Trolls Breaking News – MeganSpeaks

Trolls Breaking News – MeganSpeaks

TrollsNews today
MeganSpeaks Drama Good evening and welcome to trolls breaking
news, this will be about MeganSpeaks super drama. I said we won’t talk about her unless
there will be something big happening, this totally counts, so don’t bitch about it! First of all one thing that you should know,
yogscast started some time ago war against reply girls and it seems that they might actually
win it. Of course it’s all thanks to you, youtube comunity. YouTube is now working on
fix of related videos algorythm to stop favoring these stupid reply videos. Meanwhile we should
flag reply girls videos as spam. This flagging advice was provided directly by youtube, so
go ahead. And now to MeganSpeaks, MeganSpeaks was partnered
by Machinima, Machinima is known to have a little bit shady contracts but current drama
with Megan doesn’t help them at all. MeganSpeaks lost her partnership with Machinima possibly
because of action of our Lord and Saviour OneyNG. OneyNG made a video about Machinima
contracts, Machinima didn’t like that video and demanded that it will be taken down. In
annotation OneyNG said that he will take the video down if MeganSpeaks will be stripped
of her partnership. It was later announced that Machinima won’t
renew contract with MeganSpeaks and she should lose partnership on 30th March. OneyNG didn’t
take down his video, because he says that Machinima should unpartner her completely
and this is not enough. Furthermore on his facebook OneyNG published his conversation
with MeganSpeaks, she accuses him of blackmailing machinima, but what he did was not blackmailing
that was negotiation, if you want to argue about that please google definition of blackmailing. OneyNG didn’t do anything wrong, machinima
wanted for him to do something, he told them under which conditions he will do it. In comments
under OneyNG video there is a comment from KMartinTV saying “Quit your fucking harassing
Oney or if I ever see you I’ll beat the living FUCK out of you”, well isn’t it nice. If you
don’t know who KMartinTV is just search for him and this whole thing will make much more
sense. MeganSpeaks said a lot of things about this,
one of them was that she has already offers from different networks so she will keep her
partnership that way and she also said that she will reveal something at some point. This
might be a wild guess but I think that she will reveal that she was a troll, because
she thinks that saying “I’m troll” makes everything better and every trouble to go away. Here’s
a spoiler, it doesn’t work that way. That’s all for this evening, stay tuned for
more TrollsNews, please subscribe like and comment this video and please message me if
you see a troll worth reporting or interesting youtube drama. My name is Vol Jang and that is Steve, stay
safe under the youtube bridge.

100 thoughts on “Trolls Breaking News – MeganSpeaks

  1. So is the youtube advice official now or is it still only what the yogscast said is official because so far there's been no word from youtube officially stating to flag them .

  2. @Trollsnews Its the old 'I'm an money craving attention whoring idiot but when people call me out on it, i just pass it off as trolling' trick, Look at what LIAT said when /b/ dox'd him and sent him shit.

  3. @TheReptube01 we all kind of hope that youtube will make the fix soon and we'll be free of all reply girls
    The only problem is that they will find some other way pretty soon

  4. I for one dislike OneyNG's treatment of Machinima.

    That channel is probably one of the greatest things on youtube and I believe that… ummm… *looks around suddenly*



    go watch the lastest episode of tenftw and see how many cocks the gaming industry can suck in under ten minutes!

  5. Why would an actual troll admit that they are trolling ? another reason why MeganSpeaks fails at existing.

  6. never follow the news in all my life….untill now…
    they should put you on bbc, channel 4…everywhere…
    ..and finally i'm understanding something of what appened. Thanks!

  7. If you want troll, see Markdice on Youtube. Best troll I've seen in real life. Not all his videos are for trolling though.

  8. megan isn't her real name and she is working with liat to steal money from youtubers who actually work for their views/money. She has a history of causing drama on youtube, first she just called out other youtubers and called them shit/etc. Now she is stealing money and views. A guy on youtube called AttentionwhoreFTW went out of his way to find shit about this bitch. I recommend you watch his video on who she really is. Shes not a troll, but an online scammer.

  9. @UndeadArmy2012 i agree i noticed all the threat emails she has made conversations usually start out with her acting innocent acting like she did it to get rid of replygirl or whatever, then if that doesnt work she will act like " oh i was just trollin" if that doesnt work she pulls out the threats of spam botting you or killing you or getting your account hacked and other bullshit, she is a psychopathic bitch she does it cause she knew it was effective in stealing views n money

  10. well guess LIAT and megan went down hill on the same road, they let the trolls win. man that's said for the couple but who gives a shit 😀

  11. @TheGeckoNinja Yes and then when other people started doing what she did, she acted like a child saying everyone was copying her.

  12. good job yogscast , good job community , good job everyone and trollsnews, NONEED ATTENTIONWHORES luring people with BOOBS. pathetic, low, scam, spam , fagonism.

  13. if those little evil twins would put half of the effort they do abusing youtube and youtubers into something legit they would be successful by now, but no, those dumb shit trailer trashs think they can game the system, always fixated on the get rich quick pipe dream eh brian, never growing out of this childish thinking

  14. @pretentiousguy27 you can actually upload there a transcript and make it process to get subtitles. That's what I do

  15. Yup she's getting her partnership revoked and her manager/bf LIAT is super pissed about it lol She does deserve to lose her partnership like LIAT did before. I'd rather sub to other YTW's besides her.

  16. What I never understood is why doesn't someone do replys to the the reply girls, somebody doing shitty vids to their shitty vids has to be some comedy gold there some place?

  17. @w7100 No. That is a bad idea, and you should feel bad for thinking of it. The less reply videos on youtube, sarcastic or not, the better.

  18. @trollsnews did you know that oneyng actually watched this video and liked/favorited it in his recent activity on his channel

  19. @Trollsnews i could have sworn it was a troll, because of how dumb it was. but that's for clearing that up.

  20. Lifeinatent is the new Trevor Rieger.. Don't know who trevor rieger is? here's one of his last videos: /watch?v=kKZBcUGwy5c

    Though LIAT and trevor are different in context, they're similar except for the fact trevor exposed people, and LIAT is just a nutcase.

    By the way trevor died in april 2011.

  21. @UndeadArmy2012 for reals even on her channel it says that for everyone to support her channel because hers was the original replygirl type genre soooooo for people to believe that she said she was just trolling are dumb asses, sometimes i wonder if her watchers are just bad people like her or something because ANYONE else can see through Megan bullshit and would easily get annoyed at her spamming up the related videos section.

  22. this shit needs subtitles,ive restarted this video at various points over and over from the fact that i can not understand these guys very well.

  23. @Trollsnews You were right, Vol Jang. Meagan admitted to "trowlling" ha, ha, ha..she pretends to be too stupid to spell.
    Anyway, OBZ has a great video about this that finally pulled things together for my pea brain. Did you know that LIAT is her boyfriend? OOMG! I was a total normal person before I started watching your news show. Now I'm following crazy YouTube draw and I don't even have a channel!

  24. @thedbq1 It's not a fake accent. That's their real accent, because they come from central Europe and have czech accents. Not every Youtuber is American you know.

  25. OneyNG absolutely did nothing wrong but made the right choice. MeganSpeaks should be the only situation we're talking about.

  26. Everyone i would like you to watch and spread this video:watch?v=miuchUTjIaA

    and i especially dedicate it to the dickheads who supports her and still says she's nice and shit

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