Trump has Called For A White House Social Media Censorship Forum

Trump has Called For A White House Social Media Censorship Forum

we got a few different stories for this segment but the most important breaking news the White House is calling a social media summit move comes as Facebook and Google are under attack in Washington Trump claims sites are biased against him he would be correct for the most part and I want to stress for those that didn't see my earlier video the point I want to make sure is very clear there are employees at many of these companies that lean left for the most part right and there's obviously conservatives or for these companies there's lawsuits about this they don't realize they're biased for the most part some of them do some of them are overt but some people think they're being moderate by banning conservatives because they think the far left is the center so let's not take them at their word actions speak louder than words and let's look at the evidence an email leaked from Veritas statements from employees and a whistleblower from in the company make it clear as day certain functions mechanics within the company Google Facebook otherwise are biased against conservatives period well following this there will be a White House social media summit on July 11th aiming to have a robust conversation about online platforms a time when they are under increasing attack hears we're gonna do for those who have been following it was recently made clear that my videos no longer get the same kind of recommendations they used to it's a complicated problem but suffice it to say new subscribers are going to see my videos less when watching content on YouTube you know what fine YouTube doesn't have to recommend my videos this way they still do recommend my content but in other ways so you know what go to Tim Kass calm Sly Stone if you want to support my work monthly donation option crypto physical address ferret many many options most importantly if you like this video and feel like I do a good job please consider sharing it because I'm now going to rely on you and not YouTube to do the promotion if that if that works for you if not then so be it I don't deserve the views anyway I'm gonna keep doing my thing and let's start my reading the story and a couple other funny political stories and some other big news too I just give you a heads up Trump bought the YouTube masthead for tonight's debate this is huge we'll get to that in a second though White House confirmation of the summit came after President Trump dialed up his criticism of tech companies on Wednesday he said in an interview on Fox Business Network that online giants such as Google and Facebook are trying to rig the election while Twitter Inc is making it harder for users to follow him the administration move appears to suggest the White House and its Republican allies will make alleged anti conservative bias a major issue heading into the 2020 election as they did in 2018 please please I appreciate it Wall Street Journal I think you do a good job but alleged bias you've got employees saying this there is a video from from last September of Google co-founder saying I am offended by this election that's not alleged anti conservative bias that's literal video evidence of them being biased against conservatives if you want to talk specifically about alleged policy bias and argue that their actions their their personal feelings don't impact their policy okay you can make the argument I still don't believe it but we're not talking about an alleged nd conservative bias we're talking about employees straight up over and over and over again saying this it is not alleged anymore it is a fact period saying there's a bias issue in a 20/20 right the online companies have denied accusations they try to suppress conservative speech but conservatives continue to raise concerns on the big platforms ability to influence how content is consumed on the Internet they make it much harder for me to get out the message truck told Fox Business these people are all Democrats it's totally biased towards Democrats big tech companies are also under growing pressure in Washington over concerns about their size and reach the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission recently took steps that set the stage for possible antitrust investigations of some major tech businesses including alphabet Inc unit Google and Facebook a White House spokesman said Wednesday that the July 11th event will bring together digital leaders for a robust conversation on the opportunities and challenges of today's online environment good first step glad to see something is happening will it solve any problems I really don't know obviously Trump is aware of this he's mentioned it Trump jr. has tweeted about it the story is huge and it's being still even though it's getting mentions now because of Trump it's still being very like fairly it's being emitted right the media is not getting into the nitty-gritty on what's happening here with his bias left-wing outlets have confirmed this yet I guess they they're mad the cats out of the bag Gizmodo it's my understanding broke the story about facebook ban getting rid of conservative news and the verge covered Sergey Brin saying the election offended him and that Trump voters don't hold his values that's bias period okay can we move on from here I've got two funny social media stories this one is huge we're doing a social media segment near acronym tweeted huge ahead of the democratic debate tonight real Donald Trump purchased the YouTube masthead one of the most expensive digital ad buys on the market more people will see this ad placement than we'll catch tonight's debate Trump is a madman maybe not him but his people know the game so I'm surprised they haven't taken action on social media censorship earlier his team knows full well masthead this is ridiculous listen Google is one thing you go to Google there's no ads you type in a search you get ads related at searched you go to and the first two videos you see our donald trump's reelection campaign so they're not they're not ignorant to how social media is used to effectively like prop up their campaign this is an amazing example in my opinion of Trump and his campaign having real internet savvy here's the thing conservatives understand memes period some of the best memes have been generated by the Donald a subreddit that's a fact there was a the most prolific memes were being generated by 4chan and the Donald that's how it's always been these are meme Smith's it's what and in fact one of the greatest memes myths today is carpe Noctem I'm not saying yet the like his memes I'm saying they are far and wide shared by the president some of the most popular memes ever made they're funny little snippet videos that convey ideas and conservatives get this the left can't mean they really can't and this presents a huge disadvantage for Democrats going into 2020 and for 2016 as well so long as you have the fun counterculture comedy humor etc on the right the left won't hack it there are some personalities on the left that I think do a great job I think H bomber guy is pretty funny and I think contra points is pretty funny they're not meant to be funny they have funny moments and I like their content so I can respect that too and that is a powerful tool for spreading their message fun seriously if you're not having fun nobody wants to hang out with you so this is a good example the mass has a really great example of the just once again conservatives understanding the savvy of the Internet they need to get on top of the bias otherwise they're doomed but now for the inverse quite possibly the most insane thing I've ever seen attempted and this shows the left can't mean kind of Bill DeBlasio tweeted lucky to have the talented debater Dante de Blasio helping me to get ready for Wednesday and what do we have here why it's a series of messages shared between a bill de blasio and his son Dante and I swear to God it was written by one person in a 22 year old intern who doesn't know how humans interact with each other this is the problem the left has with winning elections right now so let's read a little bit of this I don't want to it's the whole thing's nonsense Dante is from Bill Dante the debates coming up I'm preparing intensely but I must admit I'm a little nervous what advice would you have for me question mark thanks love you dad hey dad I'm glad you asked I've got a few ideas first of all you're going to want to establish credibility especially among skeptical young voters tell them the story of how you met mom while working as a young staffer at City Hall and weave it into a reflection about how hard it is to find like the one on tinder find like the one okay okay Joe Cortez okay but I'm looking for maybe a little more universal message ah okay well at a time of unprecedented one thing we can all agree on our dogs you're going to want to build your platform and debate performance around them bring photos better yet bring a litter of puppies to the debate stage have them smother your foes it'll be adorbs adorbs I always text my dad that's totes adorbs like you know what I mean I would be willing to bet a substantial amount of money this script was written by a woman and I'm not saying that to be a dick or disparage women I'm saying that I really don't see a dude saying adorbs maybe I'm wrong it's gonna be really funny when it turns out it's true and they really did write this and they're just weirdos that is definitely a creative approach but how about something that allows me to stand out by talking about my accomplishments I need to impress the American people by showing them I'm a can-do guy oh okay in that case tell people that NYC was just Staten Island when you started your first term hmm well why don't we always in that there's another message he said wait wait wait hold on he says why don't we focus on technique instead you were a champion debater tell me how I can rely I can really make my presidents my presence felt on the stage okay I hear you this one's a sure thing dunk I'm thinking you enter the stage at a jog and do a Zion leap over the moderator to the rim total power move relatedly it would be great if you could clarify some of these NBA trade rumors because I for one am confused well that certainly would get attention let me think about it of course just to make sure you don't over think it make sure your message is straightforward talk about your accomplishments and treat your opponents with respect you'll do great thanks coach love you no problem love you first point I want to make about how insane this is punctuation perfect nobody uses punctuation when they're texting each other this is a lie it's a fraud I say Bill DeBlasio you do not understand social media or memes and this reads like a terrible script written in ten minutes not by you like first of all where's any of the common shorthand and why would they be texting themselves this anyway wouldn't he just be like Dante do you have a minute to talk about the debate could use your advice then phone call and good luck dad wishing you the best who talks to there so I'll say this if this is real the de Blasio's are weird Stepford Wives like people that are there for the robots okay I think you get it the point is Trump knows the game the left doesn't the left is losing on social media so they ban people there's a siren outside right now so I'll end it here stick around more segments to come and I will see you shortly you

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  1. My texts are grammatically correct, my spelling is correct, my punctuation is correct and I always spell out all of my words. Oh, and I loathe emojis.

  2. There is a siren outside? They are robots? did you just call them NPCs? HATECRIME!

    Ya almost went lispy queer Tim. Better watch yourself. She can be a dude if she wants…

  3. Tim, have you heard that NBC turned off Andrew Yangs 🎤 during the debates?! What kind of shady business is that? I hope you cover it. ✌🏻🤖

  4. I got a new Vizio TV and I swear all loaded content aims towards the left. For crying out loud they have the Young Turks on there! And everything is gay pride this, and gay pride that. I can't use any of the free channels! Absolute garbage.

  5. you thought Nazis were bad Google execs are Nazis on soy they will make it mandatory to be cucks or no bank account no job no house food think I'm joking they already have elections in their pocket they're taking over American currency

  6. Tim, I NEVER saw his ad on Youtube and I was on it most of the day. Looks like they took the $$ and used bots to use up all the allotted "views" so that barely anyone would see it.

  7. Hey Tim! They are ratcheting up the throttling. I no longer get your videos recommended in my home screen. Have to look for them in my subscribed feed and even then they often won't show them until the next day.

  8. I didn't catch one spelling error or short hand text. Feels like I was reading a writing assignment that would be graded by the teacher, and the only grade you could get was an A+ .

  9. Pick a side TIM! ITS TIME TO PICK A SIDE.
    This 4sskissing towards leftists is lame.
    Pick a damn side and stay with it. LoL

  10. Dump the electoral vote and use on line media to win the popular vote and the white house…thats the game…..

  11. that script was written by a woman who thinks she knows how men interact with each other. No man, gay or straight, would say "adorbs" to his dad or suggest you bring puppies to a debate.

  12. Could you imagine the shit show if Tucker Carlson was a hard on Google for election meddling as Rachel Maddow was in Russia meddling in elections?

  13. I picked a random word from the dictionary (supine) then googled it:

    You want to know Google’s example given in a sentence?

    “Supine in the face of racial injustice .”

    I mean, damn… Everything’s been thrown in the wash…

  14. my texts and emails sound like that, but I'm in construction management where we need to be professional dealing with investors and clients.

  15. How dare you call me no one! >.<
    I use punctuation when I text, in order to get the message across less ambiguously. =)

  16. I text with proper punctuation. I’ve literally never seen anyone else in my life it. Not even my 80 year old parents.

  17. Contra Points says I'm a naze because I said I wasn't a naze. And he doesn't want nazes watching her so I dont out of respect.

  18. The Demo-cats can't buy us with their dog-lover drivel.
    We Re-pup-licans know better than that! WE are the true lovers of dogs!
    Earn your treats! Free treats are NOT a canine right!
    10:00 – Actually Tim…I use punctuation when I text. Maybe THAT'S why I can't get a date.

  19. Excuse you, Tim. I am offended!

    I use perfect grammar, including capitalization and punctuation, in any form of typing. I refuse to sink to the level of doing anything less. No, I'm not old. I'm a Millennial. I grew up on the Internet and type 130wpm. I don't need to skip punctuation. It's just a thing I automatically do.

    People who don't use proper grammar in texts are trash.

  20. He trolled them so bad twitter made a new rule to try and block him lmao they know they are going to lose for another four years lmao it's GREAT!

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