Trump: Jury forewoman in Roger Stone case was ‘totally tainted’

Trump: Jury forewoman in Roger Stone case was ‘totally tainted’

100 thoughts on “Trump: Jury forewoman in Roger Stone case was ‘totally tainted’

  1. President Trump, I want to see some deep state people Jailed the republicans come up with all these lies that the left has committed but no justice! So I think you're a tiger with no teeth I'm starting to wonder about you.

  2. When the "judge" finds that the forewoman was "okay" and does nothing, Trump will have his excuse to pardon Stone. And I support that 100 percent.

  3. Trump is the best President ever…… Deamoncrats are the “do nothing” but hate and hoax epstein/oblama/clinton humiliation of the world.

  4. Where I live no one has to disclose who they vote for. It's a secret you can keep your whole life. Politics has nothing to do with what kind of performance I will do at my job. You are also not allowed to ask sexual preference or religion. The U.S. is one of the most behind countries in the world when it comes to being grown adults, reasonable people. The amount of money taxpayers pay for these jokes on humanity is ridiculous. Believe and look it up, your country is weeping.

  5. I thought one of the reasons all you guys like Trump was because he's supposedly tough on crime.

    Roger Stone had been convicted in a US court of lying, under oath, to Congress, colluding with Wikileaks and Russia to influence your vote n 2016, and threatening a witness, all felonies and very un-American, as I'm sure most of you would agree.

    And now he has been sentenced to 40 months in a federal prison for 7 felony convictions, a pretty light sentence considering what he was convicted for.

    So why do you think it's perfectly acceptable for Trump to recommend a lighter sentence for Stone, or any American for that matter, convicted of 7felonies, including Treason against the United States of America?

    That doesn't sound like being tough on crime to me. It sounds like Trump giving preferential treatment to one of his friends – a luxury you nor I would be afforded if we had been convicted of 7 felonies.

    Since you know I'm right – let's move on.

    It wasn't long ago when all of you wanted to put Hillary Clinton in jail for life for using a private server to send and receive unclassified emails.. the FBI and Republican Congress investigated her for over 2 years, wasting millions and millions of taxpayer dollars – and came up with nothing..Nada..Zero..Zilch

    But now you want us to believe that Roger Stone, a convicted traitor to the United States of America, deserves his freedom?

    The obvious hypocrisy is the reason Trumpers will never be more than a punchline of every joke told at every water cooler across America, including the water coolers in the House and Senate, where Congressional Republicans are also laughing – at you, not with you.

    Donald J Trump and his Band of Misfits – tough on crime – except when the felons were convicted of crimes while conspiring with Trump to commit other crimes.


  7. In the Stone trial, only the Obama-appointed judge did the jury selection. What a disgrace. How could the judge not notice what this woman had on her social media? Answer: The judge could not. The judge was willingly letting the jury be destroyed by this extremist 'forewoman'. These Obama-appointed judges are making a mockery of justice, they are making a mockery of the law, making a mockery of 2000 years of jurisprudence, a mockery of the Constitution and the rights of all US Citizens. FREE Roger Stone!

  8. You spend so much time hung up on yourself and NO TIME DOING YOUR JOB… get this guy outta here..I don’t care if a plant, dog, car, deer runs for President, Plant 2020..

  9. I'm sure just like those of us digitally de-personed in the tech gulags Trump will 'monitor the situation closely' rather than just giving him a presidential pardon. This is how he treats people who get him elected.

  10. Another one of Benedict Donald's criminal pals goes behind bars and the deranged cult still supports this criminal who gets off the hook because of an equally corrupt right wing senate

  11. I’d like to know if she was randomly notified to serve on that jury or if she was specifically placed on that jury!

  12. how did this person get on a jury , how did they become the voice of the jury , well lets ask the prosecutors , oh wait they quit the case and ran away fast , do you think they knew the gig was up , The judge is just as guilty , she knew and with the tweets during the trial , shoulda been a mistrial called by her , the judge need to be resigned and the prosc charge with jury tampering , funny cause one of stones charges is something of the sorts , imagine justice for only one side , now look at the history of the prosecutors in this case

  13. What the monsters in DC did to Roger is beyond infuriating. "Show me the man, I'll show you the crime." Disgusting Soviet show trial.

  14. The Republican establishment does not care about justice fir Roger Stone. Not do they care about free speech. Trump is being played by the likes of Miss Lindsey and Jared Kushner

  15. The DNC are like the men who wanted to stone that women caught in sin and the Holy Spirit is using Trump to write in the sand their misdeeds
    exposing their hypocracy to all.❌

  16. Obama sent the Ukrainians blankets and pillows, President Trump sent them Javelin missiles. Obama and his wingman Holder should be looking for places with no extradition. Hahaha…..

  17. It's funny how multiple things in life fall under this thing categorical storyline take a look at Oak Island they finally drained the swamp and as they dig deeper they find more ancient structures in play but are we really going to find and would it rather stay hidden I guess you don't know until you find out

  18. If nothing else, Bloomberg will become an American and leave the Socialist/democrat party. The ideology of socialism welfare state etc., appeals to people who have a heart, but as people get older and they have BRAINS the become conservatives and Republicans.Let us hope that in the future we continue to make decisions with our BRAINS and not with emotions/heart.

  19. They are also MAD at Roger Stone because of him being friends with "Alex Jones". They had no OTHER way of Silencing him other than to JAIL him.

  20. They talk about Roger Stone to cover the news in LA and San Francisco Homeless and poop everywhere. Inflated rent and drug epidemic coupled with no job opportunities. The policies they advocate disgned to fail is a cover up.

  21. Any attempts by Russia to influence can be reproduced by any western citizen because we have freedoms that persons can take advantage of…these guys are just poking the CIA to get a reaction…they don't care who wins the election…they just want to be a distraction…Trump is right they don't want to help him they just want to keep us all fighting against eitch other

  22. Odd that it doesn't't matter to Mr Trump that his Attorney General is completely biased in favour of the GOP. Surely, if a juror has to be neutral, so does the chief law officer in the land? (Whatever Mr trump says, he is not the chief law officer of the USA.)

  23. There was NO Russian collusion.
    So any cases stemming from that are void.
    If SNL tried to smear Roger Stone's character we know he must be a good man.

  24. Trump's summary is spot on. When we look at the crooked the Andrew Weissman hit team running the Mueller investigation, it's clear how corrupt the witch hunt was. Recall that Mueller couldnt heave speak coherently in his last hearing concerning his OWN report!!! Come on people, this is garbage. Time to Lock Up Crooked Weissman and all the rest of the swamp. A great outcome would be exoneration of at least Flynn and Stone, and then start locking up the real crooks staring with John Brennan, then Comey. Dont let Weissman off the hook either, he's a real bastard. All the rest is 'Mere Elaboration'! Bring it on!

  25. They have been friends for over 50 years. But President Trump is defending him because it's the RIGHT thing to do not because their friends.


  27. Socialist
    stupification process turns all that is proven to be common sense, morals,
    ethical and reality upside down. Paid UN peer group academics activists, are demanding
    the regulation tyranny ratification, of irrational false guilt lies. Threatening
    and demonizing, all those that don’t fall into line. These useful UN idiots don’t
    realize they are also included in the depopulation agenda

  28. If president Trump is making those comments about Roger Stone it’s a FACT that if Stone doesn’t get out of this mess he should have never been charged in any case he WILL receive a pardon and his speaking of Stone in that manner it’s a given….

  29. And the foreperson is nothing…that’s just so the members or the papers are in order date time etc and writes down or counts the votes so she has no power…

  30. I'm here to address something else the squad is what I want to respond to anyone and everyone in the United States of America is not from here except for the indigenous Indians you know reality they came from somewhere else instead of a later time and I am one who is truly grateful for this great nation and is very clear to see get the so-called five who are members of Congress do not see it that way and it is a shame and so they would be called the opposition opposing forces against this great nation just something to chew on

  31. And again President Trump to me is the all time greatest president in history this man really has feelings I never seen one president it has a kind of feelings ours does and I am grateful for that thank you Lord thank you President Trump

  32. Roger knows all Trumps illegal activity and if he doesn’t get him out of jail . Trump is always innocent never admits to wrong doing . He is perfect and makes my stomach turn I’m a flawed human but this man is possessed my satan and lies every time he opens his mouth

  33. It’s unfair!!! Look what the Swamp has done n the only one paying for it is The American Citizens who support our President Trump. Graham needs to do his job n hold these Crooks accountable.

  34. Are there no systems in place in our court system when there clearly appears to be an abuse of power by a judge who takes a defendant's first amendment rights away of being able to defend himself by placing a gag order on him over a lying charge, not a major felony? Shouldn't some other judges have stepped in and at least said: "Don't you think you're taking this way too far here? This man has never even committed a crime before?"

  35. He got convicted for crimes he committed. The comment section is confirming how stupid trump supporters are. Anything their beloved orange fart says is gospel to them.

  36. I hope Trump takes away Medicaid so all you Trumptards can die from your diabetes and your fatass diet.
    God bless the American diet.

  37. I understand Roger is a little nutty little eccentric little different. What I don't get is how a person can be sent to prison for talking little nutty. You can just talk yourself into prison by threatening someone's dog, which just sounded like Rogers dismay over the crazy situation that the dude put him in. That alone is explanation for why Roger is a bit nutty, but clearly functional. By trying to find some emails that the justice department says they don't care about. Maybe somethimg. Bad mark few days in the clink but 3yrs. Wth I think they're now trying to use Roger Stone for political gain. I think they new something would have to be done to make it just, and they're making the president do it. Because then they think they'll have a political gain. It's just crazy. The fbi should just run for office like every other Joe Smoze. Wait no not Joe we'll all be broke. Unbelievable
    Don't get me wrong. There's things people threats that will get a person thrown in prison. But it's just so crazy. Celebrities making threats. These people should kust shutup. They can run for office too, and their emotional sycophant followers with them. These people are idiots. Don't they see that change must be done carefully? Look at Iran and the middle east. All that mess is to much change too fast. To much info at once burns if you're not equipped to process it. It's like with anything there's a coordination level one must reach. The sha was very smart but he didn't quite get that. So sick of it the view and the crappy people. And this after it's improved all ready by like 75%. Smh hate being pissed about aah

    Knockem out Pres., but don't forget we're not British. Lol I get the spoils

  38. Trump is a Great Man, strong President and best thing to ever happen to American Politics! I am a big fan of his wife & son also. I truly hope he serves a second term.
    I also hope he helps Julian Assange ✨💚 The world Needs More men like that! Love from Australia.

  39. Roger Stone was a good man ! He shouldn't do 1 day in prison ! Very upset this is all because of misleading information not facts ! As Trump said ! This was a tainted jury ! This is a example of corruption on all levels ! Trump 2020 ! I back trump and Roger Stone same as Alex Jones ! All were attacked by insane leftist coup ! Never Again should this happen in America to Any Real American ! 👍🇺🇸🤔💪 The fire is hot so are real Americans of all military and alike that want true freedom to rise up ! And fight ! Fight, Fight !!!! 💪👍🇺🇸🍀 I'm a Veteran who's been standing by Trump day #1 ! 💪👍🇺🇸

  40. It is very uncanny that the President would take His time to care and defend Roger Stone! What a great President! Standing up again for the little Guy! Great Work President Trump!

  41. Jury Tampering. The President is engaged in Criminal Activities. Stone was indicted by a Grand Jury and Convicted by another Jury of his peers.

  42. The courts are corrupt they our owned by the capal . They don't go by the constitution they let evils ones run our streets. People had died and gone to jail because they did not side with the evil cappal

  43. Right the people in the jury should only be like people in this comment section. You know the type of person that would see trump punt a baby and tell him good job.

  44. Wow, no matter the outcome you Trump types go straight to conspiracy theories, lol…All you have is ad hominem or conspiracy, it is a factual desert in Trumpland. So now you can't trust a jury? So many with zero critical thoughts or research of their own, and are so quick to judge if it supports their world view. Alt facts are falsehoods not facts…

  45. Too stupid to know that jury members are allowed to have opinions? They are asked if they can put aside their beliefs and be impartial, not if they exist without opinions! I know–my father was a State Judge.

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