Trump Lawyers Keep Musing About A Mike Pence Indictment | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Trump Lawyers Keep Musing About A Mike Pence Indictment | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Trump Lawyers Keep Musing About A Mike Pence Indictment | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. You need to be responsible Rachel and MSNBC.Trump can not be impeached, you know this. I do not believe you have a strategy that will twist this away from Impeachment. If you do then I eat my Words, a stack of razor blades, anything you want. The Republicans have not budged a Inch from Trump,not a milimeter.They will not budge

  2. You think a Conspiracy solid as Any could ever be with Guilianni, Pence… going to Jail will sway the Republican. It wont happen Rachel. I do noy know what you are looking at but what is really going on is that they Can’t.I am sorry everyone but I do not believe that any Democrat in one Of these 19 Senators shoes would vote against whoever their President was

  3. To see that holier than thou all knowing all seeing supercilious smirk wiped of Pence's face would be a glorious sight to see

  4. yea i think they sent pence to ukraine to have a more direct involvement, so they can claim he has a closer legal connection to the crime then trump so pence should be charged and not trump.
    mobster trump turned the vice presidency into just another fall guy for the boss.

  5. Pence under indictment? Yeah, well…. I'd feel bad for him except I don't have it in me. Nope, if he were indicted, I'd feel relieved.


  7. Let me get this straight… Madcow Maddow is trying to tell us that Trump Lawyers are pushing for a ruling on Mike Pence's legal status in a case that involves the release of Trump taxes?  

    That makes no sense whatsoever. Madcow Maddow is lying about something here for sure.

  8. Is Trump bargaining?
    If he falls, all the gang will fall way more bigly.
    Trump wants to get out of this without going to jail, and everybody involved will work for this, in order to avoid collateral damage to themselves.
    He behaves and speaks in mafia code. All the time.
    The stunt at the secure room, is showing off, he is still in control of the troops, nobody in the GOP should break ranks.

    And a lot of noise and dust bombs to keep the attention on something else: be it the whistleblower, the lynching, the quid pro quo. Which incidentally is not required for impeaching him.

  9. The lawyer also said the immunity only lasts during the presidency… he who waits for something good… Patience is a virtue… as long as they crush the Trumps, I honestly don't care when it happens. They are the perfect bunch to make an example to scare of future, similar attempts

  10. Copy cat other than that there intiteld to take care of there own business we could use the help maybe quite a few know there's things we can do without.

  11. It's like a gigantic predator/justice is chasing the both of these cats and Trump keeps tryna shoot PENCE so he can get away. Donald is like an evil Benny Hill, just not as beloved or revered.

  12. If Trump can take Pence down, it will make it harder for the GOP Senators to consider impeaching Trump. Right now, they'd get an upgrade (as pathetic as it may be) with Pence. If Pence is removed, the next person in line is Nancy Pelosi.

  13. There will come a time that there is no one left to throw under the bus. Orange clown sons will follow suit. His daughter is the most smartest and most likely will flee to her home country of russia.

  14. I , too have executive privilege. .. see , in 2024 ,i become president of the United States of America , and on Feb 26, 2025 i signed an order , granting myself executive privilege from this day.(today) forward.And I know all of this because I'm psychic ….so dear US bank .I will be taking all the money in the bank …also dear voters . Is there anyone you would like me to shoot on 5th avenue ?
    Anything for a voter Now remenber vote Tracy 2024 lol (I already know that you did ).

  15. Hey Rachel maddow what happen to your Russia collusion story. Rachel mad cow has a plat for of lies and deceit to the American people. MSNBC finest to get the fake news out.

  16. Madcow, I try to listen and then my bunger begins to spasm. She is just too invasive for me. Oh I long for the day that news was really news. Now it's only opinion, 24/7. Hate Trump is the staple.

  17. …"nobody could stop him"… Does Trump believe that he can defy bullets??? Lets test this theory!

    Mike, if you put your ear to the pavement, you might be able to hear the Bus coming.

  18. Trump thinks if pence is gone ..they can't remove trump . Americans wont let that happen . Trump andvpence both will be impeached . There is always another in line . take over . So trump is a mentally ill child . Trump has unlimited amount of money in govt to steal more and more from americans . People we ha've to eliminate this occupant and his criminal administration. Trump is a putin puppet . He will open doors to whitehouse for Putin. Get RID OF THIS TRAITOR!!

  19. "Hey Mike, look at that bus, so big and moving so fast. Come stand over here in front of me, so you can see it better. Why I have my hands on your back? Never mind."

  20. Executive privilege is not extended to the Vice President (Vice being the operative word). I note that, throughout history the VP was just a place-holder without much note or power. In the 21st Century, somehow, the VP need to have a backbone! When Pence speaks, no-one listens.

  21. The duty of the President and the Executive branch is to faithfully execute the law not to write the law or to override the law with Office of Legal Counsel opinions that are NOT law.

  22. My favorite show is "The Five." First, the host injects humor to keep it light. Then you hear a series of views that represent both sides of the partisan coin. And it is in that moment that visions procured by the left are displayed to be 100% self-serving. The Democrats used to care about people, now only about "power." But you watch and see what you see.

  23. Trump will throw anyone under the bus . This argument that trump can break any law and not be prosecuted is a ridiculous one and one that the Supreme Court must shoot down or face the rath of the American people


  25. Given Pence’s religious extremism and his attitudes to women he might feel a lot more at home living with the Taliban.

  26. i heard that court proceeding and was stunned. had to stop the video near the end because it had become so outrageous, and will finish it today. it is so clearly a trumputin move, throw pence to the wolves in order to save himself. it won't work, of course. both are going down, thankfully.

  27. Thia is a threat : : if TRUMP goes down, he will take PENCE with him thus making PELOSI president with resulting civil war. YES people, this is how TRUMP will MAGA

  28. Nixon tried the same thing… Throwing Agnew and Mitchell under the bus to distract attention from himself… It only hastened his demise. 😐

  29. I will try not to imagine I am Mike Pence, that would give me nightmares. Trump's lawyer are half right. Mike Pence can be indicted. The Constitution does not say the president can't be indicted, only a Justice Department memo written by the Justice Department in 1974 with a Justice Department full of Nixon appointees says he can't. That is an interpretation of the Constitution, not what it says. As far as I know a Justice Department memo is not legally binding. The Justice Department enforces laws, it doesn't make them. Until a court rules the president has immunity he doesn't have it. By the way Trump's lawyers should stop throwing Pence under the bus. The fact that Pence would be president is the best reason not to impeach Trump.

  30. If Trump is a Russian asset, he and Putin already have a game plan… including Mike Pence and all other close, loyal, Trump associates. We should be very aware and deeply concerned about what is going on that we can't see. Everything Trump has done and is doing could simply be a smokescreen for a bigger prize. I believe he could go down in history as the worst American president ever and the most successful Russian agent ever.

  31. This was always #StepfordHusband Pence's job as #Cuckservative* In Chief.
    He'll take the bus hit/bullet, but let's see if anyone wants it next. Maybe #HotTubTimeMachineSalesman Whitaker?

    * They like to watch & cheer Spanky screw their "wives" (professed values & ideals)… Then clean up the mess afterwards.

  32. mike pence, you may not grab for your own election, the treasure trump amassed for his : you could be out before trump is ineligible 🙂

  33. Rachel Maddow, you have zero credibility on anything. You’ve been wrong about everything. Why are you still here? MSNBC won’t last very much longer, but a little longer than CNN

  34. IMO, the GOP is trying to remove Mike Pence first. That way, the GOP senators would have a choice between Trump and Pelosi as President. This could be a gambit to allow Trump to be President for a longer period

  35. Pence is a scary dude when you really look at what he believes in. he’s definitely the most religious person to ever hold office that high

  36. Isnt it time to move onto the next nothing burger, or is the dem plan to have this hang over the preaidents head during the entire reelection campaign? It's so obvious that the dems know they cant defeat trump, so they turn to these fascistic tactics.

  37. It's fitting that a brown-noser like Pence should have his nose rubbed in the criminal enterprise he's been participating in.

  38. Does it not bother you guys that Hillary was directed to delete 33,000 emails after being told to turn them over.
    Does it not bother you the quick fix of Epstein who was trafficking young girls, but not only that trafficking Americans and his connections to scientists and Dr.
    Maybe not till you become their subjects, Epstein did belong to the military he did dirty work. His death was fake and he has his own trust money, and you journalist shouldn't even be journalist today.
    This country will die if journalist gives up the search for truth. You guys should ne working together in search of truth, not activist for who you think the better candidate is. So disappointed in America right now!!

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