100 thoughts on “Trump administration inches closer to massive trade deal with China

  1. Promises made "Mexico will pay for the wall" , promises kept "the trump health care plan" and the Democrats are the problem.

  2. Trump is going to win 2020 democRATS no they aren't gonna be able to impeach him 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🧢🧢🧢🧢

  3. China is smart they know they have to get some type of deal going before he's in impeached cuz they're dealing with a moron🤣

  4. Mr Schumer comment is to provoke president Trump to make a dicion without careful dicions.
    He is a teased.
    He loves the president to make a decision without thinking…

  5. Trump is a fallible and corrupt human how he got to be president is unbelievable, mark my words this country is in for a bad ride.

  6. Trump needs to shut his mouth with korea and stop putting our country in danger we made peace and then you end it because you can talk behind a screen but in person you are not man to talk face to face

  7. Trade deal includes nothing on IP theft, forced technology transfer, and China will be purchasing less soybeans than they did before the trade war started. Art of the deal is basically panic, get on all fours, and beg china for a "trade deal".

  8. Look at all of the trolls coming out of the woodwork at the slightest sign of Trump's successes. Anything to tear him down.

  9. President Trump should troll the Dems by saying that they don't need to read the agreement; just like the Dems did the American people with Obamacare; only thing is, I trust that Trump would not sell us out

  10. Comrad I have infiltrated the perimeter….Im hiding in the closet at Fox News..Comrad I am ready to turn on my tape recorder

  11. CNN and much of the media won't report it.
    Young white boy beat on a school bus by 6 older black kids. The media and bad parenting that instills this hate for others is shameful and evil, no one should have to walk on eggshells ( or should I say glass) to have a right to freedom of speech.
    All because he once wore a MAGA hat. Fanning of hate by parents and the media of separation by color and political party is shameful and that's where these kids get it from, evil not good.

  12. america relies on China to keep its cargo cult going. China has stopped buying america's garbage, so maybe america can create jobs recycling american garbage.

  13. They want a quick deal because they fear that this imbicil will be replaced by an adult in a year.
    They want what they can get now.
    Although, honestly, nothing the Abomination has done will not be undone.
    And Democrats are bitter because this tool has undone over a hundred years of bypartisan foriegn policy.

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  15. Once a final deal with China is made, the USMCA is passed and Brexit finally clears the last hurdle it will make America an economical and geopolitical powerhouse that will have to be reckoned with by all other countries. Thank you Mr. President for putting America First! Keep America Great!

  16. Talks about a deal have been going on for months now. At this point these reports are just political pandering because nothing has yet to result from it.

  17. Trump running for President: "I'm gonna be tough on China. I'm gonna raise tariffs on Chinese imports. No more trade agreements with chino unless the Chinese agree to stop manipulating their currency…"

    Trump getting impeached: "We are negotiating with China, it's gonna be the biggest trade agreement the world has ever seen. Democrats are just wasting time with impeachment."

  18. There is no such thing as massive trade deal with China. China will not reach free trade agreement with the United States with Donald trump in the Whitehouse, because Donald Trump is just a big mob, and the republicans are just the whole bunch of fake moral crooked criminal. They go along with big investors who in control of big businesses in the United states. and they've changed numbers to steal money of other share holders. They hurt businesses and cause serious economic problems. They printed a lot off money to cause inflation, and stealing tax payers' money. They cause a big hole in federal budgets, and big business and a big debt to the United States. It was impossible to cover those big holes, and the bubbles are going to bust. To avoid the bubbles to bust. They wages trade war with China to get tariff money to cover the big holes, but it hurts the pocket of the big investors, and the pocket of the crooked politicians such as Donald Trump, and the Republicans. It also hurt some certain businesses. Now Donald Trump, and the republicans, along with the big investor realize that they losing the trade war to China, so they have to accept the concession by offering trade deal with China to retract tariffs impose on import from China to exchange for the retraction of tariffs impose on U.S export to China. Donald Trump, Republicans, and the big investors just conceded t China, and want to save there faces by saying they reach trade deal with China just to restore a normal trade relation with China. They do not reach any trade deal with China at all. To reach a trade deal with China is a free trade agreement. Donald Trump, the Republicans, and the big investors are crooked, and they hurt businesses in the United States. Also they cause damaged to the United States economy. The moderate economic growth rates in the United States is just a temporary. It's not stable, and comes with the cost of causing inflation hurting working class. Donald Trump even fooled everybody by saying he expect China purchases of agricultural product from United States hit $50 billion dollar. He is just lying to make the hype just like he used to say Japan was going to invest hundred of billion dollars or even over a trillion of dollar in the United States to create million of job in this nation. In reality, Japan was not interested to do so. About the hype Donald talks about China purchases $50 billion dollar worth of agricultural is not real.. China would prefer to purchase agricultural products from Brazil which is another important trade partner of China among other countries which have natural resources to interest China.

  19. If the democrats and the media work with President Trump we would have made a deal a long time ago. The democrats hate this country.

  20. Just to add more comment to the previous comment post. Donald Trumps, the Republicans, and the big investors are just the losers.

  21. All that bull crap Trump did just to get a deal a tiny tiny bit better than it already was and Obama could have fixed this problem when he was in office but the Republicans did not want him to do anything to China but now since Trump's in power it's cool just like sixties and seventies Democrats could not talk to China they would be communist but it was okay for Nixon to Republican

  22. If you think in this era that US have control over China idk what world you live in when even the camera you are using to record this, the mobile you using to watch this and half of the equipment use are made in China lol.

  23. Mitch McConnell has announced he’s coordinating with the White House for Trump's Senate impeachment trial. Norm Ornstein tells Ari Melber that "to basically admit before you start the trial that it's rigged is just quite astonishing" and says he doubts many Republicans will be happy about that. Joyce Vance adds that McConnell's comments mean that the Senate trial is a "rigged jury" and Trump can never truly be exonerated. McConnell is completely ignoring the integrity of the office he's holding by announcing the outcome before anything has started. TRAITOR. This is essentially saying that a juror will confer with the accused to determine what the outcome of the trial will be, to hell with the judge, the jury, or the evidence. wrong wrong wrong!

  24. Gee, it’s probably only a coincidence that Trump is ready to make a deal, just as he’s being impeached for Abuse of Power. 🤔

  25. Can you believe that the dems actually said that they hope Trumps deal with China fails. That's so wrong….because this deal is being made for the American people and China people to trade resources so we both can prosper as nations. That comment proves to me that they are not here on an American agenda. Why are you here there? To attempt to turn our system inside out….take away presidential power and God only knows. Can we all just come together to move forward


  27. Democrats and liberal Americans in general are a threat the democracy in any country they reside in. I hope the home country of the FLOTUS be alarmed by their presence and punish them for the violence they advocate for against her and her son Barron here.

  28. mr president! you are just that prophet pompeo said. Recovering a multi trillion economy right after presidency is an act of god. I wish President Obama was more focus on economy science rather than Stormy Daniels.

  29. Donald Trump another Howard Hughes

    Both Trump and Hughes inherited their money and subsequently invested it and got richer than most people. Donald Trump used 'Bankruptcy' laws to protect his investments and many Leftists deride him for that. However bankruptcy was created especially in an era of time that necessitated the need for investors. The world from the 1800's to today was ripe with millions of new Inventions, Discoveries and Innovations. Those creators were often short of cash to develop their product to the distribution level, and needed investors. Bankruptcy laws allowed men like Trump to take a chance on products and developments and if the product was not practical and useful to the people then the investor could use the laws as a back-up. Hughes took a great risk with his "Hells Angels" film, and if the movie had flopped he would have probably tried some form of bankruptcy recovery.

    Trump & Hughes have another thing in common, both used Social Media to the Max! Trump has for the last almost 4 years used Twitter & Facebook to thrash the Leftist Communist Hate Mongers online. While Hughes used TV & Radio to take down Senator Brewster in the metaphorical "Hughes Impeachment Hearings." Remember this- Maine is a Blue State and has been since the early 1900's. Senator Owen Brewster was a Republican. His state was largely blue and therefore was elected as a 'Lame Duck' by the logic that the Leftist vote powers in Maine extricated Brewster from taking hardcore Conservative values to court. Brewster was a Puppet of TWA's global conquest scheme. All Democrats are puppets of some tyrannical scheme. He went to war against a man that would not back down or bow to tyranny and oppression. Hughes was very anti-Communist and Trump is likewise the same. When Brewster accused Hughes of using 'Bribery" or Quid pro Quo, Mr. Hughes made a mockery of the fact that its what everybody in the industry does, and it's not illegal. Howard Hughes exited the Senate hearings as a Hero to the American people and President Trump will likewise emerge this fake crime of trying to force Ukraine to give up evidence of Biden family crimes. I'm still using the theory of FDR getting a check for aid to Japan on December the 8th, 1941, to sign and send. Even "If" the Congress had passed a law to give Japan such money the president would have been quite right in not sending Japan money the day after Pearl Harbor. If a President sees any evidence of a crime it's His Right to withhold aid as an Act of Oversight. At least until the crime is disproved or whatever the issue is then resolved.

    So Trump may very well be a New Howard Hughes. Then I will certainly be voting him back into office again in next year! Trump/Pence 2020!!!

  30. According to Stormy Daniels they can only inch towards China three times before the president runs out of ammunition

  31. Fox is registered as entertainment channel because there banned worldwide because no other countries can legally broadcast lies, amazing eh, isn't it mind boggling that actual real ppl believe this propaganda

  32. Actually, Georgia is the Peach State,,, the fact that these hearings don't refract State motto is just sick, I mean come on, look at the spelling and definition people. These hearings should be held in that State, since our paralegal secular yellow canary private leakal system negates everything through the D.O.T., rather than the definition, or meaning of the word…geeze.

  33. Wow…that's absolutely amazing.
    Ironically this impulsive yet relevant "trade deal" happens during his impeachmeant trial, and right around the corner from an election.
    I think that is purely coincidental..

  34. Is it a victory just because a outright Liar said it's so ? There's is a agreement to attempt an agreement there are still millions of Americans still baying tarriffs they just delayed the 25% scheduled escalation . SO IS THAT A WIN ? I DONT THINK SO . HE IS A MASTER OF SWING !!

  35. I love how Trump lied to Angel families 💔. Record illegal aliens coming in and less deported. A lot of Trump supporters are staying home in 2020. Hillary might just win with all the voter Fraud and illegal aliens. I hope she does we don't have a country without borders. You tube thanks you Trump.

  36. Heres the deal China, stop sending us shoddy crap and well sell you some soybeans.
    Also , you cant buy real property in the U.S.

  37. Is the deal public? what are the details of the negotiations? if China keeps undercutting American manufacturing a good tariff agreement that's beneficial to the USA must be maintained.

  38. What is the rush to
    impeach Trump? Do you really think Trump cares about the USA economy? Trump is
    setting up off shore bank accounts for all the bribes and kickbacks he is
    getting to circumvent his own global tariffs and sanctions. THAT is what
    Scoundrels like Trump do.

  39. It’s sad when liberals root against their own country’s success over partisan bs. They’re not American at all.

  40. Don Bongino couldn't sell his book of ignorance so he's buying them in bulk to try to make it look like someone is stupid enough to buy garbage. Grow up Donnie.

  41. Thanks for impeachment, we who read and teach our children to tell the truth no matter the consequences thank you. No one is perfect or above the law. The Republican party doesn't care about minorities as evident by their make up. VOTE for change

  42. So what, the cost was passed on to the consumer. So no real lost for you. China don't care about WHO POTUS if this president is gone another comes along. It's a mess

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