Trump Jokes About Killing Journalists

Trump Jokes About Killing Journalists

35 thoughts on “Trump Jokes About Killing Journalists

  1. Morons. Calling someone fake news is not censorship, nor is it an attack on the first amendment. Lefty rules are clear: "you can say anything you like, so long as you don't contradict me."

  2. Trump is the perverted lying fake. Fake hair, fake teeth, and the list goes on. That dumb moron said he was the head of his class, and he was NEVER on the dean's list anywhere. What's more he had his then lawyer, Cohen, to send a threatening letter to his schools to NEVER release his grades. He is just plain stupid, and he got into college because of who his family knew, and his daddy's money. All one has to do is listen to the fool, and know that he is stupid. Those people who called him a moron, are exactly right.

  3. Many communities have said they will hold a parade to celebrate when Trump dies. I want to be in that parade too. The entire world will be happy when that happens. If anyone can be possessed by demons, Trump is. He even looks evil!!

  4. How many of Trump's "best people" are headed to prison? That's where the perverted liar and traitor Trump should be. He has already told Russians classified information. Why do you think he is SO SCARED to have Mueller's findings made public. They-Trump and the criminal Republicans in congress- have already lied about him being exonerated Liar Trump has NOT been exonerated. Trump is a traitor, liar, pervert, criminal, and a DANGER TO AMERICA. LOCK HIM UP!!!!

  5. typical fake news !!

    nothing wrong in defending yourself – it’s called self defense !!

    happy 😃 pres. trump comes to the rescue !!

  6. You TYT are part of the scum that deteriorates American free speech. I don’t see YOU guys promoting it despite the heavy offensive you libtard Democrats do when you mob up to ambush all conservative speakers on college campuses.

    Riddle me this, how about you make a segment on how the libtard leftists engage our fellow conservative speakers at college campuses vs the reciprocal of that. I friggin dare you!


    Oh and as far as the fake news that Trump is against, I like that you at least don’t refute that it’s in fact FAKE! And as far as Trump wanting to address the ‘fake news’, yes, there SHOULD be consequences for slander on the media. Sue the hell out of them for ruining people’s lives! TYT you want to spew fake news like CNN to exercise your free speech? Go right ahead!

    MAGA 2020 baby, libtards like TYT are making the 2020 elections that much sweeter and perhaps even easier. Keep spewing your toddler valueless rants that hold no weight as you continuously make the weakest and saddest arguments.

  7. What atrocious and disgusting behavior, especially from someone occupying the White House as POTUS. GET HIM OUT!

  8. What a disgusting piece of work. How embarrassing is it that trump is the voice of the USA? If you voted for this chump I hope you spend the remainder of your years begging for forgiveness.

  9. If his father had not been wealthy president Donald Trump would be in jail. To be as hypocritical dishonest and insane in public you have to be a billionaire in the United states .

  10. FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!! NEWS!!! Just like my tan and my hair! They Lie about everything, just like I do about my business dealings, tax returns, IQ and stance on just about everything.

  11. Killing someone is a joke now? Wow! 21yrs in Military ( Ret) My life has changed forever! People need to really think what is in their head before they speak!

  12. A rational person agreeing with what’s best for the country should “nod their head up and down” gestures approval by applauding/”thumb up” for what’s right; and that same rational person, when being lied-to should shake their head from side to side…gesturing no, I do not agree because it isn’t in the best interest of my country…give a “thumb down”………and hit that lying bastard with a tomato! (huh?)

  13. Trump said he was a "Nationalist"…now that means NAZI. How many times has he called people ugly. I think he is uglier than any president in history. I mean UGLY in every sense of the word!

  14. See, I agree with you TYT, and you the facts are terrible enough. So why do you change "I would never kill" to "I probably would not kill"?

  15. GTFOOH YOU nasty piece of work! You call is FAKE NEWS because they tell the truth about you – the truth that you would like hidden in your fat panties. That is your FAKE NEWS. Same as Michael Cohen, is now a FRAUDSTER and a LIAR, because he stopped lying and covering your ass.

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