Trump: McConnell Said Ukraine Call Was Innocent. McConnell: No I Didn’t. | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump: McConnell Said Ukraine Call Was Innocent. McConnell: No I Didn’t. | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Trump: McConnell Said Ukraine Call Was Innocent. McConnell: No I Didn’t. | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. The parts of trump’s call that I read sounded like a plot against an American, while withholding aid to a foreign country, which is highly illegal and very anti-America.

    trump and his supporters are the evil enemies of America.

  2. I think McConnell did say that to Trump to goad him into releasing the transcript, knowing it would help hasten his demise.
    It's not because Mitch cares about the country or anything, he just knows it's time to cut Trump loose to have any hope of preserving his party or his power.
    Too late, Mitch.

  3. There's nothing innocent when you are talking about. The PIG FACE DRAFT DODGER PIECE OF EXCREMENT..MAKE ME SICK…😫😫💯

  4. This doesn't surprise me when it comes to this parasite Mitch McConnell supporting Little Hitler Donald Trump this is what the whole Republican party does the party of corruption and Nazism and I pray to God these corrupt politicians in the Republican Party ride along with Donald Duck Trump Karma comes for them.

  5. Lord help us if this comes down to Trump v/s McConnell. I would be hard pressed to believe either one of these GOP Crooks.

  6. Sad for America today that many of their politicians are imposters. Whose calling seem to be their selfish interests rather than patriotism or selfless dedicated service. It is a shame that so much dirty linens are openly washed daily on TV.

  7. Welllllllll….. Finally the McConnell speaks the truth, or is he just staying out of it b/c everything touched by the Ogre in Chief is a lie and phony!

  8. Moscow Mitch has been sucking off of the Blavatnik Russian Teat for a long, long time. He's positioning himself so he looks clean. He can't afford any kind of investigation as Russian business has been investing in Kentucky.

  9. Trump could murder someone Then distract everyone with Biden, Hilary or Obama and America would just act like business as usual and not do anything about it. Wake up America! Put trump in jail!

  10. Let's ask Moscow Mitch…."Does it concern you that Trump shows serious signs of Mental illness? " Normal people don't say things like " in my great and unmatched wisdom " or " some people say I'm a stable genius " I seriously DOUBT that anyone sees Trump as a Genius! Or even stable for that matter.

  11. Is Trumps party gone crazy. This behavior by the Republican Party is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! Trump and his party has no bounds. This must come to a end. The country is split because of Donald Trumps vulgar words, name calling, threats, bulling and disregard for the law and common decency. God save us from this man.

  12. Maybe this is what trump meant when he said "drain the swamp" hes exposing illegitimate lawmakers that would continue to support him. Even as he makes more and more outlandish headlines. What if trump is a double agent? He's exaggerating himself in the worse ways possible to sink the ship with people that deserve to drown.

  13. 2 russian plants and obe is not agreeing with the other. The kremlin must have already made their decision on "individual 1"

  14. McConnell is a clever old fox. he is subtly leading his Senators into a sense of security allowing them to convict Trump without a blemish on their careers

  15. Moscow Mitch is just happy that everyone's forgotten to call him Moscow Mitch. MOSCOW MITCH!!! MOSCOW MITCH!!! MOSCOW MITCH!!! MOSCOW MITCH!!! MOSCOW MITCH!!!

  16. So if the trump claims McConnell said the conversation with Ukraine president is innocent, then why not come out with that from day one? Why waited for almost a month to make this claim? Who is lying? Who is thrown under the moving bus? I don’t care if you are republicans, this is the most corrupt administration ever in my 40 years living in the USA. Vote all career politicians out.

  17. Replicans will never vote to impeach they know the next election will go blue they only care about keeping there position in office this is a sport to these people.

  18. Moscow Mitch is feeling the heat and smelling the smoke of Trump going up in flames… tu Brutus….I mean Moscow Mitch spoke Conman Trump

  19. Who is pulling McChonnels strings? He's not just a rhino. He's worse than Ryan ever was!. He's openly showing his never Trumpism. "We will have to have a trial". Really Mitch? You can't just bring yourself to say now that you will throw the whole thing out now? That now there won't have a trial based on their scandalous conduct that doesn't deserve to be given the credibility of any articles of impeachment they could come up with via this sham?

  20. The President is in a teight spot. The SDNY have him pinned down on financial fraud charges and the Congress will impeatch him. The GOP will be forced to go along because of the SDNY criminal case against him. A case they can't procecute him for before he is out of office. It is not a nice place US is in right now. Dangerous when a sitting president knows he is going to jail on fraud charges is a dangerous one.

  21. They closed the doors because you guys are working for the communist and our president is the devil working against American policy. These men are disgusting. REPUBLICANS that protect a treasonist are equal to the same crimes. This country is going down. What a mess we are. And the world LAIGHS AT US ALL

  22. Sen McConnell, time to have some courage, decency and conscience. Time to dump Trump before the Republican Party goes down in history as the party of corruption! Time to choose another candidate for 2020 !

  23. How would McConnell know one way or another if it was innocent? McConnell himself has brought into Kentucky a Communist oligarch! The basic job of a communist oligarch is to move in and convert the people to communism! What part of that do Republicans NOT understand? Backing and voting for trump is a vote for Communism in America! Period!

  24. trump constantly puts everyone around him in awkward situations. his own party members. he's always saying they said things that put them in the position of either lying or have to in essence call him out on it. he makes it so hard for them to defend when he does that. not that i care about obnoxious mitch or some of the others. but omg.

  25. Moscow Mitch has Donald's greasy grime that's rubbed off on him. That was a bold Trump like lie coming out of Moscow Mitch's mouth.

  26. What fun, to see Trump's biggest and best enabler (Mitch McConnell) being forced to backtrack and repudiate Trump's claim that McConnell described his machinations with Ukraine as being 'innocent'. Ha! The rats are starting at each other's throats. [Actually, real rats are supposed to be much nicer than these two characters have been.]

  27. Thanks for sharing a trump some moron you think Mexico borders Colorado he said he's going to build a wall in Colorado the best wall of all he said


  29. Innocent? Perhaps as in "until proven guilty in a court of law, and we'll do everything we can to prevent that from happening". Sure.
    But in this case, presumption of innocense is a ship that sailed perfectly even on the the guilt troubled waters of the watered-down transcript that he himself released, you Trumpinator 1; thanks blaming Moscow Mitch Republibitch. Of course McConnell wouldn't, or at least not admit to that in public.

  30. Innocent call or. It, If the president, after 3 years, still has not learned what you can do or not in terms of foreign diplomacy, when will he ever learn then? Being a slow learner, therefore not very bright, is not what one asks of a president.

  31. You girls sure do look pretty as you find it impossible to see things in any other way and stand back and do nothing to contribute of real import.

  32. He said she said! What is this, why are the democrats doing this, it’s like their back to kindergarten. Can we stop the witch hunt and get onto real issues like absurd education costs, and homelessness taking over the streets?

  33. Haha you puppets, 'thin little cracks in the republican defense', what about the grand canyon gap in snake Schiff's inquiry attemps

  34. Don’t criticize me, don’t question me. I can do anything I want to do. I’m president and you’re just a piece of filthy human scum!

  35. To quote Game of Thrones, "Would you fight and die for someone who would not fight and die for you?" Trump demands total loyalty, but he will throw anyone else under the bus.

  36. They….and he….don't care.
    Because American "governance" has become a a consequenceless, utterly corrupt political class oligarchy.

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