100 thoughts on “Trump offers peace to Iranian people hours after Iran strikes US military bases

  1. Just think about this. If unwilling Iranians did not join the masses of people at Soulomanis funeral, they would be seen as ani Iran

  2. You are a traitor, Iranian traitor in Fox news telling lies. Donald Trump listened to people like and Assassinated Soleimani. Now the consequence is the U will be icked oitb of the region forever.

  3. Scared like a dogs and u people run away to kuwait from iraq so scared. Trump liar coward didnt u say if Iran retaliates we will respond hit u severe lol they did retaliate and now what? U people just lost in life i swear u dont know what ur doing what ur sayin u people just tired of life and lost and keep making repeating mistakes and mistakes

  4. Iran wants to show peace by acts of terrorism… it’s incredibly wrong and strange but that’s how they think. Hopefully it can change

  5. Why do they get to missile attack our bases without retaliation on their cities? Let them deal with the consequences of sneak attacks and further escalation. Bomb their capital and main cities of Iran until they agree to stop terrorism. They don't need to save face. They need to save their lives and gigantic stolen fortunes.

  6. I am Iranian and live here, pls don't judge, in my country majority of people were sad and upset, pls don't publish wrong news, I can send images from street that people attach soleimani's photo in their car, has government forced them?

  7. These two women described very accurately the real people of Iran feel. Great interview and have them on more often… and oh by the way… the theatrics is specifically designed and orchestrated for the Democrats and CNN.

  8. It baffles me that there are still well meaning people, I don’t include the prominent democ rats and MSM in that category, who still insist on calling Pres. Trump a warmonger, aligning him with previous presidents, particularly the last two!

  9. The master plan, according to one online commentator and analyst is unfolding as follows:

    1: Trump wants to negotiate with Iran for a deal with better terms than the previous one however, he has one problem: Soleimani who had been a tough hawk that didn’t know what compromise was;

    2: Soleimani must be removed so that the Iranian hawkish faction can be weakened and open to negotiations;

    3. The USA secretly collaborated with Iraqi Prime Minister to invite Soleimani to visit Iraq;

    4: Iraqi Prime Minister secretly informed the USA of Soleimani’s whereabout when he visited Iraq;

    5: The USA took out Soleimani;

    (None of the above would be acknowledged by the USA or Iraq)

    6: Trump offers to negotiate with Iran;

    7: The USA and Iran will come to an agreement through negotiations and the terms and conditions are more palatable for the Americans to swallow.

    These are my understandings, not the exact words of the analyst.

  10. I think democracy is a bad idea for Iran right now. They've got generations of psychological rehabilitation to go through before they can be expected to function in a civilized way as a nation. Put wise people in control over that nation until the Khomeni psychology dies out.

  11. trump said he took liability away from drug companies so..what they can give us whatever and not worry about being sued ?

  12. Buhahaha , how feckin stupid do you think ppl are .. I'll bet she's never seen Iranian , if you talk to real ppl they say it's a bohemian paradise you fuckwits !

  13. Thank You President Trump! It was the most HUMAN and BEAUTIFUL words I eveer heard a person say, in my whole life. (in the beginning).It warm my heart!

  14. Once again CHUMP TRUMP backs down HAHAHA. Mexico will pay for wall, I have 52 sites, make a move. The only people scared of trump are poor childers locked up at the border!!! He is a joke! Believe me Russia , China and North Korea are watching!

  15. My heart cries out to the people of Iran (not their government official). 😥😰😰😰 A leader should protect its people be – their supporters or those opposing them. A healthy administration is the one who accepts criticisms and not suppress it. It listens to the cry of its people not imposing its will to its people. It gives democracy to its people not controlling and putting fear into their hearts. It loves education and most importantly it is not self-serving. Sadly, no matter where u look up, most of these leaders are self-centered and downright corrupt. Some sin less, some to the highest limit. Power corrupts people. It is a strong force that only capable and disciplined individuals can withstand.

  16. as an Iranian, I have to say shame on you and your guest lies. Soleimani was in our harts. million of Iranian people were on the streets to grating Soleimani. you better to receive the truth from the Funeral videos and watch how many people in Iran were there.

  17. The people are wonderful people. Some of the nicest I’ve met. Let’s send operators of the greatest covert group ever – the CIA – in and assassinate the “leaders” of Iran.

  18. I think they may see it. I have 2 Iranian friends. They are very educated and I assume they are also educated in computer hacking…. God Bless The Iranian People. i wish everyone could see the truth.

  19. Grab iran by the puzzy mr. President get those bastards !🤦‍♂️you lost cause rich white man trump20never! How many trolls are here?

  20. I am wondering what is the objective of Americans in the Middle East ? Why can’t they buy the Oil like every body else. What we see that Americans have surrounded the Iran with all kinds of deadly arms and most sophisticated army.

    It can’t be OIL only.

  21. How in the world are we 🇺🇸safer because of Trump boneheaded Foreign policy killing so called Iranian General and pulling out of GCPOA if u think this is over think again Iran just Restarted their Nuclear program enriching bunch of Nuclear materials

  22. I’ve yet to see one anti-General Salami comment posted on social media by Iranians. I’ve seen a plethora of anti-American/pro-Salami ones posted on social media by Iranians. Unless Iran prohibits its citizens who disliked Salami from posting on social media, idk.

  23. We dont see topless journalists at Fox-new. So you dont need to be a genius to understand – every culture tells women how to dress. At least in this century.

  24. Sounds like the regime in America LOL. Conservatives now when it dictate what women do with their bodies what immigrants do with their will and lives and what people consider right and wrong. The I'm holier-than-thou now or I'm more patriotic than that now crowd is delusional. They have no idea how backwards they're going to make things…

  25. Yes and that funeral “show “caused a lot of deaths via crushing . Iran’s leaders care nothing for their own people.

  26. As a Romanian I feel bad for Iranian people living under a religious totalitarian regime not different than the communist regime which unfortunately I was forced to grew up. However no matter what political changes takes place to me Iranians always gone be the great Persian people which brought so many contribution to our civilization, especially under Darius the great who encouraged and supported Zarathustra one of the oldest monotheistic form of religion in the world.

  27. had 2 clear out the deepstate and their fighters before it could happen 👍🏻 Salami and his proxies were getting in the way of peace talks

  28. Trump has Surrendered now! We all heard his great surrender white flag speech! The US Military has been destroyed at multiple bases! Trump now wants peace at any price! America doesn't do very well fighting enemies that can hit back! America doesn't own a working missile defense system for short range missiles as a result we took heavy losses! Not to worry as Trump says he has brokered a deal to buy a missile defense system from the poorest country in Africa! This is a game-changer because it will be the first time in history America actually had a working missile defense system! We all know about the failed Patriot system that Turkey refuses to buy and Saudi Arabia lost a Oil Field While trying to use it to stop Iran. Anyways this very poor Country in Africa wants to trade this system originally purchased from the Soviet Union over 40 years ago for some food. Trump is busy loading food aboard Airforce One tonight as I speak. Luckily Trump is a business man and knows how to get these deals done!! Currently the US Military is trying to rebuild the bases that were destroyed by IRAN and cleaning up all the expensive destroyed Aircraft and hardware. Trump has Surrendered and now is praising Iran by suggesting we could go after ISIS together and talking about how wonderful IRAN is! Trump also says this new defense system purchased from Africa is very powerful!! He says it is nice and shiny! Trump also says that he would hate to have to use it! This is part of Trump's on going effort to rebuild the US Military witch Trump says is the best in the world and that nobody else is even close!! As we can all agree Trump is a Buffoon and never ever has told us lies! If Trump says it's good I have to agree it's good!! Trump even said that he might put some gold on this missile defense system just to make it even better!! We should all sleep better knowing that Trump is our President and has made the depleted US Military the best in the world by making all these third world deals and upgrades to the US Armed Forces that are only temporarily unlocked and decimated do to Iranian strikes.

  29. In the begining I was criticising you Sir. But I now know we will never have a president like you Sir.

    God bless you increasingly

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