Trump Bribery Breakdown: Ari Melber Shows Witnesses Turning On Trump | MSNBC

Trump Bribery Breakdown: Ari Melber Shows Witnesses Turning On Trump | MSNBC

86 thoughts on “Trump Bribery Breakdown: Ari Melber Shows Witnesses Turning On Trump | MSNBC

  1. SANCTIONS SANCTIONS SANCTIONS and removing them from Russia is what this is all about in the end. Donald Trump or Pence will have to be president in 2020 to do it. This is the foundation of trumps house of cards . #GoFBI

  2. Dear Democrats,
    How many times do you need to be lied to before you say to yourself “who are these people working for and why do they keep lying so openly to the American people?” You have the transcript of the call to read yourself, you have Volkers testimony (which he was forced to change, yet nothing changed), you have a newly elected president who is backing a President that is highly scrutinized and vilified by the media, all of which confirm exactly what occurred. Then you have a whistleblower who lied about the content of the call in his statement (because they never thought the transcript would be released to the public), a whistleblower who worked as a pointman in Ukraine for Biden, worked under John Brennan in the CIA, is openly anti-trump, was planted in the white house but got the boot for leaking false information about the president. You have adam schiff who lied about his office never being in contact with the whistleblower before the report, who said the whistleblower would testify (lie), who literally changed the rules of an impeachment inquiry, who will not allow the minority to subpoena witnesses or documents without his permission first, who just severely restricted the types of questions the minority can ask to their own witnesses (rules that the majority dont have to follow, and have not followed thusfar). These restrictions were not part of the newly passed resolution btw. He put restrictions on who can see the transcripts of the testimony in “fear of leaks” yet he selectively leaks whatever he wants to the media, himself. He released the transcripts that were nearly impossible to download but also released “summaries” of the transcripts that omit context and are written to appear as damning as possible. At an open hearing he said he would reas from the transcript but instead read his own version that sounded nothing like the transcript. Pelosi said she would never call for impeachment unless she has bipartisan support because its bad for the country. That was a lie. She did have bipartisan support to not impeach but i guess that didnt matter. These same people told us they had direct evidence of russian collusion. That was a lie. They said trump obstructed justice, that was a lie. They said there was no crisis at the border. That was a lie, among many others. Dems are hanging there hat on impeachment when they dont have anything to impeach him for. Now they keep changing the rules Since they have nothing but they need to keep their narrative alive and also prevent being exposed. Most Americans have already seen through this. You dont have to dig deep into the web to find basic facts regarding this whole whistleblower story. I suggest people look into it. Its an easy/great opportunity for Americans to get a clear understanding of just how stupid these dems and media outlets think the people are. Also a great opportunity for Americans to ask themselves why this is happening? What are the potential ramifications of such propaganda and manipulation of citizens rights and due process. Are the dems simply angry or does is seem more likely that someone is paying them serious $$$ to be willing to completely expose themselves. Who are these people that are paying them? What are their intentions? Etc etc. the whole world is starting to wake up and i hope you can too. Regardless of whether one likes trump or not, all Americans can agree that being lied to over and over about important issues by the dems and the media is a very dangerous thing for the country. Best wishes 🙋🏿‍♂️🇺🇸

  3. David that's what I was going to say. I couldn't agree more and I believe that is the wording the Constitution uses for impeachment.

  4. "….but don't ask me what i think of you, i might not give the answer that you want me to"……Oh Well by Fleetwood Mac…..

  5. Bulshit lies and more b***** and lies more b***** and lies more b***** and lies more b***** and lies lies lies lies lies what a bunch of BS

  6. Well of course Trump is trying to get foreign interference to help him win if it work the first time it will work the second time😒👍💩🍄

  7. "the former FBI director has indicted, convicted or gotten guilty pleas from 34 people and three companies, including top advisers to President Trump, Russian spies and hackers with ties to the Kremlin" "all roads for you tr'mp lead to put!n"….. tr'mp can not talk his way around this one. Not in front of the American people and the world.

  8. There was no bribery and no quid pro quo. Just keep beating your dead horse with the expectation of bringing it to life. This is the very thing the Nazis did by pushing the big lie! Are you Nazis?

  9. Overwhelming evidence of wrong doing. The reprobate Republicans will never go against their President King even when he is innately corrupt.

  10. It's more like extortion!
    Not having those weapons is close to an existential threat to Ukraine.
    They are depending on them to keep Russia from stealing more territory.

  11. 🥤😲 slurp
    ARI says guilty by msnbc news media
    No real news: so we the audience have to settle for speculation about whatever gets them the most eyeballs watching; aka

  12. It was Extortion. Quid pro quo is a fair exchange. Bribery is more of an agreement. Extortion is when the other side has no choice in the matter, such as a country fighting in an actual war and have been occupied by a much stronger enemy and they desperately need help to stay alive – it's Extortion. Why does the media go along with the Traitor's talking points that always downplay what it is like collusion and quid pro quo. The media really needs to get smarter.

  13. What about the John Durham Investigation? He's supposed to uncover a plot by the FBI, DOJ, AND CIA to undermine Trump's Presidency, right?
    The FBI, DOJ, and CIA were ALL in agreement that Russia indeed systematically interfered with our election process.
    Mike Pompeo was the CIA Director at that time.
    So Pompeo was in on the plot?

  14. Dems keep digging their own grave. Feel bad for the citizens who are still asleep, still brainwashed. Its not their fault. Great opportunity for those people who do trust the dems and the media to take a quick look into the entirety of facts and evidence surrounding this story as well as all the rule changes to the impeachment process the dems have made (and the media has failed to report, even hard to find using google) and see just how propagandized you are. Whether your a trump fan or not is irrelevant. ALL Americans should be frightened at HOW MUCH they are lied to, what they’re lied to about, and how this could affect themselves and their families today and in the future. Propaganda’s been a tactic used alll throughout history. Read about it and see which countries were/are most successful at it.

  15. Bye, bye, bye, bye bye-bye Mulvaney, bye-bye. I can hear a bus coming up the street with poor Mick's name on it. Not that he didn't deserve it. When you play with fire you get your fingers burnt.

  16. Trump the "abominable snowman" is finally thawing and melting away, together with the yellow blizzard surrounding him. Allowing the truth to be seen clearly.

    "A green christmas is upon us"…

  17. Even with the evidence of his crimes people still follow him choosing to be naive to the FACTS…smdh C'Mon America wake up!!!!

  18. Hoping that if its all done in open seems to be having an effect for what cause is yet to be determined hopefully the cause is human right's because so far it's political rights which has only to do with politician rights! Is the fight really for us folks? I guess the hoax really is on us! I was really hoping the people actually mattered!

  19. Blah blah blah. Sheeple. Get your meds. “safe spaces” “coloring books” “therapy animals to pet”. Trump is going to win the 2020 ballot.

  20. I think Sondland knew a million dollar contribution would get him in the middle of all this & he could then bring donnie down!
    (Good job!)

  21. Ari, bribery is impeachable if the President did it. It's clear that Trump wanted Ukraine to investigate the Bidens and the 2016 DNC server, and it's clear that Giuliani and Mulvaney conspired to unlawfully extort Ukraine to deliver what Trump wanted, but it's not clear that Trump knew that Giuliani and Mulvaney were extorting Ukraine. What did the President know and when did he know it? The best evidence (so far) that Trump knew about it is that Pompeo didn't stop it. Pompeo had direct access to Trump and surely would have confirmed whether Trump approved what Giuliani was doing in Ukraine. Pompeo's choice not to stop Giuliani is like "the dog that didn't bark" in the Sherlock Holmes story "The Adventure of Silver Blaze." The fact that the dog didn't bark led Holmes to conclude the perp was someone the dog knew, and was the key evidence needed to solve the crime.

  22. Nice job continuing down the Road to Disaster. Why not you did it with The Mueller Fiascos 1 and 2. I hope the majority of Democrats observed the last case, where everyday Trump was breaking the Law in Real time, when we were wondering when Mueller would grab him and cuff. You are thriller News orgs. now, like everyone else.

  23. Inez Qtaish say " evildoers got good people thinking GOD is Low, GOD is not low under the ground, in the dirt, under the water and GOD is no low blood count. GOD IS GOOD , ME ❤ GOD so ME say GOD rise up , GOD always the Powerful ME standing up with GOD.

  24. People here keep citing the Constitution. You know the dems are actively trying to dismantle the Constitution right? Their policies, their statements, their tactics, supress free speech, ban Americans from protecting themselves, give more power to the government and less to the people…you know the Constitution was written to protect us from the government right? Well, im guessing most of you dont know that. Didnt HRC just tweet recently that we should rip it up? Yup, she did. Some of you people need to think a little bit more for yourselves instead of blindly believing what thw media tells you. What if a hostile enemy took over our media one day. How would you know if you dont question anything. What if a hostile enemy already runs the media? How would tou know?

  25. You forgot Barr’s suppression of the whistleblowers investigation. Of course he already knew it was illegal cause he was involved.

  26. It seems the even bigger problem is the party-over-country GOP, and their propaganda machine. The sheer number of "people" unwilling to budge in the face of so much crime is heartbreaking.

  27. He remembered because someone who he loved said enough tell the truth
    Trump will only turn on you he is a coward who will turn on you put blame on you to protect himself
    Tell the truth

  28. Back in the day, we would call this nonstop onslaught by the media, Washington pols and judiciary a frame-up. Meanwhile, they all totally ignore the fact that the Bidens have actually done a quid pro quo with various foreign governments for millions in kickbacks. And Uncle Joe is on tape bragging about it!


  30. How is it bribery? All foreign aid is given quid pro quo. It’s not bribery, it’s foreign policy.

    If this was bribery, then Joe Biden is on video confessing to bribery when he demanded the Ukrainian prosecutor be fired in exchange for U.S. aid. Fortunately for Biden, THAT wasn’t bribery either.

    We are completely within our legal rights to have “strings attached” to aid, assistance, or other valuable things we give to other countries. You don’t get something for nothing.

    As the head of the Executive Branch with primary responsibility for conducting foreign relations and policy, the President would be acting legally to provide aid in exchange for providing something we want.

    The Left is repeating the same mistakes they made with the Mueller investigation and the firing of Comey. They were so sure he had committed obstruction of justice by firing Comey, but he hadn’t. He had the legal authority to fire the FBI Director.

    Likewise, they now think demanding quid pro quo for aid is criminal bribery, but it isn’t. As with firing Comey, it is completely within the legal authority of a president to extract favors in exchange for aid. We do it all the time. We’d be stupid not to.

  31. This simple graphic representation should be presented to the imbeciles that still thinks Drumpf did nothing wrong. Though I think even this simple and clear graphics may be too much for them.

  32. Looking for the Peggy Noonan/RNC new excuse for cowardice. Republicans just can't support the impeachment because the Democrats are political. Its too confusing. It's muddled and Dems aren't doing a good job breathing life into the investigation. Noonan surrenders to power.

  33. Yes, Ari, I understand the need for substituting "bribery" for "quid pro quo". Actually, "criminal extortion" would be more accurate. But you can't just retroactively say people claimed no bribery when they never used that term. NO, Trump and Sondland did NOT say "no quid pro quo, bribery". They said "no quid pro quo". NO, Mulvaney did NOT say, "quid pro quo bribery happens all the time". He said quid pro quo happens all the time — and it DOES… legally.
    You can't just add your new word when quoting people who never used it.

  34. Repugnants like to mention witnesses who do not say there was a quid pro quo, but that is meaningless since not everyone was in the know. So, 5 witnesses who were in the loop say quid pro quo, but 1 says nothing about a quid pro quo only means that this person was not in on the scam.

  35. Ari has to be the best reporter this nation has had in decades. CNN and Fox couldn’t even get near with mostly opinion and biased reporting. This is the reporting the American people need

  36. Disgusting Orange and adult kids man Just had $Million for charity fraud, shame on All Republicans, And Russian 🇷🇺 Trolls defending TrumPutin Must think all Americans are as Dumb as Trump

  37. Whether it's bribery or extortion, it's illegal and requires removal from office.

  38. Prediction of GOP's upcoming ridiculous line of defense: being bribed is the offense meant by the Founding Fathers, not the bribing of others.

  39. The corrupt con man defrauded his own charity. His charity! This psychotic clown manages to lower the bar on humanity daily. Far too many sick individuals in the US of A. Anyone who would support this disgusting lowlife is not much batter.

  40. I have a honest question, why is the media arguing with Republicans about Trump held back money because he was worried about corruption? Here’s questions I would asked that haven’t been asked, 1 Republicans when did Biden’s son last work in Ukraine past or present, Republicans did any of you go on the record then and cry corruption and if so you had both houses at the time, Republicans did you hold hearings addressing Hunter getting that job seeing that now you believe it was corruption, past tense by the way, Republicans during The Trump campaign being that he wasn’t president yet, Republicans did in any of his rallies you suggested he should bring the corruption of Biden being he was Vice President at the time, because clearly Trump was going all in on Obama and the Clintons, And this one really makes no sense to me at all, Republicans champions on rooting out corruption wherever it is they claim right, and Republicans help me on this one Trump’s been president 3 years right, America even if you’re a Trump diehard, for the past few years the prosecutor in Ukraine has been fired right, and please correct if wrong, then congress on both sides approved money that This President on his own withheld. And Trump and the GOP will proudly claim that corruption from 3 years ago by the way is why money was withheld 3 years ago really and we’re buying this , once more 3 years ago and to this date 2019 not a single Republican or Trump has not even so much as made up a name of any person or persons sighted for corruption over the last 3 years, one more time last 3 years even now at this moment nothing or no one has the Republicans made corruption complaints towards anyone in Ukraine except the Biden’s, correct me if I’m wrong Biden must still work in the White House I mean he has to be still Vice President right, to the media you see how your questions of the GOP benefits Donald Trump, so keep it up and we’ll have an impeached President for the next 4 years. Here’s a suggestion stop trying to make Trump look bad he doesn’t care, you have a 3 year gap with this going after corruption claim by Trump and Republicans focus on that give us a timeline on how much corruption in Ukraine The Trump administration has rooted out in the past 3 years then you may get independents such as myself to pay attention. The Republicans needs to show the American people Biden is not the only corrupt politician in Ukraine since they went there

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