Trump Lashes Out At Biden; Biden Leads Trump In Polls | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Trump Lashes Out At Biden; Biden Leads Trump In Polls | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Trump Lashes Out At Biden; Biden Leads Trump In Polls | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Excuse me Joe, and sidekick, I for one as an American citizen and a veteran would like to know if the vice president's office during Obama's decline of Americas era, Was using the office of the vice president for abuse of power for personal gain. Why is that so hard to understand? Even us little people like to know the truth.!

  2. Trump is the only Presidential candidate from either Party to recognize the sense of Blue Collar betrayal by both Repub and Dem Parties. The betray of ordinary working people is what they consider "the swamp"because they are tired of the endless promises made by both Dems and Repubs that result in no change whatever to their loss of middle class status both in income and possibilities of moving toward the American dream.

  3. stop saying that bernie sanders is a socialists — he is a democratic socialist which is very different from what you keep calling him.

    go listen to bernie’s podcast with Joe Rogan

    and listen to Richard Wolf explain different types of socialism

    stop smearing bernie sanders and stop associating him with socialism

    or will msnbc fire you guys if you dont smear bernie?

  4. Russia Russia Russia stormy stormy stormy Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine let's also mention new trade deal with Japan let's talk about USMCA trade deal democrats and lien schiff are a joke as soon as leadership from Ukraine dismissed the bs allegations and republicans called out bs from schiff on his lies and testimony because he met with him for hours so once that whistleblower got debunked as political bs it was now we have a second partisan bs whistleblower this is the same crap out of the kavenaugh play book lmao lmao what a joke and what the real truth is the democrats no our DOJ is about too prove too everyone what really happend in 2016 and let the indictments of wrong doing begin

  5. And Clinton had a 90% Chance of winning. Polls mean nothing. Biden has way too much dirt on him and fondles children on camera too many times to hide

  6. I agree with all the previous comments … Joe does Troll trump well … no one can get a word in when he's trolling someone …. lol

  7. Trump will be remembered as the winey, cry-baby, corrupt, always lying president who didn't know what he was doing. I can't wait to hear Obama burn Trump and drop the Mic again!

  8. No one with any intelligence who is not racist is going to vote for trump. He had to cheat to win the last time and trying to cheat again, why because he can't win unless he cheats.

  9. If it was an MSNBC poll, Sanders'name wouldn't even be shown. I saw the 'Bernie Rising' ad on YouTube, so I know where the MSM's land lies.

  10. I wish this was live so i could say shut up…just be quiet. Im not a trump supporter but i hate hearing arrogance.
    Give me a good ocean documentary so i can hear to the water, rather this one-sided option. This is supposed to be a reputable news infrastructure.
    Both fox news and msnbc aswell as all the rest of them talk garbage.

    This is called manipulation on both sides.

    Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    Are you actually legitimate journalist?: or is this just a real life show?

  11. You liberals are so desperate to believe these polls. It's utterly hysterical to me. What happened to the last 2016 poll that showed Hillary trouncing Trump? I love watching them try every dirty trick in the book to unseat this President who has done more for the American people in the short time he has been in office than Obama dd for eight years-and I vote for Obama! What really strikes me funny is how all of Trump's detractors highlight and point out his "tantrums", his "tweets", and so many other parts of his PERSONALITY. I don't care about his personality. I care about his POLICIES which have helped blacks and Hispanics to the lowest unemployment numbers in history, raised the median household income to $65,000, brought back MANY political prisoners from other countries, and countless other good things he has done, but what do the crybaby liberals talk about? His TWEETS! True Americans care about policies that help America and you people keep seeming to ignore all the wrongdoing on the Left side and you will never hear from bottom feeders CNN or MSNBC all of the good things Trump has done.That tells me that you are not INTERESTED in his policies; you only want to criticize his appearance or his speech. So shallow and ignorant.

  12. First of all, I totally believe that a company would pay someone $700k per year even though they have zero experience and a lingering drug addiction. This is totally feasible. To think that to suggest thatJoe Biden had anything to do with it is ludicrous. Since I am a card holding member of the Democratic Party, I am suggesting that this is a classic case of racism! #thats what we doing

  13. Biden is nothing but a low down, double dealing, backstabbing, larcenous perverted worm. I kind of hope the democrats win. Then when all your rights get taken away and you can no longer afford to put food on your table because your tax dollars will be going to feed illegals you'll have no one to blame but yourselves. Hopefully the right will act the same way the left did.

  14. Bullcrap Bullcrap and more Bullcrap from Democrats and the mainstream Globalist controlled media.

    Watch "Rachel Maddow Blames RUSSIA For Ukraine-Gate" on YouTube

    Watch "UKRAINE SCANDAL EXPLAINED: Chalkboard on DNC Collusion, Joe Biden, Soros, Trump & More" on YouTube

  15. Ukraine Scandal was created in 2014 by Comrades Obama/ Biden and Clinton when their Jewish Asst Secretary Victoria Nuland was approved to spend $5 Billion of the US taxpayers' money “to Subvert Ukraine" back into the Jewish hands of Communists Arsen Yatzenyuk, Petro Poroshenko, Volodymir Groysman, and currently Volodymir Zalensky. Ukrainian rebels were trained in Poland (NATO member), and the military coup in Ukraine took place.

  16. Look let’s face it. Joe Biden is corrupt. Politico had an article a while back with links to all different Biden family members who’ve made money throughout the time he’s in various offices. All because of the relationship with him. I vote mayor Pete because he is clean.

  17. Really? REALLY yall call this a poll… this just depends on where in Wisconsin they did this survey. In 2016 Trump got 1,405,284 while Hillary got 1,382,536 Yall celebrating over only this survey of 1,512 people!??!?!??!?! out of the 2,787,820 GOOD JOB NEWS

  18. Lemme say one thing; I used to work for the Field Pole. And questions, very often, are set up one after another, essentially asking the same question, but using different language, and people will contradict themselves. About, hmm….75%of the time. Which only means that people are easily swayed by certain language, or buzz-words. It's both distressing, and disappointing. This was in the late 90's. Now we have the internet, and the dissemination of a hornets nest of madness. Nothing makes sense. And poles don't mean diddly anymore.

  19. No one's afraid of Biden. Biden is a thief and a disgrace that is only running because he wants to avoid prosecution as a presidential candidate.

  20. Joe and Mika have lost their minds these two clowns are a joke

  21. Trump is not scared of a person that can't remember what he had for breakfast. There is corruption in politics and biden is a politician. js

  22. Any one of the top 3 Dems will be crushed by Trump. If that's the best they have to offer they have no choice but to continue with the character hits on Trump in hopes of taking away a large enough chunk of his voter base to skim by with a victory for one of their lame candidates.

  23. Dumb reporter he is not. He is fighting corruption. Your stupid democratic process is affecting the world. Let Trump focus on his duties in saving your country and the world in general from free world haters. By the way you guys did the same in 2016. Useless polls. Dumb dumber and dumbest reporters

  24. “Whiny baby” must be the phrase sent out to the “media” for the day. Enjoy your “polls” while you can.

  25. Lol these dorks are funny. Where does these polls come from anyways. Us real working Americans are at work so we haven't voted or helped his polls. I would never vote for dems or this geek Biden. He's not strong enough to run this country.

  26. Biden Pelosi and shiff the three stooges of Mercy the freaks can't get there way why don't you three go join Hilary dickory dock that lives under the rock

  27. Draining the swamp and the Biden family has been living in it for decades profiting off their position. Ukraine had already open the case even before Trump's phone call. Nice try sleepy Joe!


  29. Your wrong Biden president Trump he is a good president protecting this country by building the wall for people who are coming in illegally without papers. Many people who are citizens are suffering paying them for coming in and helping them. Refugees and immigrants get more money from our states then our citizens who are on Social Security disability and homeless who cannot get the help. Due to rent increase

  30. Hillary Clinton is evil by worshipping moloch and believe in children sacrifice. Killing children who are about too be born full-term. Killing innocent is evil.

  31. One way to STOP this same sort of madness from repeating again A 3rd time is to abolish the OBSOLETE & UNFAIR Electoral College system. America suffered horribly through 8 long years of W Bush. Now we have the worst and most unfit fake conman EVER! Let's choose all future Presidents w the POPULAR VOTE! Tell like minded friends to spread the word. * Check this fact filled site for all the info:

  32. Biden is a criminal who’s stolen money from Ukraine and China. Biden and his son are going to prison. Watch some alt news on YouTube and you’ll see his son and MIT Romney’s son sat on these boards in Ukraine and China and yes Biden had the prosecutor fired for investigating his son. I can’t believe they don’t cover this on here.

  33. Bernie Sanders leads Trump outside the margin of error even in Texas, received the most donations from the largest number of donors throughout the US. Morning Joe pushing corrupt corporate owned Sniffy Joe at expense of Americans. Corporate news has no regard for human life, profits before people, Joseph Goebbels contribution to society.

  34. The socialist apologist news media who keep saying there is no corruption in the Biden family remind me of a farmer who lives in the country who has a problem with his septic system so he hires a septic service to investigate it. The farmer has been around the smell of defecation (corruption) and stench (more corruption) for so long that when they pull the lid off of his septic tank he stands there and says, "I don't smell anything?" While everyone else is holding their noses and screaming "WOW DOES THIS THING STINK!"

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