Trump National Security Official On Trump & Syria: ‘This Is Just Obscene’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Trump National Security Official On Trump & Syria: ‘This Is Just Obscene’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Trump National Security Official On Trump & Syria: ‘This Is Just Obscene’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. I don't think our country can survive 4 more years of Trump. If that happens, President Trump should just cut out the middle-man and give Vladimir Putin a seat in his cabinet.

  2. trump put Mickey up to it… to push up the impeachment vote… before all of trump's more serious crimes are uncovered, and removal from office is a certainty.
    you will tell if trump keeps Mulvaney.

  3. Bonespurs Trump got bent over yet again and sold out American national security interests.

    As the lady he likes to call Nancy has said All roads lead to Russia with Trump.

  4. Donald Trump send our troops to Saudi Arabia the only country that attacked American citizens on American soil since Japan in World War II. The terrorist nation of Saudi Arabia that is responsible for 9/11 is who Donald Trump just killed our allies the Kurds and took our military away from them to go serve Saudi Arabia

  5. As Rachel accurately interpreted, Trump agreed to let Turkey occupy Syria and to let Russia enter the region so that Russia gets near to Ukraine again. What Trump wanted is now clearer that he wanted to make Putin happy.


  7. After ignoring all of the deaths of Kurdos, Trump even would not admit his mistake and rather he still wants to make Putin happier. Clearly Trump is selfish and he never cares for the American people and other people lives. He has made his dirty with human bloods. Killer. Remember the Otto student and remember Khashogi.

  8. Trumpy go live in Russia. You belong in prison. You are a disgrace to the United States of America. You big little fool. You sold your soul and sold out our country. Cheap creep.

  9. You are leaving Syria because your presence there is illegal. You weren't invited by the Syrian government.
    Is it hard to understand ?

  10. Mark my words, Trump is going to flee to Russia soon. With whom the USA has no extradition treaty. Why else do you think Russia is the only country where Snowden is at least somewhat safe?
    Really, by now the list of crimes Trump is potentially guilty of is monstrous. He has no other option but to flee the country if he ever should leave office. Because he would immediately be indicted on US soil.
    So, expect him to actually just flee. I know it's going to be weird when it happens but, really, there is no other way for him to have any sort of freedom.
    Even if he'd win a 2nd time around, he can't run a third time. By 2024, he'd be compelled to leave the White House. Unless he were to pull a Xi Jinping and remove the 2-term limit but that would require the cooperation of far too many people. I doubt he'd be able to pull it off.
    So… expect the president of the USA to actually make a run for the hills.

  11. Because all you people talk about is trump. Lots of people don't even know what is goin on in thw world. Anymore. The day trump stop seen himself on TV. He will self destruct like Mission Impossible.

  12. Last word Larry is okay with illegal immigrants displacing and replacing all of America's working class. Why would he have issue seeing foreigners, Kurds, suffer the same disappearing act??? He's such a goof.

  13. It wasn't an impetuous act — he did exacting what Putin and Erdoğan wanted so that he can build a hotel in Russia and keep the one in Turkey.

  14. 5:10 "That's not the America we really are." Well … you might not WANT to be "that" America, but actions speak louder than words, and Trump is deciding what America does at this moment.

  15. I'm no longer an American. America pure D trash. Nobody in their right mind will ever trust America again

  16. Like we said before, Trump is a Hitler wanna-be. He is obscene! He is so foul, shame on America for allowing him to still stand as our president.

  17. What a l looooow and shameful time in US histoy. The worls trust in US is gone. At least you know who the neighbours, Friends, Family that put you there are… We just see a "Brown" US!!!!

  18. Proxy war criminals. The neocons and neoliberals should face justice for what they've done to Syria for the past 8 years.
    Including their enablers in the press.

  19. Why can trump supporters see the damage there president is doing to America, he’s not making America great he is seriously weakening the entire nation and he’s allowing women and children to die, WOMEN AND CHILDREN how can you in good conscience support this kind of evil.

  20. Well we are talking about the same President who wants to make America white. He wants border walls here. Why wouldn't he acknowledge Turkey wanting the same thing?

  21. No, in fact, that's the America you are. Around 40% of your voters and more than half of your Senat doesn't care at all. Better they all buy a coat like Melania.

  22. the Kurds got nothing but a bunch of death,turkey,AND trump got exactly what THYEY BOTH wanted,exactly what trump got we have yet to find out,but you can be sure he got something from the deal.

  23. How does America let Trump still be President. Russia has always been your enemy. Russia put Trump in the White House and everything he has done since has been to help Russia. Surely the reason he has made this decision to leave the Kurds to fend for themselves is because Trump can see the end of his presidency with people finally prepared to stand up to him and tell the truth, Trump has just pulled out of Syria to hand it over to Putin before he's taken out of the oval office in handcuffs

  24. And yet, he still sits in the Oval Office; he's still president, doing Putin's bidding with increasing boldness, like, whose going to stop me?

  25. And, nothing will happen to Trump. All this chaos sure is great for ratings, isn't it, media? But to actually DO something about a psychopath holding high office? Too much trouble or what?

  26. I don't think trump considers the kurds human beings, same as the puerto ricans or south american children. It is a shame he has affected their lives so destructively

  27. Trump is handing over other countries who are our allies to Putin just like he is going to hand the USA over to Putin. Americans better wake up before it is too late. Putin loves the stupidity of Trump. Trump is doing exactly what Putin needs him to do so he can take over the massive amounts of the world. Putin knows how to stroke trump’s narcissistic ego so that he will do anything Putin wants. If Trump is re-elected our country will belong to Putin.

  28. How can ANYONE still support Trump? Seriously!!! And please stop with this "Fake news" sh*t when we hear and see all of this, no matter what channel or if your sitting right there. I have NEVER been this ashamed and frightened to be an American in my life!!!

  29. The American president is remarkably weak and stupid. Pence demonstrates his own level of comfort with lies, by claiming he had negotiated a ceasefire "deal" with Turkey. Pence knew he was lying and knew he had given Turkey everything it wanted and got nothing in return, rather like your remarkably stupid weak dealings with N. Korea.
    You can not pretend to be a patriot and support this traitorous corrupt president, his administration, or his many enablers in the senate.
    No, I'm wrong, you can pretend to be a patriot and support this destruction of America, but you can not BE a patriot while supporting this corrupt traitorous rot.

  30. The Kurds are being forced out into the desert with no food and with winter on its way. A form of genocide to make Putin happy.

  31. It's not a cease fire. It's abandonment of the Kurdish homelands, it's a diaspora, a forced relocation. It's not "ethnic cleansing" which sounds like somebody is taking a bath. It's GENOCIDE. Call it what is. Stop normalizing it. This is exactly how fascism creeps along; one steady acceptance and capitulation at a time, forgetting what words actually mean. Another thing MSNBC, CNN and Fox will NEVER EVER do is tell you what you can do. That's very simply because it will upset their advertisers who need your docile acceptance and for an ongoing spectator sport. They want you locked in the couch potato position indefinitely. Notice they never report the people on the streets engaged in protest. People in the streets aren't shopping like idiots. That is their greatest fear; that you'll wise up to taking action.

  32. The shocking thing is that 38% of Americans are firmly behind Trump – furthermore they are fiercely antagonistic towards his critics. This says a great deal about the nation.

  33. The chaines of the dark alliances are severing, turning to dust. Humanity stands opon the threshold of Truth & Freedom.

  34. so pence is showing his weakness in dealing with these matters too. we need to remove him from office along with trump. nancy needs to take the reigns & get us going in the right direction. put sen warren as acting v.p.

  35. trump loved the kurds as they led the fight on the ground against isis, and lost over 10,000 lives doing it (USA lost 17 troops). trump needs nothing from them now, so they're now as disposable as dirty diapers. nothing new from trump. he expects blind loyality, but spits people out once he's done with them. he's always been that way, since the day he was born. the anti-christ maybe? who knows

  36. "Are we so weak and so inept, diplomatically?" Mitt Romney asked.
    Uh, yeah, Dump is Weak and Inept Diplomatically and in every way!
    Just look at the Pathetic Juvenile Letter Donnie wrote to Turkish President Erdogan.

  37. Pence, pompous pompeo "lying" once again…it does look like this trump administration is full of enabling liars. Except maybe for Mulvaney's Freudian slip in his arrogance of "yes, now get over it"! Let us not forget Mulvaney is the one trump got po'd at, because Mulvaney was coughing while trump was talking to Stephanopolus. What a bunch of enabling wimps trump surrounds himself with. I think their conceit, full of themselves and arrogance started happening the more they were around trump, watching this exact same behavior. I guess it's true that you are easily influenced by what you are surrounded by. If no one says no or 'wait a minute that is not right or appropriate"then you just start thinking whatever you do or say is just fine…instead you start thinking "it's everyone else that speaks up and the free press or ANY Democrat" that is the problem. "Houston we have a serious problem here! Oh boy we sure do!

  38. He is stupid, extremely stupid. He has ripped off America, he is gutless, a coward, nothing more than a CLUB56 punk that somehow managed to climb into the cockpit of the White House and now we are beginning to live out a nightmare of having this absolute moron as the Chief Executive Office of this great company. Trump took advantage of an already deep riff in American culture and of many on the rights extreme hatred of Hillary Clinton and parlayed it into a win. But no matter how you sell it he didnt win the popular vote. He needs to be impeached and removed from office before he damages the world and this country more with his complete and utter ignorance

    Trump is a confirmed real and present danger to the security of the U.S.  He is a Russian agent working to undermine the best interests of our nation in favor of a foreign and hostile enemy state.
    He has given aid and comfort to our enemies for his personal gain and betrayed our allies all over the world.
    He has caused the deaths of many of our allies in Syria and Ukraine.
    He needs to be apprehended and detained immediately.
    Articles of impeachment were not designed to deal with a threat of this magnitude.
    He needs to be stopped NOW for the sake of national security and the very survival of our nation, and to preserve what is left of our standing on the world stage.  This is not merely my opinion, the facts are undeniable of his criminal and treasonous acts.  


  40. "Get over it". By a liar in the White House. "All roads lead to Putin". By the House leader. America, what have you become.

  41. Exactly on point, Ambassador. It was Putin pulling the strings. Putin is the terrorist attacking our country from the inside out. Get his puppet out, NOW!!!! Impeach, indict, incarcerate.

  42. The Kurds fought side by side with our soldiers against Isis and how do we repay them WE ABANDON THEM TO BE SLAUGHTERED

  43. What are they seeking in syria? Do not tell me they want a democratic Regime there, because american democracy is just to choose between democrats and republicans, while the real american rulers are the Money Monsters

  44. Watch a the Trump turds repeat the alt.rights talking points & once again…………………………wait for it………………………Blame Obama.

  45. Follow the Trump money! Trump Tower Istanbul, Turkey. Conflict of interest!!! President Erdogan in Russia laughing at USA!

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