37 thoughts on “Trump playfully tells Putin not to meddle in election

  1. Name 3 ways in recent times Russia is our adversary. I can name some so called allies who aren’t our allies Saudi Arabia for one and their connection to 9/11, The EU or Europe and them taking advantage of us and others. We can become friends with Russia there is potential for common ground this dude don’t know what he’s talking about.

  2. Cordial negotiations about serious things to produce good results are paramount when dealing with someone like Putin. Being insulting to strong nuclear leaders only aggravate them and cause touble. Trump is a a true master of negotiation when it comes to leaders like Xi or Putin. Getting mad with them would be like a silly little Yorkshire Terrier barking at a Pit Bull or a Rottweiler!

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  4. Putin appears very sincere to coop. with Trump. Both seem to acknowledge Democrat much contrived election collusion, true or otherwise, in sensible, responsible leadership amusement, compared to stark, sobering aspect of two great nuke super powers, facing very challenging real world situation and symbiotic need for agreement, whether critics discern situation with maturity, or not

  5. I guess he should have put on a stern expression and said "knock it off." Didn't that work for Obama? I guess that's better than what Hillary said… "I hope none of those checks bounce."

  6. Trump is too busy finding the real people that meddled in the 2016 election. Funny enough it points to not only Hilary Clinton, but Barack Obama as well.

  7. Election Meddling has not been proven in connection with Russia and the Trump Presidential election. The only meddling was by a DNC staff member (who was later murdered for his efforts) Seth Rich, who after he became disillusioned with the Democrat Party and specifically Hillary Clinton when she pulled the rug from under Bernie to secure her Candidacy for the Democrats, he secured said emails. Seth downloaded all of those emails (most of which are available to the public) and then he handed them over to a youtube content provider called, Kim dot com who then turned them over to someone at wikileaks and they ultimately ended up in Julian Assange's hands. Julian Assange is the one who "leaked" them for the Good of We The People.
    There was never any proven Russian Tampering with the Server, as the DNC and specifically Clinton campaign Officials like Podesta immediately proclaimed. It was a private Tech Business hired by the DNC, which is owned by Clinton, who supposedly examined said "Server" who then provided the "desired" results of their so-called analysis. No independent analysis was ever made and the "Server" was immediately removed from possible independent examination and hasn't been seen since. Despite several requests from Senators and Judicial Watch, they still refuse to let anyone see it.

    The only conclusion that should be taken from this, is that they have something to hide. They don't want their LIE to be exposed. Their LIE is the basis for perhaps the biggest scandal in American History. So much wasted time, energy, and taxpayer funds could be saved with just one independent analysis (open to public viewing) of that Server!

    When will they force the DNC or whoever is still hiding it, to hand it over???

  8. What was really weird was his more recent Tweet in which he sounds like a love sick middle schooler:
    "After some very important meetings, including my meeting with President Xi of China, I will be leaving Japan for South Korea (with President Moon). While there, if Chairman Kim of North Korea sees this, I would meet him at the Border/DMZ just to shake his hand and say Hello(?)!"

  9. I believe in America the corruption can not corrupt every body ,if we look who they are are the people who are against they're own country

  10. FYI it is Not Russia that Meddled in America's Election, I Repeat: It was Not Russia that Meddled in the Electorate Voting Scam, IT WAS ISRAEL ! Why is this Not hard to Understand ? Russia is Not the one Who gave Trump a Trump Town and it was Not Russia that Minted a Temple Coin with Trumps Nasty Head on it, I will Repeat It Was Israel that Meddled and Scammed the American Electorate Voting Macjine in Favor of Trump. Get it ? Got it ? Good ! Now do something about those Ashkenazi Satanist that is in the fake Israel calling All the Shots here in America.

  11. I believe we see now stupid people ,corrupt people ,racist people,who see the true and continue distroying they 're own country America ,disgusting .What we see they distroy they're own country for money .What I see some they like former muslim President Hussein who scam America and on the end to distroy and do not like the President who want to make Great America ,medical,border,immigration ,so disgusting.

  12. What President Trump said/did was hilarious and incredibly ballsy. The YT channel Russia Insight also has a video of this interaction with the view panned out and we can see Putin's reaction. Putin was very perplexed and perhaps uncomfortable by this. Go check it out.

  13. Putin couldn't have a more smug expression on his face. Someday the secret that Russia has on the orange stain will be revealed and the America will feel an aftershock of embarrassment. Hopefully sooner than later

  14. Right that's so weak we know he is depending on it only way he can win. He has even less supporters than he had in 2016. Russia is only way he can win

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