Trump Imposes Sanctions on Iran's Supreme Leader

Trump Imposes Sanctions on Iran's Supreme Leader

today's action follows a series of aggressive behaviors by the Iranian regime in recent weeks including shooting down of us roads as you shut down the drone that's I guess everyone saw that one and many other things they've done many other things aside from the individual drone you saw the tankers and we know of other things that were done also which were not good and not appropriate the Supreme Leader of Iran is one who ultimately is responsible for the hostile conduct of the regime he's respected within his country his office oversees the regime's most brutal instruments including the Islamic Revolutionary Guard for sanctions imposed through the executive order that I'm about to sign will deny the Supreme Leader and the Supreme Leader's office and those closely affiliated with him and the office access to key financial resources and support the assets of Ayatollah Khomeini and his office will not be spared from the sanctions these measures represent a strong and proportionate response to Iran's increasingly provocative actions we will continue to increase pressure on terrorists until the regime abandons its dangerous activities and its aspirations including the pursuit of nuclear weapons increased enrichment of uranium development of ballistic missiles engagement in and support for terrorism fuelling of foreign conflicts and belligerent acts directed against the United States and its allies the agreement that was signed was a disaster it was not doing what it was supposed to do many bad things were taking place and most importantly it was so short-term that within a very short number of years they would be able to make nuclear weapons and that's unacceptable never can Iran have a nuclear weapon also included in this is we want the stoppage immediately of their sponsoring of terrorism they sponsor terrorism at a level that nobody has ever seen before and that's been over the last number of years and they've taken all of that money that was given to them by the past administration and much of it was given out to terrorist organizations in fact I remember when John Kerry was asked a question about whether or not this money will be spent for terror he actually said yes or at least he was referring to some of it but he said yes it will be it will be used for terror which if you can believe that we give it a money we're saying yes it can be used for terror that was not a good answer but that was the least of it frankly so America is a peace-loving nation we do not seek conflict with Iran or any other country I look forward to the day when sanctions can be finally lifted and Iran can become a peaceful prosperous and productive nation that can go very quickly it can be tomorrow it could also be in years from now so I look forward to discussing whatever I have to discuss with anybody that wants to speak in the meantime who knows what's going to happen I can only tell you we cannot ever let Iran have a nuclear weapon and it won't happen

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  1. “They are able to make nuclear weapons and that is unacceptable”

    I think it’s unacceptable that you are in power and it’s unacceptable that America has nukes. Fucking dumbass

  2. I hope that the Islamic regime will be destroyed soon and we Iranians can return to our good days and make progress like you Americans.Iran is led by thieves and liars. You have no idea of the misery of the Iranian people. The only progress that we've had in the past 40 years is military progress. The situation of education and work and economics are catastrophic. for example most people in Iran are riding a "Pride car"which has low safety and many people die every day Because of it . You American people are not grateful for what you have and making fun of your President for one mistake!!!

  3. Please enumerate the sanctions!!! Ayatollah cannot have sex…. Ayatollah cannot eat beef… Ayatollah cannot grow his beard… Ayatollah needs to be vegan…
    Ayatollah needs to drink poison…

    i want moreeeee

  4. Trump is a joke, claiming Iran has been hostile. Is not Trump the one being hostile by breaking America's word and tearing up a legal agreement, then starving the people slowly to death with sanctions while saying he "cares" about them. No wonder the Iranian leader called him a knucklehead. And why is Trump claiming Iran is terrorist when USA is the one that attacked Iraq on the basis of a "known" lie, destroying a country and killing hundreds of thousands of Iraq citizens.

  5. The usa has never defeated the chin, every war the americans left humiliated with the chin, the Turkish Brigade saved the UN Forces from defeat and the american 8th and 7th corp from encirclement, 56, 000 Turkish Mehmetciks took part in the korean war, were the real heroes of the korean war, the only UN Nation to received two citations.
    Gen Mcarthur called the turkish brigade " The Heroes of Heroes"

  6. Iran will never seek nuclear weapons, why is Israel so scared when they have 300 nuclear warheads, iran has no nukes, why cant the zionists leave iran alone, iran been the victim of 40 years of sanctions, why? Alhamdillah America has become the worlds tyrant, killing millions of Muslims through wars and sanctions. The biggest Satan in the world is America and Britain, its their bombs killing Yemeni kids indiscriminately. Where the Worlds Justice? The jews lost 6million in the Holocaust, the Muslims has lost more than six million. At the hands of americans.

  7. ★★★President Donald Trump is a very shrewd politician. To win the American Presidential elections for a second term in 2020, Trump wants to destroy Iran's nuclear stockpiles. He will CERTAINLY launch a sudden surprise attack soon on Iran's nuclear plants after disabling Iran's communications by cyber warfare, so that Iran's radars won't detect American drones, fighter planes and missiles that bomb Iran's nuclear plants and kill their top nuclear scientists.
    ★★The world should get prepared for paying double and even treble the prices they pay now for petrol, which will benefit USA, as it has become a large exporter of petrol. High oil prices will benefit the Americans enormously, which can make Donald Trump so popular among the American voters that he can easily win the elections in 2020 with a massive majority to become the American President for a second term.

  8. its so funny to think of sanctions for iran leader 😂 u think he is like some arab leaders who own wealth and r bothered about their bank accounts???? 😂 How ignorant u r! 😂 I wonder wether u even kno that iran leader is not named Khomeini, he is Khamenei , these 2 names are totally different!

  9. Maragh bar hameh mullayan sheytaneem dar Iran !
    Best President !!!👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸 BOOM !!
    No more 0bama & Kerry , Dem punk @§§ traitors !
    Ripp the mullahs a MOAB !!!

  10. TRUMP sponsors terrorism every day with his BILLION DOLLAR ARMS deals with the SAUDIS he just can't give up !! And his HOTEL over there ..hes using the WHITE house to make money 💰 why would he need a salary he made 100 MILLION last year …which is ILLEGAL 🚫 but who cares right

  11. Mentally RETARDED TRUMP ..he got that right ! ..We have paid 22 BILLION so far with his TARIFFS ! And the economy is great HOW ???

    #MAGA #2020

  13. USA entered in Gulf crises for safe guard of its allies KSA, UAE * Israel, it is pity the situation anything of madness destroyed its allies KSA, UAE * Israel. USA has to be given reply for its mischief argon ,USA gone on back foot.(Time now changed “Every day is not Sunday”) USA got angry and deputed Marine Air craft Carrier alongwith thousands solders. Avoid Boots on any soil is dangerous USA will suffer more than ever it seems appreciable in war films, use as usual war instruments such as “”Threaten for Regime change or Bribe/ Fear & Interest” with the help of sleeper cells, cyber attack, IMF, World Bank,ISIS, social boycott, Air strike create dispute in public for general strike to justify UN intervention,but guarantee for safety of Air flee, safety of his allies including Israel.

  14. US is in retreat and all of these shows are to save-face.

    If you are familiar with Game Theory, you should know how these things work. Iran's strategy was second-strike and retaliation, then reached deterrence strategy with first-strike and finally since about 8 years ago based on what IRGC claims, Iran's strategy against US has been preemptive. In deterrence doctrine we have 4 main issues.

    1- Balance of terror: To be able to scare your enemy!
    2- Flexible response: In case of an enemy action, having the ability to choose from a wide array of different responses.
    3- Big Retaliation/pay back: Being able to respond to an enemy action exponentially bigger.
    4- Total war: Being able to drag the situation or escalate to total annihilation or total war

    Now many years ago, Iran achieved capability in these 4. So Iran is very scary in the eyes of its enemies in various ways! It has the ability to respond very flexibly and thus able to greatly surprise its enemy. Can retaliate with a bigger response against every enemy action. Can easily expand the conflict to world war!

    For example some argue Iran does not have nuclear weapons, Iran has indigenous radars that can detect a nuclear armed Jericho missile launch from Israel, Iran then can launch a barrage of highly accurate advanced Dezful missiles to take out Dimona within 7 minutes from Iranian land. Or even better Hezbollah could do it up close. Perhaps Israel would experience a nuclear explosion earlier than Iran even though they launch first! This is a sure deterrence. Do I need to mention the NATO Turkey hosting some US nuclear missiles? Same missile can hit US bases in Turkey too, that base though is not under USCENTCOM.

    Take Pakistan as an example, it has nuclear weapons but what is the benefit? there are more than ~340 cases of US drone attacks, with high collateral damage in Pakistan, often hitting Wedding parties, now compare to Iran, has no nuclear weapons but captures RQ170, has the biggest collection destroyed or captured US and Israel drones in the world! A Global Hawk dawned for the first time in the world in a very high altitude. What is the point of actually maintaining an arsenal of nuclear weapons? Specially considering that if you really wanted you could make them quickly and besides you already have conventional deterrence for enemy nuclear weapons!

    It is essential to understand that Iran does not need to fight a classic war, number of aircraft carriers, number of tanks, number of fighter jets, etc… mean nothing when Iran can fight asymmetrically. IRGC have said on multiple occasions that when US aircraft carriers leave the region, only then you can be afraid some war could happen, because really these big and slow targets are just opportunity for Iranian missiles. IRGC's main strategy in case of total war is to inflict great number of causalities on Americans, air-craft carriers and US bases in 30 or more countries around Iran. Has warned every country hosting US forces that will be attacked.

    IRGC not only can easily close Strait of Hormuz but already has plans to close strait of Bab Al Mandab too, not to mention on the other end the Suez Canal. All regional oil pipelines and refineries go up in flames too. Hoothis of Yemen can do these things as they have shown! Iran just need to arm them with more advanced Iranian missiles. When Iran hit ISIS with 6 missiles accurately, the main message was for US and Israel!

    So as you see main strength of Iran is missiles, without its very wide array of deadly and accurate missiles and locally made various radars. It would probably be much weaker. That is why Iran has developed vast underground missile cities with tunnels under the mountains and launch silos. Iran also recently achieved submarine launch capability.

    The whole world said Bashar Assad must go, Iran's supreme leader said we will defend and support anyone who is against Zionists no matter what is his ideology or religion! Assad is still in power! What do you call this? A Miracle? Professionalism? Photoshop?!

  15. This psycho should be in a Psychiatric hospital not in the white house, he's playing with fire and could start another stupid war..why because of Iranian oil..

  16. Trump is ALL TALK. He does not follow through on what he promises. He is a coward plain and simple.

  17. I can't wait until America vote his ass out of office. And, out of all the presidents that have been assassinated , he should have been one of them

  18. Khomeni, the old supreme leader died back when Reagan was president.
    Does Trump have any clue at all what is going on?

  19. Prediction ! America would create an umbrella before attacking on Iran. If, America must wanna do so…

  20. Seems kind of stupid, like he could really affect Iran's supreme leader. America doesn't control everything. This is just hype from a stupid man for his stupid supporters

  21. Trump is a deceiving and lying piece of shit. Taking us into another war. HE STARTED THIS BY TAKING BACK AN AGREEMENT WE MADE WITH IRAN!!!! INSTIGATOR. LIAR…. ASSHOLE

  22. British newspaper Daily Mail
     Iran ‘REVOLUTION IS COMING’ as  100,000 rush to streets chanting ‘DEATH to dictator’

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