that if they had any self respect and responsibility at all, he should be not just impeached but convicted …
    Either way though, it’s pretty clear to most today and certainly to posterity that Trump isn’t really worth the space he stands in …
    And those who prop the fool up must be either a) being blackmailed, b) be as dumb as a rock or c) be making money from it …
    Or all of the above wouldn’t surprise most people.

  21. We the people will impeach this conman. You trump supporters can sit down and let the adults work since there is nothing you can do to stop it 🙂

  22. So, after pulling the stunt of delaying the vote as late as possible because they didn't go to a freaking CHRISTMAS PARTY on time, like little children getting back at their opponents, Now the Republicans are screaming that Nadler wants the vote the next morning, after it was the Republicans' petty behavior that delayed the vote until midnight; blaming their childish behavior on the Democrats.
    Your tax dollars at work, folks.

    And the sick part is? Republican voters will still vote for them again….


  24. Can we PLEASE stop talking about his "base", he can't be elected solely on votes from his base(36%), so why do you guys continue to mention it? His base isn't important, it's the independents and those Obama voters that flipped in 2016, that's who should matter. How does this "look" to the people that are on the fence? Those are the people who matter. All this talk about him "playing to his base" means nothing. He doesn't have to convince them, they're already firmly on his side.

  25. It is too easy to call this a Midnight vote as has been done in the past so I think Nadler rightfully stated we will do this in the morning so no one has the argument of pushing this through. I'm sure coach Jim wanted it late so he could complain about it. "They pushed a midnight vote through" "If what they were doing was above board, why did they hold a midnight vote?". I have no idea what is so bad about our elected officials working late and how a night vote is different than any other vote.

  26. Let Brexit get done now with Boris' clear mandate, let Scotland be Independent now with Sturgeon's clear mandate….. AND FINALLY IRELAND WILL BE UNITED, esp now with DUP not getting a mandate in Northern Ireland…. Ireland can finally have its historical vote to be freeis is fractured WooHoo…. The Union of 1801 is fractured

  27. No one should care about parties at this point let it be a Democrat or Republican on the presidency but let it be someone who cares about this nation and not for personal gain. The republicans should find someone to truly represent them and not make them look like a joke. Why put ur career on the line for the stupidest person in the world right now who doesn’t even care about anyone but himself I don’t get it.

  28. HE never learns, he blames,blames,blames others…little man boy who was not taught be accountable for himself or his own actions. Lack of good parenting.

  29. DO WHAT NIXON DID, "RESIGN, RESIGN, RESIGN, RESIGN, RESIGN, RESIGN", because ALL that "tweeting" you're doing, doesn't help. YOU HUNG YOURSELF TRUMP!!!

  30. "What we have here is a failure to communicate"
    America is being driven off a cliff by fanatics. A VERY small minority of completely insane people have gained control of our government. They believe the rags we see at the grocery store checkouts. "Newspapers" that report women being impregnated by aliens and lizard people running the world. We laugh off such claims, but these people believe EVERYTHING they see (not read). Most of those papers (bird cage liners) have big colorful pictures for the followers to look at.
    They have been patiently waiting for the end of times. They're going to get what they wish for if they continue to support people like trump.
    Listen to the lyrics of The Rolling Stones song "Sympathy For The Devil" and tell me it's not about our current leader.
    Maybe the crazies have a point.

  31. Too important to have in the dead of night? First, there have been MANY important votes late at night. Second, nobody cares about the committee vote. What people will be watching is the vote of the full House. And when will that be? I'd like to hear an expected date from Pelosi.

  32. Trump Got Caught ,He Got Caught, now he needs to be Impeached and removed from the Oval Office ! MAGA,Vote Blue 💙 2020 ! 😁

  33. Gosh, what a shame, the dems? What are they 'trying' to hide? It has to be huge to allow so many of them to knowingly put themselves into a mass treason/sedition case that will hang many of them.
    We do know it stems from hate. We also know misery loves company. And that only love has the power to understand the concept of hate. Hate builds walls of un penetrate-able misery incapable of understanding anything other than hate. It can view love, meaning, see it, hear it, maybe even sense it's vibration. It can not, however, understand, convey, or truly support love with the lack of it.

    Unfortunately were about to see tough love… The love of our great country, but more so, the love of our great Constitution 'n Bill of Rights that our founders originally created. Which protects all of us, those of us awake, those of us asleep, those of us considered patriots, and the sheeple… the blinded lizard food, those not knowing their negative thoughts feed, the so far, invisible vampires enjoying the misery – it's like desert, I guess. The tough love part is we disconnect from the low vibrations of it. A lot of us walk right into our next evolution as some stay in hate, unworthy, failure, greed and sorrow.

    We are one HUman race intentionally stripped of our DNA, freedom & hope, begging to evolute back to the tip of Gods creation.

    I'm happy and an ex insider, POTUS is right, it was nice, but only till they want you to commit. Luckily, I didn't fall into their traps. That does not mean not shunned… Much like the McArthy '50's. I'm also hopeful, I see many realizing what free will means as they understand further how revered we are in this universe. Which opens a door to right action 'n co creation on a happy un guilted side, without hate. Good luck dems… By by deep state…

  34. Thanks for not wording it like the Senate will for sure acquit. It's a bad idea to signal to republicans they don't have to take this seriously.

  35. I hope he's feeling more than a sting. That traitorous piece of garbage needs to feel every bit of pain and horror he has inflicted on the children he put in cages, the allies he has betrayed, and the American people he has stabbed in the back.

  36. I’m still skeptical even like this that it’s going to Go anywhere! I won’t be holding my breath that’s for sure!!!
    Who cares about it stinking he’s not going to be charge…..

  37. the thing you have to understand is sociopaths feel no guilt. Do you think Bernie Madoff has any guilt. Not only do they not have any guilt but Trump wants to be acquitted and exonerated and shown that his phone call was perfect.

  38. The Republicans tried to move the vote to the middle of the night, hoping that would be when no-one was watching. They've done this kind of thing before.

  39. The Republicans will be Loyal to THEIR KING TRUMP they don't care what he does because they gave Evil intentions like him. They wish they could say and , do all things he's been doing .They're against the Constitution and our Democracy and, not serious about their Oath of Office so History and, Almighty God will Judge them and, they don't seem care but, their families in Generations to come will take p the heat for what they've done to America !!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Also these Republicans and, this Administration seems to love these Russians the Oligarchy and ,Vladimir Putin Trump's Buddy ! !!!!!!!!!!

  41. Not a single crime charged in either of the two nebulous articles of impeachment. Neither of the two articles (focus-grouped by dems) even appears in the constitution. Pure partisan political impeachment theater.

  42. Sorry, you guys have no credibility for me, lies. Way too many people at Fox, not just journalists are calling this a sham packed with lies. Two gentleman said the Senate should write if off because there are no grounds for impeachment as stated in the Constitution. Pelosi is a tragedy, and I'm embarassed to say I voted for Brown twice here in California. Even Bill Barr and the Catholic Church are taking shots at the entire democratic party.


  44. If your senator is a Republican please write or email them to do the right thing for America and vote to remove Trump. I am doing it every week. They all have email contact info on their websites.

  45. Wait…. 🤔 so the Republicans tried to jam up the hearings and tried to force the Democrats to do what they wanted and then the Republicans cried about it🤨 Why am I not surprised.😒

  46. What the heck? Is there no Democratic reaction to McConnell who says BEFORE Senate hearing on Impeachment that NO WAY WILL HE VOTE TO REMOVED THE PRESIDENT FROM OFFICE? The President WILL BE acquitted in the Senate.

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