100 thoughts on “Trump defense of Syria decision dismantled by Anderson Cooper

  1. Americans don't want to be in the Middle East anymore! We know it's not that simple but at the same time stop promoting war! Stop warmongering! It's pathetic at this point!

  2. The worlds Dictators are creating an alliance, and trump whats to be on their side soo bad. 🙈🙉🙊looks the other way on human rights cause hes not human!

  3. that letter was like a ransom note from a 6 year old. read it only if you feel like vomiting. it is possibly the most embarrassing letter ever sent by a US president. i actually feel sorry for the person(s) that had to read it and tell him it was OK to send. they must be going through scotch by the 1.75L…..

  4. I don't understand how you don't see this as a way for him to start a war so that way we don't impeach him this was his plan his plan was not to get impeached he really doesn't care what happens to us and if you don't see that you're as blind as the Republicans

  5. How is this guy still on TV? Lol makes fake news even worse.. fraud news. How evil can you be knowingly spreading false manipulated information like CNN. So deceptive.

  6. No matter what you guys are going to do your best to find wrong with everything he does. It's sickening. I'm done with CNN. You guys seem evil actually. This President is trying and you come against over and over twisting things. Sad

  7. This fucking ex CIA …wants to send your kids into battle …wake up parents you’re president wants to send you’re children home for the holidays and beyond that …we have no right to stay in the Middle East get out …and let our children live and met them fight their own wars ,,.

  8. i wonder how many CNN employees own stock in defense contractors. CNN and the dems love war. its funny how the average conservative is anti war and now the dems are the scumbags who love war. you are making your party look bad in so many ways. the democrats literally used to be the anti war party but not any more.

  9. And who is Anderson Cooper to dismantle Trump? The man hasn't reported the truth since Trump took office, every claim unfounded yet the man sits there and speaks informatively when he hasn't got a clue. Without CNN he wouldn't have a job.

  10. Wow! Loads of Russian trolls on here! Can’t be Americans because they wouldn’t make such comments or could be that stupid….surely

  11. I have no respect for CNN. If CNN was a person, I would spit in their face and throw a milkshake filled with quick dry cement at them while hide my face…. I can't wait to piss on their ashes.

  12. Brilliant move by President *Orange-Ass-backwards*. In effort to leave the situation, he turns away 180° and craps — only to step back even further into the same sh!t he just laid.🤦🏽‍♂️ F’ckin’ MaGoo.

  13. cooper is a moron. we need to bring the troops home=enough interfering in other countries. And the Syrian kurds are run by the PKK communist party= they are terrorists. named so by US !!!

  14. Whatever CNN. One of  President Trump's campaign promises was to bring our troops home from the Middle East.  That is exactly what MOST American's want. We want our children, fathers, mothers, neighbors, and friends home. One would think that a celebration is in order;  buuutttt Nooooooooooo. Again, POTUS is the bad guy for keeping his promise to the PEOPLE and ending our occupation in Syria. The ONLY time they have praised President Trump was when they thought he was going to BOMB/Invade Iran.  Thank you Mr President.

  15. styxhexenhammer666 channel for bipartisan and real journalism. He craps CNN with their thumbs down with thousands of thumbs up from people who are paying attention.

  16. So, Anderson Cooper, you think we should have sacrificed 50 soldiers to a force that was going to invade no matter what? Goddamn you Cooper.

  17. Oh the hypocrisy lol when Obama pulled troops out of the middle east everyone called him incompetent but now that drumpf is doing it we shouldn't criticize?

  18. If Trump walked in water, CNN would say he couldn’t swim. If he had stayed in Syria they’d be calling him a warmonger. There’s a reason these people have ratings scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  19. Imagine if 75 years ago we had just said "Fuck those D-Day shenanigans. We're out of here, France. England never liked you anyways."

  20. Trump or no Trump , we need to leave Syria. This is another conflict where we are choosing what we hope to be the lesser of two evils. Another power vacuum that will be filled with a group that is already openly hostile to the US in most other areas outside of Assad. This particular conflict comes with the bonus of possibility of engaging with Russia and Turkey, two countries with serious military capabilities . But let's just dismantle any reason for leaving.

  21. These Democrats are so stupid. Anti war under the Bush administration, anti Syria like two months ago, now all of a sudden want our troops and our tax dollars back in the middle East. I wonder which Democrat oil deal Trump is interfering with now

  22. trump and republiCONS who elected and support the manchild and pathological liar are working hard to make more people in the middle east hate us and our country.
    The only reason I can come up with for why trump and republiCONS would do this is because they like having terrorists in the world. trump and republiCONS believe it helps them win elections when they can claim only they can take care of the terrorists problem. So they make the terrorists they claim only they can get rid of.
    Make America great again by making trump a one term president and never voting republiCON ever again for any office.

  23. this prez is a sham, i cant take what he says seriously. after his 12,000th lie, i mentally divorced him, everything he says goes down the mental toilet. i treat what he says in the same bucket as i treat nigerian phone scammers. total BS right from the get-go.

  24. Cooper has reptilian shape shifter film over at utube on him with snake eyes !! To say our young men should be over in the middle east dying in Muslims place is not a true American if war is not at our front door we should stay home !! WWII is over the world doesn't need saving any more !!

  25. What a Shocker !!!! CNN promoting more WAR !!!!
    WhodaTHUNKit as the great Bill Hicks would say.
    Remember all those Venezuelans CNN cared about ??? Oh we’re not invading anymore so no more coverage huh??

  26. Batard hypocrites acting like we need to stay in Syria we need to get our soldiers out of there right now today not tomorrowany parent would want their son or daughter out make you give a s*** about the Kurds or anyting of my else


  28. Do the american people still believe in CNN after all the times they have been caught lying/manipulating? hope not. We don't trust you anymore in Europe CNN, and it has nothing to do with politics, you are just untrustworthy whether you are in the left,right middle or don't care at all. Garbage news TV channel, a cancer, just like Hollywood

  29. When will the Dems and MSM (same thing) realize that they're losing? You've lost the Country Anderson. Find a new line of work!!! …Why, Anderson? Well, why do you decide to suck dicks. …Is that an allegation that's been offered no proof of…?

  30. Where are you at sitting in a comfortable place that is safe you don't have to write letters to Mom's dads children to tell them how sorry you are that your loved one will not be coming home. . No don't worry about them ..I guarantee none of your family is over there,,,,it's amazing when a president actually does what he promised the more BS he has to put up with from both sides …….

  31. If I'm not mistaken, both democrat and republican supporters think it is better if we aren't fighting too many wars.

  32. Trump is going to deploy 5,000 more troops to fight the new resurgence of ISIS in the coming months.

    All these dipshit trump supporters who support his other wars are trying to pretend they are anti-war now.

    He already used ISIS as an excuse to deploy troops once. You idiots just gave him free reign to do it again. Good job 🙂

  33. wht about the kurds going inside turkey and blowing up people? kurds are characterless, its better for USA to stay out of it.

  34. We used to fight for America’s values, but after what trump did to our allies the Kurds nothing has left to fight for !just staying at home watching tv and eating pizza ! Welcome to America in trumps era !!

  35. When is America going to turn its report card on the Middle East? It keeps getting an F (A+ for effort) so back to the sandbox for another wasteful round of blood and treasure (to protect oil? Fragile egos?). It is staggering how US military operations never have to come close to their stated objectives and yet the American body politic floats along on its pillow of sleepy patriotism while the US of A pounds sand one more time hoping to make a democracy baby.

  36. We used to fight for America’s values, but after what trump did to our allies the Kurds nothing has left to fight for !just staying at home watching tv and eating pizza ! Welcome to America in trumps era !!

  37. First of all do not trust warmonger officials in power on everything they say. My clue to you is Iraq's wmd.
    9/11 hijackers were Saudis.

    Second of all after leaving Iraq and leaving all the military equipment there, so you dont have to pay to send them back to the U.S. you ended up equiping what would become ISIS(al nusra)

    Thirdly, Stop leaving the countries in a worst condition that they were before invasion. Exemple, Iraq, Lybia.
    You create power vacums and form endless cycles of wars.

    In conclusion stop being idiots. Anti war is the real stance… you know, after the kurds there will be another reason and another reason and another reason for more and more wars…

    Don't you get it, since 2001 it's been endless wars where you don't belong and things do not even get better. Almost 23 trilion dolars in debt and not one penny to help the U.S. citizens in their own country. This is nothing to do with Trump bad, Trump good.

    Let people deal with their own shit and take care of yours. Like seriously hard to admit that pro Trumpers are right on this one… even the fake social democrats are pro war now by brainwashing.


  38. Traitor Trump supporter and Russian bots are so scared, they only know how to troll and insult. Sorry to tell ya, it is NOT working. You people are only pushing more people away from Trump!

  39. Are you trying to convince yourself Cooper? Just let our president do his job, the job U.S. citizens voted him in office for…And quit spreading your fake news.

  40. Funny thing is, Vanderbilt heir Anderson Cooper will NEVER tell you why we’re over there. Nothing about the petrodollar, about a CIA and Saudi backed failed coup, a pipeline going through Syria… that’s why CNN and MSNBC and Fox News ARE actually fake news 90% of the time. Sure they deal with some facts, but they mislead or leave out the narrative. It’s like if I went to the store, bought groceries, murdered by best friend, came home and took a shower, and I tell you that I did all those things except for the best friend murder, I mostly told the truth. Thanks CNN.

  41. As a Bernie supporting leftwinger, I have to say that Trump had a solid 15 minutes of logic today in his conference with the Italian leader. He spoke against the Military Industrial Complex, Lindsay 'Warmongering' Graham, and the rest of people who are egging him on for endless wars. He stated that we'd all be embrassed if we knew how many countries the U.S. Military is stationed in, some of which we don't know why we're there, and they don't even want us there. That's what he said. He's right. It's just tragic that the Kurds will be obliterated from this decision. Good decision at a terrible time! I hope he's willing to back his speech by taking back the 3000 soldiers he just sent to defend Saudi Arabia, or he's yet again a hypocrite!

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