Trump: It’s a ‘fake whistleblower’

Trump: It’s a ‘fake whistleblower’

100 thoughts on “Trump: It’s a ‘fake whistleblower’

  1. How anyone can still support this man, after he has repeatedly attacked vets, decorated vets, particularly those who gave their lives for our country. This draft dodging coward… it’s despicable. He is despicable.

  2. TRUMP: what you're hearing and seeing is not what's happening
    From the Mueller report to the Ukraine investigations he will be incarcerated for the rest of his life so he have to fight for his freedom. All his appointees
    He appointed said he violated his oath. And the ones that defied the subpoena won't take the oath, because they will go to jail if they lie under Oath. If I defy a subpoena ill be incarcerated Congress is not doing they job
    Through the 🇺🇸 Constitution out the window because if don't mean nothing and let everybody run wild. Republicans party is the worst

  3. May the Lord God Almighty lead, protect and bless President Trump, who is the only President in favor of God's laws without fear.

  4. ??? … You f. .IDIOTS don´t need to look for a "whistleblower" but learn to READ.. And go look at (and READ it) the transcript that the WHITE HOUSE put out for the troubling call.. That orange idiot that can´t create a complex sentence obviously wanted to push a foreign leader to smear his political opponent with holding on to military aid that was approved by the SENATE of the USA. An that is based on your CONSTITUTION – a Quid Pro Quo . This man and the Republican party have to be paid by Russia otherwise i don´t understand how this is not an issue for them.

  5. Everything is FAKE with Conald J Dump… guess what… you call it "the impeachment hoax" … most america sees you as a BS President.. facing a real impeachment… BYE BYE TRUMP 2020

  6. "Best economy we ever had" isn't true. It's just a HOT economy. China has said that America is helping with the Jong Kong protests. China also said that China isn't ready for a deal.

    Donald J. Trump's Art of the Bribery #1 Best seller

    Mexico deal ( Bribery ) Migrant detention
    China deal ( Bribery ) Protests
    Ukraine deal ( Bribery ) Aid in exchange for Biden scandal

  7. There is something seriously wrong with the president. Let's hope he gets the professional help that he most desperately needs.

  8. If it is fake, why don't they stop trying to out him; and also try to bring him before the Senate. Why are they still pushing on the identity so much? We have already seen the testimonies. Trump did it again.

  9. Go ahead keep listening to Trump the pathological liar. He stated he would get rid of the national debt in 8 years and 3 years into his presidency America is 3 trillion dollars more in debt. Some stable genius. Trump is a con man.

  10. Those wimpy little do-nothing Berkeley anarchists ain't nothing compared to President Chaos and his supporters. President Anarchy's time is running out.

  11. I think Dem should get the impeachment going full force so dumpster Trump can not make any deals, nothing, done finished exile to Russia

  12. You can tell that most of these recent dem comments are mostly troll accounts. They're very desperate. Maybe they're Ukrainian bots. For example, there are many with just initials for icons. You can see that their channels have no content. Pathetic.

  13. Trump is Putin's Puppet.
    That's what all these Republicans that love investigations should really be investigating.
    Follow the money…

  14. constant failures for our corrupt polluted dishonest disgraced democrat blunders to try and pressure intimidate impress and totally reliant on the intern impeached institutional egos and scared rejected punishable criminal ford flopped clinton scam excuses. its always the same, pathetic scared 'protected' criminal cowards unable to convince, and the president responding to their 'resistance'. lol.

  15. Whistblower don' exis' man. Made up dem story agin'… My best guess. I do not see how these dems can look themselves in the mirror in the morning.

  16. President Trump, be not distracted by the House-Demorats illegal impeachment bullsnort. The senate will shove that evil up their buttholes.

    President Trump, you are doing an incredibly good job, I am so proud of you regarding so many issues…successfully handled so far. Yet still, there is much much more to do regarding others. FIRST,…do the easiest action for you to trigger:

    Chem Trails…🔔🔔🔔🔔 Destructively, they are drastically altering our weather patterns, causing floods, fire, for more than 25 years, now🔎🔎🔎🔎 Damaging our food chain. 🤮🤮🤮🤮 causing billions of private wealth loss, and also huge infrastructure losses. ☠️☠️☠️☠️ No justification.

    Just today, I look skyward and see, at noon time, the jet-planes evolvement of eight or nine Chem Trails. Why did you let them get off the ground? Is there anything easier than to keep them from becoming airborne? DO IT!

  17. I heard that Nancy told the Russians that government workers can't make it two weeks without getting paid and are easy targets for the Russians. We should make her president.

  18. Hillary broke way more laws than Trump but she was never on trial for anything. Didn’t it come out the DNC were the initial funders of the Russia investigation?

  19. she asks, "why won't you fire him Mr. President?" That's what the resistance want from the WH to do, is to add more fuel to the fire. SMH

  20. What do we learn by Trump "winning" the Presidency ? That any Clown Republican Bullyer, Woman Abuser, Crook, Compulsive Liar, Cheater, Racist, Narcissist, Ignorant, Arrogant Individual , can be President of the United States .

  21. I'd have stopped her RIGHT THERE and said "this is how fake news starts: How do you KNOW there IS a whistleblower? You can't …so don't tell me "he's still in your White House.." You just assumed that and now you're going to imply I'm stupid for not doing something about it.. So basically, lady, you're a piece of dishonest garbage and we're going to pull your press pass.

  22. “What’s that? The emergency call was a fake? Ok, we’ll just ignore this burning house then.”

    The whistleblowers were real & have been made irrelevant by the massive amount of PROOF that Trump is guilty.

    Trump 2020 – 20 for treason, 20 for obstruction

  23. What a very STUPID question from a so-called journalist…do u even know the whistleblower? Coz SHEETY schiff doesn’t want the world to know,maybe he/she is just another made up person 🤪🤣😜

  24. The impeachment is indeed working quite well… As a matter of fact, Don the Con will become only the 3rd President in US history to be impeached 😎😎😎 Just another accomplishment to add to his resume: 6 bankruptcies, declared losses of over 1 billion dollars, numerous failed business ventures, bankrupted casino's, foundation shut down for fraud, university shut down for fraud, impeached by the House of Representatives 😎 But of course in the alternate reality that braindead Trumptards live in, those are all considered wins 🤪🤪🤪

  25. We don’t and should not know who the whistleblower is. To correct you all, the White House held this information until head of intelligence released it to congress. Good grief, I am done. Good luck boys, whistleblower remains a mystery as it should be.

  26. LIAR LIAR LIAR.. the economy is NOT the best we've ever had .. and the whistle blowers compliant was verified by numerous witnesses//

  27. Trump I thought you are a anticommunist, but it looks like you are an evil worshiper, a weak and selfish little man who cares more for your personal interests than common human value and freedom. Why dont you have the guts to say Xi is fascist, and Xi is a devil for Chinese and his trying to spread evil CCP ideology to the world. Have some spine you old man. You will never be Reagan. You are too low. You deserve to be impeached because you are a CCP sympathizer, you try to make a deal with Devil? You will never win!

  28. Twitter Troll tRump is not concerned because he is delusional. tRump and faux news are detached from reality. Im🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑
    The biggest hoax was you being elected potus.

  29. You got to ask yourself: Can you abuse your presidential power to stay in office? If yes, you can continue to support Trump.

  30. You know that reporter she is absolutely right trumpster fire them because they still are under his administration and Trump can fire pelosi he can have her impeach he can have Adam Schiff impeach he can fire whoever he wants to fire them all mr. Trump fire them then have them arrested and charged with treason

  31. Just shows how far fox is up Trump's arse he thinks he is the reason for any success they have. Surely this should be where FOX NEWS takes a stand concerning their credibility, are they puppets for Trump or a news channel. Seems funny Trump's always talking about fake news and it's fox that's spreading it apart from a couple of people that still have integrity and actually report on facts

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