Trump Gets Political Value Propagating Narrative He's At War With ‘Deep State’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Trump Gets Political Value Propagating Narrative He's At War With ‘Deep State’ | Deadline | MSNBC

in an era when information is scarce about the exact motivation behind the Trump campaigns 140 plus contacts with Russians as chronicled in the mullah report Donald Trump did his part last night to fill in some of the blanks offering a window into why his lawyers never wanted him to sit for an interview with Robert Muller Donald Trump spilled the beans saying that you don't call the FBI if a foreign government tries to aid your campaign dining-out every member of Congress who he claims does this all the time calling his own hand-picked FBI director wrong for saying that any campaign offered dirt on an opponent from Russia should call the FBI and making abundantly clear to the entire world that if Russia is still listening or anyone else for that matter the door to his office is wide open in 2020 and he's ready to talk and listen to any foreign power willing to help the politically weakened and historically unpopular president here's some of that extraordinary interview of Donald Trump from ABC's George Stephanopoulos okay let's put yourself in a position you're a congressman somebody comes up and says hey I have information on your opponent do you call the FBI I don't think I mean from the night one you do I've seen a lot of things over in my life I don't think in my whole life I've ever called the FBI in my whole life I don't you don't call the FBI you throw somebody out of your office you do whatever Gore got a stolen briefing book he called the FBI well that's different to stolen briefing book this is under stuff this is somebody that said we have information on your opponent oh let me call the FBI give me a break life doesn't work that well director says that's what should happen the FBI director is wrong your campaign this time around if foreigners if Russia if China if someone else offers you information an opponent should they accept it or should they call the FBI I think maybe you do both I think you might want to listen I don't there's nothing wrong with listening if somebody called from a country Norway we have information on your opponent oh I think I'd want to hear if you want that kind of interference in our elections it's not an interference they have information I think I'd take it I think I'd take it joining us now former acting director and former deputy director of the FBI and Jim McCabe just your your reaction your thoughts to what we just played you know it's incredible Nicole it's it really lays bare exactly what the president was likely thinking as a candidate it's just I'm it's I'm struck as to where to even start his comments that you don't call the FBI actually you do if you care about the safety and security of this country if you care about the integrity of our electoral system you do call the FBI because that's what the FBI does and getting information like that from a candidate who's received any sort of outreach from a foreign power is incredibly powerful investigative leads for the bureau as they try to keep our country safe from that sort of influence I want to talk to you about what it must be like at the FBI today a building where you worked an agency you served much of your career the the commander in chief who sits atop the chain of command at the executive branch called the director wrong essentially emasculating him undermining his authority I want to get to Chris right in a second but what's that how does that land for the men and women of the FBI you know it's a tough blow at the end of what's been a tough couple of years imagine you are an FBI agent or an analyst or someone who works in the counterintelligence division and you have spent your entire career dedicated to unwinding and deconstructing what the Russians are doing at any given moment to try to sow division in this court in this country that is hard and stressful work and the people who do it should be commended and protected to Saudi so for them to hear the President of the United States say that their director is wrong those men and women know their director is not wrong and they also know that the president is so what does Christopher Ray do today Andy you know that's a great question to call I have always thought that anyone who works in this administration and maintains any level of integrity and commitment to their values and commitment to their oath will at some point find themselves in a conflict with the President of the United States that day may very well have come for Christopher Rea it will be very interesting to see how how he handles it I'm not sure that there is a careful easy keep your head down way to address this this blatant conflict between the agency and its righteous mission and this misdirection that they've received from the President of the United States and I guess I want to put Chris Rea in the spotlight because he he is now the third director of the FBI under this president to be smeared and undermined by him Jim call me who was asked to see to it to let Mike Flynn go and then was fired under the auspices of a Rosenstein memo that turned out not to be what was on Donald Trump's mind out the door you served in that job smeared maligned by this president out the door Viet via Twitter I've had ADD and now his third person to act in that role called flat wrong on national television for simply articulating in testimony on Capitol Hill with the laws of the land arm yeah you know and as I've said that time may be coming for Chris to determine you know how forcefully he is going to reiterate for his people internally look this is our mission this is what we do we follow the law and any any steps that he takes in that direction hold him up in direct contrast to the comments of the president I think Chris is a person of integrity I think he's it was a smart careful guy I know he's probably thinking about this very deeply today but it is hard to imagine running an institution like the FBI and not finding yourself in a stark conflict with President Trump at some point I want to go back in time to something you said when you run this program when your book came out you revealed here that you opened a full field investigation into Donald Trump around questions of whether the act of firing Jim call me wasn't just potentially obstructing obstructive but whether it was also potentially part of a conspiracy with Russia I want to know if what you heard from Donald Trump in that interview with George Stephanopoulos was the kind of mindset the kind of conduct that raised your antenna in the first place well it is nikole as you know the standard for opening our case is when we have information that might indicate that if that a threat to national security might it might exist or that a federal crime may have been committed and so in that time in May of 2017 we clearly had that sort of information we knew what the Russians have been doing since 2014-2015 attacking our our cyber infrastructure our academic institutions government institutions think tanks we knew that they'd attack the DNC in the d-triple-c that they weaponized that material to try to hurt candidate Clinton and to of course try to help candidate Trump we knew that Trump was upset about the fact that we were investigating that activity he specifically asked us to stop investigating that activity and when we didn't follow his requests he fired the director so at that point we had to consider the very real prospect that the president might be presenting a threat to national security have to tell you that the comments I heard yesterday only reaffirmed for me the concerns that we had in May of 2017 look this is what foreign intelligence services do every day their bread and butter is building relationships and creating leverage with decision makers in government that's how they influence policy decisions that's how they collect information that they shouldn't have if I am a foreign intelligence officer today the message I got from the president's own words yesterday was it is open season on us political figures in 2020 and I guess what I want to ask you is is there anyone that would see those statements the same way you did in the spring of 2017 do you think there's anybody inside our law enforcement agencies or inside our intelligence agencies who heard what we all heard now we know the president doesn't want us to believe what we see or what we hear but what he said in that interview was was abundantly clear and it's very clear why his lawyers don't want him to sit for an interview because you heard the intent you heard the intent to conspire and I think people are confused about how Robert Muller couldn't connect all the dots maybe you could illuminate that and answer the first question whether or not anyone inside our law enforcement agencies would hear what you just described from the president yesterday well I'm I'm quite certain that our counterintelligence professionals in the FBI and in other places are listening to those comments yesterday and they are very concerned very concerned not just about this cavalier attitude that the president has about federal election law they're also concerned about this invitation effect that his comments may have to those adversaries that are best positioned to take advantage of it so I am sure those folks are kind of recalibrating their efforts today and figuring out how to get to the bottom of this I would expect that to be happening and do you think that is easier or more difficult against the backdrop of the story that appeared in The New York Times last night about the same time that this interview with ABC dropped that the the Attorney General is now gonna start examining some of the CIA analysts work product which is you know better than me and and jump in if I don't describe this accurately this is looking at not necessarily human intelligence or raw intelligence but but the raw analysis created based on that firsthand either human intelligence or intercept intelligence or whatever it is that we gather through it gets traditionally the most sacred and protected sources and methods yeah well it concerns me greatly you know as I said earlier Nicole it's been a very tough year for the men and women of the FBI one of the things that makes it tough is when your institution is attacked for the work that they do when individuals in your institution are attacked for the work that they do and then to see a development like this absolutely has a negative impact a sort of chilling impact on the people that do that work every day for a living those folks who spent so much time and effort contributing the analysis and the conclusions to the intelligence community assessment at the end of 2016 beginning of 2017 have got to be very concerned right now about why exactly a federal prosecutor is coming in to challenge their conclusions to kind of peel back the onion on the work that they did so many months years ago and work that was universally accepted by the heads of the agencies involved so it's it's quite curious and concerning I'm sure to those people it is to me as well why do you think they're doing it you know I don't know Nicole I my colleagues and I have been under investigation since January of 2017 so to be quite frank it's tough for me to sort through exactly who's who's investigating what at any given moment the thing that concerns me about this one I mean we have definitely seen efforts by some to undermine the conclusions be they analytical or investigative by attacking the investigators personally and that's the concern that I have for this investigation it's certainly reasonable for the Attorney General to want to know what happened before he took his position to want to know what sort of decisions were made and why those decisions were made but if the effort here is to undermine those conclusions to attack the investigation by attacking the investigators that is something that will have real repercussions in the community and will have the effect of of making our now our analysts and our investigators certainly hesitant to move forward I want to ask you to just sort of dive into this theory it was posited to me by a former senior intelligence official who said that that one the possible motives behind this move by bar is that your former agency the FBI was scrubbed as you said for two and a half years there is the visit of Inspector General report there John Cooper is investigating it now this US attorney at a Connecticut is also investigating the investigators that they didn't turn up anything and so now they're turning to the other side of the ledger the the products use examining whether or not perhaps the FBI was handed off tainted information do you think that's a scenario that keeping the President on this war footing against the deep state is absolutely essential to his political brand or is that too conspiratorial even for a skeptic yeah it's that is it's it's hard to say at any moment and to Co exactly what the president is thinking until of course he tells him tells us himself it is certainly possible that look I it seems that the president gets some political value out of perpetuating this narrative that he is at war with the deep state that the government professionals are trying to stage coos and plot coos and overturn the presidency none of those wild and you know baseless predictions have come true there is of course no evidence of any of that activity because it never took place so could this be just another effort to perpetuate that narrative to look under another stone to find the thing that they've been hoping to find all along certainly possible it's discouraging and disappointing if that's the case all right I'm gonna hit you with some breaking news because there's a there's a connection it's press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is leaving the White House Donald Trump tweeting out after three and a half years are wonderful Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be leaving the White House at the end of the month going home to the great state of Arkansas I'm not going to read the rest if you're curious you can google Donald Trump on Twitter but I want to ask you about Sarah Huckabee's legacy because something that was revealed in the Moller report was that she admitted when she was interrogated by her or interviewed by Robert Miller's investigators that she just made up from whole cloth her smears against Jim Comey the idea and I think you were asked these questions based on her comments in front of Congress that he had lost the support of the building the morale was at historic lows and I remember when she said it from the podium she said I talked to lots of FBI agents there's no reason why any political appointee in the White House would have occasions talked to lots of FBI agents are I remember hearing it at the time in thinking it sounded bizarre having served in a press function of White House but part of her legacy will always be that she lied from that White House podium about the reputation of Jim Comey and had to confess that those lies in the Mullah report you know I knew at the time it was completely false it was also obvious that it was very important to the President and to his staff that we all adopt that false narrative that the FBI was happy about the fact that Jim Comey was fired and and that gleeful agents and employees were calling over the White House to express that never happened completely completely false from the beginning so to see that admission in the Muller report was enormous ly satisfying I have to say I will not miss her we were the first hour to ban her her her tape and so I literally and figuratively will not miss her either let me ask you about some more breaking news Mike Flynn and Rick gates have been subpoenaed to testify by the House Intelligence Committee you were deputy director I think is an acting director at the time that both men were charged what could their testimony inform in terms of the work and the scope of the house Intel committees mission well first let me say both men Kauai operated with the government and I would expect that this sort of testimony to Congress is a part of that cooperation and so I can't imagine there should be any sort of you know obstacle to getting them to coming in and speaking very candidly both were also you know inextricably tied into different aspects of the Trump Organization gates of course on the campaign side and Flynn more so on the campaign and national security side there's really no limit to the sort of information that they might have the Muller team had a very specific remit as you know director Muller thought of his responsibilities as very narrowly tailored the congressional committee will not have that same sort of limitation so it's possible that the committee pushes into areas that Gates and Flynn have not even covered with federal prosecutors you never know so I think it'll be very interesting to see what comes of those those appearances both men told lies about Russia Donald Trump in his interview yesterday said in front of God and country and and Russia and every other American adversary that he would listen to any foreign government would dirt on an opponent there was nothing wrong with that have you in your own mind unraveled why so many lies were told about those beatings in Trump Tower with the Russians to get dirt on Hillary Clinton which they at one time said was about adoption at another time they said it was fruitless Jared Kushner has got this complicated tale of having an aide send of an email to get him out I mean the president basically said I called the Code Red I said it was fine white they all tell so many lies about Russia and how they coordinate all those lies it is one of the enduring questions that remains after the special counsels work and the report I mean it look you know from your own experience Nicole a hundred and forty different contacts between people associated with the administration and the campaign and the government of Russia or individuals connected to Russian intelligence it's absolutely inexplicable never seen anything like that before on top of that volume of contacts you have all of these high-level officials the administration who have lied or disassembled or attempted to kind of cover up those contacts and what may have come from them it is just one of the enduring mysteries that we have from this time of watching this administration I want to ask you one last question about about the ABC interview last night and because this seems to be the connective tissue here very muted criticism for the president the the the Republicans that they even said anything critical at all sort of took out a scalpel and carved out the language use no blanket condemnation of the Act and I worked on three presidential campaigns you didn't even take a phone call from a representative of a foreign government I mean frankly when I worked on campaigns you didn't take a phone call from organizations with aligned political interest so you were really hermetically sealed from everyone else but we know heard from the President himself and we heard Congress sort of the new drug that did a little more than shrug but not much does that for you explain how we are where we are that the mullah report for all of its textured 140 contacts between the Trump campaign in Russia 10 acts of attempted obstruction of justice in the Congress of reaction from Congress's is a shrug no witnesses are there there's sort of a halting effort to get people up there and make this public case does this all make more sense when you see the posture and the almost zombie-like acceptance of all of Donald Trump's obliteration of the rule of law and all the norms well I think it explains why the president feels so emboldened to say the ridiculous and aberrant things that he says all the time it explains why he feels you know strong enough to do these things to give in to his more baser instincts because he knows that that party is not going to hold him accountable to anything this is certainly not the first failure of courage that we've seen on the part of congressional Republicans and I'm sure it won't be the last there is really you know there's a new low in terms of the sort of activity and behavior that congressional Republicans are willing to accept from this president every day think about the idea that Republicans are now completely okay with the statement by the president that he would accept information from the Russians I mean the Republican Party traditionally strong on national defense the party that fought Russia the party that won the Cold War and here we are today where things like you know the statements made to ABC take place yesterday and you hear a collective nothing from the leadership on the Republican side of the hill hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the 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  1. So essentially in the US right now we are seeing a division where the enemy is not a different country but the other political party or I guess anyone who may challenge your position of power or quest for power. That's interesting. One world, and who is the globalist now? In near past the GOP yelled that the Dems were globalist and elites and forgot the rest of America and yet here is Trump and the GOP saying that national elections can be open to anyone in the world to participate in. Not even just comment on but directly influence! And then they tell about people coming here illegally. Complete hypocrisy and no credibility for Trump and the GOP. Is the Democratic party better? Maybe not but at least they try to be better.

  2. The FBI is dirty !!!!!! Trump is doing his best to clean it up and get the dirty ones out … God protect our elected president Trump …

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  4. Fake news and distortion. She misrepresents the question that must be why they left it out. It was not if a foreign GOVERNMENT COMES TO YOU. but a foraner and how would you know what it was about until you talked to them.

  5. LOL. Narrative you say? Documents were just released showing people in the Obama administration scrambling to change intelligence rules before Jan 20th (yes, they mention the inauguration date). I don't get why people think there cannot be an ideological majority in government (deep state). The left considers a call to public service akin to military service on the right. Lets look at other institutions where the left dominate. Lets take higher education, I don't think anyone would argue they are biased and ideologically monolithic. Hollywood? MSM? Silicon Valley? Heck, is there ANY group where the left dominates and there isn't massive ideological bias? LOL. NAME ONE!!! I challenge you.

  6. All part of an attempt to destabilize democratic institutions in order to consolidate power and stay in power indefinitely. It's been done before. Nothing new here. What is surprising is that it is happening in America and what is more surprising is seeing the opposition underreacting.

  7. (Republicans on the hill) Zombie like acceptance of Donald Trump's obliteration of the rule of law and the norms of government. Wow. First rate Nicolle.

  8. Did she just say that Trump emasculated his FBI director by saying he was wrong? I'm no defender of Trump, but that's a pretty wild thing to say. Sounds like she thinks like some outdated man-worshipper who believes men shouldn't be seen to err.

  9. MacCabe and MSNBC totally conflate the issues. Russia meddling in U.S. elections is different than Trump colluding with Russia. Russia has meddled for decades. I agree, it's totally unacceptable. But so is allowing illegals, felons, and 16-year-old kids to vote…. But to lump Trump into it as a colluding actor is an entirely different issue, one which Barr and Duram are investigating. If they find out the information was falsely manufactured by the Clinton campaign, that is an attempted coup and people will go to jail.

    Democrats need to understand that democracy only works if they consent to the results. So far, democrats have exposed themselves as whiny snowflakes with tyrannical tendencies and aspirations

  10. Dump did call the FBI in the 80s. Regarding not wanting to hire union workers. As he told them that the mob is trying to force him to pay as your casino is built. They knew of his Bankruptcies 6 total and not paying the men and woman. Of course he didn't get the FBI to do his bidding.

  11. No collusion, no obstruction, but I'll collude and obstruct in order to win.. wtf… this mofos need to be imprisoned for treason..

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