Trudeau calls Ford cuts to Ontario education system 'frightening' | Power & Politics

Trudeau calls Ford cuts to Ontario education system 'frightening' | Power & Politics

as we look at what the Conservative government in Ontario and indeed the Conservative government's across the country are doing on climate change we can talk about that shortly but just in terms of cuts to services cuts to kids it's it is really frightening Justin Trudeau has failed this country when it comes to standing up for by America welcome back to power in politics and the power panel with Melissa Landsman Andrew Thompson and David Orr tell Melissa I'm gonna start with you because these two clips stood out to me it's like a summer brawl between Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford and and it's certainly I think interesting as we head towards this fall election how do you think it will shape the narrative going well that's exactly it this is all about the federal election and it is not it's completely disingenuous on on both parts frankly I had never heard the Prime Minister before this and I asked my fellow panelists if if they'd ever heard him speak about education because we had 15 years of a Liberal government here where the schools are in disrepair and the math scores are really low and frankly we'd never heard him talk about that and and at the beginning of the conversation with you at the beginning of Doug Ford's term of premier Ford's term he did talk about by America I think it was a working relationship but that was farther away from from the federal election so I suspect that you'll see the the Liberals running against Doug Ford in Ontario and not on their record yeah Andrew what do you think and I think what struck me today and wide sort of stood out to me today was because yeah it was in front of a group of teachers and the prime minister with the prime minister's comments and it was he sort of started talking about his own fears about his kids and he used as you heard that word frightening it's he talks so much about what's happening with Doug Ford and so much lasts about what Andrew Scheer is doing and I wonder what the implications of that are what's interesting because the implication this could have cut either way either the Prime Minister looks really quite impotent on these issues and unable to actually you know do anything to make the country better if he continues to play up this kind of problem or he succeeds and you know running against somebody that he's not actually running for federal office and I'm not sure right now which way that plays out I don't think that the electorate has an patience to watch this kind of skirmish between these two individuals play out over the next three or four months this could just be you know a situation that we're gonna see over the summer before it actually turns to more serious issues but there's this has the real feel of some kind of a grudge match between the two and I think that's an unfortunate place for the country to be headed politically what do you think about it David I mean like as far from a strategic point of view and I ask because I think about the example in Alberta where Jason Kenney very much ran against Justin Trudeau invoked his name in a negative way way more than he ever invoked his actual opponent Rachel Notley in an any way and it ended up working yeah I I think right now what you're saying is on Ontario side I think you just got the results of the latest internal polling and focus groups for Ontario and and I really believe that I think over the last week or ten days they've been doing internal polling and they've been doing focus groups and in these key writings that they've identified for October their best bet seems to be going after Doug Ford and on Doug Ford side of things he's been through a very tough first year as polls are very down you did a major shuffle and I think for a reset for him it's right out of the Trump playbook I mean you need to go on the offensive so on both sides you have political reasons for doing this taking the initiative but I think on Justin Trudeau's side you're seeing that actually for Ontario for those key seats that he needs it seems that the climate change message is not enough he has to do more and that's why he's doing this this turn on education we just talked Melissa about the importance of Quebec to the federal election talk a bit about the importance of Ontario and how that might be fueling a lot of what we're hearing well I certainly think the election is going to be one in the 905 and I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a political strategist who didn't believe that Quebec important of course Lower Mainland of BC also important in terms of seat numbers but I think there's probably a you know a 20 Suites seat swing here in Ontario of either 20 seats to the Liberals or 20 seats to the Conservatives and rarely is that split up because the 905 tends to vote a block at least in recent history so it's going to be important to message test these things and that's exactly what we saw today we saw Prime Minister that was message testing hang on I'm not gonna give you my opinion on this but here is my opinion on this blah blah blah you know Doug Ford is bad I think you're gonna see a lot of that going up into or moving into October and I think that you're gonna see a premiere on the on the offensive as well convincing Ontarians that hey life probably isn't better for you four years later when Justin Trudeau said that it would be it's more expensive and we understand your economic anxieties which is the exact reason he won the 905 so we'll see how how that swing plays out if only there was a third party you know [Laughter] where is that party voted well it's a very good question okay what the opportunity is hi I'm Vashti Capello's host of power in politics see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC news channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching

49 thoughts on “Trudeau calls Ford cuts to Ontario education system 'frightening' | Power & Politics

  1. Shouldnt be frightening justin…..we can dip into the overflowing greenbacks coming from the weed to put into children's education

  2. It was Canadian women at fault for electing Trudeau wasn't it , made a mistake and got the hots for him and really believing him when he said he was a feminist ? He hates Canada , the Canadian people , loves Islam and the Muslims , that's Justin Castro for you !


  4. The only thing frieghtning is the deficits. Trudeau is making. Reminds of the Ontario liberals who had 3 balanced budgets in 15 years

  5. I don't agree with Trudeau on a lot of things, but he is right to speak out against Doug Ford. What he is doing is representative of a conservative government anywhere – cut all social support, cut regulations, cut environmental protections, cut education, especially for those who can least afford it, so only the rich can get higher education, as it was in the past. Conservatives today are all about supporting business and profits over people. The previous conservative party was much different. Ever since they melded with the Reform Party, it has been bad news for the common person.

  6. OMG! There are Trump replicas in Canada? Don’t you understand the world’s economy is INTERNATIONAL. We all buy and share with other countries. It appears conservatives always want to go back in time, when times were hard, but not for them. Grow up.

  7. Trudeau, the only thing frightening, is how a total liar and self-centred fool, like you – was allowed to do so much damage to our country

  8. Budgets dont balance themselves Justin. Cuts need to be made to fix the mess that the Liberal Party of Ontario created. Ford's cuts are so overblown it's not even funny. The NDP and the left wing media are blowing it WAY out of proportion.

  9. Listen this traitor trudeau when he give 20 million to the Clinton charity foundation 45 million to another cause 12 million to help his billionaire buddies but new refridgerarion units. Spends our tax dollars on everything but Canada and the economy. Remember he's a socialist NWO GLOBALIST elite PUPPETS working for the United nations and not Canada and the Canadian people. He should keep his lying MUSLIM loving socialist mouth shut. Do NOT LISTEN TRUST OR VOTE FOR THIS LYING TRAITOR OR HIS LIBERAL CORRUPT NWO GLOBALIST PUPPETS.

  10. What I find frightening is the 12 million Trudeau gave to his wife's family to buy new fridges in their Loblaws stores and noone is talking about it?

  11. Sadly the PM of Canada has no credibility at all left so not much he can do or say counts anymore, He can just keep sending money to each and every little group he kind of likes until Octobre, then he can finally try is drama in drama class

  12. Luckyly there is a third party, PPC even if they hide it they are going to be swept away… PPC all the way in october just like brexit…

  13. Trudeau has no notion of his constitutional role. I wonder if he has ever read the Canadian Constitution. Education is prerogative of the provinces.

  14. Trudeau is
    'frightening' Maybe spend more time in school talking about being trans instead of doing real school work

  15. They are trashing Ford for trying to repair the damage to Ontario the liberals have done. Wake up Ontario!!!

  16. Even from 2013 the World Economic Forum ranked Canadian teachers the THIRD HIGHTEST paid teachers in the WORLD at; over 63k a year after 10 years and now is over 100K a year. All thanks to bribable liberal politicians.

  17. The only thing frightening is having the turd as a prime minister!! We HAVE to vote him out come October before he does more damage to Canada.

  18. Sorry the LGBTQ classes and "there are no such thing as boys and girls " classes are being cut…try Math for a change…

  19. what do you expect from an anti-immigrant conservatives? every conservative government provincial and federal knows only two things CUT school budget and CUT budget for the poor and middle class. They are very good in making the RICH very rich and they are very good in making immigration hard if you are not WHITE!

  20. Trudeau is the biggest liar I have ever seen in my life. He always use taxpayer's money to by his own fame and blame all of his convictions and mistakes on others. He segregates Canadians, destroys Canadian heritage and economy. He accuses Canadian as racists and colludes with his body corporations to steal taxpayer's money, and so on. Everything he has done is bad for Canada. What kind of an evil person is he. He should be in jail by now!

  21. Trudeau is the biggest liar I have ever seen in my life. He always use taxpayer's money to by his own fame and blame all of his convictions and mistakes on others. He segregates Canadians, destroys Canadian heritage and economy. He accuses Canadian as racists and colludes with his body corporations to steal taxpayer's money, and so on. Everything he has done is bad for Canada. What kind of an evil person is he. He should be in jail by now!

  22. Trudeau has a fiat print machine in his office. Doug Ford doesn't. We in Ontario have to make it work. It's called following a budget. the liberals know nothing about this. they give millions away to other interests off shore just to get kickbacks. How do these politicians get so rich? Relating Doug ford to Trump will turn on them. We're all going to love Trump unless your a pedo.

  23. Trudeau is a left wing extremist . He and all left extremist are dividing this Country must go!!

  24. If you know or aware of any Nut Job voting liberal this time around we need to convince them not to this is a Trudeau thing not so much a liberal thing

  25. Spending out of control by the previous government ? He is fine to make cuts , over spending huge debt out of control , this premier is doing a good job.

  26. How does one not make it about Doug Ford! As Premiere of Ontario his policies and cuts are going to spiral the whole country into recession! He's not equipped to make decisions for Ontario! However I do think he's a blessing in disguise for the Liberal Party because people will be less likely to vote for that other Conservative fool in Ottawa in the upcoming Federal election..

  27. The Serious issue is what Doug Ford is doing! He's already hated! His cuts are brutal he is going to spiral this country in to recession!

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