100 thoughts on “Trump photos posted on private Instagram raise eyebrows

  1. Everyone knows that the Trumps are all liars. The longer he's the liar and chief the more destruction he's going to cause for the United States. Impeach immediately!!! He became president so that he would have access to power, and get away with a lot more crimes.

  2. Trump is such a blatant liar…. he's not even good at it (is there anything he's good at besides fraud, crime, molestation?)

  3. Bernie / Turner 2020!
    Progressive Christians for Democracy in the Workplace!
    WAKE UP CNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Peace and love!

  4. Bernie / Turner 2020!
    Progressive Christians for Democracy in the Workplace!
    WAKE UP CNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Peace and love!

  5. I think if Mitt Romney was up for re-election, which he is not, he would be on the same bus that all the other repubs are on.

  6. Oh yeah, Trump's done now…..again 😂😂
    It's a shame that the mainstream media aren't an equal branch of government 😂😂

  7. Donald Judas Trump,
    I never called the FBI in my life…
    if I can get something on my enemies from Americas enemies, I will…
    Russia, find Hillarys emails…
    China, get Joe Biden…
    Rick Perry made me do it…

  8. People just take pictures….and this become a headline?…..fooooooooking idiots….this is journalistic? This people crazy…..are u TmZ ?….lol.
    .foooooking tabloid shiiiit

  9. Mo Brooks needs to go crawl in a corner and die. REPUBLICANS are storming closed door meetings because more info was gonna come out.. Its not a about the process its about disrupting so more info wont come out.. Freaking unethical thugs storming a meeting wow.. impeach now !!!

  10. I see the ghosts of all the dead presidents are up at midnight in the white House planning a grand going away party for Trump.

  11. It is so unimaginable that we allow one citizen Donald J Trump a narcissistic sociopath and con-man along with the GOP to screw up the whole planet on an ego power trip that could take decades to recover from

    Look at the chaos he has caused in just 2/1/2 years. The list is endless. He HAD the Tea Party Congress and Senate the majority members in both, the same one that President Obama had to work with his last four years in office, also known as the do-nothing-Congress and Senate, obstructionist in Obama's time, now afraid to stand up to Donald J Trump because they could lose the evangelical vote in Nov.2020

    I seriously thought voters had learned their lesson from the most recent Republican Presidents time in office

    Richard Nixon — Republican. Ever heard of Watergate? The scandal that became so synonymous with the scandal that “gate” is now affixed to anything remotely scandal like.Nixon had to resign and was only saved from prison by a pardon from his hand-picked vice president Gerald Ford.

    69 government officials were charged with crimes. This includes his Chief of Staff and multiple members of his cabinet — as high level as it gets. Of course, this was only after his original Vice President Spiro Agnew became the first U.S. vice president to resign convicted for (tax evasion — “accepting more than $100,000 in bribes”).

    Nixon (R) – 6 yrs in office. 76 criminal indictments. 55 convictions. 15 prison sentences.

    Ronald Reagan — Republican. Ever heard of Iran-Contra? Many high-level indictments, including the Secretary of Defense, the Assistant Secretary of State, and two National Security Advisors. I only say indictments because V.P. George H. W. Bush pardoned 6 of them before the trials were done. “The presidency of Ronald Reagan in the United States was marked by multiple scandals, resulting in the investigation, indictment, or conviction of over 138 administration officials, the largest number for any U.S. president.

    Reagan (R) – 8 yrs in office. 26 criminal indictments. 16 convictions. 8 prison sentences.

    George W. Bush — Republican. Too many scandals to name. More than a dozen members of the Bush administration pleaded guilty to federal crimes. Dozens more resigned under dishonorable circumstances, including his Attorney General, White House Counsel, and other senior members of the administration.

    George W. Bush (R) – 8 yrs in office. 16 criminal indictments. 16 convictions. 9 prison sentences

    When asked: what happened to the Republican party

    Retired Republican John Boehner who served as the 53rd speaker of the United States house of Representatives from 2011 to 2015 replied, "There is no Republican party, there's a Trump party, the Republican party is kinda taking a nap somewhere"…

    let's give the GOP another chance to mend their ways – Donald J Trump with help from Republican gerrymandering was the Electoral College choice to be the next President starting in January 2017, only time will tell if they will avoid making the same choices they made from previous administrations

  12. For a guy that supposedly knows more about everything than anyone else and 'all the best people',….Spanky sure forgets, awful fast, he knows, pals around with, and associates with folks that are close to him when they go jail.

  13. It's going to get worsed, if it comes out that Rudy Giuliani went to Ukraine to arranged for a kick-back for TRUMP on the 400 millions Congress approved for Ukraine

  14. We cannot allow the President's personal lawyer to conduct state business. There can be little oversight if Giuliani can just cover all his actions with attorney- client privilege.

  15. Is this the same man who wanted to give football players a hard time for taking a knee, the same man thats about to have papa John broke!!! He slipping to let that statement come out of his mouth!! What a fat hypocrite! How does his supporters like him now! HE IS THE SWAMP THAT NEEDS TO BE DRAINED!!!!!

  16. I hoe they fasten R.G. two a two wheel cart and one of those Hannibal Lecter masks when they cart him off to prison.


  18. Democrats are pieces of shit anybody who buys this CNN bullshit is fucking stupid idiots. Everyone that works for CNN should be hanged for treason for being part of this attempted coup set up by Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Hillary, Mc Cabe, Strok, Page, Ect.

  19. Ah yes, the Joker, Rudely Jackoffulani! What a piece of excrement but I don't want to insult excrement! This guy is such a clown and sell out Traitor. he will hopefully spend hi final years having romantic love sessions with his "Boys" in prison along with small hands bone spurs!

    TRUMP 2020!

  21. Are they pics of prostitutes in russia urinating on the obamas bed?or russian photos of naked trump?you guys bust me up.😃😃😃

  22. Damn there's just so much evidence of blatant corruption. Giuliani and co taking selfies on a world tour of international corruption whilst sipping champagne on a private jet at the behest of Trump. And yet somehow Trump is still president. Shame on those that support him. Another world is possible.

  23. Show those pics of Biden and son with the Ukrainian oil guys. “No proof of corruption” aye CNN? CNN is total garbage.

  24. It seems the presidential family has been caught lying AGAIN. The WaPo counted 13.5K lies two weeks ago. How many lies are necessary to let the trumptards wake up and realize he's a mere crook.

  25. This is all orchestrated. Somebody wants a bunch of people gawking over things that are not punishable by law.
    Yuck on ya!
    What to do!?!?

  26. Only people who watch CNN are Low IQ Hate America Racist Bigoted Communist POS!…..Only Democrats Burn the Flag and Spit on soldiers….Only Demoncrats.
    This Nam Vet says FK you and you Evil Democrat Party of Communist Sons of Bitches!

  27. TRUMP…2020…Keep America from the COMMUNIST in the Demoncrat Party………………….Nam 68/69………………CNN is the COMMUNIST NETWORK NEWS………

  28. Hey doofus's , if the wall street journal can glean those pics wtf do you think investigators are going to glean…do you really think you can thwart American justice…. Ms President ?

  29. Photoshopped pictures ! ! Electronic signatures are easily copied and added to any paperwork-
    Nice PROPAGANDA ATTEMPTS and low intelligence people will believe what the see. Efforts and actions prove the Truth in results.

  30. Trump: I take pictures with everyone. But I don't know them. I heard they were good men, but I don't know them.

  31. Oh come on, Lev and Igor look like nice mama's boys. By that I mean they have faces only their mamas could love. Could Trump and Giuliani be any stupider?

  32. I wish that angry bald guy that always defends Trump was there to explain this. Hahahaha. They're all going down.

  33. Romney = Republican
    Trump = Trumpublican

    It's hard to tell the difference because republicans have been quiet for each of Trump's atrocities. The difference is Trumpublicans cheer and defend everything trump does and says no matter what.

  34. Trump is my president CNN IS SHIT SWAMPY FAKE NEWS 🖕🏻 TRUMP 2020 it will HAPPEN 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 YOU PHONY FUCKS.

  35. Biden already confessed to the corruption being investigated while he was vice president and before he was a political opponent of President Trump

  36. Who cares, whiny rmoney wants some sympathy😭😭😭😭boo hoo. We all remember what he said about the “takers”. He just wants to stay relevant so that if the repukes ever recover from the dumpster fire theyve created he still has a high paying job, not that he needs to work. Hey, theres a great piece of legislation. When youve got that kinda money, you need to leave the jobs for people who really need them.

  37. Thank God for Honorable Senator Mitt Romney standing up to 'Atgolf tramputin' . Senator Mitt Romney's courage, sanity, and American Parriotism could actually lead Repubicans back from the destruction of their Party by evil, greedy, pathetic moron 'Atgolf', who is ripping up The Constitution, a work of genius and Hope for Mankind his Sick mind, could not begin to comprehend. If it is the last accomplishment of my life, I will see that Mitt Romney is Honored for his courage to try to save America. God Bless Mitt Romney and his family and his Country. FYI, I am a registered Democrat, and I have never failed to vote for a Repbublican when I think they are right.

  38. We are so programmed to believe what people say… we should question people more, as to the truth. Do not accept everything as a truth.

  39. Flynns' records got manipulated by the crooked FBI. I can't wait for Barr and Durham to start prosecuting these rats.

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