100 thoughts on “Trump calls for war on Mexican drug cartels

  1. I thought the president wants to build a wall… Now he wants to have to do with the Mexicans…Just build the wall and leave everyone else alone…

  2. The Bush Clinton Obama Crime Families have aided Drug Cartels for Years. Iran Contra drugs for money. Hope Arkansas cocaine being flown in in Front Of Governer Clinton Obama giving guns in Fast and Furious as well as the Cia bringing in drugs back from Vietnam in Dead Troops Body Bags. The United States Government is a Disgrace. ( all the while fighting a Fake War on Drugs) I would love If Trump takes these Cartels OUT. (That's why the deep state Hates Him). Trump 2020. USA. 🇺🇸 YES!!!

  3. Do you want to eliminate drug cartels
    Don't sell them guns, stop consuming heroine and any other substance that makes them stronger
    It's very sad what happened but also that family has been involved in ilicit actions
    Like land properties taken by force and water too

  4. Just as we waged war and took out ISIS in Syria, why don't we do the same to the cartels?!?! 🤔
    They've done far more damage to the U.S. (drugs, murders, etc.) than ISIS!! 😠

  5. These drug kartels will turn to tourists if American soldiers get involved. Dont know if mexico wanna lose that source of income.

  6. If we control the guns and drug abuse here in the USA we won’t need to worry about the Cartels. We continue to supply weapons and send billions of dollars to them every year. Gun control and drug rehabilitation here first is the solution. But just like the Mexican government, we’re not really focused on solving the problem at its source. It’s a vicious circle of finger pointing. We’re supposed to be smarter, willing, and able.


  8. I will love for Trump ONLY if he helps Mexico to clean the CARTLES from the face of earth. I want to see those p** cats running when the USA show up with tanks and cleaning out the monsters. !


  10. These congressmen are playing a very dangerous game, they are forgetting something very important, if a foreign army dares to step on land in Mexico, they will not only have to face the cartels, according to the law of virtually any country, which means start a war against the State itself and its citizens, the only thing that Washington would be achieving is to end the war on drugs against the narco, but creating a common enemy, us.

    I think it is enough to be at war, Mexico has to solve their problems and if we want to help them, we must support them from our territory, we are not talking about a distant country, we are talking about our neighbor, fire from the war will also reach our homes.

  11. The left media here in Germany blames Trump / USA for the mexican drug war / killings because of the us weapons law. Its getting harder every day to live in this stupid world.

  12. How dare you talk about the cartels like that? They're just dreamers looking for new opportunities and hope in America.
    Those people were killed by "climate change".
    Trump is evil. He is stopping those poor cartels from entering the US and claim asylum. O how could heeeee? Impeach impeach

  13. ISIS down. The VICIOUS, MURDEROUS drug cartels must be ANNIHILATED, also. The problem of trying to team up with the Mexican government is that the Mexican government is backing up the drug cartels…being PAID to do so. The wealth of the drug cartels is tremendous.

  14. This is what happens folks. You take guns from law abiding citizens and drug cartels and or gangs take over. Bad guys don't follow laws. Can't happen here in the US? Get out of your bubble. Been to Chicago lately. So vote democrat and this will be in a neighborhood near you.

    Rearm the law abiding citizens in Mexico and they will take care of their own. Don't let them be sheep to set up for the slaughter. What a shame this is. Trump is right you need a army to defeat a army and these cartels are armies.

  15. "Cartel Land" is a documentary about vigilante groups on both sides of the borders – of two failed states as of 2015.

  16. All this is horrible, the only thing we Mexicans know is that we have a government that defends organized crime, the same that financed its campaign for the presidency. President Donald Trump has said he is considering his intervention against the drug war. Well, millions of Mexicans agree with him, to intervene without the permission of the Mexican president, a man we hate for being a criminal and also a communist. Welcome the North American intervention

  17. Im mexican and they have become a very great threat i agree the usa president should send there marines to wipe out the cartels.

  18. Well you know what's going to happen now the Democrats are going to raise hell because President Trump wants to wipe these scumbags off the planet of the Earth them people are sick with their little gun control maybe they need to be dropped off over there

  19. Meanwhile, the ineffective president that just had 9 women n children killed on his watch politely declined the president's offer of assistance in obliterating these drug lords that have taken over Mexico….clearly he has lost control of the situation……esp when ya consider this…….Large Mexican criminal groups have launched a string of violent attacks in recent weeks. Fourteen police officers were killed in an ambush last month in the state of Michoacán and, days later, cartel gunmen laid siege to the city of Culiacán, in Sinaloa State, forcing the government to release one of El Chapo’s sons, whom it had just arrested……he clearly requires the resources of the US.

  20. They were singled out no doubt in my mind. This from what I can see is a classic example of an ambush. Purely speaking from a former USAF k-9 handler frame of mind. Also they mentioned a cross fire between two different cartels, well where are any of their bodies? I guess they're all terrible shots.

  21. If the cartels were dealing oil or precious metals instead of drugs they would have been taken care of long ago. Oh and look over your shoulder Mr. President; that's the UN meddling in your country. Again.

  22. First at all, read and learn, LeBaron died with american guns, You american , You all are guilty about that, stay away from México , no Buy drugs, no sell guns in México, go away

  23. Full on war. Flush that crap down. Mexico is only known for drugs. The president and police are corrupt there. Don't rely on them.

  24. I think we have a bigger problem here in the US with terrorism all these mass murders happening, innocent people getting killed constantly in theaters and walmarts put A STOP to those jackasses 1st

  25. :/ it’s disgusting how these people went through that but it also sickening when they have immigrant kids in look alike concentration camps. Prayers sent to their loved ones ❤️

  26. These people are disgusting. I very much dislike trump but I believe that this is right. They ain’t gonna get away burning and killing children without a horrible punishment

  27. May GOD watch over both The United States of America and Mexico as those of faith lead us threw victory on what has been a long over due situation. In Jesus name 🙏 .. Amen

  28. We have drug cartels in Texas I can show you a human trafficking ring and drugs in Houston 1521 Sherwood Forest St apt 501 and 6 apartments related here with two other complexes with their people clean up Texas you will have cartels gone

  29. Now they want to be American citizens after running away to Mexico. Let the mexican government figure it out. Knowone told them to flee America. Any one else feel the same way?

  30. play dirty with the Cartels. kidnap their ringleaders kids & wives. i'd like a badass president that ordered that to happen. the gov have advantages the cartels dont, like tracking phone calls, & where the phone has been used. probably use a tranquillizer gun, imbed a chip on a low rank cartel, & follow them up the food chain. they treat them like humans, u gotta treat them like animals

  31. It would be nice and responsible if America stopped all illegal flow of tools that those organizations use. Remember Culiacán? They all had American made tools. Remember Obama’s fast and furious. Those democrats are evil.

  32. Pay attention democrats. This is president who cares about us. Stop backing impeachment and back our president who wants the best for us!!!! If you dems cant get behind our military an our president, then stand in front of them!!!

  33. Government if you do nothing your worthless and I am tired of this. Military speak up this is barbaric and at our doors. Mexico it's time you fight back or your just as bad as the cartel coward.

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