100 thoughts on “Trump orders sanctions on Turkey, following through on threat

  1. A colossal mistake was made and I feel this mistake will have consequences for the Man I support come the coming 2020 U.S> Presidential election.

  2. Some or all of this was prearrange. Putin tells trump to let Turkey go after the Kurds then Putin swoops in, Great PR for back home. Just a guess but it makes sense to me. Trump helps Putin to cause contention amongst NATO members and help Russia geopolitically as well as down play and take Putin's side against accusations.

  3. Sanctions at the very least, but I feel more needs done to account for the innocent lives Turkey took. They simply just couldnt stand it one more second to leave the Kurds alone. Hit them hard. It is amazing though that Assad is helping the Kurds.

  4. Europe or full
    Of many nations fat off of tourism profits and more. Why must the usa sacrifice our tax dollars and our children to police the world. I back trump. But he should have gave a timeline for which EU/ NATO could take over. But it seems he was having a hard time getting these countries to even take back their prisoners after we captured them. Europe relies too heavily on the usa to do the heavy lifting. I’m with trump Let then figure it out.

  5. Donald Trump…Often described as the ultimate, the most ignorant President, in the history of the USA..His real world is a manipulating crooked Billionaire..Ripping off..American Joe!

  6. Oh ffs. About 1 in 100,000 Americans can explain (without going to Google) the underlying cause of the Syrian conflict, who were the parties involved, and what this current action Turkey is taking is in response to or caused by.

    To trust the IC to "break this one down" for us common folk is folly. To trust those with a mindset that American blood and treasure should be spilled in far off land fighting against people who were don't even know why we're are fighting them is insanity.

  7. It's funny when usa talk about people and war from others.. When usa made the big mess and killd. Millions in this region

  8. Trump stabs in the back by tucking tail in the dark of the night
    and then twists the knife by saying 'You didn't even help us at Normandy'. MAGA

  9. President Trump, please explain to the whaling mothers with bullet-ridden children in their blood-drenched arms.
    These are the people that sacrificed 11,000 of their sons so that US only had to lose 8 in defeating ISIS.

  10. America is pissed at Turkey because Erdogan tricked Trump now America is out of Syria maybe the war can come to an end.

  11. Kinda like when he "fixed" his Helsinki embarrassment…too little, too late and completely insincere and ineffective.

  12. The Kurds releases Isis in their prison. Kurds did it as pay back for USA stabbing them in the back. Trump knew the Kurds are unreliable and cahoots with Isis.

  13. We betrayed Kurdish people they were USA allies side by side fighting against Isis, United States let turkey bombard them, that’s a shame, We need to sanction turkey heavily

  14. of course #45 will shut down 'his' two towers in Istanbul to punish Turkey.
    unless of course he really cannot close a building he does not own.

  15. There's a lot more to this story than is being told. I never trust Trump's motives. A man who has dodged the draft five times and then pulls the strings of our military men and women is much like a voice on a screen, asking: "Do you want to play a game!?!"

  16. Just like before,Isis will mix in with the innocent fleeing…..And yes…where is the U.N….if this were Israel's incursion,the U.N. would have been there waiting for them.

  17. Nothing Will cure Zlatans Aids anyway. He is beyond reach to cure. Erdogan only proves that THE border to Europe are att THE Bosporen ( a fact we al knew before USA tryed to unite wrong with right Truth with lies)

  18. Europe is a weak continent the Brits are to occupied with Brexit the rest are just weak. The US, UK and Turkey are the ones in charge in Nato.

  19. The Turks will declare a cease fire AFTER they achieve their objective. The 20 mile buffer zone. Trump will lie and claim victory.

  20. The <100 Americans Trump withdrew would not have made any difference against Turkey's invasion. Trump is right in protecting them and keeping America out of this. The Kurds and Syrian Army were supposed to be on the same side to start with, they live in the same space (Syria), but they chose to hate each other. Now at least they are united, as they should have been from the start. Now the world should punish Turkey for their invasion.

  21. I feel sad for Syria and feel worse for us! 'What goes around comes around' and of late, we've been doing too many wrong & impulsive things …

  22. Honestly it's sad what's happening to our Kurdish allies, but it's not America's place to be there. Trump did the right thing bringing the troops home, it's not America's job to be the world police.

  23. Trump Towers Istanbul, Turkey. Do you think that had anything to do with his decision to help Turkey by abandoning the Kurds?

  24. America is like X-Men, does good things but still gets blamed. No one knew that Turkey will commit a Jihad, lets stop blaming US and Trump.

  25. Sanctions are working so well against North Korea and Iran they're eating out of the palm of his hand. ( sarcasm )

  26. WHY dont they just serve cool aid laced with cyanide to all those isis prisoners? those who refuse to drink are to be shot on the spot.

  27. Sanctions are NOT enough, the US needs to arm the Kurds to the Kilt. Including anti-aircraft systems, heavy artillery, tanks and other heavy armor. If the US does not arm them, Israel might be willing to do so.

  28. Before this idiot pisses off Turkey even further with these big bad sanctions, how about pull our troops out of the area 1st. Send Trump to Syria. Let those crazy bastards play soccer with his frigging head.

  29. USA can not blame me for THE Aids patient Zlatan. To place THE anal Up and face down might work in Hollywood but not anywere else. To bad for Zlatan thou now ge has to hope for an Aids medicine. Turkish People just never learns.

  30. Geez you Trump people are blind. This is all smoke and mirrors, folks – the true story is that Putin, MBS and Erdogan all win. And so does Trump.

    America, however, does NOT win.

  31. If hypocrisy had a face it will be Erdogan , talking of my country India's integral part Kashmir and killing innocent civilians of his own. Shame on your islam

  32. Swedish journalist draw THE conclusion Trump has blood om His hands on this Erdogan invasion. IF they cant even ser THE difference between Trump & Erdogan were are just No hope for either Zlatans Aids or Europe. Even i know THE difference between myself and ARod. Now Zlatan have to prey for an Aids medicine.

  33. Hypocrites everywhere. Turkey is defending it's borders against the terrorist atheist kurds that keep bombing turkey over and over.

  34. The Islamic terrorists have an open door into Europe, esp. France and Great Britian Eventually, Israel will be blamed for all the ills of the world and will lose it's defenders.

  35. Over 1 man tweet. Trump should have consulted with pentagon and his security consult before making this decision. He just opened a Pandora box and cant contain it.

  36. This guy Chris is laying the President told the world that our brave troops were coming home, besides Europe is closer to that area than USA, the Europeans have to take their own terrorist prisoners.

  37. NORTH SYRIA= ISRAEL’s OIL PIPE LINE . It must be destroyed so that Israel will be sanctioned 🥰 Turkey is trying to do that 🥰 so cute. I support Turks

  38. So happy turkey is going to finish Assad and his shia off! Turkey can look after syrians as they are with millions of syrian refugees in turkey given jobs/schools/healthcare/businesses turkey can either absorb syria as part of a new turkish empire or put a free syrian government of Sunni islam which 80 percent of syrians are

  39. hahahahaha,. what a joke

    his "unmatched wisdom" started this war,… as a gift to Putin

  40. FOX NEWS supports Trump's planned surrender of the USA to Russia.
    PUTIN will make Trump CZAR-FOR-LIFE of America.
    We will see Trump's kids succeed him. A Dynasty of pure Trumpism …. every Republican's living prayerful wish!

  41. The job was get rid of ISIS, the Kurds and Turkey are fighting, they were fighting before. How do we get out gracefully? ISIS is gone, Syria is still Syria, The People in the region have few guns. There will never be a way out for the Kurds or the Turks, but Americans don't have to die because it's not graceful to leave, but Americans gave them each a chance. The Turks have never been a friend to the West, or East.

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